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An intense arcade blaster featuring awesome power ups and epic boss battles, with spectacular 4K, 60fps pixel-art graphics. FREE demo!
Pre-order the USB Cassette version, featuring the game plus loads of special features, by clicking below!
Pre-order the USB Cassette version, featuring the game plus loads of special features, by clicking below!
566 backers pledged £21,068 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Andrew Hewson & Rob Hewson 3-time creator on

      Hi Chris,

      We are still ironing out Android niggles - taking a bit longer than expected, working to have a closed Beta ready for backers as soon as we can. We will put out an update as soon the closed beta is ready.

      Cheers :)

    2. Chris Foulds on

      Any update on mobile ?

    3. Andrew Hewson & Rob Hewson 3-time creator on

      Hi Chris,

      We are fixing the last couple of issues on Android. As soon as they are addressed we will put together the update. Our plan is to invite backers who pledged for the Android version to a closed Beta so they can get the game asap, then follow up with the iOS version again via a closed Beta first as we think this is the quickest way to get the game into the hands of backers. We wanted to have the Android Beta ready for the update - almost there.

    4. Chris Foulds on

      you promised an update asap after console release on the mobile release schedule.
      It's been nearly a month - surely that is ASAP enough

    5. Missing avatar

      Chad Woyewodzic on

      I’ve just got my cassette here in Texas & have got to say it is absolutely top notch. The game is a retro-blast & the USB cassette is amazing. Thank you so much for putting in the time & effort to create such a quality effort.

    6. Jesse on


      Thanks lads! I’ve seen my score updated today for the before mentioned 3A arcade retro mode! First place, I am for Xbox. Blasted Microsoft taking their sweet time updating the scores undoubtably.

      I’ve barraged and bumped my way into 4B arcade retro mode, finally. I’d like to declare victory already, disliking the thought of being bested by Alienoid or Guardian. I’ve standardize an operating procedure for success, I call it “A.G.E”. That being short for Alienoid Guardian Eradication! In a timely fashion to maximize score, of course!

      Mixer mode has even granted me a player or two! Delightful feature, and a pleasant surprise!

      Onward then! Hoho!

    7. Missing avatar

      Julian S Wood on

      Ignore last comment-found through backerkit.


    8. Missing avatar

      Julian S Wood on

      Trying to play on PC & steam asking for a product code to play-any ideas?

      Btw it’s not on the cassette cover.

    9. Andrew Hewson & Rob Hewson 3-time creator on

      Thanks guys! So delighted to hear everybody is having a blast with the game, that is what it is all about!

      Jesse - thanks for the heads up, we will look into the Xbox leaderboard situation.

    10. Jesse on

      Hi ho lads!

      The game is turned out to be a beauty!

      I’ve barrel rolled into second place for 1A on survival retro mode! Beat by a second, I am.

      Though my score for Arcade 2B isn’t showing up! I’ve beaten the level, some 40k points I was, but my score isn’t updated on Xbox leaderboards, in fact, none of my scores are there. A shame really, my bragging rights are in jeopardy now.

      I am trying to complete 2C on arcade mode retro skill to see if it is the same behavior, but that levels gives me a good bucking! I’ll be the victor in the end, rest assured. Haha!

      Is it a problem with the Xbox leaderboards you’re aware of perhaps? I do wonder where I am placed for that 2B arcade mode retro skill level...

      Well then, take care lads!


    11. Iain Rockliffe

      Just got my USB in the post looks very cool :)

    12. Jesse on

      Whoohoo! I’m streaming lads!

      Forgive me for being a novice but your advice here and John’s email set me straight. I am tinkering with the STEAM settings (third party software settings) but I’m successful with ease on the Xbox!

      Bravo lads! A right good time this mixer mode makes.

      Barrel roll to victory!

    13. Thomas Beck on

      Fantastic game, congrats! Battling in the Top 5 after a few hours (PS4). Graphic wise an Amiga Theme would be awesome, if it's possible at some point.

      One proposal if a patch will be made: when the boss is spawning, Alienoids and bonus points dissapear after these 2-3 sec. because time is ticking further. But that's minor - great fun :)

    14. Richard Tappenden on

      Cheeky question - I've bought a switch since I completed the survey. Any chance I can swap from xbox to switch? (I've not claimed my xbox code yet)

    15. Andrew Hewson & Rob Hewson 3-time creator on

      Hi Jesse,

      So the game won't start a broadcast for you, that has to be done separately. On Xbox if you hold the Xbox button, and find the "Broadcast" option, you can begin a broadcast that way. On Steam, you need a special piece of broadcast software such as OBS to begin broadcasting from the game, which takes a little bit of setting up and connecting with Mixer. There are instructions on the Mixer site for that.

      Hope that helps! Let us know when you are setup and streaming and we will "host" your stream on our Mixer channel.

    16. Jesse on

      Thanks Huey for the great game!

      I got my auto firing issue fixed in the Update Saturday morning. But for the life of it i cannot figure out how to stream the game! I have tried both on the Xbox and Steam, from everything I can tell, my MS account is correctly linked.

      I have a channel and the appropriate permissions, but everytime i launch the MIXER mode, I never see my stream turn up. I got excited for a bit when on STEAM it prompted me to enter a code at, but alas, I am still not streaming... I can see others streaming the game, when they do (there was an event this last Sunday) but i cannot seem to get "on the air"

      Walking through mixer's FAQ on the subject took me to all broken links on Microsoft's xbox and windows 10 pages. Perhaps you fine gentlemen have some more instructions a obvious novice like myself could follow?

      Thanks a lot and God Bless you gentlemen for bringing back to life a beautiful game.


    17. Andrew Hewson & Rob Hewson 3-time creator on

      Thanks everybody - wonderful yo hear you are enjoying it! That's what it is all about. :)

    18. Iain Rockliffe

      Enjoying both the Xbox one and steam versions. I was joint first on a leader board :)

    19. David Normington on

      Been playing on Switch and it's a tonne of fun. Good job guys 😊

    20. Matt Mayatt on

      Downloading now ....can't wait 😀

    21. Matt Mayatt on

      Great stuff, looking forward to playing on switch tomorrow.. Well done guys

    22. Andrew Hewson & Rob Hewson 3-time creator on

      Hi Michael, I can see the reason in BackerKit, I will pop you a PM.

    23. Michael G. on

      Not got my switch code or steam code yet, just says pending.

    24. Andrew Hewson & Rob Hewson 3-time creator on

      Ah okay - I was a bit confused since the eBooks were sent out a good while ago! Please email me at and I will see if it is possible to convert to PDF for you, but it may be a few days as we are flat out on the game launch :)

    25. ExcalibursZone

      I'm talking about the eBook, sorry.

    26. Andrew Hewson & Rob Hewson 3-time creator on

      ExcalibursZone - do you mean a manual for the game or are you talking about the eBook? There is a tutorial section on the main menu of the game which explains controls etc.

    27. ExcalibursZone

      Awesome! However, where's the PDF manual? ePub and MOBI are fine and all, but there are those of us who do not have access to ereaders that support these formats.

    28. Iain Rockliffe

      Looking forward to playing this tomorrow :)

    29. Missing avatar

      Ian Guebert on

      Nice! I can't wait to play!

      Thank you very much!

    30. Andrew Hewson & Rob Hewson 3-time creator on

      Steam releases are actually manual, not automatic... so we will be clicking the button at approximately midnight GMT. ;)

    31. Missing avatar

      Ian Guebert on

      Plus, any idea what time the game is available on Steam?

      Will is be Midnight, Mid-day, or 6pm BST? (I'm trying to remember the typical hours that Steam use to release games on)

    32. Andrew Hewson & Rob Hewson 3-time creator on

      Yes! But the third code is an error.

    33. Missing avatar

      Ian Guebert on

      Oh wait, I remembered that I paid for an additional Steam key, is one of the codes the additional Steam Key?

    34. Andrew Hewson & Rob Hewson 3-time creator on

      Hi Ian,

      Apologies for the duplicates, it turns out BackerKit is not very good at distributing digital codes without duplicating for different tiers. Please ignore the duplicates.

    35. Missing avatar

      Ian Guebert on

      Hey there, I received my codes today, but I'm a little confused with something. I received a Steam Windows Digital code, which I'm going to assume is the Steam code. But I also have a Steam USB Codes and a Steam USB Orders code. What are these?

    36. Cameron Pearce on

      Makes sense. Thanks for the clarification.

    37. Andrew Hewson & Rob Hewson 3-time creator on

      Hi Cameron,

      You will get both a Steam Code (as a USB Cassette backer) and a Switch code. We are currently waking for our friends at Nintendo of America to arrive into work in Seattle and send us the North American Switch codes. As soon as we receive them your Switch code will be sent out.

      Cheers :)

    38. Cameron Pearce on

      I got a steam code instead of the switch code. Can you verify I should have the switch code?

    39. David Normington on

      Just received my Switch code, can't wait to play tomorrow 😀

    40. Cameron Pearce on

      Excellent! Thank you! Can’t wait to play it!

    41. Andrew Hewson & Rob Hewson 3-time creator on

      Hi Cameron,

      I'm going through and distributing codes via BackerKit as we speak, so look out for an email notification! I'll send out a Kickstarter update once done so people can double check they have received their codes.



    42. Cameron Pearce on

      Any updates on codes since the game releases tomorrow?

    43. Andrew Hewson & Rob Hewson 3-time creator on

      Hi ABlackfyre.... just, by the skin of your teeth! I'll pop you a message, need to know what region for PS4. Please respond quickly to ensure we can make the change in time.

    44. ABlackfyre

      I ordered a windows version. Is it still possible to change to a PS4 version?

    45. Andrew Hewson & Rob Hewson 3-time creator on

      Hi John,

      We have ordered the stock and proof came through a few days ago, however we found that not all of the files had been copied onto the proofs correctly. They have tracked down the issue and are sending more proofs, once we've verified all the files are as they should be on that we will give the go ahead for them to ship the stock. Once we receive them all, we will begin shipping and update everybody.

    46. John Hoggard on

      No news on the USB Cassette? :¬/

    47. Andrew Hewson & Rob Hewson 3-time creator on

      Hi Carl,

      We don't yet have the final date for Android, iOS and Amazon platforms but they are not far behind - we are now switching focus to bug fixing and compatibility on those platforms. As soon as we have a date we will let everyone know.

    48. Missing avatar

      Carl Dean on

      In the previous update you mentioned a released date of May11 For most systems apart from Android, when will that be a available please ?

    49. Andrew Hewson & Rob Hewson 3-time creator on

      Hi Philip,

      Mixer Mode is not an add on, it is there from launch on compatible platforms for everybody, which is currently Steam and Xbox One.

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