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Project Stormos is a hardcore, high speed platformer. Take Robo and try to dash through entire levels without ever touching the ground.
Project Stormos is a hardcore, high speed platformer. Take Robo and try to dash through entire levels without ever touching the ground.
73 backers pledged $7,631 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Ryan Sheriff on

      I think we have 3 Ryan backers

    2. Missing avatar

      Ryan Sheriff on

      Ooooh so the one with the LONGEST time wins, and the entire floor could be finishes, the very first stormos survival level is now in the making! Haha

    3. Ryan Duclos on

      You should create a yellow orb that doesn't reappear, so I can create a level to see how long a player can stay in the air!

    4. Rob Storm Creator on

      The great competition begins!

    5. Missing avatar

      Ryan Sheriff on

      I guess only R names get really good highscores haha

    6. Missing avatar

      Ryan Sheriff on… and also, Ryan, I already hold every highscore butt one that Rob has beaten today haha. In this video I do a whole playthrough of The Dunes and beat a couple highscores.

    7. Missing avatar

      blue80 on

      I heard it from Moddb. Btw, I love your game, sorry for not messaging you back lol.

    8. Rob Storm Creator on

      I'll take that challenge Ryan!

    9. Ryan Duclos on

      Just wanted to say, that I will be on the top of all the leaderboards.

    10. Richard Borys on

      I've been playing the game and I love it! So simple, but so fun! We need more games that are challenging like this! Once you master and get used to dashing through the air without the need to touch the ground, you feel great... like you've become a God! lol

    11. Richard Porczak on

      This game looks really cool. I like its emphasis on aerial maneuvering, and the mechanics by which it works. It seems like it could be a very nice blend between the fast-paced action of dashing from place to place and almost puzzle-like qualities in demanding that the player, on the fly (haha…), figure out the best way to navigate each level. I'm really looking forward to playing it, and glad that I can help support it!

    12. Bryan Taylor on

      Project Stormos looks really great. I love the fast-action and the attention to gameplay. Also, it's nice to see a game like this with a level editor, which I am sure will incite a community of level creators, making fun levels for all to enjoy. I am going to pass the word of this project on to the indiegames blog and see if I can't get it featured. This project DESERVES to be funded.

    13. Missing avatar

      Steffen Olsen on

      This game is incredible! Project Stormos strips a feeling of weightlessness (something thousands of games have captured) down to its purest form. With easy controls, beautiful aesthetics, and an intuituive level editor, Rob has created a limitless world around that simple concept. Not to mention his soundtrack and graphics are killer. We're not just buying in to Project Stormos, Version 1. We're buying in to Rob. He's a rare talent and an indefatigable worker (all music, graphics, programming, and creative content is his own....and this isn't even his day job), and version1 is just the first of many iterations to come.

    14. Mike Hitpas on

      This game is a worthy contribution of your dollars and an even worthier usage of your free time. I've personally seen this game develop over many years and it has never been sharper, more polished, and more fun then it is now. The aerial platforming, slashing enemies with the sword, and generall awesomeness of this game cannot be understated. Comparing this game to Mario Bros. as a platformer is like comparing Olympic skiing and the X Games to a ten year old skiing down the bunny hill. Help Rob raise the money he needs to make the game greater and accessible to all. You will be helping him to develop the game farther as well as the great reward perk of getting the game! What else do I need to say, pledge now!