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The project's funding goal was not reached on Mon, December 9 2013 4:57 AM UTC +00:00

A Gathering Army

Posted by Rob Landeros (Creator)
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Hello, Rob Landeros here.

First and foremost we thank everyone who has made a pledge. We are deeply touched and grateful to you all.

We have enjoyed reading your comments and messages and look forward to continuing our dialog, sharing thoughts and ideas and more.

I am pleased to report that as of this second day, the numbers look quite promising. We seem to be trending toward a successful campaign. But a trend is not a prediction. We know we still have a long, long way to go and much work to be done.

I am coming to believe that you and team Trilobyte, working together, can make a bit of real gaming history here. It will be no small feat to resurrect a classic game from the graveyard of history - to dust it off, attach some electrodes to its head and bring it back to life again, then set it loose into world of the 21st century. At the same time we can prove to the doubters that there is still a place for games like this. If we succeed, it will be a remarkable story and thing of legend. And you will be a part of it.

Backers, you have certainly done your part already. But we will not be shy about asking you to do just a little more by telling all your friends via your substantial and influential social network. For you experienced backers, you know the drill and how important it is to recruit more people into the effort to insure that your efforts, pledges and enthusiasm result in a winning campaign. We know there are millions of 7th Guest fans around the world. They just don't know about us. Yet. We only need to get the word out and let it spread.

To that end, we've devised a first step that is very easy to take. All you need do is go to this landing page and click the buttons. That's it. Bing, bang, boom!

We also invite you to like our Facebook page at

We have been getting a good deal of press coverage. Here are just a few. You might wish to share some of these links with your friends or add your own comments or feedback to the sites.

That's it for now. See you here later with more updates.

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    1. Rob Landeros 2-time creator on

      Omer, regarding your question about large download vs streaming for mobile versions, our answer is that it is yet to be determined. There are options about how to handle that. But our goal will be to make it seamless for the player.

    2. Rob Landeros 2-time creator on

      Justin, you da bomb!

    3. Justin Julian on

      Don't forget Dread Central! MUCH love for y'all over there, several of us go way back to the beginning with you guys.

      Many moons ago, I was The Semi-Official T7G Minister of Propaganda over on Prodigy (pre-Net!). Today I would be a community manager, but back then I was just the biggest T7G nerd on the planet, passing around game hints, story explanations, and I even had a 2/3 completed novelization when y'all published the official one and stole my thunder.

      We WILL be following this and reporting on it, do not doubt.

    4. Omer Ran on

      I was wondering about pre-rendered graphics and the android version - are you planning to have one huge download, or to download/stream the videos on-the-fly?

    5. Rob Landeros 2-time creator on

      Hans, there would probably be something like a lore book as a booklet in the boxed edition. Our plans include adding more lore within the actual game. After all, the mansion has been rebuilt as an historical museum filled with a collection of artifacts of the famous toymaker.

    6. Hans de Vries

      Rob, you should probably contact Cyan, Inc. (the Obduction Kickstarter). They are the creators of the Myst and Riven series. They have a lot of backers, so if they make an update with your project, chances are that more people will back this project.

      I have another question. Will there also be another 7th guest 3 lore book? I loved to read the book.

    7. Rob Landeros 2-time creator on

      When you're in a position to hear all the opinions about the 7th Guest games, you hear from the doubters and naysayers. But at the same time they are the vocal minority. There are overwhelmingly more fans and supporters than not. But it would be so sweet for all the folks who love games with puzzles, horror, FMV and adventure and good old fashioned fun, to join together to show that there is still a large community of gamers who love the classics and that good stories, even if 20 years old, can be timeless.

    8. Evert Jonker on

      I pledged too, i loved the old 7th guest and 11th hour, i grew up with it as a kid. so i wish Trilobyte luck in developing this 3rd part :)

    9. William C Crawford on

      There are doubters? I think there are a lot more people who wish more games like this were being made today. The closest thing we've had is Professor Layton. And let's face it. He's just not spooky.

    10. Rich Selmon on

      I am SOOOOOO excited about this game. I have been waiting for this for years. I am happy to be a backer of what is sure to be another historically significant game.