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A $99 consumer 3D printer with WiFi, USB, mobile support, auto bed leveling, & optional laser! Built by a proven and experienced team!
A $99 consumer 3D printer with WiFi, USB, mobile support, auto bed leveling, & optional laser! Built by a proven and experienced team!
3,213 backers pledged $771,191 to help bring this project to life.

Injection Molding Design Update

Posted by Robotic Industries LLC (Creator)

First and foremost, I want to thank all of our backers who came forward over the last two weeks and offered help with the designs for injection molding - THANK YOU! In fact, we had so many people offer to help that we probably haven't got back to everyone yet - so if we didn't respond to your offer, please know we really appreciate it, and we still may ask for your help - but for now we have enough people helping us to have the right balance between new ideas, a high level of experience, and not having so many people working on it at once that we don't get anywhere.

Amazing Design Changes

Of the many people who stepped forward to help, the work of a few - especially one backer - has really led to some amazing changes to the design of the injection molded parts!

Backer Leonid Silverman, as well as two people he recruited to join him have been making the part designs WAY more injection molding friendly - it has been an amazing process to see and we cannot thank them enough for the help.

The idea behind these changes is both to make the parts come out of the molding process with less issues, inaccuracies, and higher quality - while at the same time simplifying the design of the molds needed to make them in order to speed up that process, keep the costs in check, and allow to molds to run longer without issues. (At least that is my understanding!)

Without further delay - here are some of the parts that still have to undergo some final changes, but are very close to being ready:

Corner Bracket


Spindle/Spool Holder


Z-Axis Carriage 

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 NOTE: The last part - the Z-carriage had one of the few functional changes in that the bearings are now retained by zip-ties - this makes it easier to make, easier to assemble, and should make for a tighter retention of the bearing vs the old method of a bolt tightened friction hold.

Once again - Thank You to Leonid and his team!

What's Next

It is my understanding that Leonid is now working on the Y-carriage part as well - and we at Robotic Industries are working on adjusting the head unit to match up with these new parts. After that we'll open up the head unit for redesign for molding as well - and given all the offers for help we had, we are thinking we'll open that up to more people and really get some ideas flowing, as we know that is the most difficult part to mold.

Some More Photos

Bed (a slightly older design but still functionally current)

Corner brackets also used in bed assembly
Corner brackets also used in bed assembly

 Y-axis/Belt Path (Not shown - Injection molded parts are using larger 5mm bolts to secure idlers instead of 3mm for added rigidity)

The Extruder Side (both sides on a dual extruder)

Please ignore the accidentally pulled out bowden tube
Please ignore the accidentally pulled out bowden tube

That is it for tonight - more media (from the list from last update) and further injection molding updates will be sent out soon - if not later this week, then next.

Thank you all!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Marcin Nowak on

      Thank You for this update. I hope one day will get that perfect idea to make proper crowd design 3d printer. To have a software like Git for 3d design. One person is guarding commits and pull requests. That would be something. Combine some brain power to build something.

    2. Ceasar Jamandre on

      The "Before" and "After" pictures says a lot and makes me glad we had to wait longer. I feel like it will save me from any parts I have to update to or print myself (Like in my DYIkits).

    3. Missing avatar

      Larry on

      @creator thank you for the informative update with pictures
      @Leonid + team thank you for all of your help with design and function

    4. Dan Gerson on

      "It takes a village" (of engineers) to create a great Kickstarter 3D printer! Thanks to the engineers who volunteered their expertise, and kudos to Erik for trusting the community. Its amazing to see how the redesigned parts look so much like objects we take for granted but were obviously engineered with great care. For example, the new spool holder with its discs and struts looks like all of the CD/DVD spool sitting on my shelf. Lessons learned - You can't always substitute for experience and knowledge even if you try very hard, so give up sooner and get the professionals to do the specialized work.

    5. Missing avatar

      Guy Umbright on

      Thanks to the backers who have the knowledge to jump in and help with design for molds! And thanks to RI for having the maturity to be able to ask for help when needed. It says a lot towards your commitment to your backers.

    6. Blair Leduc on

      Thank you to the backers that are helping! I have not seen this before in a KickStarter, and I hope this is model other project follow.

    7. Missing avatar

      Bob Cunningham on


      One minor note: Perhaps add some diagonals within the spool holder, maybe by shifting the existing internal braces toward the diagonal? I've seen similar half-round parts twist or curl slightly if not properly cooled. And when production pressures are high, part cooling time can be the first thing to suffer. Not that this level of precision or rigidity is needed for a spool holder, making it truly "minor".

      The overall view is to: Design parts not just so they "can come out right", but also so they "can't come out wrong".

      Early in my career I worked with a mechanical engineer who had the attitude that the entire manufacturing process was his enemy, Murphy incarnate, just waiting to show him some new way his parts could fail to be properly made, assembled or used. He had shelves in his office covered with what he called his "object lesson objects", each with a manila tag tied to it enumerating its defects in design, manufacture and/or operation.

      His DFM process included a pass he called "defensive design", the intent of which was solely to keep Murphy at bay in every way he could imagine. He often said his greatest flaw was his limited ability to imagine new ways for things to go wrong. My response was to tell stories from my time in the US Navy, all of which had the same punchline: "Nothing is Sailor-proof!"

    8. Chester Mealer Jr on

      Thank you for including the pictures. It helps make the progress feel more concrete. Keep up the excellent and hard work.

    9. Sean Flood, Expiric on

      The new parts look excellent, certainly looks the a more professional product...... a win for us all, thanks to to the Helper Backers.

    10. Nuri on

      I am impressed by the community You have built, by the way You accept and delegate support and by the progress You are making. Thank You and Leonid + team!
      I am grateful that I got to back this project and now get to witness this voyage of Yours through the creation process! I can't wait to see the next steps up unto the finished product.

    11. Missing avatar

      Craig Baker on

      I also am most grateful for the helper-backers. This has been an educational experience for me, with the redesign of the injection-molded parts is particularly enlightening: Not only do the parts achieve the intended goal, but they might even provide greater structural integrity over the original. I am in awe, ladies and gentlemen!

    12. Missing avatar

      Rob Green on

      Thank you to the backers that are helping out, it's great to see the collaboration and it'll help make this project be as good as possible. I'm very much looking forward to receiving my unit :)

    13. Karl-König Königsson on

      Impressive progress! I like the redesign: it is not only functional but ends up aesthetically more pleasing as well. Form follows function, as the old adage goes.

    14. CK Lai on

      Thanks to the backers for bailing out the project creators! You guys rock.

    15. Psychokiller1888 on

      Happy to hear some news! And happy it is going forward! Thank you and thanks to the backers that offered help!