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An Action-RPG focused on exploration, deep puzzles, and a mystical story.
An Action-RPG focused on exploration, deep puzzles, and a mystical story.
5,909 backers pledged $242,309 to help bring this project to life.

3 Days Left!!!

Posted by NostalgiCO (Creator)

We’re winding down on the campaign, but that’s not all we have planned. We’ll be hosting a Final Countdown Stream on Munday! You’ll get to ask the team questions, interact with the voice actresses, we’ll explain more gameplay, hear Aivi play stuff for you, and more!

We’ll be opening PayPal support as well for those who can’t help us out through Amazon soon too.

We want to thank everyone again for all of the support they’ve given us up to this point! We’re still blown away at the response, and that encourages us even more. Cryamore is going to become a reality thanks to you all!

This is the last time to share and do what you guys do best!!

As for the game, we're making the next Webplayer Build as meaty as possible and should be up this weekend! Stay tuned for that!!!


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    1. Eric-Adventurer of the Wormworld/Sithrah on

      @IllustriousIllusionist- Hope is not lost yet. If we can exceed over 200K this weekend we have a great chance to reach $225K.

    2. IllustriousIllusionist on

      Dare I hope we might make the last stretch goal? Well, I'll be keeping my fingers crossed! Just pledged for my copy, and I can't wait to hear more!

    3. Michael L. Ward

      Any idea about what time you'll start the stream? Just trying to plan my week. ^_^

    4. Captain Ninja on

      I see. No worries. Thanks!

    5. Eric-Adventurer of the Wormworld/Sithrah on

      A Paypal option is not currently available and will not be available until after this kickstarter has ended. It is very possible that not everything that was available n the Kickstarter campaign will be available with the Paypal option as they mentioned some things would only be available in the Kickstarter campaign.

    6. Captain Ninja on

      Firstly, congrats on your impressive, fantastic campaign.

      I have a question. I made my pledge through Amazon, long before the Paypal option being available. I would like to change to Paypal. Is that possible?

      Thank you.

    7. Eric-Adventurer of the Wormworld/Sithrah on

      I am looking forward to the live stream on Munday. Can't wait to see what is in store and ask the team some questions and I love the fact that both the team and the voice actresses will be available. I wish all of you the best as the final hours tick away on the Kickstarter.

      I also look forward to the upcoming test build.

    8. Lance Devon on

      You guys have been amazing and informative to those who have taken a leap of faith in you guys for the game's development progress. I sincerely hope you guys do reach the final goal as I believe your game should be exposed in many many places (that and I know many Nintendo fans that are rather... adamant about their consoles). Though if you guys do not hit that mark, I do hope your game reaches a revenue to achieve your multi-platform exposure in the later months after it's release.

      Keep us always in the loop and hope to see more news from you guys soon enough!

    9. DeafTard on

      Omg I can't believe the journey is nearly over! Just 72 hours to go and moments away from the 200k mark!!! Time to promote the hell out of this for the next 3 days and I will be increasing my pledge by adding another $10 which is all I can afford but I just REALLY want Cryamore to hit the consoles as well so I can play this on my big screen TV! Also, I expect this beautiful game not to be rushed unlike other games that are rushed like crazy and turn out to be disappointing. So far you guys and girls are taking great care of Cryamore and I love the updates you put out for backers because it's fun to see how the game is progressing. Ok I need to do my part and remind more gamers that have not pledged to Cryamore or to just get them to increase their pledge a little bit higher. Let's go out with a BANG within the next 72 hours!

    10. Nemrex on

      This, Bioshock Infinite, and Pikmin 3 are my top three games I am most looking forward to.

    11. Missing avatar

      Joseph Ikuta on

      No, thank you for being an informative and awesome developer. I look forward to the build as well as the full release in 2014.

    12. Humza Karim on

      This game looks awesome! We are all behind you on this!