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A $99 consumer 3D printer with WiFi, USB, mobile support, auto bed leveling, & optional laser! Built by a proven and experienced team!
A $99 consumer 3D printer with WiFi, USB, mobile support, auto bed leveling, & optional laser! Built by a proven and experienced team!
3,213 backers pledged $771,191 to help bring this project to life.

Interim Update

Posted by Robotic Industries LLC (Creator)

I want to say right off this won't be the update many are hoping for - we're not yet shipping and the head unit design is not yet complete, this update doesn't have photos or videos, it is just an update to say where we are and what is next and clear up some things - for it not being a shipping notice I once again apologize, but several comments have made the point that any sort of update is better than nothing and that it is time for one - and that is correct.

Reminders and Clarifications

We are a very small team and for me personally this project has been my focus now for over a year and a half - in that time I've had no other day job and no real income - it is my job, my word to you our backers, and my duty as a honest person to deliver. But - in order to do that I unfortunately cannot respond to every message, comment, and email at this time - there are three types of messages that make up the vast majority of them, and here are answers for these most common things:

Address Changes - You do not need to update your address at this time. We will send an email with a link requiring everyone to confirm your address before the BuildOne ships. For time reasons - We will not respond to messages/emails asking us to update an address.

Add/Change Items in Your Pledge - You can still add or change the items you are getting with your pledge - get your pledge manage link resent to you here: - removing items from your pledge however will not create a refund, nor are refunds offered at this time (see next item). For time reasons - We will not respond to messages/emails asking us to make changes to the items you've pledge for, you can do that yourself with the pledge manager.

Refunds - We granted refunds when requested for the first 6 months after the campaign ended, at that time we began spending backer money on actual parts and part deposits, making any refunds work against the goal of completing the project - so we no longer offered them. More details about that are here - towards the bottom - For time reasons - We will not respond to messages/emails asking for/if we offer refunds.

What We've Been Working On

It has been 3+ weeks since our last update - what have we done in that time?

It isn't something we mention often because it tends to make people mad that we can't work on the printer 18 hours every day, or leads to not-so-nice and very personal messages. But the fact is we are people with families, children, houses, animals, etc - and sometimes those commitments demand more of our attention then others. This past month has been busy with personal commitments - some seasonal with winter approaching, and some having been put off for a long while to focus on the printer, and some once in a lifetime - like kids starting school for the first time and all the meetings and everything that goes with that. It sounds better when we say "We've done nothing but work on the printer all month" and usually that is the case, but this past month we've had other commitments to take care of, we've done that, and worked on the printer and now were back to fully focused on it.

Now with that out of the way - we've worked on:

Head Unit - see the next section.

Finished updating the acrylic parts to match the injection molding changes.

Continued the ongoing chore of keeping supply lined up and factories ready to move forward.

Continued to test the electronics.

Head Unit Update

We would love your help!

When we first asked for help with injection molded parts we had an outpouring of offers - when we asked again for help with the head unit, however, there was little interest. We get it, this thing is so overdue that many have lost interest in the project or don't want to help - that is understandable. This past month we worked with one person who we appreciate was interested in helping with the head unit design - as sometimes happens this collaboration did not work out. We were extremely lucky (and thankful!) for Leonid and his team's time with the other injection parts, not so lucky this time with this other collaborator. We will continue to forge ahead one way or another - at this point we'll likely bring in a hired helper to finish it as quickly as possible - BUT one last try, because we've found backer help is almost always the best help there is and faster then hiring someone not familiar with the project:

If you are an injection molding engineer/expert/etc and specifically have the skills to work with us to redesign the head unit for injection molding and have the time for it right now, please email us at Volunteer work is always great, of course, but we are also more then willing to offer compensation for it - we just want to get it done.

Steps Ahead

We continually get requests for a new timeline - we do not have one at this time, we know what needs to happen before shipping and how long most of those things should take - so in response to those requests I think the best thing we can do is give a list of those steps that remain. (Partially taken from a previous update)

Test of final injection molded parts and final circuits boards with the final head unit - We have been testing the prototype injection molded parts. When we have the final head unit parts we will test everything together. At this stage we would call the full assembly the "ready for production" sample. 

Final package design - the ready for production samples go to the assembly and packaging factory - and they take the box we've picked out, the packing order we've spec-ed, and determine the foam inserts needed to pack it all in with the padding we've spec-ed. 

Full scale assembly - at this stage we'll be past the mass production hurdles of injection molding, circuit boards, and sourced parts - this is all about getting the first production runs of the parts and then answering questions about our assembly specs, quality control, and receiving the first many shipments (and random samples on an ongoing basis) ourselves, and checking them. These first shipments will effectively be the first public beta units in that we'll ship them out to backers in return for immediate feedback, this rolls into making any needed changes and continuing production.

Final shipping logistics - concurrent with the Full scale assembly we'll be taking the leads and research we have already and making the final choices of logistics - prices, tariffs, and freight shipment lead times are all over the place right now so there is really no good way to finalize the logistics patterns until we can say "we'll have either several hundred packages or a 20ft container in one week." 

I look forward to updating everyone when the head unit design is complete and we are moving to the next step.

Thank you,


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    1. Bats on

      @Jeffry Two things I've noticed about Cerambot since your post:
      1) Based on this video [… ] it looks like it's an extruder for real clay, which is pretty nifty... but it also looks like they expect the finished pieces to be kiln fired afterwards (no big deal if you already do fired work, but not something for me to pick up on a whim). No idea whether it would work as well with air-drying clays, but anything that could irreversibly harden inside sounds like a potential disaster.

      2) They've got a high-pressure signup on their site ("Get your launch invite before midnight! Look, see! We've got a countdown timer! It's ticking down! Hurry!") which leads to a "send us a $10 deposit now for a discount" page. All of that is fine in itself, except that the timer - rather than counting down to launch - simply resets every day at midnight. It's nothing but an empty ruse to force a rush decision - with absolutely no indication of when or if the launch might really happen - which is a big red flag for me.

    2. Ken King on

      It’s been 6 weeks. Where do things stand?
      Another Christmas fast approaches…

    3. Missing avatar

      Kieran on

      Hi Erik,

      Nearly there, look after yourself, keep going. <3

    4. Ian White on

      @PeterZ Fair points.

    5. Missing avatar

      Dermot Hannan

      @Jeffrey possibly.... but the extruder size and the b1 size may leave you printing saucers..

    6. Bats on

      @Jeffrey: Your question might get more attention if you ask it in the main comments page, rather than on a month old update. The link's awfully thin on details, though. Hopefully they'll be a little more informative once they launch their kickstarter.

    7. Jeffrey on

      Any thoughts on if a ceramic extruder like this would work with the printer? It says they'll have a "universal extruder kit" for $39.

    8. Missing avatar

      vikram on

      Any update guys, since last update was actually not an update. I can wait no problem, but please keep sharing the progress. Wish you guys get success in your design

    9. Missing avatar

      Peter Zimmermann on

      @Ian White
      You have somewhat misinterpreted. To clarify the point of view, we are a backer not a buyer. If we get the final printer it will be nice, if not, that was the risk.
      A personal opinion and criticism of the process should be allowed here.
      The honesty of the creator was actually assumed and not questioned.
      It's just about the facts:
      - Collected funds about 700,000 USD
      - About 3000 backers
      - Elapsed time about 14 months after first promise
      - Shipped samples or finished printers apparently zero

      The delay in development is not the real problem, unfortunately it has business consequences.
      - The credibility decreases
      - Possible reorders or new customers are lost
      -The product is already out of date at delivery (the competitors don't sleep)
      It is certainly true that the longer it develops, the better the product. But a perfect product can never be developed!

    10. Ian White on

      For those equating Kickstarter to buying a finished product (a Chrysler?!), just go to Amazon or Fry’s next time (or a Chrysler dealership, I guess).

    11. Ian White on

      @PeterZ Erik is a genuinely decent human being, cares about the things he builds, and works hard to support the people who buy his products. This campaign was bigger in scope and, in retrospect, presented more challenges than prior campaigns.

      Every additional month we backers passively wait for delivery is an additional month Erik is actively working on the printer. It should be no surprise that the extended commitment has taken a toll on his family and personal wellbeing, and likely other parts of his life as well.

      I think it’s safe to assume Erik wants these printers done and delivered more than any backer, but his integrity and ethic makes it impossible to ship a sub-par product. That’s a good thing. I own more shitty Kickstarter products delivered on-time than those never delivered.

      I don’t expect you to accept such an endorsement. Frankly, I don’t expect you to finish reading this post. But if you do make it this far, maybe just put in a little effort before responding. Look at Erik’s previous campaigns, the Digistump forums, do a little Googling, watch some YouTube videos.

    12. Andrew Hitchcock on

      @Carl Madson Haven't heard anything. I'll assume there were other, better offers.

    13. Missing avatar

      Peter Zimmermann on

      Oh, what wisdom. This project was intended as a start of a business. Namely production and sale of 3D printers with special features. Many of the supporters have seen it that way. It was not meant as an occasional pastime. Erik, as the founder, has been able to collect a lot of money in order to work properly. Unfortunately, the seriousness can not really be seen until today. Instead, excuses are made, such as the Chinese New Year or family matters. The news about partial progress are not very helpful, they are more confusing because it seems to be partially unclear what has been done so far.

    14. Norman Papernick on

      Next time there is a post showing the quality of the prints, could you use this new benchmark from Kickstarter?

    15. MattP on

      @Andrea Zu Zuliani
      Chrysler? Try asking Jeremy Clarkson about his Ford GT. Or some of the people who pre-ordered Telsa models to witness friends/acquaintances who pre-ordered months later driving around the same model while still sitting on the queue waiting for their own.

      Those are large companies with many employees to hopefully distribute the workload evenly enough to provide most employees with a healthy work-life balance, but they still hit design issues and supply chain problems. It's pretty much just Eric on this. When you are your own boss with a single problematic project hanging over you, making yourself take breaks completely away from work is an essential task. If you cannot occasionally get away from the endless thoughts and worries about the project, it all just festers in your mind and stalls progress no matter how long you sit at a desk. This is not new; it is many decades of research telling us that you get about ~8 hours for manual labor or ~6 hours for mental labor in a 24 hour period. Any more than that and productivity first stalls out then takes a nosedive.

    16. Andrea Zu Zuliani on

      You a re blaming a guy for the way he spent money, while another guy ASKED for it, for a project it had to be DELIVERED TO YOUR HOUSES more than a year ago.
      And THAT was the main motivation for me to back it.
      Guess what? We do not even have a definitive, working, prototype.
      The same guy denying refunds for this reason.
      Holy shit, you live on another planet.

      "Hello, Chrysler? WHere's my car"
      "Oh, dunno, I'm so tired... I'll take my dogs out"

      Fucking nuts.

    17. Michael Moore on

      @Manjunath - Dude... I think you need to take a money management class or something. Seriously, if 42% is your interest rate on a credit card, you really should not be blowing money on fun hobby toys like a 3D printer, rather it be by investing in a good idea in hopes that it might pan out (even though it might not, you can't really complain about that, it's literally the point of the platform) or even actually buying a physical product at a store.

    18. Missing avatar

      Martijn on

      @Manjunath - anyone using a line of credit with 42% interest for Kickstarter is living way beyong his means... Amongst some other comments I could make.

    19. Missing avatar

      SCreative on


      I think that your comment is despicable, there are always delays and unexpected circumstances that you can build in time to help compensate till the sun goes down but delays still happen it is life. I think that you may agree with me when I say I would rather a delay in the product/production to make changes which will improve our end experience rather than a rushed half working product. The Digistump Products that I have been a backer of have been amazing which is why I backed this product due to the care and attention to detail that was given to ensure it was a fully functional product that went above and beyond.

      Your choice to back this project via credit was YOUR choice so please don't think that it is acceptable to use your personal issues to motivate them by your astonishingly high interest rate, (There is a reason that your bank doesn't let you invest with credit, sometimes investments don't pan out). Kickstarter is not a store, it is a place for you to invest in someone else, to provide them the means to bring their dream to life. If you backed it, then you believe that the project is going to succeed so, believe in the project staff and congratulate them and cheer them on as they are doing something that you are not and doing something for you with your best interests at heart.

    20. Missing avatar

      Manjunath on

      As Jeremy has put it, exactly my words.
      "Thanks, Erik for showing us the way. Guess next month I just won't go to work because I have family stuff to do. I am sure that my boss will understand and won't fire me. You know why? Because I will show him your message of course. Such a good amount of good reason.

      Now, honestly, did you figure out that it's YOUR and your mistake alone if the project is so late? How are you doing for not feeling shameful for tricking thousands of people who trusted you? And after being so late still saying that you better go walk your dog than working on the printer? You definitely don't have what it takes to run a company or whatever project. You must understand this so in the future you don't trick people again by trusting you. Alright, go walk your dog and be with your family but trick people no more. You don't have what it takes."

      Now for the good samaritans who are supporting Eric for HIS INEFFICIENCY, the offer done at the start of this project was so mouthwatering, I ordered an ultimate package using my Credit card as I didn't have money & also could not miss on this project. I have been paying interest (42%) for the amount spent & am YET to see the printer. Eric has to find some way for maintaining work-life balance as he has taken OUR MONEY & this reasoning is STRICTLY NOT acceptable.
      Who is forcing Eric to singlehandedly work on this project? Spend our money in increasing your team size, hire a professional, take expert help. It's not fair on your thinking of eating all our money all alone by yourself. It is Eric's mistake of not abiding by committed timelines & we cannot suffer while he walks his dogs. Be serious of the project & start working atleast now.

    21. Missing avatar

      Aleš Hočevar on

      Hey, I just hope that you won't be using China Ney Year again as excuse. We need that printer before next CNY!

    22. Missing avatar

      Carl Madson on

      @Andrew Hitchcock

      Just curious, did you hear back from Erik?


    23. Missing avatar

      Thorsten Suttner on

      @creator, any news on the last part? We're there any volunteers? Any progress? Plan?

    24. Ceasar Jamandre on

      Thanks. Any update is better than none. Personally I can wait and that’s fine if it’s more time. I can appreciate the effort and time put in. The first one is always the hardest. After you are done I expect the next one will be easier. Learn and grow - just keep moving forward

    25. Andrew Hitchcock on

      I sent an email to Erik, and will post here also. I'm a mechanical engineer with experience designing parts for injection molding and am available to help.

    26. Missing avatar

      Hendrik on

      Wayne, it was mentioned that there was a space at the end of the link which leads to the link not working for you. Just remove the space (or in your case the escaped version of the space: %20) then everything should work

    27. Missing avatar

      Wayne Knight on

      Thanks for the update, and patiently waiting. I would like to add an item to my order, but the link in the update ( does not work. I also need to update my payment information.
      Thank you for you assistance.

    28. Missing avatar

      Tyler Bures on

      Hey man, I think like a lot of people I could say I am a bit peeved with how long this is taking to complete.

      From a business-customer relationship though this ride has been a little rough. The switch from lead screws and the changed manufacturing process arguably makes this beast a whole different project from what many backers originally pledged for. Hindsight is 2020 though, you've learned things I hope you can apply to your future endeavors. You've been a cool dude, I know you can finish this up.

      Ps. Got my bag of digisparks out the other day and been playing with them again, still a fun time! :)

    29. Karl-König Königsson on

      Excellent update! I am sad to hear that you have to endure a lot of negativity and I sincerely hope that you feel the encouragement and enthusiasm that is the majority of us backers and that we fully understand what the term "backer" means.

      I, for one, am impressed by your perseverance and I really hope that you do not lose faith in the community but realise that you are working on something amazing! I could have bought a printer ages ago but I thought this project was worthwhile and I am not in a rush (Kickstarter is *not* a webshop) and am actually enjoying the ride. This last bit might infuriate some but I have a nagging feeling that I am in good company… :-)

      Cheers, Erik, and keep it up!

    30. Missing avatar

      MarkusT on

      This is the first update in a long time that makes actually sense to me. I was more worried to see long lines of ultimately meaningless pictures, implying a lot more progress than what the absentee time-line spells. I have seen too many projects in my line of work, where the latter is a desperate attempt to keep sponsors happy, while the project actually stalls and is in serious jeopardy. I like to encourage more updates like this. Nothing fancy, which takes a work day or more to be assembled. Rather a few lines, which provide as much transparency as possible of how the project is progressing in real units, for what reason, and what stumbling blocks are left to overcome and why. This would go a long way to keep the sponsors (us) part of the project. I believe the more is shared about the inside of the project on an operational level, the more the BuildOne community would own it rather than see themselves as a sponsoring agency or rightfully upset customers.

      This actually goes further: There is a lot of frustration visible in posted comments. They are all justified, but in some cases also the clear consequence of not doing their homework before backing this project. For (late) starters, there was a discussion on reddit before the end of the campaign (, and some of the skeptical comments pretty much forecast the current status of the project. I backed this project with the clear understanding that there was a significant chance never to see any final product. I believed it would be worth to bet against the odds to help launch a “Model T 3D printer” for everyone, rather than just to buy a cheap East Asian unit and tinker with it.

      This said, it seems painfully obvious now that in June of last year, the Digistump team was never really close to deliver a product in a span of three months. Read the early updates and see how much fiddling there was around laser safety, PCB design etc, etc, etc, right from the start. For a small team it is perhaps possible to move a truly production-ready prototype to market within a few month by outsourcing all the major tasks, if everything is lined up, but nothing, which still requires perpetual tweaking and significant changes implemented by a one-man show. It is clear that the time line had to break down entirely at the first major redesign job, not even mentioning issues that came up with suppliers. This is where Erik and his team were completely out of their depths and did not do their homework even before announcing the campaign. If I wanted to characterize this with a single word, it would not be flattering.

      Why bring this up? To reinforce even more strongly the notion to be as transparent as possible and to integrate the community into the project, which was lacking from the very start in retrospect – in fact, I like to suggest to make it a sort of open community project (which so far it really isn’t). This could also offset the lack of manpower to some extend, perhaps motivate people to step up and provide needed help. Right now, even if printers are delivered, it is hard to call the project a success. Time-to-shippment may be more critical now with the possibility of ever more serious tariffs imposed on Chinese goods (how would this upset the calculations?). I am also seriously skeptical whether a first batch of shipped printers will have the uniform quality that many people on this forum, including Erik seem to envision, even if the completed prototype runs smoothly beyond expectations. If this were a community project, where the remaining fan club has a chance to be completely in on it – to complete the design and to work on fixing the inevitable glitches, which will befall the final product - we may all walk away from this with some sort of satisfaction, perhaps benefiting in more than one sense from the experience and getting something in return for effectively sponsoring the product development rather than merely production. For Erik and his Digistump team there may even be a positive outcome and they won’t loose all credibility for future campaigns. Just a thought.

    31. Missing avatar

      dave king on

      Thanks for keeping us up to date.
      As I have mentioned, better to be late with a unit that works as promised than on time with a pile of crap!
      The race is always to those who keep on going........

    32. Missing avatar

      bryon on

      Thanks for the update, Erik.

    33. DKearns on

      That was a fine update. Don't need pictures every time.

    34. Missing avatar

      Heiko W. Rupp on

      Thank you for the update.

    35. Symonty on

      Thanks for the Update, I am confident you will learn and deliver when you feel your ready.
      Looking forward to the product and backing you on your next crazy idea!

    36. Missing avatar

      Gram on

      Hi Erik,

      Have a look at the mods this guy has done:

    37. Matthew O. on

      I might suggest that maybe the head unit should be a 3d printed unit and allow us to print a replacement if the injection molding part is taking too long?

    38. Missing avatar

      Paul Warner on

      Fair enough - an update is much better than none. Keep going - backed you before and I know things will come through. Thanks for the update.

    39. Missing avatar

      Ian R on

      I'm a return backer. Why? Because Erik has consistently delivered. Chin up Erik.

    40. Missing avatar


      Thanks for the update Erik. I think most of us backers understand how Kickstarter works and the challenges of this project. Unfortunately there are always a few people who don't and are looking for any excuse to complain. I'm sure it's hard not to take it personally, just know that there are many who believe in you. Mark

    41. Missing avatar

      A.G. on

      Thanks for the update. One day we will have a BuildOne on our table and we will see all this long work of yours and we will thank you for it !
      Thank you for perseverating on this (long waited) project (and thank you also for keeping balance with your family :p )


    42. Missing avatar


      For anyone clicking that link and getting a page not found, it’s got an extra space at the end of it. Just remove that and you should be able to get to the resend page.

    43. Missing avatar

      James on

      Thank you for the update! FYI: the link to change pledge options doesnt work. Also, I'd rather have something good and lasts than something arrive fast. Its business and you are not a large corporation with a vast team that can work on the time consuming details. I get it. I have faith in you. :)

    44. Michael Moore on

      Thanks for the update. I concur with others. Family is important and personal responsibilities definitely need their time.

    45. Randy Graham

      Wish I could help, Erik. Thanks for the update. Glad to hear you keep chugging away. Just hope you don't burn out. Best of luck - I know you'll get us our printers sometime.

    46. Missing avatar

      Barry Sharbo on

      Thank you for the update on progress to completion .

    47. Missing avatar

      Mannering on

      Thanks for the update.
      Getting the engineering right takes time, but you have to get a balance between work / life ratio.
      Now the kids have started school take plenty of vitamins as they are great about sharing the germs and viruses they come into new contact with.