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The Cryoscope is a sculpted block of metal which is heated and cooled to convey temperature in the simplest way possible - touch.

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So Kickstarter, It is looking like this is not going to make it. I started this campaign to see if the Cryoscope as it currently exists would be suitable for the market. It provided an opportunity for me to refine the design, and gain experience in videography and design. I'll be putting the project on ice for a while. Puns aside, the Cryoscope may live again someday, with a new design and more tightly controlled costs.

I'd like to thank all the backers, bloggers, and friends that helped the Cryoscope come this far. It truly has been a great experience.

-Robb Godshaw

P.S.- Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or thoughts!


The Cryoscope is a Tactile Weather Vane.

Instead of reading a weather forecast, the Cryoscope allows you to feel it.

It allows for simple understanding of temperature through your natural ability to determine hot and cold. No more trying to imagine what 35 degrees is.

The metal slab is simply heated or cooled to the desired temperature.


The device has two main modes of operation.

The first is a thermal time shift – The device will convey future temperatures for any location you specify. This allows you to use the Cryoscope as a weather vane in your morning clothing choices.

The second mode is a thermal space shift – The device will convey the current temperature of anywhere you specify. Use this mode to stay connected to your childhood home, or the current city of your significant other. The device has a space mode, where the Cryoscope becomes very cold.

Pledge Levels:


These adorable blobs of bronze make great conversation starters. Appearance is fairly random, so expect it to vary. When we found this guy on the ground after a pour, we had to give it a home. Now we plan to give it a whole lot of friends!

Aluminum Cryoscope

This classic beauty will be yours for $300. International Backers add $20.

Bronze Cryoscope

Bronze has a rich history of sculpture. The Bronze Cryoscope will match any decor. For $400, you can take it home. International Backers add $20.

Silver Cryoscope

Wow. This one is going to be gorgeous. The contact surface contains more than one thousand grams of pure silver. This piece will retain its value for generations. International shipping is $100, due to insurance and weight.


Subject to modification
–The contact surface has temperature range of 32°F to 108°F (0°C to 42°C), However, Because metal affects your skin so much more easily than air does, the Cryoscope can display temperatures well below freezing without actually being that cold.

–5" in. x 5" in. x 5" in (13 cm. x 13 cm. x 13 cm.)
–WiFi  allows for operation anywhere in the home.

–The device is powered by a wall transformer. It can run on 100v-240v, allowing for international operation.


So far, the new Cryoscope has been covered by Uncrate, Laughing SquidOhGizmo, PCWorld, The Airspace, and FastCompany Design!

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The previous incarnation of the device got quite a bit of attention online.

The original Cryoscope was featured on Gizmodo, OhGizmoCore77, Cnet MakeWiredEngadget, Apartment Therapy, Arduino Blog and FastCompany Design.

*Bronze is not an element. It's an alloy. Read more!

Musical Score from SoundCloud: "Panda" (Bitch Fetus) / CC BY 3.0
No endorsement or relationship exists between Bitch Fetus and Cryoscope.


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    You get a Bronzeasaur! These small amorphous blobs of bronze make great pets.

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    You will get a crystalline Bronze paperweight. An unfinished contact surface. It's no Cryoscope, But it's pretty.

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    Aluminum Cryoscope - You get a fully functional Cryoscope in classic aluminum. Int'l backers add $20.

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    Bronze Cryoscope - You get a fully functional Cryoscope with a beautiful bronze contact surface. Int'l backers add $20.

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    Silver Cryoscope - You get a fully functional Cryoscope with a solid silver contact surface. Int'l backers add $100.

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