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An intense arcade blaster featuring awesome power ups and epic boss battles, with spectacular 4K, 60fps pixel-art graphics. FREE demo!
Pre-order the USB Cassette version, featuring the game plus loads of special features, by clicking below!
Pre-order the USB Cassette version, featuring the game plus loads of special features, by clicking below!
566 backers pledged £21,068 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Andrew Hewson & Rob Hewson 3-time creator 2 days ago

      Hello SP175,

      Sorry to hear it is not working, I'm not sure what the issue could be. Please message privately with your email address so we can try sending another version. :)

    2. Missing avatar

      SP175 3 days ago

      I have tried opening the epub version of the book, but it fails to load. This was from both supplied links (googledrive and backerkit). The message displayed just simply says (We couldn't open the book). This was admittedly opening by default with "Edge", but other epub downloads are opening in that without issue (notably the Amiga Years book previews from Brian Bagnell)

    3. Andrew Hewson & Rob Hewson 3-time creator 3 days ago

      Hi Andreas,

      There is no difference, don't worry. I've removed one of them to avoid confusion. :)

    4. Missing avatar

      Andreas Micklei 4 days ago

      Hi! There are two mobi files in the Google Drive share called "" and "Hints _ Tips for Videogame Pioneers - Andrew". Is one of these a more recent revision? What is the difference?

    5. Andrew Hewson & Rob Hewson 3-time creator 4 days ago

      Hi Derek,

      Yes it is genuine and the link will indeed have your digital files. However, I must apologise as we didn't realise Google Drive sharing would email everybody in the way that it did. We should have tested properly first and not made the assumption it would send individual emails. Sincere apologies, but please enjoy the digital rewards.

    6. Derek Chandler 4 days ago

      I've just got an email entitled Full Digital Bundle - Invitation to view supposedly from Rob Hewson sharing the digital bundle Google drive. Is this email real?

    7. Yves Grethen
      on August 9

      Hi! Well I should be able to find you then :) Thanks and see you soon!

    8. Andrew Hewson & Rob Hewson 3-time creator on August 8

      Hi Yves, I'm not sure which hall it is yet but we arrive through gate D and are on the second floor on the big Retro stand :)

    9. Yves Grethen
      on August 8

      Hey guys! Looking forward to seeing you in Cologne @ the Gamescom. Do you already know where to find you? (hall? Stand?)

    10. Andrew Hewson & Rob Hewson 3-time creator on July 21

      Hi Cityull. We'd need to look at how long it would take to update the demo / beta on all platforms, obviously we don't want to get to distracted from finishing the main game.

    11. Cityull on July 21

      I was one of the original backers first time round and had Hyper Sentinel in Beta form for IOS, how about releasing it again in Beta because of the delay

    12. Andrew Hewson & Rob Hewson 3-time creator on July 19

      Hi Matt,

      Since we are coming to the end of July (the original target release) we will make the next update one which focuses on breaking everything down and providing the most up to date information we can on the release plan. We have some meetings coming up first which may help clarify our plans so we'll update as soon as we can following those. On the development side, you'll see the list of tasks remaining in the update and it is fairly small, so it's more about clarifying some things on the publishing side first.

      Thank you for your support and patience everyone, rest assured we are fully focused 100% on getting everything done as quickly as possible and to the highest possible standard, hopefully you can see this from the dev blog videos. :)

    13. Matt Mayatt on July 19

      Thanks for the reply do you have a rough idea of how long Hyper is from release, are we talking a month , few months , Christmas?

    14. Andrew Hewson & Rob Hewson 3-time creator on July 6

      Hi Matt,

      Apologies for the delay it has been a very busy week! Update 16 (9th June) explained that unfortunately we're not able to hit a July release for a number of reasons - the submission process for the consoles has caused delays due to different issues. We are working hard and pushing through those submissions, so as soon as we get approval from all the platforms, we can announce a final release date.

    15. Matt Mayatt on July 4

      Hey me again , we still on for July ?
      Looking forward to playing on Switch :)

    16. Paul Harthen on June 7

      No worries, thanks for the quick reply.

    17. Andrew Hewson & Rob Hewson 3-time creator on June 7

      Hi Paul,

      We had been waiting until all the BackerKit surveys were complete, then the plan was to ask all the people who added the book for their address. However, it seems the last 7% who are yet to respond to BackerKit may take quite a long time, so we will look into send out a reminder to push things along. :)

    18. Paul Harthen on June 7

      Any idea when the signed Hewson book will be sent out for over pledges?
      I filled out the form sent by email but there wasn't an option to put my address details in for the book. The people taking the info from the email survey said they would pass on my details for this.

    19. Matt Mayatt on June 6

      Great stuff...keep up the good work guys:)

    20. Andrew Hewson & Rob Hewson 3-time creator on June 5

      Hi Matt,

      We've got our heads down working hard but we'll have an update very soon with some cool things to share and more details on progress. :)

    21. Matt Mayatt on June 5

      How's development going guys ?
      You still on track to get the pc and console ports out in July :)

    22. Andrew Hewson & Rob Hewson 3-time creator on May 24

      Thanks Jesse! This was at GEEK Margate back in February :)

    23. Jesse on May 23

      Just dropping this off... Its an interview i found of Robby Hewson talking Hyper Sentinel and retro gaming…

    24. Andrew Hewson & Rob Hewson 3-time creator on May 14

      Hi Cityull,

      Yes unfortunately with the Apple Beta system the demo beta does expire after a period of time and we are maxed out focusing on completing the game, so we're not going to be able to update the iOS demo until release unfortunately. Sorry about that - but the decision is to focus on release 100% now, hope you understand :)

    25. Cityull on May 14

      Hi there my Beta IOS of Hyper Sentinel has gone can I you help me

    26. Andrew Hewson & Rob Hewson 3-time creator on May 11

      Nice one Matt :)

    27. Matt Mayatt on May 10

      Yeah android and Switch for me too :)

    28. Andrew Hewson & Rob Hewson 3-time creator on May 10

      Wow thanks David, much appreciated :)

    29. David Normington on May 10

      Opted for the Switch and Android versions. Have also added 2 of the PS4 version as an add on for my brother and a friend.

    30. Andrew Hewson & Rob Hewson 3-time creator on May 9

      Ah cool, glad you got it Matt :)

    31. Matt Mayatt on May 9

      Whoops I got it , in promotions

    32. Matt Mayatt on May 9

      Not in spam , I've had this before with a kickstarter survey , can you send again please :)

    33. Andrew Hewson & Rob Hewson 3-time creator on May 9

      Thank you Jesse, very much appreciated. It is a genuine pleasure and we are just so excited to share the journey! :)

    34. Andrew Hewson & Rob Hewson 3-time creator on May 9

      Hi Matt, it should have gone to your gmail address. Check spam and if you have gmail tab filter (e.g. Promotions) check those too. Let me know if you still don't see it :)

    35. Matt Mayatt on May 9

      I don't have my survey yet :(

    36. Jesse on May 9

      Got my survey, very excited for this project. Hewson's +Jon and team have delivered by keeping us informed every step of the way. Very professional in execution thus far. Thank you gentlemen!

    37. Andrew Hewson & Rob Hewson 3-time creator on May 9

      Thanks Matt, we are excited! :)

    38. Matt Mayatt on May 9

      WOW....great news about the Switch port ....I'll be having that :)

    39. Missing avatar

      John Ogden Collaborator on May 6

      Hi Carl.

      We will try to get a hold of this device and see what we can do about this. Have you had any other issue with Unity based games?

    40. Missing avatar

      Carl Dean on May 6

      Hi, I wonder if you managed to fixed the joypad detection routine I first reported back when the first beta was issued ? Is was on the JXD S192. I offered to do tests etc but no one got back to me, it wasn't fixed in update that was sent out.

      If you remember I did have a work around by using tincore keymapping but it meant having the on-screen controls enabled all the time which was unfortunate.

      Might be a bit late now but perhaps if the detention hasn't been worked on that we can have on-screen controls but have them so opaque you can barely see them ?

    41. Matt Mayatt on May 5

      Hows the Switch port coming along �

    42. Jesse on May 2

      I thought i would leave this for the gang. It's April's RetroGamer magazines feature of Hyper Sentinel. very good read titled "Back from the Ashes"...

    43. Andrew Hewson & Rob Hewson 3-time creator on April 24

      Hi Eddie,

      Things have been progressing really well thanks Eddie and we'll have some exciting updates very soon. We're looking at our calendar tonight to pick a date for a new Live Stream to show off some of the progress. :)

    44. Missing avatar

      Eddie Saunders on April 24

      How's the game coming along, and are you doing it the old school way of shoving the devs in a small "computer room" in the closet under the stairs! :D

    45. Andrew Hewson & Rob Hewson 3-time creator on March 22

      Very cool idea Eddie! :)

    46. Missing avatar

      Eddie Saunders on March 22

      Jesse, it would be cool if it showed that when activating the C64 graphics mode.

    47. Andrew Hewson & Rob Hewson 3-time creator on March 20

      Thank you so much guys! We are already hard at work on the next steps... very exciting! :)

    48. Daniel Murphy on March 17

      Totally awesome! Great job getting the C64 mode unlocked!

      Can't wait to see the progress :)

    49. Jesse on March 17

      Wew lads!

      Alls I can say is:


      The momentum is truly remarkable. Bravo team, bravo.

    50. John Hoggard on March 17

      Woo-hoo! It made 21K - that means C64 mode!!! Yay!

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