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Pixel Press is an iOS & Android app that lets you draw your own video game level (no code required!) and share it with others.
Pixel Press is an app that lets you draw your own video game level (no code required!) and share it with others.
Pixel Press is an app that lets you draw your own video game level (no code required!) and share it with others.
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    1. Robin @ Roundthird Creator on

      Hi Dustin, you are correct. Floors has not been updated to work with the iPhone and we don't have a timeline for it's availability. Our draw your own video game technology as part of our second Title, Game Wizard, does work with iPhone. I'll reach out to you directly about getting Game Wizard on your device.

    2. Dustin Keith Telford

      When will Pixel Press be able to take a snapshot from iOS phones. This was a deliverable promised on Kickstarter but it has never produced.

    3. Robin @ Roundthird Creator on

      Hi AC, sorry that we missed you, following up directly now.

    4. Missing avatar

      A C on

      After repeated requests, I still have not received the email inviting me to download and unlock Pixel Press.

    5. Missing avatar

      Gregor Gniewosz on

      Well it seems I am not the only one to not get their Backer stuff... So NOT cool yo!

    6. Robin @ Roundthird Creator on

      Hi @Irving and @Eric - we'll get you setup, must sent you a direct message! - Robin

    7. Irving R Cabrales on

      Wait... I forgot about this... how can I download my game for android?? It says it was delivered long ago, but never got anything...

    8. Eric Smith on

      I am waiting still for the android version as well...

    9. poudigne on

      @Robin We paid for Pixel Press for Android. You're not giving us Adventure Time since we have to pay extra money to play it. Plus, I paid for the game creation concept. I would seriously like a refund.

    10. poudigne on

      @Vimiew Totaly agree with you. It's been a year since PP was supposed to release on Android and the devs didn't give any news. And now they are Crowdfunding Bloxel. Not fullfilling the goals of PP is the reason why I didn't backed Bloxel

    11. Robin @ Roundthird Creator on

      Hey @Vimiew, we connected directly but also wanted to follow up here. I regret we didn't get in touch with you about getting you the app as an Android backer.

      Due to technical challenges between Pixel Press Floors – specifically in not building it exclusively on the Unity Game Engine from the start – we struggled early and often to get Floors to work on Android (as was well documented).

      When we started building Adventure Time: Game Wizard in partnership with Catoon Network (the follow on title to Floors, a more fully featured version of the run and jump gameplay in Foors), we moved to support Unity fully and had a difficult time retrofitting it to the Floors. In the process we purchased the game for all of our Android backers, but again must have missed you.

      Sounds like we may have missed some other people as well. If you were not contacted by us about getting Pixel Press for Android (through the Adventure Time game), please email us at and well get you setup.

    12. Vimiew on

      It has been over a year since the release of Floors. When is the is going to get released on android? I backed this project for android and haven't a heard a word on it FOR A YEAR!!!! This is what hurts projects on kickstarter. Glad you go the apple version out. Good job, but you are totally blowing off the android backers. And now you have a new kickstarter without fulfilling previous projects?

      No thanks. I'm not sure about your priorities as they are.

      Hopefully the android version of Floors won't become a joke as Duke Nukem was for decades.

    13. Robin @ Roundthird Creator on

      Hey Britney - as a backer of the Android version we'll get you setup with the next generation of Floors, Adventure Time Game Wizard, available on Android - expect an email from us soon.

      Pixel Press' first game creation technology, "Draw your own video game" - available through Floors (iOS) and Game Wizard (iOS, Android, Kindle) - is something we will continue to develop, however right now we are focused on continuing our core mission of making video game creation accessible to everyone, and that is happening through the development of our latest product, Bloxels ( Bloxels will be available on Android as well!

    14. Britney Dupee on

      I would also like an update on how the Android version is going? Thanks.

    15. Robin @ Roundthird Creator on

      Happy two year anniversary to our original campaign backers!

      Thanks to everyone for their support and feedback on the new Pixel Press powered Adventure Time game: Adventure Time Game Wizard. We hope that everyone who backed for the Android version of has heard from us and received your Game Wizard download. If not please email us at and we'll get you setup.

      - Robin

    16. Dan Leary on

      Sorry! I meant Floors not Levels...

    17. Dan Leary on

      Although I appreciate the gesture of offering the Adventure Time Game Wizard app to us Android backers, I'm not a fan of the show, its humor or its characters. I was really looking forward to the Levels app. Is it ever going to see the light of day on Android? If not, I can't help but express my disappointment...

    18. Robin @ Roundthird Creator on

      Hey Welfi, it's far from a pared down version of the game - a lot of hard work went into taking what we built in Floors and making it better, and keeping our small focused on building one great experience instead of the challenge of two separate projects. Dan was asking about this over on our Tumblr blog, so you can about our decisions a bit more there.

    19. Welfi on

      How about you give us what we really backed? You promised us an Android release in JUNE 2014!! It's now January 2015 and we still only get a pared-down version of the game!
      I was really excited about your game but now I'm just disappointed and feel like I have thrown my money out of the window.

    20. Robin @ Roundthird Creator on

      Hello all! In case you are learning it here first, on Monday January 19th we released our latest title, Adventure Time Game Wizard in partnership with Cartoon Network.

      You can learn more about the game and find links to download on Apple, Android and Kindle devices at:

      For those of you who have been patiently waiting for the release of Pixel Press on Android devices, now is the time! We will be fulling that commitment to you through the availability of this app.

      If you backed at the Android reward level expect to receive an email from us with more information on how we will handle rewarding you the app. That email should arrive on Monday January 19th. If you do not get the email and expected it after that date, please email us at

      You can also learn more about all reward redemption for Apple and Android backers at:

      Thanks for tuning in, and expect some big announcements from us in the coming months, if you are not already on our mailing list you can subscribe on our website

      - Robin

    21. Robin @ Roundthird Creator on

      Hi Ben - wishing you an early happy birthday. We'll miss your birthday but can assure you it's still coming!

    22. Ben McCawley on

      My birthday is Dec.6 I'm hoping to play Pixel on my android Phone or tablet. If not hopefully Christmas. I'm a child (53) looking outside for the virtual mail man.

    23. Robin @ Roundthird Creator on

      Getting there Steven, announcement on a date is imminent!

    24. Steven Wells on

      And another check in for the android release. Do we have an ETA yet?

    25. Robin @ Roundthird Creator on

      Thanks Ben. We've got a breaking bug we are fixing for iOS6, but otherwise focused on the announced project and Android as well.

    26. Ben McCawley on

      Congradulations on your announcement. Now I hope to see something for us android users before you start doing anything for IPhone 6

    27. Robin @ Roundthird Creator on

      Hi all - we're excited to announce a new partnership with Cartoon Network to bring Pixel Press to the Adventure Time Universe this winter. Click through for more details - also an update on release to Android in this post.

    28. Joseph Shivak on

      Waiting patiently for android rewards..

    29. Robin @ Roundthird Creator on

      No solid updates yet - our goal for June was affected by being behind on getting to iOS, so we're behind on Android too. We're hoping to share some footage on Android though however, so keep an eye out for that! - Robin

    30. Welfi on

      So it is now june 2014... how far are we on Android development...?

    31. Robin @ Roundthird Creator on

      Not sure - maybe Apple reserves a bit of space so that you don't make it out?

    32. Trevor Joy

      Hi, Don't know if this has been mentioned already, but I have 350MB available on my phone but still get a cannot download message because not enough free space. Any ideas please? Thanks

    33. Robin @ Roundthird Creator on

      Hi all - just a reminder that updates are now going out directly via email. If you have not received an email from us on the release - it may have gone to spam. You can email us directly at

    34. B Alan Eisen on

      I am NOT getting e-mails from you. Please send again. Thank you.

    35. Robin @ Roundthird Creator on

      Hi all - just a reminder that updates are now going out directly via email. If you have not received an email from us on the release - it may have gone to spam.

    36. Missing avatar

      Mark Corcoran on

      All sorted thanks

    37. Missing avatar

      Mark Corcoran on

      All sorted thanks

    38. Missing avatar


      Congrats on the launch. Followed your instructions to unlock the items in the store - super smooth process, worked perfectly.

    39. Robin @ Roundthird Creator on

      Password reset issues should be fixed. Please let us know if you continue to see problems.

    40. Robin @ Roundthird Creator on

      If you are having password reset problems please email us at In the mean time we are working on a fix to address email going to spam.

    41. Robin @ Roundthird Creator on

      @Shane you can visit this page for info on getting the app.

      We're having some issues with password reset but working on it.

    42. Shane Urbas on

      Congratulations on the launch :) Quick question how do I get the app with all the kickstarter benefits? Do I just download it from the store or is there a code? I was away from all this for a while and lost touch with it. Now I'm just as excited as I was when I first saw this.

    43. Terry Churchill on

      Same, still waiting on password reset.

    44. Alexander Rehm

      Ditto on the reset password email, still waiting on mine :(

    45. Missing avatar

      James T Fields on

      I downloaded my copy and my free extras. Great job pixel press team! I'm excited to test this game out some more. Now I have something to do on my lunch break.

    46. David Magallon on

      I too haven't gotten the reset password email. I've recently changed emails on kickstarter so I don't know if that might have a problem with it. I'd appreciate it if someone could get back to me.

    47. Missing avatar

      Mark Corcoran on

      Hi robin and the pixel press team I've have received my email and downloaded my copy of floors thanks how do we go about unlocking the full game

    48. Robin @ Roundthird Creator on

      Hi Jeff - we've been seeing a few issues that we think are related to spam, however they should be going out within a few minutes.

    49. Jeff

      So about how long should it take to get the reset password email?

    50. Missing avatar

      Mark Corcoran on

      Well done pixel press you made it can't wait to get this the hand of my kids this has been a perfect example of how a kickstarter project should be done thanks for the ride

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