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The new issue of the fanzine devoted to comics artist Steve Ditko. This issue Ron Frantz remembers Ditko, Jerry Siegel & Vince Sullivan

The print copy of DITKOMANIA #90 runs 44 B&W pages (thirty of which consist of the text of Ron Frantz's article about working with Ditko, Jerry Siegel, & Vincent Sullivan during Ron's days publishing ACE Comics in the mid-1980s). 

Ron writes about how the planned Ooky & Zooky comic (written by Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel, and scheduled to be drawn by Ditko) failed to get published.  Included in this issue are two pages of concept sketches by Ditko for the comic that to my knowledge have never before been published!  (Four other pages of Ooky sketches appeared in Blake Bell's biography of Ditko, but not these two sketches.)

The issue also contains information about the unpublished CRYPT OF THE CLAW #1 by Mort Todd and Ditko, including Mort's 1987 letter to Ron describing the comic's plot. 

All this, and a 3-page lettercol from readers reacting to the previous issue of Ditkomania.  The fanzine is printed on a photocopier, and hand-folded and stapled by me.  I number each issue individually (with a red ballpoint pen) on the front inside cover.  The covers are printed on cardstock paper. 

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There are no risks or challenges getting the issue done, just lack of funds currently to get the issue published. I haven't yet begun putting together a PDF version of the issue, but that shouldn't take too long to complete.


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