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Robin Applewood, formerly know as Dogman Joe is working on his debut album & believes that w/ your help he can release it to the world


Creating my new album, Beyond the Horizon, has made a colorful hat-rack with the many hats I've had the opportunity to wear. I'm in the process of single-handedly writing, producing, recording, mixing and playing all the instruments on the songs. The talents of special guest singers and horn players will be featured throughout the album. Staying true to the stylistic diversity of my previous music as Dogman JoeBeyond the Horizon is a vibrant, "get you up and dance" catchy fusion of Reggae, Rock, Funk, Folk and Electronic music, this time under my name of, Robin Applewood.


Its On - Peel it Away - Sure as I Am - Animal Soul Love - Love Dimension

I am seeking your support to finish my album Beyond the Horizon and share it with the world. Money raised will go toward studio time, mastering, graphic design and CD production. I'm currently refining a One-Man-Show using looping pedals and instruments to reproduce the music of the album, live. Thus money raised over the goal will be put toward touring and advertising. I have set the goal at $5,500 to cover basic costs but am hoping to raise between $15,000 and $25,000 to properly promote the album.

I'm really looking forward to sharing my project and inspiring others to trust and manifest their passion. Thank you in advance for supporting this new chapter in my musical journey. Please check out the enticing offerings on the right and become a backer today. All you need is to believe...!


Three time honorable mention on VH1's Song of the Year, Robin Applewood sees his music career as giving back. His songs tell a tale of love and the struggle of everyday living, tempered with an "everything's gonna be alright" attitude. Such a positive vibe is combined with a mix of Pop, Rock, Reggae, Funk, Folk, Disco and Electronic music to offer an upbeat sound that appeals to many walks of life. 

Dogman Joe, Robin’s debut album, was released in 2007. Then in 2009
Dogman Joe unleashed his second album, Blue and Moonlit which offered an
enriched ‘take’ on his philosophies and further pushed the boundaries of musical genres. Currently in production on his latest album, Beyond the Horizon, this endeavor is the incarnation of Robin Applewood; writer, producer, singer, musician. “This is the culmination of years of practice, perseverance, patience and self-exploration…”

An active member in the San Francisco music community, Robin founded
Bay Vibes, which has produced over 350 live-music events, including 4 large
Festival’s in the Bay Area, and has been closely involved raising money for Cancer research, AIDS, Diabetes, Hurricane Katrina, and Surfrider Foundation.
When Robin’s not touring the USA, Europe, Australia, and South East Asia
playing guitar, bass, drums and singing in various groups or solo, you may
happen across him on a remote beach in Kauai or in a local joint in New Paltz,
N.Y sharing tales and music or catching the perfect wave in his beloved San

"A well performed and produced album from someone who is obviously living the musical life. You can feel it, breathe it and enjoy it so why not buy it!" -Tony Bates Highlands 100.7FM

"This is a well crafted stylish CD with passion, the music is gutsy, strong yet and direct to the point" -Peter Merrit. Music Director of PBS FM Australia

"This CD is excellent, full of many surprises as the tracks progress" -Graham J Barclay. Soundwave FM

"Can't believe VH1 didn't give you the gold for songs like this!" -Micah Engber. MPR Maine Public Radio

Find out more on Robin's website: WWW.ROBINAPPLEWOOD.COM


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    Pre-released digital download of the entire album with artwork + PDF of lyrics

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    All of the above + Handwritten thank you card + Unreleased Robin Applewood tracks + Previous 2 Dogman Joe CDs

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    All of the above + Get a tour of Robin's studio and sing backups on the track "All You Need is to Believe." You'll be on the album!

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    ALL of the above + Robin will cook you a delicious dinner at his home in San Francisco + Healing massage from a licensed masseuse

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    Private show at a location of your choice (House, wedding, or other event space). If the location is more than 50 miles from San Francisco then I will request assistance with travel expenses + REWARDS 1-6

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    A personalized song written, recorded and produced for you or your company + REWARDS 1-6

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    Robin will put on his Producer hat and record your song with you, your band or anyone of your choice in his studio. Bring some lyrics and any instruments that you play and we'll have some fun! You'll be bouncing home with a CD of your mixed song + Executive Producer credit on the album + REWARDS 1-6

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