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The cheap, full-size dry erase board that fits in your pocket.

The cheap, full-size dry erase board that fits in your pocket. Read more
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Robin Thomas (deleted)

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Just to clear up any confusion...

When this Kickstarter campaign goes inactive later on today, those of you who contributed will NOT be charged any money -- but that also means your orders for Noteboards won't be processed. To order your Noteboard, please go to:

What's going on with this Noteboard business?!

Thanks to all of you for your interest in this project! If you'd like to purchase a Noteboard, you can now do so at I've finally worked out a plan for being able to manufacture and distribute these while still doing my full-time day job at a certain global nonprofit.

Odds are this Kickstarter campaign isn't going to hit the $100,000 mark within the next 28 hours. I'm very much OK with this, because it means this business is going to grow how I'd intended from the start: slowly and organically, without any big loans or big seed investments but with lots of word-of-mouth promotion and customer input, expanding from being a one-man operation that's run out of a bedroom to, well, however this ends up. I get to keep costs down for everyone, and make sure every single transaction really is a personal one.

Tell all your friends.

And now I'm going to bed.

All the very best,

Robin Thomas