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A $99 consumer 3D printer with WiFi, USB, mobile support, auto bed leveling, & optional laser! Built by a proven and experienced team!
A $99 consumer 3D printer with WiFi, USB, mobile support, auto bed leveling, & optional laser! Built by a proven and experienced team!
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PVT Progress Update

Posted by Robotic Industries LLC (Creator)

I'm going to pull in the same general list from our last update and give a new update on where we are on those items:

Update on PVT Changes  

Plastics -

Enclosure - Unchanged as mentioned last time - no further changes have been made or needed.

Other Parts - Injection Molded - As we mentioned last time we are sticking with ABS for injection molded parts. One of those parts, the spindle the filament reel goes on was warping heavily according to the factory in their test runs, they are reworking the mold to make it hollow to remedy this. 

Other Parts - 3D Printed - We've mentioned several times having trouble finding a supplier that can deliver the 3D printed parts (5 total) in the timeline and quality we need - the quality we are seeing doesn't meet the tolerances for easy assembly and high quality printing. We have been working over the last several weeks at moving these parts over to injection molding - sure there is a chance that we could find a better 3D printing factory, but we have spent a lot of time on it and haven't, and injection molding - once the design is tweaked for it - is able to make the part right every time. Add to that, that with injection molding we can get 100% of the parts within a week of approving the samples vs. with 3D printing where we'd get them gradually over the course of a 1-2 months - and it is the way to go. The costs are higher due to the huge cost of the molds but we can afford it in our budget and it is our best option at this point.

What needs to happen for this? - 

In order to get these other parts also made with the injection molding process we need to:

Tweak the parts to be injection friendly - this includes making parts thinner, rounding edges, etc. We have done this for 4/5 parts, and expect to finish the last one this weekend.

Get feedback from the injection molding engineers - We have this feedback for 3/5 of the parts, and we will make some little changes (things like hollowing out the spindle mentioned above) to ensure the molding goes well.

Have the molds cut - I know we've had several comments about what a horribly long process injection molds can be - while this project is running very long - it is not because of injection molds, the two we've had made so far have taken about a week to make and a week to wait in line for them to run samples on them. Our parts are fairly simple, don't require cosmetic finishes, and the molds don't require polishing for our parts to work right - this all makes for a much faster molding process. We have just OKed the molds to be cut for 3/5 of the parts.

Get the samples - and if they look good approve them so we can move past PVT!

Circuit Boards - The heated bed PCB - which is aluminium plate bonded to a PCB is being remade, they were not properly bonded in the samples we received, likely they were bonded with a glue that didn't meet the temperature requirements. The factory is now clear about the requirements and is making new samples.

Other PVT issues - We are still receiving samples from alternative suppliers but have at least one supplier lined up for all non-custom parts. We have a preliminary box design and are waiting for the final PVT parts to fully test it.

Important Reminders

To Change Your Address: To change your address get your pledge manager link here: and then go to your pledge manager page. Once there change your address and hit "Save Selections"

BUT - We will require you to confirm your address before we ship to you, so you do not need to do this at this time! Please do not send us messages asking us to change your address for you.

One Bounty Left!! - The only bounty left is the Scanner compatibility bounty - which we've doubled the reward amount for! - check it out here:

Thank You

I want to take a moment again to thank you all - this has turned into a long journey, and I remain eager to get you all some awesome printers!

We will continue to provide updates as we work through getting these parts into injection molding and from there, out of PVT.

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    1. Robotic Industries LLC Creator on

      @Adrian - thank you for the kind words!

    2. Adrian Kitson on

      Erik, the wait is long... But I am still a loyal supporter! I believe in you! I still haven't forgotten how you were nice to me when I changed an order through Digistump. You are a great guy and I am happy to back you. Keep working hard! If you want to ship me last so that someone else (who is more impatient) gets theirs earlier, then I'm ok with that. Put me at the end of the list! I know I'll get mine someday because I believe in you and the rest of the team.

    3. Missing avatar

      Martijn on

      Also keep in mind that Erik's team is not geographically located in one place as he (I believe) mentioned in one of the updates. That's bound to add onto testing and discussion timings.

    4. Missing avatar

      Elmo Stenkins on

      Injection molds below 50/50/50mm shouldn't take more than a day to finalize, per mold. I'd reckon 100mm should take about 16 hours (two workdays) to get right. Unless they use pre-war tooling for this.

      I don't think IM is the bottleneck here, frankly, I don't really know what is. The only bottleneck I can see so far, is the time spent with ping-pong between the manufacturers and Eric.

    5. Missing avatar

      Bob Cunningham on

      New injection molds can take a while. My Predict-O-Meter is now pushing the "First Backer Print" date into late September.

      If the mold designer is a rock star, the part molds will be small individual molds that, after testing, can be ganged together for production. This allows a set of parts to be simultaneously molded, reducing risks from run-to-run variations. This assumes all parts use the same plastic and injection profile, which may not be the case.

    6. Missing avatar

      Elmo Stenkins on

      I'm glad to see some progress here, but shouldn't we see some live (high quality) videos by now of something that resembles a ship-able product? Would be awesome to actually see this beaut soon, now that you are closing in on a shipment date.

    7. Missing avatar

      Nazareth Familly on

      Robotic industriel.... you answer almost useless answers ... 25% ... of China delivery ... but when you are asked to show the machine more word ... it's really cool

    8. Missing avatar

      Craig Avery on

      @ creator, Timing...Timing...Timing.......
      Based on your comments, I would say you are about 6 weeks from shipping but that is really just a stab in the dark. How about shedding some light on the timing for us.

    9. Missing avatar

      Johan Gekko on

      So sad to think this but I agree with Blaine Hilton and Stephen Prokopchuk.

    10. Brendon Nunes on

      I posted this comment on the main comment page but thought you might not see it here it is again: I have access to a large format high resolution rapid prototype printer capable of production quality parts. PM me and I can give you the details. I am very familiar with the injection molding process and the required tooling and the cost. This may be a better solution for you and help speed up the process of getting this printer finished for all of us. Let me know, will be happy to help. Thanks Brendon

    11. Robotic Industries LLC Creator on

      @Ian - previous comment reply from the main section:
      In regards to the tariffs - so far they do not appear to effect our products - tariffs are assessed on the product being imported not every individual part - 3d printers have been ruled to fall under one of two Harmonized Tariff Schedule codes - either 8477.80.00 or 8479.89.9499. The first is subject to 25% tariff - the second is not. Both are likely a mute point because packages under $800 are not generally subject to tariff in the USA so we almost certainly will send US shipments direct to consumers from China via DHL. If we bulk import them (very unlikely at this point in our planning due to the time it would take) we will only do so with a tariff classification letter which would guarantee our classification before they leave China.

    12. Missing avatar

      Ian Gibson on

      I presume Trump's new levies on imports means that we will get 25% less for our money than would have if the project had been moved on more quickly...
      Not expecting any update soon on that one.

    13. Missing avatar

      Herbert on

      I still wonder why we do not see videos from some advanced / production prototypes - they have to exist if this printer is tested and ready for shipping after waiting for the last injection molded parts to complete it.

      Why don't we get to see something close to what we will receive soon in action (good resolution, good lighting, in focus, steady cam or tripod)? I can't really make sense of that.

      The core xy Prototypes in their current state have to have at least the same quality and maturity level than the ones Erik showed to us before the campaign - and we got to see a lot of boaties, timelapse-Videos and printers in action back then.

      Why this is not possible now and why we should receive mystery-machines nobody saw in action before shipping is beyond me. If everything is like Erik says, it does not make a lot of sense that we can't see details of the machine we will receive soon.

      Or in short: It's time for show an tell.

    14. Missing avatar

      Duane Brankley on

      Thank You for the update. I would rather have quality and having to wait more than a rush to get it out the door and have more issues...

    15. Blaine Hilton on

      I'm all for a quality product, but technology keeps marching on and it just feels like what was super cool here is starting to not be so cool as other projects are coming along and prices are dropping and capabilities are increasing and we are still "waiting". I'm hoping we receive something soon that actually works. Keeping my fingers crossed!

    16. Shawn McNaughton on

      Thank you for the update! I was at Microcenter the other day, and the temptation to pick up a cheap, $150 3D printer with half the capability almost took over. I saw no update on here in a while, starterd to worry, but I read the reviews of bad build quality on that one. Then I remembered how well you've delivered in the past on previous KS projects, and hoped you would say something soon.

      Keep up the good work, and keep updating us. Even if it's not a full update, signs of life - a heartbeat - go a long way to keeping our confidence up! I'm glad you and the team are working hard to make a printer worth waiting for. (I also can't wait until I know it's a good one from experience and I can recommend it to friends/buy my dad one for Christmas.)

    17. Missing avatar

      Martijn on

      Good update. I can wait a little while longer, I feel like Erik is really focused on delivering a good printer.

      I would've loved to have seen some pics though. :-)

    18. James on

      Erik, Thanks for the update. It sounds like we are closing in on a final product and the highly anticipated shipment of these printers.
      Please keep the info flowing.

    19. Stephen Prokopchuk on

      While I appreciate the udpate, this has been a painful wait -- I feel like 4d printing will come out before I get my buildone.

      Gonna meditate until this wait is over -- hope I don't reach enlightenment before it ships!

    20. Missing avatar

      Emre Gezgin on

      Really nice with all this detailed information. Even if its a lot behind schedule, it helps that you keep informing this much.

    21. Missing avatar

      leberwurstsaft on

      Hi Erik, thanks for the info. Really quite interesting to read about the many things that go into creating a product like this. And I'm sure thats not even close to being a comprehensive list.

      Keep it up! I look forward to getting into 3D printing with the B1.

    22. Marcos Rodriguez

      Hi there, i just want to know which kind of filament we coukd use, i mean, carbon fiber, pla.. I didnt find it. Thanks

    23. Missing avatar

      potato miso

      Erik, you are the best.

    24. Missing avatar

      Paul Warner on

      Thanks for the update! It's always good to understand what's going on.

    25. Mario van der Niet on

      Thank you for the update again. I believe it's hard to give an update about the timeline, but please provide one with the feedback it's a living thing