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A $99 consumer 3D printer with WiFi, USB, mobile support, auto bed leveling, & optional laser! Built by a proven and experienced team!
A $99 consumer 3D printer with WiFi, USB, mobile support, auto bed leveling, & optional laser! Built by a proven and experienced team!
3,213 backers pledged $771,191 to help bring this project to life.

Head unit update Mon/Tue, Concerns, Timeline

Posted by Robotic Industries LLC (Creator)

Several requests have been made to at least write a few lines and post an update when a full update is not ready - so that's what I'm doing right now:

I'm waiting on a few pieces for the full update I had been planning for yesterday/today - so I will be publishing the full update Monday/Tuesday but here is a short version in the meantime as well as some responses to recent concerns in the comments section:

Head Unit: With the help of some volunteers as well as our own work based on the previously redesigned parts - we have a head unit that is now undergoing only minor tweaks for mold-ability. We'll show you the digital version (and a prototype of it if we get it in time).

Finances and Viability: I don't generally respond to negative comments because there is no doubt you all have a right to be frustrated with the delays - but one theme that I take rather personally is the "he's spending our money on himself" "he stole our money" "he's a fraud" "he has no intention of delivering" "it's all lies!" etc - as I've mentioned several times we have been very careful with the finances, as we have been in all our Kickstarters - we still have about $550k in our accounts, and a great deal more tied up in deposits for materials or materials purchased. I'm not enjoying these delays, taking my sweet time, or doing as I please - both because I want to deliver this instead of continuing to disappoint and because I have been living and supporting my family off of my savings throughout these delays - moving past delivery also means having an income again. 

No this is not a scam, that is why I'm still here, still being careful with the finances, still providing updates, and still working towards shipping an actual working printer that can be produced with the funds collected. And while we are at it - I also haven't licensed another design, stopped communicating, moved to another country, spent the money on lavish lifestyles, or run out of money - like some other low cost printer projects past and present seem to have done. To be clear: I take the delays, the frustration, the disappointment very personally and to heart - until I deliver this printer I feel I have failed, delivering it is the only way to change that for at least some backers. But it's not a scam, I'm not out walking my dog, and I haven't spent all the funds.

New Prototype Photos/Prints: One of my short term priorities is to provide this - previously we said we'd do this when we have the final production prototype - I agree at this point we need to provide this even if we have to say "this one or two things may change slightly in the next week/month" - it won't be in this next update, but it will be in the one after that and that update will come in much less than a month.

Timeline Update: Several ongoing requests for a timeline and what lies ahead - the last section of this update is still true to what lies ahead:

As far as an actual timeline or at the very least a goal we feel is realistic at this point is that we will enter production around the end of the year/start of the new year, which also means a small number of backers will get production prototypes to test as we approach that. 

Again a more complete update on the injection molded head unit will be coming Monday/Tuesday.

Thank you - Erik

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    1. Missing avatar

      Phillip a baird on

      Are there any updates?

    2. Missing avatar

      Avy Grewal on

      Hi Erik, it’s been a while since we had an update. Can you please let us know what’s going on? Good or bad news is better than no news.

    3. Missing avatar

      sidney Duncan on

      I have been mostly quiet since I became a backer of this project. Having started several businesses I understand that there are delays in frustrations along the way of every business. However when you ask for investors or backers and this case you have an obligation to those individuals to keep them updated regularly. To send out a notification every other week does not take that much time. We have all invested in your dream for that you owe us and you are obligated to us to keep us updated along the way. you may not feel like it are you may not feel like the little things you have done mean a lot to you however, it lets us know that you are truly working on the project.I would hope that you read this comment and you give us regular updates so that we will not feel like you have scammed us are you ripping us off. Most of the individuals that back these projects aren't just looking for the thing you give to us, we are buying into your dream we are buying into the activity that you do, we're just as excited as you when something new happens and we're just as frustrated as you when something bad happens. This is what we have invested in and by denying us those bi-weekly updates you are denying us of our investment.

    4. Miguel Castro on

      Thank you Erik. You are doing a good job, ignore negative comments!

    5. Missing avatar

      Marcel Blank on

      Thank you for the info!
      Don't be upset or touched too much about negative comments! Humans are soooo fast when it comes to negative comments about others... But mostly they forget that they are not better themselves and complaining is always easy - For me I only complain if I also bring along a proposal for improvement and if I was in that situation and know how to deal with it...

      Keep up the good work and I happily await the printer!

      Greetings from Germany.

    6. Missing avatar

      Danny Whitson on

      Erik, thanks for the update!

    7. Ian White on

      @PeterZ The facts are right there in the post. And I’ll praise however I see fit, thanks.

    8. Missing avatar

      Peter Zimmermann on

      Hey Guys, do not overdo the praise. Look at the facts...

    9. Missing avatar

      Stephen Jenkins on

      Thanks for the update, keep up the good work and we'll get the printer when we get it.

    10. Shawn McNaughton on

      Keep at it. You've delivered on other projects. There is no reason to lose faith in you or your plan at this point.

      I second the recommendations for one liners updates. Keep a index card and just write things down as they happen. Some people will only be swayed by a printer in their hands, and you're doing all you can there. Some people will be happy to see progress, and improving that might help keep the overall community calm.

    11. NewTripod?

      From early on I was a bit concerned about mission creep and overly ambitious add-on goals, but I never doubted your integrity at all. While I have been the victim of failed campaigns, poor quality products, and some outright crooks, you learn the signs of a campaign going bad. You are not showing those signs. I am a backer of two other 3D printers. Both of which are just as late as yours is. One of them has actually shipped and is in transit as I type this, and the other looks likely to never ship, although I haven't written it off yet. I believe you will ship. I'm sorry you drifted beyond the original concept, as I think that has a lot to do with delays, but to paraphrase someone famous, you are not a crook. Hang in there, there are always a few who show up on the playing field without their balls and who then whine that they have nothing to play with ; ) .

    12. Chester Mealer Jr on

      Thanks for the update.

    13. Missing avatar

      Gareth Boytt on

      I have been scammed on Kickstarter 3 times to the tune of over $1000 euro so far and at least your replying and talking. You have my backing all the way, I am waiting for delivery when you have it right, not because people cant be patient. People leave the complaining it does not help, it will mean nothing even if this goes pear-shaped as there is nothing you can do, really, and support a innovator and entrepreneur who is doing his best to deliver on his promises. Everything you do is a risk no matter what you think, you are backing a maybe....... Erik i am sure will deliver.

    14. Missing avatar

      jcwarp on

      Thank you for the update, Erik.
      Please do not let a little negativity discourage you.
      I am sure the vast majority of your backers realize the magnitude of this project, and are patiently following the developments.
      I do believe you and your team can deliver something valuable to the community, and wish you all the best.

    15. Missing avatar

      Tom Parsons

      Hang in there Erik, and thanks for the update.

    16. Missing avatar

      PaulP on

      Thanks Erik! Appreciate the update. Hang in there ...

    17. Jesse Wright on

      Thanks for the update! Happy Holidays!!

    18. Missing avatar

      Alister Galpin

      Thanks for the update, keep up the good work, i would rather get a well tested and designed printer then a rushed one, ignore anyone that's trying to get you to rush! I backed this project for the innovations not because i wanted to check off the "has 3d printer bucket list item", out of the 8 printers on kickstarter/indiegogo I have backed only one has failed to deliver! This is the one I am most excited about currently! Make it awesome! And take your time!

    19. Bats on

      Thanks for the update Erik... hopefully this will at least bring the level of "He's off drinking on a beach in Tahiti with the gold-plated pet monkey he bought with our backer money!" posts down to a dull mutter for a bit.

      Also, let me second Bob's request for drawings, STLs, and anything else available. Not because _I_ actually have any particular use for them, but I'm damn curious to see what he's going to come up with, given the raw materials to play with.

    20. Missing avatar

      Raphael on

      Thanks Erik for the update. Sorry for the negative feedback and thanks for addressing it clearly and setting facts straight. Regular updates (when there's something positive to talk about of course) are a good way to keep it real. We all look forward to the printer when it's ready. Bless you and your family for your dedication and hard work.

    21. Missing avatar

      Woody Kennedy on

      Thanks for the update

      I made a bet on this to work just to see if it could be done. I think it can

      Forget the negativity and continue to do what u do


    22. Ruben van Tienen on

      After the update on Monday/Tuesday please send each week at least a “one liner” to keep us updated. Don’t need a long explanation if you have nothing new. That should keep most backers happy.

    23. Dan Gerson on

      Thanks for the update! Short and well done. Regular short updates will do the trick. I am confident that you will deliver a great printer.

    24. Missing avatar

      Barry Sharbo on

      Thanks Erik for your update . Thanks for your hard work and diligence . I continue to have faith you will complete this project .

    25. Kevin Long on

      Hang in there! This is a huge project.

    26. Dawn Carter

      I sincerely appreciate this update. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication.

    27. Missing avatar

      Kathleen Hanke on

      Thank you for your efforts and letting us know its status.

    28. Missing avatar

      Rick VanHooren on

      Thanks for the updates. Sorry there are so many cinics in this world...keep focused and don’t let them bother you. Looking forward to the completion of this project

    29. Missing avatar

      LL3 on

      I can't say that I've ever undertaken something as complex as you have with this project, but I have worked on projects that experience significant delays simply because there is no way to foresee all the challenges that will be encountered along the way. I am not concerned about timelines for delivery, thank you for all your hard work and dedication thus far.

    30. Missing avatar

      Martijn on

      We're all still there with you Erik! Yes there are people who have some frustrations but most of us are still here with trust in you and the outcome of this adventure.

    31. Missing avatar

      Kimmo Kayhko on

      Dear Erik,

      Its a rocky way, I know it as a developer of some quite succesfull devices and millions of turnover to my employers. The last one was the hardest one, I did it privately and spent 10 years and millions for nothing. It felt bitter for the time I terminated it for 10 years ago. Still, if I was younger, now past 70, I would do it again!
      When I "Invested" 100$ to a 3-D printer I was not for real need of it, rather curiosity. Here in Finland you get free printing + materials in most public libraries with quite adwanced printers plus laser&resine equipm. From the bottom of my heart I hope You succeed and get out of Your stress. Still, when getting the first stage successfully, though late, finished ist just a start. I wish You luck and success. Kimmo

    32. Missing avatar

      Elmo Stenkins on

      Take your time, I don't want a rushed product, nor one that hasn't seen enough testing because some impatient people don't understand the risks of backing a Kickstarter product. I can see why some complain about update consistency, but you know best of all here why this is. If I really needed a 3D printer, I would've bought one over the counter - it's the only way I am sure I get what I pay for. I have worked with social statistics, and it is a known fact that the demographic gravitation will monster this type of reaction in a populus: the 20% will verbally overtake the other 80%.

    33. Peter Tosi on

      Good job mate. 😊

    34. Missing avatar

      Hawkstar on

      Like several people have said in the responses, the majority of your backers are still in support of you. The vocal minority is always negative but most of us supported a project we valued and saw potential in. That is what Kickstarter is about. Believing in a project and helping get it off the ground. I have read every post you have written and can only imagine the frustration, but don't for one second think that we aren't supportive the same way we were at the beginning. Anyone who says different doesn't understand Kickstarter.

    35. Lewis Harrison-Wood

      Thanks for the update, you are doing a fantastic job to provide a printer that will exceed everyone's expectations.
      Delays do happen with any project but the updates you provide show that you are producing something amazing.

    36. Geoff Heath on

      Cool! Just been eagerly awaiting to have a printer to play with. Looking forward to it!

    37. Missing avatar

      glich on

      Thanks, go ahead. :)

    38. Missing avatar

      David Gonzale on

      Keep up and thank u for not give up and fight for deliver.

    39. Anders Öster

      Thanks, can't wait for the full update.

    40. Missing avatar

      Mannering on

      Thanks for the update.
      I would rather wait for a good bit of kit, so I am with you to the completion date.

    41. Jan Karel de Wolff on

      I backed the 101Hero-printer. They didn't deliver on time. Lots of people screamed it is a scam! But at the end they delivered.
      I know you will!

    42. SJD

      Thanks.... brilliant update.

    43. Perrie Iles

      Glad to hear things, not worried at all, just cruisin' with ride. just had a kickstarter delivered that was 2 years in the oven, but no sweat, lost only about 3 of the 500 projects i have backed, ducked out on a few that never made it, look forward to Feb-Mar next year. keep on truckin' fella's

    44. Dennis

      Thanks for the update, just keep going ;-)

    45. Missing avatar

      Bob Cunningham on

      Well, aside from another collision with CNY, this is good news!

      I'm starting to experiment with baking PLA (uh, I mean, "reannealing"), and while I don't yet have all the parameters dialed in to get perfect results (shrinkage & fill), I'm extremely encouraged by the early results.

      Please post whatever head unit drawings and STLs you can: I'd like to work on the overall process of having a workable backup/clone for the mold. Plus, doing carabiner test prints is getting old (but they're quick to print and easy to test). I have rails and linear bearings left over from a friend's upgrade, so I can do some testing as well.

      Plus, I'd like as much of a head start as I can get for designing my dual hot-end mod. That's going to take many iterations... Many of which can be done before the B1 ships.

    46. Karl-König Königsson on

      Thanks for the update!

      I find it incredibly annoying that people think Kickstarter is a webshop and whine about delays. Projects take time and there will be unknowns popping up and that can be of different magnitude. Sometimes there are a few weeks delay, sometimes there is a year. Once you put your money in the project you have to realise that patience is a virtue. As a backer, the only due diligence you can make is to look at the people behind the project, and decide if you trust them to deliver.

      I have said it before and I will say it again: the only reason that I backed a 3D printer on Kickstarter was because of the pedigree and that trust is still unwavering. If more people were as honest, conscientious, devoted and persevering as Eric, the world would be a much better place.

    47. Sean Flood, Expiric on

      I appreciate the regular updates, as an engineer I understand both the frustration in progress and the hard time you get from a minority of your customers. I for one, will be patient and feel the wait will be justified.

      To the critics, if you believe that Erik and the team can't deliver then walk away and leave us to patiently support them, you knew when you signed up that there was a risk of not getting anything.

      My message to Erik and the team is to keep on pushing and we are supporting you.

    48. Missing avatar

      Mark Hendy on

      Thank you for the update, Erik. I'm pretty sure most of us are in this for the long haul and trust you to deliver, and to deliver a good product too. Ignore the negative comments. I can understand some will feel frustrated, but that's no excuse for some of the comments.

    49. One Man And His Mouse on

      Thanks for the update Eric. 99% of us know this isn’t a scam and we know you’re working hard to deliver the best product.

    50. Mr.Mo

      Thanks, mate!