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Violinist Robert Gupta's debut album, on a Stradivarius.'s video poster

Los Angeles Philharmonic violinist's debut album is a musical journey from India to Los Angeles. Recorded at Walt Disney Concert Hall. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on June 27, 2011.

Los Angeles Philharmonic violinist's debut album is a musical journey from India to Los Angeles. Recorded at Walt Disney Concert Hall.

About this project

Dear Friends!

My debut album is a world music project for solo violin spanning time and continents. Ranging from the Indian Raga 'Jaunpuri' that I will compose myself, to European music from the medieval, baroque and romantic periods, the album ends with American music and a premiere recording of new music composed by my Los Angeles Philharmonic colleague, timpanist Joseph Pereira. The project will be recorded at Frank Gehry's iconic Walt Disney Concert Hall, and on an instrument made in 1716 by one of the greatest violin-makers of all time, Antonio Stradivari.

With your help, I hope to raise $20,000 to create this CD. Our goal goes towards recording/editing, producing, and manufacturing the record. The recording project is slated to take place at Walt Disney Concert Hall on July 5th and 6th, 2011, with the fantastic engineers at Yarlung Records. Through Yarlung Artists, a registered non-profit, your contributions to this Kickstarter campaign will be tax deductible after the value of rewards and shipping.

Playing for the homeless and mentally ill on Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles has shown me that music can be sanity, and therapy - music speaks where words fail. I invite you to join me in creating a community around this musical world-view by coming on board as a partner in this project.

This project poses a distinct and exciting challenge and opportunity for me, beyond just playing the music - I've long dreamed about playing Indian Classical music, but the Indian tradition being an aural one, I've decided to write the music for this particular Raga myself. While listening to hundreds of recordings between YouTube and iTunes, and waking up daily at 6 am to compose between LA Philharmonic rehearsals and concerts, I'm well on my way to finally creating music as part of my cultural identity - I can't wait to share the final pieces with you on our CD!

I'm thrilled to invite you to join me in this project: I feel that my life as a musician has been leading up to this very moment - my first album, recorded in one of the best halls in the world and on one of the greatest Strads in the world. Please join me in realizing a vision to share music that unites us, that fills us with hope and redemption, and a deeper understanding of what makes us all human.

Album tracks:

1-4. Raga Jaunpuri with Badal Roy, Tabla. Composed by Robert Gupta

5. "Istanpitta: Choniciamento di gioa". Arranged for solo violin by Robert Gupta. (Exciting dance music for 12th century French court, with influences from Middle Eastern music - usually played by pipes and lutes - here played, maybe for the first time, on a single violin.)

6. HIF Biber, "Passacaglia" from the 'Rosary Sonatas'. (A melancholy, melodic work for solo violin in g minor, heard in brief playing in the launch video above.)

7. Eugene Ysaÿe, Sonata No. 3, "Ballade". (A pioneer of violin technique, Ysaÿe incorporates the free, rhapsodic elements of Eastern European folk music within a lilting, demanding 7-minute frame.)

8. John Harbison, "Four Songs of Solitude". (From John himself: "...the solitude is the composers, but even more the performers. The players world is like that of the long distance runner, especially in challenging pieces like these, and I wanted our conversation in those hours of preparation to contain subjects of equal interest to both. The listeners can, if they wish, add in their own inner distances...")

9. Joseph Pereira, "Partita for Solo Violin". (My good friend and LA Phil colleague invents and adapts elements of percussion technique for a violin, based on dances by Bach.)

Many, many thanks to the partners in our project: Bob Attiyeh and Yarlung Records, Jerry Kohl for his generous loan of the Milstein Strad for this project, Joseph Pereira, The Los Angeles Philharmonic and Walt Disney Concert Hall, and infinitely grateful to Cooper Bates, for the fantastic video, photos, and Hint Mint rewards - this project wouldn't be possible without his friendship and support.

Stay tuned for updates and video updates on the page - see you soon!


Yarlung Records:

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    Thank you for being a partner in this project! You'll receive hi-res mp3's of Raga Jaunpuri and Eugene Ysaÿe's "Ballade".

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    Hi-res mp3's of our complete album and a 'thank you' video.

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    First release of the CD, and a personalized 'thank you' photo print postcard of the Milstein Strad. (Domestic shipping within the contiguous states is free, please add $8 for international shipping)

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    A signed copy of the CD and a signed page from the original sketches I made while composing Raga Jaunpuri. Plus thank you postcard.

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    The complete sheet music for Raga Jaunpuri, and a CD of my fantastic pianist, Yana Reznik. Plus all of above.

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    Your name in the liner notes of our CD, and a gift from my friends at Hint Mint, the original Designer Breath Mint: you will receive 5 tins in the flavors of your choice (mints limited to first 20 contributors). Plus all of above.

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    A backstage VIP tour of Walt Disney Concert Hall, and a special tour of LA Phil Principal Timpanist Joseph Pereira's percussion studio. Plus all of above.

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    A 30 minute live recital in New York or Los Angeles, and via Skype anywhere else in the world. An engraved triptych of photos documenting our journey and the project. Plus all of above. (Please add $10 shipping, and $25 for international shipping)

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    Become a Producer: A seat at the recording engineer's table at Walt Disney Concert Hall during the live recording session on July 6th, 2011, and a private dinner at the close of the day. Travel not included. Plus all of above.

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    A live 90-minute recital in Los Angeles or New York, and...I'll cook you dinner! My Mom's recipe for the *best* lamb curry you've ever tasted. Plus all of above.

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