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Whaddaya get when you blend obsolete Steampunk with Zelda, Secret of Mana, & Megaman?
An Action-RPG focused on exploration, deep puzzles, and a mystical story.
An Action-RPG focused on exploration, deep puzzles, and a mystical story.
5,909 backers pledged $242,309 to help bring this project to life.

General Dev Update - Refining Combat - First Look at Bliss' Prototype - New Music!



It's been a couple of months since the last update, so we want to say a few things to get you caught up on things!


Development has slowed down a tad bit over the past month or so as a few team members had to take on some work on the side, move, etc., but now we're back at it full force! During that time, we ended up taking a step back and looking at how we can improve the game and a few of its main elements... most specifically, combat. We have gotten quite a lot of feedback from the community regarding it, and combat continues to be the number one concern.

So this was our dilemma: How can we make what we already have more punchier and immersive while keeping the same mechanics (Seiken Densetsu 2/Secret of Evermore-style) into the base system? This is what we've done:

Esmy's Movement and Overall Feel: Esmy is a lot more snappier than what you've witnessed beforehand. She strikes a bit faster, and covers a bit more ground on her run. It's a fine balance, she's not too fast in that some mobs can still gain the upper hand, but she's not too slow in that you'd get bored trudging through environments. Some mobs will still require buffs through abilities or items to gain the upper hand on, even with this new movement fluidity.

This obviously makes the game more fun to control and move around. It's much more fast paced, beginning to feel like its own game instead of mimicking another fully.

But we didn't stop there.

Meet the Drive Gauge.

 A lot of you requested some kinda combo system, and we really were considering it, but just didn't know how to execute it. We wanted to keep things strategic enough, but not make the game mash-friendly. But we figured it out and we're proud to announce that Cryamore will have a gauge to make combat a bit more interesting than what you've expected before! Here's how it works: 

To initiate the Drive Gauge (which isn't always visible onscreen), a couple of requirements must be met. First, you have to have 100% of Stamina ready (which if you can remember, is the gauge right below Esmy's status picture), meaning a full gauge. You also can't be fatigued (for instance, Esmy needs to get regular sleep. If she gets tired throughout a day, she becomes fatigued, limiting how much damage her attacks can take and stamina to fill up). Also, the Drive Gauge isn't available in the beginning of the game. It's unlocked after you initialize your chosen weapon to Lvl. 1.

When you hold the Drive button down, you initiate a charge up sequence on your stamina bar. You are able to move while charging, albeit slower. Once you ready your position and release the button and connect the first hit, up comes the gauge.

Afterwards, the meter will begin to fill and you will have to time each hit right where the "MAX" symbol is in order to keep the combo going. With each successful hit, the meter's refill speed increases, making it increasingly difficult to keep the combo going. The actual moves for each hit will look something akin to this:

...and we have all kinda attacks in store. Higher levels will allow you to be able to attack enemies around you instead of the ones directly in front of you on certain hits. And the attacks will be different based on the weapon you use. For instance, we can make Brass Knuckles do more hits per timing, or the Axe go alternate directions and hit enemies coming up from behind you, etc., all having different timing patterns on the Drive Gauge. 

A few things to note about this mechanic: 

  • Again, combos are not available right at the beginning of the game, and the amount of hits that are able to be done will be limited and be progressively unlocked as the game moves along. When you activate levels on your weapon, (Weapon on Lvl. 1), then combos will be available. For instance, a Lvl. 1 sword will only be able to do up to 4 hits, and that ends the combo. Sword Lvl. 2 can do up to 10 hits, Lvl. 3 up to 20 hits, 4, 30; and Max Lvl, an infinite number of hits. But having your weapon on a higher level does not at all make it easier to do combos, it makes it tougher. Why?
  • Each Lvl. will add a 25% "margin" to the meter. For instance, initiating the combo meter with a Lvl. 2 Weapon will start the meter at the 25 mark each refill on hit. Lvl. 3, 50 mark, etc. Essentially making it harder to keep the combo going because you'll have to time better. Of course, a Maxed-out weapon will allow you to do combos more easily, getting right into it. But it won't be a cakewalk to Max out your weapon anyway. A nice reward for those who do stick with it. 
  • Esmy will not have any invincible frames during a combo, so she can get knocked out of it easily. You also can't cancel a combo swing out by moving or doing an ability. The specific strike animation must finish.
  • Combos act out either East or West (left-to-right or right-to-left), meaning you have to position yourself properly to have a good effect. As stated earlier, some hits can hit in other directions depending on the level/weapon.
  • If you get the mark on the red area before the "MAX" line (OK!), your hit will still connect, but with very little damage, allowing you to keep the string going. If hitting the red area after the "MAX" line (MEH!), you will completely whiff the attack, but you will still have a chance at keeping the combo going. If you stop the mark in the black before that area or the dark red after the area, you will "Bail" the attack (OOPS!), leaving Esmy vulnerable for about 2 seconds. Obviously, hitting the nail right on the head will land you a "PERFECT!" with top damage. 
  • If you see an enemy coming and need to exit out the Drive Sequence, just miss the timing completely. That will safely get you back to moving.
  • The Total Damage count specifies how much DPH (damage per hit) you're doing on each connect, and that includes multiple enemies. Mob count will get progressively higher as the game moves along, but you're not locked into doing a combo on only one enemy. You can hit multiple enemies in a combo (though it doesn't affect your actual hit count).

We're pretty excited for this mechanic, and we're sure you all will love it. And the beauty of it is that it's not mandatory, letting you choose to play the game how you want to play it. 


Here, have a look at them! These are not finals, and some tweaks still need to be made, but the world of Cryamore has gotten a bit more colorful already since their inclusion!


Yes, her Prototype's complete and... well, just check her out for yourself:

These are not 3D images, these are actual photos. Esmy's being finished up currently and is right around the corner! 

And for those who missed out before but wanted to jump in on the figure bandwagon, please, don't worry! We will make an update when they're ready for preordering.

That's about it! 

Our next update will consist of some new abilities to showcase that you haven't yet seen, as well a few other things! We want to get back to having regular updates with our community, and we will! Also, all the surveys that we need now for production have already been sent out, and most of you have filled them out! Thanks so much for being quick on that! As for the rest of ya, get to it! We need that info! >:O

We leave tonight's update with a few pieces of music to ease the mood! Until next update! <3

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    1. Mike Brodu on

      So, could we get another 2 months update, please?

    2. Missing avatar

      James Bowman on

      I'm a backer at "INSTRUMENTALIST'S PLEDGE" level. Should I have seen a survey?

    3. Missing avatar

      J on

      I must admit, the music reminds me more of Xenoblade's music than anything else. And that's quite a level to reach.

    4. Missing avatar

      Samuel Nunes on

      Nice update guys! Good to know about the changes to Esmy's movement and overall feel. Also really nice sprites and music pieces, the game is starting to come alive! :)
      And Bliss' prototype is amazing! I'm trying to not look at her too much, since she's unfortunately out of my budget :(

      Regarding the combo system, I have the same concern as Hobby. I fear that this might distract from the actual action and break the immersion of the game... from my experience the nicest combo systems were those that could be learned by trying different sequences of attacks (e.g. fast-punch, strong-punch, low-kick, etc.) and timed intuitively by means of animation hints on when to click (which have the nice requirement of forcing you to look at the main character). Anyway, just my 2 cents... :P

    5. Missing avatar

      hooby on

      Hmm... while I kinda like the idea of the combo system, I do have a little concern...

      Do I have to watch the gauge bar? I mean... the animations are gorgeous, both of Esmy and all of the enemies I've seen so far.
      But in order to get the timing right - I will have to focus closely on that blue bar, won't I? So I can only watch the game from the corner of my eyes? :´(

    6. Missing avatar

      JP on

      Still very much looking forward to this game!

    7. notorp on

      DAM that figure looks awesome!

    8. jorlinn on Linux on

      Love the shopping theme. It's different from the BGM in many games I've played so far... relaxing but still engaging.
      The Overworld daytime theme reminds me a bit of a similar theme in Suikoden Tierkreis, which is is one of my best loved RPG games on the NDS. I'm glad to see that is WIP, because it lacks and edge which will differentiate it from other similar game BGM/

      I'm not a big fan of combo mechanisms. Please try to avoid to make them so important that you can't win a big fight/ boss fight without them.

    9. Maxram0 on

      sigh....I REALLY wish I had the money to pledge for the Fashionista pledge back when the kickstarter was on, Bliss looks perfect for my ever growing figurine collection, yet I can't own one anymore T_T

    10. Vince Vazquez

      The Drive gauge sounds rad - going to have to put my Hot Shots/Mario Golf meter-timing skills to work again, I think! ;) And I can't believe those sprites aren't finished yet -- they're already probably the best I've ever seen for a game like this! You guys have really set a high bar for quality for yourselves o_O

    11. Vince Vazquez

      Okay - first off, another amazing update you guys :) Glad to hear the team is back in full force; but it's always understandable when there's a lull in development for indie titles. People gotta take care of their 'biz. That's cool.

      Secondly, you guys HAVE to start putting the music FIRST in the updates! It's MUSIC - it's not going to distract from the reading :) I like to have some BGM playing in the back whilst I soak in all the news, sprites, and pics!

      Crossing my fingers that development continues to sail on smoothly for you guys!

    12. Nick on

      DAT BLISS! Seriously, amazing figurine. I can't afford one, but looks great.

      I am totally charmed by "No Window Shopping".

      Thanks for the update!

    13. RocK_M on

      Holy crap! That model looks damn fine! :D Cannot wait to see what Esmy looks like! :D

      On a side note.... am I the only one that saw the combo meter and though "Cloud's Limit Break" xD Very nice addition to the game! :D

    14. DeafTard on

      so GOD DAMN jealous of that figurine, looks absolutely amazing so far. I wish I had the dough to get one of those. Also, indeed that Shopping Theme is truly awesome, been listening 4 times already! At first I was kind of bummed out by the slow update news but then again video games do take time and after all they have lives as well. Most of all the team is being upfront and honest about it unlike other kickstarter projects. Now that the team is back in full force, I hope to expect more dates in the future! This update is just awesome enough to satisfy my Cryamore cravings. Love the sprites details as well!

    15. Christian on

      The combo previz animation looks amazing :)

    16. Jason Rebelo on

      Omg the shopping theme is fucking amazing. Good job NostalgiCO! Keep 'em coming! :) ♥

    17. Missing avatar

      bastischo on

      For some reason, this update hyped my interest even more than the initial post.
      REALLY looking forward to it.

    18. Missing avatar

      Paul D'Elia on

      Now I really want to make sure the game is playable on an arcade stick.

    19. NostalgiCO Creator on

      @William and Thomas: Thanks! We have a bit of faith in it, so it's definitely looking to be a good decision!

      @A_B: Yes, surveys that involve some type of inclusion (NPC, etc.) in the game were sent surveys as we're in the process of currently designing and placing them in-game. The surveys involving the purchase of the game and other physical extras will be handled a bit later.

      @Vincent: Thanks! We'll keep it up!

      @Kevin: Thanks! It should be very satisfying and not cheap at all! The North/South was a major concern for this system all along, as development time for making double the animations for North/South is not looking ideal, as well as the overall look of the combo would appear less cinematic. We addressed this seemingly inconvenient limit by locking Esmy's directional movement when she's charging to be facing left or right. For example, If you played Legend of Mana, you know that when moving up and down, they still faced left and right. Esmy's shifting animation while charging will be close to that, where you can position yourself in the right spot before unleashing the combo. That will help you stay fixated on the positioning and we hope that it doesn't become too disconcerting.

    20. anthony on

      The new combo/action gameplay sounds perfect!
      Really love the balance and progression involved to prevent OP from the start. Keep up the great work!

    21. Kevin Griffin on

      Combo system looks really cool you guys! I actually hope that they ARE pretty hard to pull off, that would make landing them super rewarding!

      I certainly hope you'll be able to implement North and South directions for all the combos, though. That would be pretty inconvenient if some weapons couldn't combo up or down.

    22. A_B on

      So did the cheaper pledges like the elementalist pledge not get surveys? I guess that makes sense though. Since all you really need is an email for those I think.

    23. Thomas Ludwig on

      Awesome! I'm glad you guys are staying true and not making it too button mashing. I like this new system and can't wait to use it :)

    24. William Adam Perkins on

      Looking good! I can't wait :D