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From the creators of The 7th Guest & The 11th Hour, the board game faithfully based on the best-selling computer horror classic..
From the creators of The 7th Guest & The 11th Hour, the board game faithfully based on the best-selling computer horror classic..
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A Personalized Miniature Story

Posted by Rob Landeros (Creator)
Royce Cobblepot, a very special guest.
Royce Cobblepot, a very special guest.

As part of our 7th Guest: The Board Game Kickstarter, we offered – and continue to offer through our online pre-order store – customized miniatures, sculpted to your likeness or to a likeness of your choosing. One of our backers, to our delight, took full advantage of our offer by providing a unique persona that made for a most fun and interesting miniature figure. I asked if he would share some of his background story with us and here is what he provided so generously.


I created “Walrus” Royce Tuxford Cobblepot around 2006 as my “fursona”, or alter-ego within the furry fandom, a community that celebrates anthropomorphic animals (animals with human characteristics).

He was born out of my desire to stand out as a different sort of animal, in addition to my love for all things formal, Victorian, and related to Lewis Carroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”. Most importantly, his existence is credited to my late grandmother, who at an Easter brunch with my mother, was so entertained by someone in a horse costume, remarked, “Wouldn’t that be a good job for [your son]?” As soon as I learned about this, I decided to get the costume made, and have been entertaining ever since.

Royce has performed at different events and establishments, from Renaissance Faires to conventions to even a company cruise at National Harbor in Washington, DC! He has gained quite a positive local reputation, as well as many fans, friends, and loved ones, many of whom have been inspired to start their own creative projects. My biggest reason for wearing this suit and going out in public is to make others smile or laugh, or just give them something fun and unusual to color their day. It fulfills me deeply, just as it hopefully does for everyone else.

Royce has gone through many incarnations since his birth, including a friar (Friar Tusk), hippie, ship’s captain, and punk rocker. The costume itself, however, is a collective labor of love from family, friends, and loved ones, who have helped numerous times with repairs and updates. To this day, he continues to entertain the general public with dancing, silliness, hugs and friendly conversation with people.

Feel free to browse his photo album at, contact him at or check out an exclusive “interview” with him from 2010 here!

Big flipper hugs!

Marc V. is a copy editor/proofreader living in Virginia. He enjoys gaming, editing, puzzles, writing romantic fiction, and dancing where able, whether as a walrus or human!


In other news, printing of the board game is underway! We continue to be hopeful that things continue without further glitches in the process and that we'll be shipping in September. We shall continue to update as things develop.

Big flipper hugs and tusk love bites!

Rob Landeros

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    1. Bart Rijckaert

      Great story, based on the miniture the costume look really fantastic. And the miniture itself also look fantastic, can't wait to receive mine.

    2. Missing avatar

      Marc V. on

      It's me!!! :-D Yay!!! Oh man, this is so awesome. Thank you so much for doing this--it's a dream come true to be a part of the 7th Guest universe in this way!!! And the closing remarks made me smile tons!!! :-D *big flipper hugs back!* Now I'm imagining Royce taking the place of the "red balloon" clown in the first game.... >:-)