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I'm writing a detective story set halfway between San Francisco and the internet. And the more people who reserve a copy, the better each one will be!
I'm writing a detective story set halfway between San Francisco and the internet. And the more people who reserve a copy, the better each one will be!
570 backers pledged $13,942 to help bring this project to life.

Meta-update, the total experience, and the super-team assembles

I'm going to cover three things in this note:

1. What to expect in terms of updates;
2. a sense of how I'm thinking about this project overall; and
3. a word of thanks.
FIRST. From here on out, I'm going to aim for a minimum of one update per week and a maximum of three. My aim is to give you some non-trivial insights into my process, which is going to include some unconventional tools and techniques. However, if that's too much email for you, remember that you can turn update notifications off—most easily via the link in any of the update emails.
SECOND. In case it's not obvious, this project has a very clear objective, and that is: to deliver to your door, sometime after October 31 and before November 30, an absolutely excellent, entertaining book. That means, primarily, a great story. But it also means a wonderful package. I think that receiving, unpacking, opening and reading a book are all part of one overarching experience, and I'm planning the whole thing w/ that in mind. You'll be hearing lots more about this. Usually, the writing, design, marketing, and delivery of a book are done by different people, maybe even people with different objectives. So I'm grateful to have what is a pretty special opportunity.

And that brings us to
THIRD. I launched my project on Tuesday night, around 11 p.m. As of right now, Sunday afternoon—not quite five days later—I've raised 92% of my goal. That is, in a word, stunning. Thank you.

I can't tell you how much fun it is to scroll through my list of backers, full of old friends, new friends, colleagues and mentors, as well as people I've never met before. It's like a surprise Justice League. A personal Algonquin Round Table. (We're gonna need more silverware.)

I gotta say: I feel deeply motivated to make something cool for all of you.

And, though I expect to hit 100% early this week, I'm going to keep marketing the project hard and raising money for the next 62 days. Kickstarter allows you to go beyond 100%, and, I don't know... it's probably implausible, but 1000% is such an appealing number... I mean come on it has four digits. I'm still focused on the collective incentive at work here. More books reserved = better books for all.
FINALLY, just another reminder that you can turn off update emails if you like; my heart is gripped w/ the cold fear that these will feel like spam. So that's in your hands now.
NEXT UPDATE: statistical character naming.


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    1. Offbeatmammal on

      Looking forward to the launch party :)

    2. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    3. Alexis Madrigal on

      Such an awesome way of supporting your project. It's almost like you take this Internet thing seriously.

    4. Saheli on

      <i>(We're gonna need more silverware.)</i>

      Launch Party!

    5. Missing avatar

      Aaron Mcleran on

      i simply can't wait to hear about statistical character naming...