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Robert Gomez wants to cut off his head and sing a song before he loses consciousness and dies. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on July 25, 2011.

Robert Gomez wants to cut off his head and sing a song before he loses consciousness and dies.

Denton, TX Music
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About this project

Severance Songs (working title) is the work of Pulitzer Prize-winning author Robert Olen Butler set to music by yours truly. These prose poems, 240 words each, I've carefully chosen from Butler's book Severancea collection of 62 entries from a decapitated head of a mythical, fictional or historic figure before oxygen runs out. 

"Most of the decapitated men and women Butler portrays devote their last synaptic firings to memories of sensuous pleasure, while others, including Cicero and Marie Antoinette, return to childhood." -booklist

Two quotes in the beginning of the book setup the vignettes:

After careful study and due deliberation it is my opinion the head remains conscious for one minute and a half after decapitation.--Dr. Dassy D'Estaing, 1883

In a heightened state of emotion, we speak at the rate of 160 words--Dr. Emily Reasoner, A Scourcebook of Speech, 1975

The recording:

Most of the album is written and I am now ready to start tracking which is why I am asking for this kickstart. I have reserved one week in the studio to start recording as soon as the goal is met (mid June). I estimate it taking two weeks in total for tracking. 

CurrentIy, I have demos of four songs available for listening online that can be heard here. For those not familiar with the recording process basically these are rough versions of the songs not finished in arrangement or performance and mainly made to audition and prepare an artistic direction before precious studio time is used. I record these on tape machines, laptops, in bedrooms etc.

Michael Hoinski covered the project on his blog. Read it all about it here

I have set my goal as realistically low as I think possible to realize this project. Obviously more money would make things happen faster, smoother and more easily. My last album for comparison, after it was all said and done with, was $10,000. Your donation however big or small will allow me to see this work to fruition and bring it to to the world. All who pledge $1 or more will be listed in the "Thank Yous" listing on the finished record. The bigger your donation, the bigger your name. I greatly appreciate your interest and thank you for your consideration and hopefully your donation. 


Robert Gomez

PS please read the faqs for more info....


  • The money will be used for a two week run in the studio to record the final versions of these songs. It will cover studio time, engineers, musicians, mixing, miscellaneous supplies and legal fees. Yes there are legal fees involved.

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  • I will begin recording in the fall after the touring summer madness!

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  • Currently I am not bound to a label thus the needed kickstart. This is not a disadvantage however. Not answering to a label gives me complete artistic freedom. When it's done I'm certain it will find a home with a like minded label.

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  • Robert Olen Butler is a pulitzer prize winning author who speaks fluent Vietnamese and has great taste in Mexican food! He is excited about the project and has even donated a few signed copies of his Severance book as free gifts for certain donation levels. For more info on him and his work please follow this link.

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  • The timeline for a physical release is dependent on the label it will be released on which is yet to be determined. However, as soon as the record is mixed and mastered you will receive the digital download of the entire record while the physical copy is being manufactured. The album is set to be finished before the end of the year. This fall.

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    Vinyl record with download. (pre-order)

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    Limited edition 'Severance' poster made only for this pledge drive, printed and signed by Robert Gomez along with signed vinyl record and download.

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    Signed vinyl record with download and with lyric sheet signed by both Robert Gomez and author Robert Olen Butler.

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    Copy of Severance book signed by Pulitzer Prize winning author Robert Olen Butler along with a Robert Gomez signed vinyl record with download.

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    A live private concert in your house for you and your guests. (travel expenses not included) A signed copy of the finished vinyl record with lyric sheet signed by both Robert Gomez and author Robert Olen Butler with download and limited edition poster.

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