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Dogs is a family friendly board game about rescuing man's best friend.  Pick up strays, care for them and be a Hero!
Dogs is a family friendly board game about rescuing man's best friend. Pick up strays, care for them and be a Hero!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Jill Coleman
      about 12 hours ago

      Thank you for the quick response. I got my game today and looks great!

    2. Missing avatar

      Anders MacGregor 1 day ago

      @Jon Blaney. Ditto. Untracked packages as well. Delivery time much less than the 1.5 months as for this package...

    3. Missing avatar

      Jon Blaney 1 day ago

      I'm in BC and still waiting. In the meantime, I've received other packages from out of country, so I'm not sure what the hold up is.

    4. Missing avatar

      Anders MacGregor 2 days ago

      Anyone from Western Canada yet or are we still waiting on Canada Post?

    5. Gary Gray Collaborator
      4 days ago

      @Jill Coleman, I just sent you an email.

    6. Missing avatar

      Jill Coleman
      4 days ago

      My copy never arrived after the shipping info was sent six weeks ago. No tracking number. Live in Midwest USA. Not likely to have been misplaced/stolen from porch where I live. GamesQuest stated waiting on publishers response for what to do. �

    7. Philip Zwart 5 days ago

      Arrived today in in perfect condition in South Africa, thank you!

    8. Ann-Charlotte Eriksen
      on December 1

      Arrived and all good in Sweden. Ty for a lovely game :)

    9. J.P.
      on November 30

      Thanks for looking into things and for the update, Gary.

    10. Gary Gray Collaborator
      on November 30

      Here is info about the backers in Canada from Games Quest

      Unfortunately the service to Canada is taking longer then expected due to an issue there. Here's the official message from our Royal Mail account manager explaining what has happened:

      "IMPORTANT UPDATE: Delays into Canada and Customer Options
      As many of you will be aware, Royal Mail along with all postal administrations are currently experiencing unusually long and patchy delivery times affecting inbound volumes into Canada for untracked parcels.
      The issue is caused by Canada Post experiencing very high import volumes of postal parcels (particularly from China) that at present they do not have the capacity to handle.
      We have escalated this issue to the highest level in Canada Post but have so far not been provided with reassurance that Canada Post will be able to improve the service in the short term. As such, whilst we are looking at alternative suppliers the situation may take some time to resolve."

      You are welcome to and encouraged to let any Backers asking about the status of their shipment see this message as it explains what is currently occurring. Hopefully their parcels arrive soon though.

      Kind regards,
      Simon Read

    11. Azri Ismail on November 30

      Received the game yesterday. From Brunei

    12. Gary Gray Collaborator
      on November 29

      I have reached out to Games Quest about all of our western Canadian backers asking if they can shed any light on when you can expect your games. I hope to hear back from them in a day or so. When I do I'll post it here.

    13. Ferendyr on November 29

      Nothing here too, 14th day was 9 days ago for me.

    14. Cassio Pereira on November 29

      Western Canada here too, past 14th day by one day, no game yet.

    15. Matthew de Greeve
      on November 24

      Another Western Canadian here. Nothing yet.

    16. Missing avatar

      Anders MacGregor on November 24

      Western Canada as well... still waiting

    17. Missing avatar

      Jon Blaney on November 22

      @J.P. - Also Western Canada, also coming up on Day 14, also still waiting.

    18. J.P.
      on November 22

      Has anyone in Western Canada received their copy? Tomorrow is the 14th work day after receiving notification of shipment (ETA was 10-14 working days).

      For the past decade, I have shipped and received packages almost daily for both work and my personal life. It's always a little surprising and nerve-racking when tracking numbers aren't provided. It's like when little kids keep sneaking peeks to spot Santa. "Is it here? Is it here? No... maybe tomorrow..."

      Enjoy your game, everyone! Watch mine show up tomorrow, haha.

    19. Gary Gray Collaborator
      on November 21

      @James Sammons
      Please email me and we will get you sorted out.

    20. James Sammons on November 21

      Haven't received the game, an email or anything. Info please?

    21. Missing avatar

      on November 20

      I would like to give a huge shout out to Grey Mass. I posted here a bit ago that my game came with a broken first player marker and they asked me to email them with a picture of the broken piece.

      To be honest, I forgot to do that, yet today in my mail was a new First Player marker! Thank you very much for sending me a replacement. The game itself is also amazing and my girlfriend has asked me to play it again tonight.

      Best birthday gift ever for her.

    22. Jac on November 20

      Recieved in South Africa, thanks!

    23. leanne lade on November 19

      Arrived safely in Victoria Australia. Looking forward to playing this cool looking game. thanks for your hard work!

    24. Nick Ryan
      on November 19

      Just got mine, everything looks great. only minor complaint is that where the dog tag has the dogs name mine uses first name middle name not first-last like I had assumed it would.

    25. Gary Gray Collaborator
      on November 17

      Here is an unboxing video from Board Game Cavern

    26. Gary Gray Collaborator
      on November 17

      @John Cottrell
      Yes, that would make a big difference. Also remember to remove 1 city and 1 country breed of dogs from the 3 player game. That will leave you with a total of 10 reward dogs that can come out during the game, making them prime targets for those who are low on cash. Also remember that the reward dogs go straight to the dog fair and not onto your truck once you rescue them.
      Have fun tonight and I suspect it will be a very different game.

    27. John Cottrell on November 17

      @Gary There's always 1 rule.. apparently we missed the part about collecting coins only for pups with the pay icon on them.

    28. John Cottrell on November 17

      @Gary According to the rules you earn the amount of coins listed on the pup you pick up around town. With a max of 9 gas, 3x gas / 1 coin, you can pick up 2 or 3 pups a turn with the possibility of earning 7+ coins easily, unless your truck only holds 1. Unless we missed or read something incorrectly. We plan on playing again tonight.

    29. BryTheBeav on November 17

      Arrived last night in Corvallis, Oregon. Everything looks great. Took a quick spin through the components and everything seemed in order.

    30. Darin LaGarry
      on November 17

      Played through the game and love it! Filling that last stall is really hard to do! FYI, worked with Gary to create this player aid >>

    31. Gary Gray Collaborator
      on November 17

      @Michael Reynolds
      Please send me an email
      You said you have 3 house and 2 meeples for Blue, Red and Yellow - those are correct numbers, are you saying you have no green components or no trucks for those colors. Please check the rules for the component list and let me know what is missing or broken.

    32. Gary Gray Collaborator
      on November 17

      PLEASE READ SOME OF THE COMMENTS - Your question is probable answered.
      If you have a problem with a component please contact me at
      Send me a picture if possible and let me know what the problem is. I will be sending out some replacement parts to a few of you today. After today no replacement parts will go out till Dec, as we will be out of town for the US holiday.

    33. Missing avatar

      Andres Santibañez
      on November 17

      still waiting for the game here in santiago, chile. :D

    34. Michael Reynolds
      on November 17

      I receivee mine but I have three houses and two meeples for Blue, Red, and Yellow and my black First Player token has a huge chunk out of it. How can I go about replacing these so I can play the game? Thanks.

    35. Jeff T
      on November 17

      Arrived Brisbane Australia today. All looks good. No damage. Keen to give it a run with the family.

    36. Gary Gray Collaborator
      on November 17

      You can send it to me at

    37. Chester
      on November 17

      @ Gary -
      How do I send you my address without sharing it with everyone in the comment section. The private contact in the campaign page seems to be to Rob Masson, so you may not see my message if I send it there. I also cannot attach a photo here. Please let me know what your private email address is so I can send you my info (and photo) securely.
      Thank you,
      Chester (backer #24)

    38. Gary Gray Collaborator
      on November 16

      If you could email me your address and if possible send a picture, I am sending them to the factory. You are about the 6th person that has had this exact problem or the exact reverse with extra wood cars and not enough house and all but one of them turned out to be red. Someone at the factory in the Red production line has a problem with counting. I will send this out to you tomorrow.

    39. Gary Gray Collaborator
      on November 16

      @John Cottrell
      Wow, for the most part money is very tight in the game and you only earn 1 coin per round and there are only 4 types of dogs that could be sold on any given round for $2 maybe a bonus with a card and only 2 people can sell dogs on a given round. No resource is limited in the game you can substitute metal coins if needed, but in all of our play testing we never ran out of money never even close. Yes there are only 28 coins in the game, the original game only had 22 coins, we add some more becasue we had some blank spots on the die board and I didn't want any wasted space. We found food could be tight if a couple of people try and horde food and not collect many dogs but that is usual a rare case. Check the rules and make sure everything is being played correctly and let me know if that makes a difference.

    40. Chester
      on November 16

      @Creator - Got my game and it’s beautiful :)
      Looking forward to playing this weekend with my daughters. However, I have 4 red wooden dog houses and no red truck meeple. Would you please send me the red truck meeple I’m missing?
      Thank you,

    41. Christopher Kyle
      on November 16

      I received my copy today in Portland, OR. I'm so stoked to have it! The game and components look wonderful! :)

    42. John Cottrell on November 16

      Running through our first game now (3p) and we seem to be running out of money in the supply. Are we missing something, or was there only 28 coins in production. We had to grab some metal coins off the shelf to compensate.

    43. Loremaster J.B. on November 16

      Just got our copy on the way out the door. Gonna unbox when we get home! -Silverdale, WA

    44. Gary Gray Collaborator
      on November 15

      Games Quest use many different methods of shipping depending on where you are in the world. Some of these services use and provide tracking numbers and some also send email, but not all of them. So you may not receive a notice or email. Games Quest has shipped all games, they tell me that they ship to the furthers locations first like AU and it can take up to 30 days but most time its closer to 14 days.

    45. Missing avatar

      Feld Fan
      on November 15

      @ Lucas: You should have received an email saying something like this (this is what I received):

      "Your Dogs Kickstarter order has now shipped and should be with you within the next 10 - 14 working days.
      We hope you enjoy your order very much!
      Your order is:-
      xxxxxxxxxxxx - Dogs Boardgame

      There is no tracking available on this service."

    46. Missing avatar

      Mike Morris on November 15

      Got mine it Toronto today!

    47. Richard Hammer on November 15

      Received mine yesterday in Michigan, USA. Everything looks great, except for one of the punchboards was offset slightly...nothing to fuss over, though. Thanks for a great game!

    48. Drunkien Pigge on November 15

      Hi Gary,
      Emailed you regarding a missing red Dog House and an red extra meeple.


    49. Lucas Heineman on November 15

      People receiving their games in the US, were you getting shipping notifications?

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