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A $99 consumer 3D printer with WiFi, USB, mobile support, auto bed leveling, & optional laser! Built by a proven and experienced team!
A $99 consumer 3D printer with WiFi, USB, mobile support, auto bed leveling, & optional laser! Built by a proven and experienced team!
3,213 backers pledged $771,191 to help bring this project to life.

PVT Progress Update

Posted by Robotic Industries LLC (Creator)

I am heading out of town in the morning (in a few hours really) for a few days so I wanted to give everyone an update on how PVT is progressing before I go - this will be a short update for that reason.

Update on PVT Changes

Plastics - 

Enclosure - The acrylic enclosure will remain the same material - our testing continues to show it works well and the addition of the previously mentioned enclosure fan activation temp sensor allows us to ensure it will not be an issue even with full enclosures running for long periods.

Other Parts - The injection molded parts corrections we mentioned last time are almost complete and we will be sticking with ABS for the parts. We are also waiting for the final PVT 3D printed parts (to match the circuit board changes mentioned below) and a few of those parts we are sampling as injection molded parts as well - they are tricky parts to injection mold so we'll go with whichever method gives us the best part without too many rejects. 

Circuit Boards -

PCB Heating and Current Setting - We have made the design changes to address these two issues and tested in house prototypes of each, we're now waiting for the new assembled boards that will be the PVT boards if they don't have any issues.

Other Changes - Since the last update we've also changed a few of the connectors on the boards that either could get in the way and cause a jam in the case of the head unit (changed to vertical connectors for the RJ45 and DC JACK) or made assembly at the factory very painful (for the heated bed, changed to surface mount RJ45 so they don't have to mill the aluminium plate to allow for the through holes). These changes are both in the new PVT boards we are awaiting.

Expansion Changes - We have removed the LASERGND pin from the expansion header, using it via the expansion header proved to be impractical given the amperage draw that might be placed on it and the position on the board. That pin is still accessible via the RJ45 cable that runs from the main board to the head unit. - The LASERGND pins have been replaced by additional 12V and GND pins on the expansion header. The rest of the expansion header pins are now locked in.

Other PVT Issues -

We are still waiting on just a few parts suppliers, cases where we've had to find an alternative supplier and are now waiting to verify their products are identical (or identical enough) to what we originally sourced. 

We still need to finish the design of the packaging - or rather ask the packaging factory to do so - we've already given preliminary specs and we aren't doing anything fancy (a plain flat pack box with dividers and a few sheets of foam - shipping this safely has been something we've kept in mind through the design rather than relying on packaging alone), but they basically need a PVT set to finish it and then can produce the packaging in a day or two since we are not using any fancy formed inserts or anything like that.


Don't forget: Want to help us with some code? Check out the bounties here:

That's all for tonight, but I look forward to having most, if not all, PVT parts to show soon - and we will provide another update regardless around late next week/early the following.

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    1. Jeremiah Beatham on

      @Bob Cunningham

      Thank you very much for the help!

    2. James on

      BTW - If Rick Downs or Herbert have the idea of preaching the gospel of KS in response, please save it.
      We all just want information and our printers.
      If we want a sermon there are plenty of churches we can visit.
      Please pontificate elsewhere!

    3. James on

      It has been 3 weeks since your last update where you promised another in 1 to 2 weeks.
      Frequent updates keep us calm.
      Not updating when promised, not so much.
      What’s going on?
      We still wait....

    4. Missing avatar

      Elmo Stenkins on

      Still no update? Should be closing in on a shipment schedule by now?
      I've already made my second homemade 3D printer since I ordered this one last summer.

    5. James McNalley on

      Kickstarter is much closer to early stage venture investing, except we hope to receive a product rather than equity in an eventually profitable company.

      Even with those expectations, it remains disappointing that this project has taken as long as it has.

    6. Missing avatar

      Nazareth Familly on

      the project has like to gather. 750k

    7. Missing avatar

      Nazareth Familly on

      I understand that it is a project when invested as stock market ... but if each time we think like that ... no project will come true

    8. Missing avatar

      Bob Cunningham on

      @Jeremiah Beatham - Erik always sends out update links before shipping.

      The only thing that needs updating before then would ONLY be if your email address changes. If your email address is still good, then hold tight.

    9. Jeremiah Beatham on

      I'm sorry to repeat what I'm sure is a constant drivel of this same dumb question, but can anyone help me figure out how to change the address associated with my backing for this project? I'm just trying to keep it current as I move for whenever this project comes to full fruition! Love seeing the updates. Thank you all for sticking with this.

    10. Missing avatar

      Rick Downs on

      For anyone depending upon a finished KS product in the pursuit of a business or clients, KS is NOT the store your looking for.

      IMO, KS is like the stock market. You shouldn't be investing if you can afford to loose the money. In this case it's loose the money and product.

      As someone else noted, this is a very ambitious project. No offense to Eric and his team, but it will likely be Christmas (2018) before we see our printers. This massive endeavor involved many aspects that even well-funded companies would find challenging. A new product, with no experience in producing, leads to these kinds of delays. With design engineers, vendors supplying parts and PCB thousands of miles away, logistics, reworking prototypes, all lead to delays - perhaps some avoidable and many not so much.

      For me this was a purchase I didn't need, but wanted to help fund. When it arrives (and works), I'll be happy. But I have no delusions about guessing a delivery date, or climbing all over Erik's back because he has not delivered yet.


    11. Missing avatar

      Timothy on

      I have good confidence the BuildOne team will deliver something useful (unlike the Ono/Olo team). But the question of when always seems to be the hard one to answer. When I realized that last December I went out and bought a Craftbot (a former kickstarter now in production), which is more capable anyhow and have immensely enjoyed using. This one while I think still worthy at it's pricepoint will probably go to my son when it finally does get here.

    12. Missing avatar

      Bob Cunningham on

      @ Herbert - Nicely done!

      There's another crowdfunding description I like, but I couldn't relocate the link. It compared crowdfunding to some forms of religion, where we put our money into the donation plate, then pray and pray for the Creator to deliver. (But the original said it much better, and funnier.)

      A "Backer Qualification Test" also sounds cool!

    13. Missing avatar

      Herbert on

      @Matthew Ornawka: "you are surprised because of unreasonable expectations and probably an incomplete understanding about what kickstarter is and what it is not." - that is some profound wisdom and KS-experience for someone who is almost one year on KS and has backed one (!) project so far - which means exactly *this* project a year ago... and so never even completed a single project on KS.

      Up until now I thought, that so many people readily sharing their two-bit KS-wisdom with you and tell you exactly why what you think on KS is wrong, is rather rude and uncalled for, but then I found a little known section in the KS Guidelines where you can take your official instant KS expert exam. I will tell all of you the right exam-answers on the quiet, because we are among backers here, but don't reveal them to the public!

      "Graduation Questions to become a KS expert:

      1) Is Kickstarter a shop?
      [_] Yes
      [X] No

      2) Should you manage your expectations prior to backing a project? (REMARK: This means: only back stuff you do not rely on and you don't care when it will be shipped, if ever, or in other words: stuff you do not need nor care for)
      [X] Yes
      [_] No

      2 a) (For extra credit) If even the managed expectations have to be lowered during a long overdue campaign, should you:
      [_] Complain, because the creator did not live up to his own promises
      [X] Manage your expectations again (repeat if neccessary)

      INSTANT RESULT: Gratulations! Your are now an official KS expert!

      ADVICE: Now go share your wisdom now as often as possible with every backer on our forum who complains about something, or even if he or she does not! You do not have to be adressed to share your wisdom - your advice will always be welcome and seen as helpful and true, no matter what the complaint was. Feel free to point out any perceived imperfections of the OP and amply add how KS is properly used (the way you do, and only the way you do). People will love you for this and hold you in high esteem as a true expert backer. Repeat this as often as possible for a lasting reputation in our forums."

      This often overlooked exam in the guidelines really explained a lot to me. I thought all the time that the always congregating selfproclaimed expert entourage in projects flame other people with profane two-bit wisdom willy nilly, but in reality those people were officially certified KS experts who had to study hard for their degree! Now I see the "this is not a shop advice" and all its glorious variations in a whole new light... :-)

    14. Missing avatar

      Ryan Kinnett on

      I’m also tired of waiting, annoyed that I have to send jobs to a print shop, and disappointed that Erik was unable to deliver the original design.

      How about another invitation for refunds? Many of us would have taken the refund if we weren’t misled about the delivery timeline. Nearly six months later and no end in sight, please give us the courtesy of another call for refund requests.

      This is my fourth attempt to request a refund.

    15. Missing avatar

      Paul Warner on

      Good to see that you are moving forward. I agree with others - routine updates like this one would be spiffy!

      But yeah - do what needs to be done to deliver a quality product and I'll be thrilled.

    16. Matthew O. on


      you are surprised because of unreasonable expectations and probably an incomplete understanding about what kickstarter is and what it is not. I got into this knowing that it will probably be delayed, mostly because the creator is new to the arena of 3d printers, but not to kickstarter, where he has, to varying levels of success, produced products that have proven him to be someone worthy of trust. He has a track record of delivering.

      This happens to be his most ambitious project to date, and to be this far along and not have the project completely tank gives me hope.

      Manage your expectations and maybe you wont be so surprised and disappointed, which in my opinion, is kinda sad.

    17. Missing avatar

      Sam Segal on

      Thank you. This is exactly the style of update I would love to be regularly receiving. Does the job without being overly predictive. Short and sweet.

    18. Missing avatar

      LESAGE on

      I am really surprised to see that many people thank you but very few do not seem unhappy with the delay in receiving this project. It's been 8 months since I should have received this project and regularly an argument to tell us that this project is moving forward but is not ready yet. I had many projects in mind with this 3d printer, I had to find another solution (more expensive). So in summary, very disappointed and regret to have invested in this project so long to be finalized.
      Best regards

    19. SJD

      Thankyou... great update.

    20. Missing avatar

      Bob Cunningham on

      Sounds great!

      I'd love to see some IR photos of a B1 in still air after printing for a couple hours, particularly shots of the PCB, cables, motors, bushings and power supply.

    21. Missing avatar

      Martijn on

      Good update. Clear on the status and on what you're doing/waiting for. Looking forward to the next update.

      Hopefully we can get a nice overview video & some shots of the final PVT build? :-)

    22. Missing avatar

      Rudolf Hafenscher on

      Thank you for update. Updates should come more often - especially though the project is severely delayed. Please send a project status report with financial statement soon.

    23. Missing avatar

      Rob on

      Thanks for the update!