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All or One is a hidden role card game wherein players are trapped in a room and tasked with agreeing to sacrifice one among themselves.
All or One is a hidden role card game wherein players are trapped in a room and tasked with agreeing to sacrifice one among themselves.
All or One is a hidden role card game wherein players are trapped in a room and tasked with agreeing to sacrifice one among themselves.
231 backers pledged $14,069 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      James McDonald on October 4, 2017

      Well done guys.
      Can't wait for this to come through.

    2. Michael D. Hensley
      on October 2, 2017

      That... was amazing!

    3. Missing avatar

      Alvin Kissoon on October 1, 2017

      Congratulations! As a backer who hasn't really played these sort of games before looking forward to the experience and glad it's been successful!

    4. Missing avatar

      Chris on October 1, 2017

      Wow, good job everyone at rallying together to get this funded right near the end!

      @Robot High Five Congratulations!

    5. Robot High Five Creator on October 1, 2017

      Thank you all so very much, we quite literally could not have done this without you!

    6. Missing avatar

      Valerie Croft on October 1, 2017

      I've backed projects that went down to the wire before but this one is the one I'm watching and rooting for.

    7. Robot High Five Creator on October 1, 2017

      @Isaac Munoz Thank you for your support and for helping to spread the word!

    8. Isaac Munoz on September 30, 2017

      I really want this Campaign to be successful, I just shared it on my instagram @isaac_damilkman_munoz

    9. Robot High Five Creator on September 29, 2017

      @Michael D. Hensley Thanks for your support and for bumping your pledge to get the add-ons!

    10. Michael D. Hensley
      on September 28, 2017

      I added $20 to my pledge for the addon packs! This is a great way to meet the funding goal, thanks!

    11. Robot High Five Creator on September 28, 2017

      @ionas the characters and items submitted for the Community Content Pack will not really alter the rules in any game breaking way. The core game design has always been to allow for expended content by way of introducing new role and item cards to the game. Any backers submitting content are merely submitting the name and the idea of that content, not the actual mechanics, that is still our department to ensure that any community content meshes with the game as appropriate; however before knowing the thematic nature of the yet to be submitted content it is impossible to tell you what game effects they might have. I hope that answers your question.

    12. ionas on September 27, 2017

      Can you add the rules for the backer-based 15 USD addon pack? I want to know what kind of gameplay they add before pledging them/keeping my pledge.

    13. Missing avatar

      Chris on September 27, 2017

      I had already decided not to back any more projects for a while when I ran across this game. Well, so much for that.

    14. ionas on September 26, 2017

      I like her stare... the only thing where I feel meh is blind-bidding into a small card game for 52 USD + customs. Otherwise this KS is stellar because it IMHO offers very unique gameplay ideas and concepts <3

    15. Wiebke Walbaum
      on September 26, 2017

      Thank you for the long answer, I'm glad you are not mad with me :-)

    16. Robot High Five Creator on September 26, 2017

      @Wiebke Walbaum For this response to your comment I'd like to make it clear that this is Pete speaking:

      You are correct that the prototype cards are photographs with edge detection and other graphical filters, however, those were my own placeholders from the outset of designing this game back when I was working solo. I don't know if I'm misreading your comment, but it sounds as if you thought Sarah was trying to pass filtered photos off as her own art, and I want to assure you (and anyone else) that was not the case. I possess practically zero artistic skill myself and so I made use of filtered photographs as a means to have reasonably attractive prototype cards to playtest with throughout all iterations of the design process. It was always my intention to switch out the placeholder photographs for hand-drawn equivalents by a skilled artist.

      Perhaps our failure was in making it clear that the final art would retain the aesthetic I was intentionally evoking through the placeholders? It has been my personal request of Sarah that she attempt to capture the grainy, sketch-like style of the filtered photographs through her own artistic style.

      We hear your feedback regarding the eyes, and we appreciate you sharing with us how the overall image looks and feels to you. We'd hate to see you drop your pledge, but I fully stand behind Sarah's artistic direction for the characters and I hold no doubts that she will succeed in retaining my original vision for the game's aesthetic.


    17. Wiebke Walbaum
      on September 26, 2017

      I really don't want to insult your artist but the old cards are in fact photographs with some edge detenction photoshop filter :(
      I don't know what happend to the witch, in the original coloured pic (first thought "wow!") the eyes are okay and then there's that pencil mockup and I was like "really? What a disappointment!"

    18. Wiebke Walbaum
      on September 26, 2017

      The Witch is really cross-eyed...
      I love the game concept but I really don't like the art... I thought that were placeholders that are still WIP, but as I think they are staying like that I'm thinking on skipping this campaign... :-(

      Maybe that's the reason this KS is moving so slowly...?

    19. ionas on September 26, 2017

      I wouldn't be crying but $52 is just a lot ;-) and I fear to pay a lot of customs on top also having to run to the customs office to pick it up will take me 1.5 hours etc. But I am excited for the games premise... like Room 25 but as a social deduction game... lovely.

    20. ionas on September 23, 2017

      Well you can label whatever you want (within reason) but customs are being paid on the declared value including shipping costs. :/

      Essen Spiel 18 woud be (way) cool(er)...

    21. Robot High Five Creator on September 22, 2017

      @ionas It is our understanding, and forgive our ignorance if we are incorrect as this will be our first time ever shipping a product internationally, that one labels a package based on the item's manufacturing cost not its retail cost, so in this case, yes it would be labelled as less than 22 EUR (or $ whichever is required for the customs labeling).

    22. ionas on September 22, 2017

      Will you label the whole package INCLUDING SHIPPING as < 22 EUR for EU backers... else we have to pay a lot of customs on top.

    23. Robot High Five Creator on September 21, 2017

      @Michael Renzo: If this campaign is successful, we receive all the data on who pledge at what tiers, any backer who's final amount is $15 over the pledge (plus shipping) amount will automatically be sent the Community Content Pack. Also, we'll be sending out a final backer survey for address changes and to verify items to be sent before we begin shipping.

    24. Michael Renzo on September 20, 2017

      I have a question about the Community Content Pack: since it isn't an official pledge tier, how are your tracking this? I would like it, and I think the guidance is to manually edit my pledge figure, but it seems like the kind of thing that could slip through the cracks easily.

    25. Michael D. Hensley
      on September 19, 2017

      Woah, we're half way there!
      Woah, livin' on a prayer!

    26. Robot High Five Creator on September 19, 2017

      @Larissa Worthen: We love hearing that our silly kitties have fans! Stay tuned for more of them later this week. �

    27. Larissa Worthen on September 19, 2017

      Just happened upon this one and love the idea... and after watching your intro video and seeing your cats, I *had* to support it! (we have two almost identical cats, and one of my girls has the same stuffed animals - it was almost a little creepy!). Sure hope this one funds!!

    28. Robot High Five Creator on September 17, 2017

      James, I hope you've had the chance to watch and enjoy the archived live stream:

      ionas, I answered you via private message, but as a short answer for others, we are still looking into EU options but have nothing to announce and cannot adjust any shipping rates just yet; hopefully some good news on that early this coming week!

      Tim, thanks for the kind comments!

    29. tim hutchings on September 16, 2017

      I just played this at a game demo today and it was super surprised at how enjoyable it was. It's not like anything else I've played and I've played a lot of games.

      Looking forward to it!

    30. ionas on September 16, 2017

      52 USD for a bunch of cards including the addon and shipping to Europe... hrm...
      Any way to reduce the 22 USD shipping to Europe? What about Essen Spiel 17 or 18 pick-up?

    31. Missing avatar

      James McDonald on September 14, 2017

      Already backed this as sounds looks like a great game. Come on people I want this kickstarter funded.

    32. Missing avatar

      James McDonald on September 14, 2017

      Will you be posting the video on here afterwards as I don't think I want to be getting up at 4.00 am to watch it lol

    33. Robot High Five Creator on September 11, 2017

      I'll add the two most recently asked questions to the FAQ.

    34. ionas on September 10, 2017

      Will you make all the text be justified including (soft-)hyphens?

    35. Bart on September 9, 2017

      Just wondering, will there be a Print & Play version made available to backers? I would love to play this game before May 2018 :)

    36. Robot High Five Creator on September 6, 2017

      Hello all,

      I see a few questions in here, as well as having gotten a few direct messages with questions. We just returned from our trip to PAX West where we showcased the game and first launched the Kickstarter. Now that we are home we will be trying to respond to questions quicker. Keep in mind, most questions can probably be answered by simply watching our recently archived stream of a live demo from PAX. However, I will also work on getting some of the questions answered in the FAQ section soon. Thank you all for your interest in our project!

    37. Ryan Mrochuk
      on September 5, 2017


    38. Ryan Mrochuk
      on September 5, 2017

      Are the creators going to stop by and answer quests?

    39. ionas on September 5, 2017

      Looks like a real gem indeed. Share it with your friends! :)

    40. Ryan Mrochuk
      on September 4, 2017

      Interesting concept.

      Maybe I missed it or am just misunderstanding. When the game ends, and multiple people have fulfilled their win condition, whoever has the most points wins, is what I heard.
      Are the points determined by dice rolls?

    41. Wiebke Walbaum
      on September 4, 2017

      Please consider HappyShops for European fulfillment. The 22 for shipment hurt a lot and will be the reason many won't pledge the game - but I want it to come to life as it sounds like a great concept!

    42. Missing avatar

      Kevin Mckee on September 3, 2017

      My teenagers demoed this game with you on Saturday at PAX. One of whom said it was their favorite game from the weekend. We would have bought this game immediately. But they are good with waiting. Good luck with the Kickstarter.

    43. Bart on September 3, 2017

      Sounds like a lot of fun!
      I'm a bit sad to see that more than half of my pledge will be spent on shipping cost instead of making this game even better. But I guess that is part of the Kickstarter deal...

    44. ionas on September 1, 2017

      Did you consider using two different card sizes? One for the regular cards and one for all the tokens... that way you can just print cards. You can skip the dice from shipping to reduce costs. A d6 is easy to come by...

    45. ionas on September 1, 2017

      Great idea and concept.

      Could there be done something about the 22 USD shipping to Europe/Germany?
      I can recommend Spiral Galaxy Games UK ( and Happyshops (.de) for European fulfillment purposes. Ship Naked wasn't so good twice.

      Will you be at Essen Spiel 17: With a demo? Selling the game? Picking up KS Rewards?