The 7th Guest Board Game

by Rob Landeros

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    1. The Mega Meeple

      Not too shabby. There’s some Kickstarters that were supposed to deliver in sept of last year that I’m still waiting for so you guys are in good shape.
      I was a fan of this back when it was pc game. It’ll be interesting how you rebooted it to boardgames.

    2. Sven_Q45 on

      I hope it does arrive in August for me. Sptember will be a bit difficult for me.

    3. Missing avatar

      Stephan Peters on

      July 11. If you get it in time, that's when you should ship.


      Fingers crossed.......

    4. Robert Roe on

      If it's 7th Guest, it's all good. I have no problem waiting for another month. One question, though: when the game ships, will all of the peripherals (Stauf Mansion Model, etc.) ship as well?

    5. Bones BSmith

      A month delay is nothing, bound to be a few hiccups, some of my previous are nearly two years overdue so not even breaking a sweat in the UK.