The 7th Guest Board Game

by Rob Landeros

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    1. Missing avatar

      Edward Allsep on

      2 questions. There wasn't a call out for puzzlers or anything right? You went looking specifically? Also, the puzzle is saying each has a padlock and their own key correct?

    2. Wim Jansen

      Hmmm.. each have a (private) key and a padlock (public key); that sounds like a familiar problem.
      However, that would require a 'safe' way to get the padlock of the child to Stauf, which does not exist, unless the ghosts are not interested in stealing padlocks... Then the child simply send Stauf his/her padlock and Stauf using that to padlock the chest to send the doll.

      Not sure this is solvable unless we assume the ghosts are at least not interested in stealing the padlock of Stauf even if they would steal the padlock of the child. In this scenario Stauf send his chest and (open) padlock to the child, which in turn send back its padlock in the chect, using Stauf';s to secure it. Stauf in turn open the chest with his key, put the doll in the chects, using the child's padlock to secure the chest and send it once again. The child then opens the chest with its key.

    3. Daniel Weinstein on

      Here's an app for iOS that can reveal the answers.

    4. The Weitzel Family on

      Glad to see the progress.

    5. Wim Jansen

      Ah, just realized it is not a public/private key riddle, but a double lock riddle....