CRYAMORE! A True, First-Class Take on the Action-RPG Genre

by NostalgiCO

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    1. Alyssa Cardoso on

      Very nice, hopefully this will answer all the questions new backers will have! :)

    2. Eric-Adventurer of the Wormworld/Sithrah on

      Looking forward to the live stream tommorrow. Thanks for the info!

    3. Stanley Richards on

      thank you for this update. I increased my to physicalist so I could get both the art book and physical copy. I thought the $100 pledge would net me both items but I guess I misread it.

      once again thanks for the update, and I hope everything goes well for you.

      p.s will the physical copies of the game be drm-free, or will they be activated into steam?

    4. NostalgiCO Creator on

      @Stanely: Physical copy will be DRM-Free, yup!

    5. Kevin Griffin on

      This definitely cleared up a few lasting questions of mine! Thank you! And now I get to increase my pledge because I finally know all the correct amounts for what I want!

      Sometimes there's just so much information for us to take in at once that we need someone to spell it all out for us again. :) Love you guys, NostalgiCO!

    6. Artur Czajka on

      "you will state your most preferred digital copy via a list of platforms that have been approved for preordered distribution"
      Where I can mark my choice?

    7. ramonM64 on

      hey, is there any chance, when (and if..) the stretch goal for Main Console Support is reached, we could change our Digital Download to Wii U?

    8. Alex Doueal on

      Gah, finally upped my pledge from 15 to 120... why does kickstarter have soooo many good things?.... i cannot afford them all D:

    9. Eric-Adventurer of the Wormworld/Sithrah on

      When they send out their survey to collect your which is usually after Kickstarter ends they will ask for this information, such as what version you want.

    10. Eric-Adventurer of the Wormworld/Sithrah on

      I meant to say after they send the survey they will ask for your information.

    11. Missing avatar

      Nat Chester on

      So if I bump my pledge from $105 to $120, the artbook will still be signed? I'm a bit confused as the pledge descriptions on the side still say that signatures still only come on those specific pledges.

    12. Jack Irvin on

      Still debating if I want to go from 115 to 250. D:

    13. Ebu diGriz on

      NostalgiCO: Only physical are non-DRM? Oh, I hope that I don't have to unpledge my digital tier, because DRM/Steam version has no value for me. If this project will be available at GOG/humblebundle --> no problem.

    14. Eric-Adventurer of the Wormworld/Sithrah on

      If you want both figures the better deal is at the $250 level. By itself each figure is $115, with the $250 package each figure is $85. I got a similar package, the $270 tier with the physical copy of the game.

      If you read the $120 tier in this update it mentions the artbook is signed. NostalgiCo has also said that every
      soundtrack and limited edition artbook in every tier should be signed.

    15. NostalgiCO Creator on

      @Nat C.: Yup! All artbooks and physical copies of the soundtrack will be signed, as another extension of thanks to everyone! ^^

      @ramon: It's definitely possible; we'll know for sure as we get along with talking with all of the distributors! We'll try our hardest to get you Cryamore on the platform of your choice. :)

    16. NostalgiCO Creator on

      No, Desura and GoG are also other platforms we're looking at for digital distribution in addition, (GoG requires DRM-free).

    17. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Levine on

      Will the soundtrack be available for purchase (digitally) after the Kickstarter ends?

    18. ramonM64 on

      thank you for the reply. that's awesome to hear, even the "possibility" of it happening is reassuring.

      keep in touch with us on that and, of course, keep up the hard work!

    19. Mike Delarber on

      if they dont get quite to 225k and it ends but is really close could it still go to consoles?

    20. Angelina "Spikie" Ricardo on

      I was wondering how the iOS version of the game would be distributed? will it be in the app store, or do we need to select that as our preferred platform when we get our digital copies? I'd like a copy for my computer and Ipad, so I'd like to know if I need to purchase another digital copy now or if I can wait.

    21. Missing avatar

      April Kim on

      I live in the U.S. so if I want to add the art book I only add $50 more to my previous pledge amount right?

    22. NostalgiCO Creator on

      @GlassJewel: That is correct!

      @Angelina R.: Yeah, we'll have a list of your preferred platform(s) for you to choose from once we finalize if distribution method for iOS is possible.

      @Mike D.: Yes, if we get close, we'll still push for console support. :)

      @Jeremy L.: Digital soundtrack will be available some time after the game releases, not on release. :)

    23. Missing avatar

      Josh Sarratt on

      Is the physical version of the game only going to offered on Kickstarter with no future release?

    24. Stephen Swan on

      do we get a physical copy with the $100 pledge or is that for the $70 and $120 pledge? Please clarify and I apologize if you are repeating yourself.

    25. Eric-Adventurer of the Wormworld/Sithrah on

      The $100 tier is a digital copy of the game and a physical copy of the 2 disc soundtrack, The $70 tier and $120 tier are the ones that include the limited physical copy of the game.

    26. DeafTard on

      HOLY COW!!!! It truly is a Festivus MIRACLE!!! I honestly didn't think this project would reach the console port goals but it looking VERY CLOSE!!! I already increased my pledge! ahhhhh!!!! Now I want to play this on my cell phone and Wii U! I want a Cryamore shirt and Cryamore frisbee so I can promote the hell out of this for the next 25 hours! We also need Cryamore energy drinks, hats, watches and of course Cryamore pogs!

    27. Sabin Stargem on

      Add me to the people who would like to see the game on GOG and other DRM-free platforms.

    28. Missing avatar

      Stephen D M on

      Will the physical copy be an ACTUAL physical copy? As in, it won't pull a Skyrim on us and force us to go on Steam to access or even really install the game?

    29. NostalgiCO Creator on

      @Stephen DM: A LITERAL Physical Copy, DRM-Free. You'll have to install the game, but that's what you're getting. :)

    30. Missing avatar

      Stephen D M on

      Excellent. Well, you have a Legendary Cryatist's Pledge from me either way. And thanks for the quick response.

      (also, throw in my vote on GOG as well)

    31. Bram van den Boomen on

      What if you don't get close enough to the $225k mark for console support, but paypal pledges get you past the mark, would you still set things in motion for console support?

    32. Dwayne on

      Must. Not. Pledge more! XO

    33. M.Stein on

      You forgot the Master Quester's pledge in the list (there is still one slot left!)

    34. Devlin Bentley on

      Thanks for the reminder, I upgraded to the Physicalist's Pledge just for the boxed copy. :)

    35. Missing avatar

      Michael Pianta on

      Whew! It's down to the wire but I think you're going to make it!!

    36. Missing avatar

      Jacob Murphy on

      Wii U version is coming can this day get any better i think not!

    37. DeafTard on

      Is there any possible way the devs behind cryamore could add a digital code for the Pianist's Pledge aka $50 or more. Since it already comes with a physical copy of the game soundtrack in 2 discs, will the digital code for the soundtrack also be added as well since that is included for the $30-$40 pledgers? the reason why I ask is because I wanted to see if I could leave the 2 disc physical copies un-opened and I could use the digital code instead? I wanted to keep them as collectors items since I rarely open physical copies of game soundtracks nowadays because Physical print is slowly dying these days, thanks!

    38. M.Stein on

      You have both the digital and the physical edition of the soundtrack with the $50 pledge, it's stated in this update :
      "$50 - Pianist's Pledge: Digital Copy of the game + over 20 high resolution wallpapers + Digital Version of the 40+ song soundtrack + Limited Edition Printed World map of Noka Island + Limited Edition Physical 2-Disc copy of the soundtrack (with signatures)"

    39. David Drum on

      Do you guys (and Girls) have any plans for making this available for a disk copy for the ps3, xbox 360, or the Wii?

    40. Missing avatar

      Steven Ou on

      So I guess we just have to say which copy on the platform we want it on? At least I hope so, because I really want a Wii U copy please.