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Tears of a Machine is a tabletop RPG of giant robots and the teenagers who pilot them.
277 backers pledged $7,810 to help bring this project to life.

We've Done It

Posted by Russell G Collins (Creator)

Thank you, backers

We've reached the goal, and with a comfortable cushion that will help keep surprise expenses from breaking the budget. My draft will soon go to J. R., my art outlines to Jenn, and the plans for layout, character sheets, and the Preservation Forces badge to Nathan. With some more long hours and hard work we'll have the book finished, printed, and in your hands and on your screens. 

I'm relieved, I'm thankful, and I'm also humbled. This campaign has brought me much closer to my audience than any project or show I've ever worked on. I was surprised by the names I saw on the backer list again and again. I appreciate your support and will do everything I can to make Tears of a Machine a continuing success.

Thank you, teammates

I want to give some special thanks to the other members of the creative team. J. R., Jenn, and Nathan were behind me from the start with this campaign and they got to hear my moaning and wailing when I was worried about the numbers. They stayed supportive and offered me excellent direction and advice. They aren't just collaborators, they are friends. I'm looking forward to the work we'll do to complete Tears of a Machine

Accessibility Initiative

My decision to go forward with accessible formats for the game was one of the best things I did. I didn't know if it would make a difference to offer a niche product in alternative formats, but it was a major influencing factor for some of our most generous backers. Athrun Nailo, our Angel tier backer, and Jim Milligan, a Prophet tier backer, have both thanked me for my efforts to bring gaming to more people with learning differences and I've decided that it should be a major part of my work-to-come

In addition to releasing the text in basic accessible formats, I will also create the human-read audio with synchronized text version of the book, regardless of stretch goals. It will probably not be ready in that format when the printed book is released but I will have updates on the progress of that too. I'm also working on a presentation on accessibility in games for some conventions coming up this fall.

Now What?

First things first, I'll cut back on the Updates. I know that no one wants an inbox that is full to bursting with tiny updates. I'll try to keep these to one per week until we get to the shipping and distribution phases. I'll be blogging and posting for those of you who want to see more details of the game's progress.

I'll continue to promote the game as I have, so there will be more demos, con and event play, world-building fiction, late-beta playtesting, and interviews. If you want to be a part of these then please stay in touch through Kickstarter, facebook, twitter, or Google+.

Thank you all once again, and may the SAInts preserve us.


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