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The tiny thermometer that lets you measure the temperature, right where you are. iPhone, iPad & Android
The tiny thermometer that lets you measure the temperature, right where you are. iPhone, iPad & Android
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Shipping Part I: Updating Your Address

Posted by Robocat (Creator)

Hi Backers!

Shipping Thermodo is a multipart story. Have you ever tried posting a package from your local post office? Well, shipping 12,000 Thermodos to 77 countries is nothing like that at all. True to form, we'll try to bring you insights into how it's actually done and the sort of challenges we face in the coming weeks.

But before we can even get into the actual shipping, we've got an important task that needs to be taken care of first: Making sure that the information we've received from you guys are up to date.

How do you do that? 

Kickstarter only allows for one survey to be sent out and we know that some of you guys might have moved since answering that survey. So we've known for some time that we wanted to allow everybody to update their shipping details before shipping starts. However, there's really not a lot of clever solutions to managing this sort of data in a convenient way.

When you're dealing with 9000 rows of spreadsheet data, and you want to allow people to edit that data, you want to be absolutely sure that nothing goes wrong. You want it to be easy to use for both you and the backers. How do you do that? You build your own system!

Introducing the Backer Shipping Panel

So we've build a system to handle all of this. It's pretty cool to be honest. We've been busy this weekend sending out emails giving people access to their very own Backer Shipping Panels. In the panel you'll have access to update your address, supply us with a phone number (for the shipping carrier), oh and you're also able to see the reward you have chosen. It looks a bit like this:

Every backer should have received an email from us by now with a uniquely generated link. If you haven't already, be sure to check your spam filter. Still nothing? Send an email to and we'll get it sorted out.

Any changes to your address should be final before this Friday, November 22nd. By then, we'll lock down the database and send a hard copy to Shipwire. So if you have changes, be sure to make them now. Kristian, Willi and Michael will be manning the inbox as we try to facilitate changes and updates to your shipping details.

So when do I get it?

Don't go walking around your mailbox just yet, shipping everything will take time. There's a lot of steps to this, and several things that need to happen in concert. We have freight forwarders and customs brokers working with the factory in China. We have an entire team at the distribution center in L.A., and in other regions, ready to do fulfillment and we're pulling all the strings from Copenhagen. If all goes smoothly, barring factory hiccups and customs issues, we'll have everything out before the end of the year. That is an estimate, not a promise. It's what we are aiming for and we will try to stay as transparent as always during these hectic weeks and bring you along for the ride.

Make sure to get those updates in your Shipping Panels before Friday. It's the first deadline of the Shipping phase. Let's do this!


- Your Team in Copenhagen

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    1. Bishop Bowie on

      I got my Thermodo today! It looks great and fits with my 5S nicely. However, it does not seem to be reading the temperature properly. Outside in 40 degree whether it read 60, and inside where it is about 66 it reads 77.

    2. Missing avatar

      Ron on

      My address has changed. How do I update?

    3. ADKodak on

      Since everything seems to be coming together nicely are y'all willing to give a rough estimate on when we may be seeing our units? Will I have the coolest stocking stuffers this year?

    4. Robocat Creator on

      Your address should be updated. Please check your Backer Shipping Panel.

    5. Missing avatar

      Dean Hadfield on

      I would like you to confirm that you have changed my shipping country from the US to UK as i have payed the $10 via paypal and sent you the transaction number via email.

      Thanks Dean

    6. Lester Chan on

      I did not receive the email (could not find it in the spam folder). I drop you an email.

    7. Missing avatar

      Ansel on

      @Robocat, thank you for the response! I deleted the previous email and can't get it back.. Is there anyway I can get another one sent? Thanks! I'm looking forward to playing with the thermodo, and I totally understand the delay.

    8. David Vo on

      You should consider selling or leasing this technology out to other KS projects. Obviously there's a market for it (ie Backerkit)

    9. Missing avatar

      Paul on

      Oh wow, I updated my details on the backer panel without even realising it wasn't part of the kickstarter website.

      Props for making the whole experience so smooth. I have high hopes for the app! :)

    10. Hoder Jensen on

      Got caught here by Gmail spam filter. So check your spam filter and remember to mark "not spam" :)

    11. Karl Hedstrom

      Found your email and replied with my phone number, address was already correct. Thanks!

    12. Missing avatar

      Paul Nimmo on

      Never mind, I received my email. Thank you. (I attempted to find it via a search in my email server with negative results but just kept looking.)

    13. Missing avatar

      Paul Nimmo on

      I did not receive my panel login email. Yes, I checked spam, trash, etc. Please resend.

      Thank you.

    14. Arik on

      Hi There .You guys are great.Your updates are informative and creative.I hope other projects would take an example from you guys.!

    15. Robocat Creator on

      @Sam Gem Yup, check your spam filters. We've heard of a few people who found it in there. :)

      @Woodrow Beavers Sorry that you are feeling frustrated. Creating products, especially products that have exploded in popularity like Thermodo, isn't easy. The original shipping estimate was an estimate based on our $35K funding goal. Given the fact that we've changed the product and build 10 times as many we think an extended timeline of 3-4 months is pretty good. We hope you'll enjoy your Thermodo once it arrives. Cheers.

      @Ansel, the above information is the best we can give you right now. Maybe have it shipped to someone in the US that you know, who can then forward it to you?

    16. Woodrow Beavers on

      I want to communicate some of the frustration I'm feeling regarding the timeline. While I appreciate the updates and the many difficulties you have encountered, I never expected to wait 6 months beyond your original shipping estimate.

      I am looking forward to receiving and using my Thermodo.

    17. John Vanderbeck on

      @Same Gem, as stated above it was sent in an email. Check your spam, that is where mine ended up :(

    18. Missing avatar

      Ibrahim on

      Thank you Thermodo team in Copenhagen. You are awesome.

    19. Sam Gem

      Where is the link for the backer shipping panel to see if I put in my information already?

    20. Missing avatar

      Ansel on

      As someone who is moving from the USA to FRANCE in a month, can I expect delivery within the month and keep my US address, or should I switch to my French address? If I switch to my french Address, is there an extra cost?