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Lucky update #13: Team "spirit"

Posted by Rob Landeros (Creator)

Get to know the team. This is the first part of a three part interview series with Peter Oliphant, game and puzzle design consultant for T7G3.

30-year veteran Peter Oliphant, a consummate storyteller, tells us all about the earliest history of the videogames industry, back when every byte counted. Peter also talks about his life as a child actor and much more. If his stories about Jimmy Stewart and Dick Van Dyke don't bring a tear to your eye, you aren't human, my orc friend.

As I've said of Peter before, give him a stick and a couple of rocks and he can design a game from them. And what he did during his stint at Mattel is not that far removed from meeting such a challenge.

This will certainly be a fine "Collector's" item.
This will certainly be a fine "Collector's" item.

Introducing a new reward, The 7th Guest Sphinx Spirit Board

Here is the description from the maker, Nicholas S. Antolick of Paranormal Products:

"This special and unique spirit board is 21" x 15¾", constructed of ½" cabinet grade oak plywood with a "bumper", constructed of "¾" oak, gently rounded, which prevents the planchette from "falling off" of the edges of the board.

"The grain of the oak veneer surface is filled with a black "filler", which provides a very "flat" surface, yet still shows a hint of wood grain, giving it an air of antiquity, yet remaining extremely flat with extremely low friction to the planchette's motion, and polished to remove any imperfections and waxed with a very hard carnauba based wax.

"The bottom is felt covered, with the felt recessed into the edges of the solid oak edge banding, preventing delamination. The bottom also has a Trilobyte Games logo plate, etched in solid brass, which bears the serial number, with a smaller, matching plate on the bottom of the planchette. 

"The planchette is ½" fumed solid oak, with natural wood grain for non-slippage of the fingertips. The fuming process accelerates the otherwise natural "aging" of the tannins present in the oak. (The technique was pioneered by Gustav Stickley with his "mission style" furniture during the early 1900's.) The planchette bears the stone masonry marks of the Egyptian pyramids as per the original 7th Guest icon, and glides on small felt pads at the ends of ½" dowels. It has a mechanically complex bezel, constructed of solid brass & synthetic rubber gasketing to accommodate the natural expansion of the wood. It has a glass window of 1 ¾" wide. The glass is finished with the all-seeing mystic eye, "printed" on its surface with a special ceramic material which is hardened via a laser process, permanent and quite resistant to fading or wear. This is quite a gorgeous planchette. And quite the gorgeous spirit board set."

We are considering offering a lower priced, but very nice version at a lower pledge level.

This Army of 3 assignment is not for everyone, but you'll know if I'm talking to you.

At this point, we need to score one or two really BIG hits in the press to re-ignite this campaign while there's still time. We appreciate all the suggestions we've received in that regard, and you can rest assured we're following up on all of them.

But a select few of our backers - you know who you are - can give our own efforts a serious boost. I'm talking about those of you who actually know and have influence with key journos, editors, bloggers and forum mods.

Again, we understand that this assignment is difficult, and not for everyone. But if you are "that guy," or "that gamer girl," who really is on the inside and has influence, now is the time to step-up and add your voice and Klout to our campaign. Take your commitment and enthusiasm to all the forums and game sites you frequent now. Don't wait. Post sincerely, and often. Share our news with your gaming brotherhood (or sisterhood). Something simple, like: "My friends at Trilobyte Games are Kickstarting the final episode in The 7th Guest series, and I'm very excited about it. I've backed the project because it is based on a seminal, classic game of historical significance and I really want to see the sequel get made because not only does it deserve to get made, but because my friends and I want to play it. I hope you will consider mentioning the campaign to your own audience. And, the rewards offered are diabolically cool." 

But use your own words, of course.

Trilobyte Games are happy and proud to tell you that we have backed these great games.

Her Majesty's SPIFFING
Her Majesty the Queen of England kindly seeks one's assistance in this intergalactic point and click adventure game.

Jason the Greek
A point and click adventure set in Ancient Greece? You'd FETA believe it! It's Jason and The Argonauts meets Captain Kirk!

Classic point & click adventure game played from a unique isometric view point set in a science fiction universe in 2D.

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    1. Patrick on

      Allrighty, thanks!

      Personally, I wouldn't mind this beauty as-is as a (very) expensive add-on (depending on how expensive, of course) but with the current tier structure I would be paying(*) for the model houses, bust, painting, puzzle etc. as well as the spirit board, while I (and maybe others) might prefer 'just' the board. Though that puzzle and portrait look mighty fine as well...

      *) I understand of course that this is not a store, whatever serves this campaign best is what you should go for. If you'd be able to figure out mix'n'match tier add-ons without harming the campaign though, that would be awesome.

    2. Rob Landeros 2-time creator on

      Patrick, we are waiting to hear from the manufacturer as to the cost per unit for a less expensive model of the spirit board. That will determine where or if we add another tier or add-on. Hopefully we will know soon.

    3. Patrick on

      **or maybe a lower tier for just the collector's edition box + the board? Sorry for posting these out of blatant self-interest, but I likes me that board (not sure how others feel, but this is the ultimate T7G collectible imo) ;)

    4. Patrick on

      *perhaps you could share what would be possible and at which tier to gauge interest (and not devaluate the ltd. ed. board)?

    5. Patrick on

      Whew! Though I would *love* to be able to pledge high enough for that Sphinx board, I would need at least a couple of visions of irresistable toys to be able to afford that!

      Here's to a (slightly) less pretty alternative! :)

    6. Dana Hanna on

      Have you guys done an AMA on Reddit yet? Hopefully that's on the agenda, and you have folks who can give you pointers on how to make the most of it.