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An Action-RPG focused on exploration, deep puzzles, and a mystical story.
An Action-RPG focused on exploration, deep puzzles, and a mystical story.
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Another Development Update and an Announcement!

Posted by NostalgiCO (Creator)

Greetings, Cryatists! Sorry that we missed the second bus last month and early this one, but we wanted to make an announcement, amidst all this demo talk. This update is going to be pretty informational, but we'll try and keep it as brief as possible.

Current Developments!

So a lot has been whipped up since the last update. Let’s go down a really quick list really quick:

Pokey-poke! Bang-bang!
Pokey-poke! Bang-bang!
  • Weapons! They’re being tested accordingly. We have the Spear and Matchlock Pistols in the build right now and we’re tweaking them so they feel great in combat, and we’re going to be tossing in the Fists, Crossbow, and Axe next.
It's always angry.
It's always angry.
  • Bosses! Our boss system is in and we’re testing boss patterns, sequences, and attacks. We’re essentially at a state where we can just drop in the boss sprite assets, set up the sequences, and tweak accordingly.
"Falcon... PAUNCCCCH?"
"Falcon... PAUNCCCCH?"
  • Gameplay! Right now we’re concentrating very hard on the core gameplay experience. Our test sessions have led to us agreeing that some aspects are kinda monotonous, specifically with the combat. Of course, we don’t have all of the abilities in so we may not be seeing the big picture here, which is going to be the main driving force of the gameplay. We want you to be able to slam a Rock Fist into a shielded enemy breaking its defenses while launching Wind blades towards another putting offensive pressure on you, and feeling really good. So you’re going to start seeing more ability play soon. We don’t want to share everything, of course, but you will definitely get a feel for the flow of gameplay in that upcoming demo.

So still a lot to do, but it’s safe to say that we’re sitting pretty good over here. We’re continuing to go over the entirety of the game and cut out anything that seems excessive and dull, and polish, polish, polish. There’s a lot of changes going on under the hood in reference to the quest aspect of the game, too. We don’t want too much backtracking, ultra-tedious puzzles, and an overwhelming amount of things to collect. We’ll comment more on the specifics of that in a later update, but for now we’ll just share a short video showcasing some of the “upgrades” since the last one.

(Please note that everything you see is all part of testing things out. So for example, when you see Bliss running the Inn, note that she’s technically not supposed to be there. This goes for animations and everything else.)

 A Recap, and Looking Toward the Future

Let’s give a recap of development: In March 2013, we were funded, and development started full-on. It was a momentous occasion! One year later, in March 2014, we announced that we had to move the game’s targeted release date to “TBD”. This meant that we had to start watching our remaining financial resources carefully, since at that time we’d been in development for a full year, and we grossly miscalculated our completion date. Even though a few of us on the team shipped games before, this is our first commercial development outing collectively, so we were a bit too bright-eyed, to say the least. Around this time, we also were forced to cut back and work on the game part-time, as we only had a bit of funds left for development time, and the rest was reserved for reward fulfillment.

Some of the general public were not pleased that we had to change our release date, but the reality is, the ins and outs of indie game development are tricky to navigate. Balancing cost and scope, not to mention PR and production, we were able to keep afloat for almost two years off our initial funding... However, we knew we needed to do something before the funds ran out! As such, since May 2014, we have been maintaining correspondence with a fantastic publisher, one of which everyone on the core team has had a personal experience with for many years. They had initially reached out to us, in fact, and expressed interest in helping us finish the game, and as the courting process played out, we knew we had found our publisher:

As of this moment, we are thrilled to announce that NostalgiCO has partnered up with Atlus to ensure Cryamore will be released summer 2016, as previously stated a few months back.

What Does This Mean?

We’re sure you have a bevy of questions (we did too when we were first approached!), so let’s break it down. First, the perks:

  • Quality Assurance! It’s probably the biggest perk. We want Cryamore to be the best product it can be. Before they contacted us, we hadn’t even made plans for game-testing, and they had already proven to be very resourceful when it came to giving us feedback and suggestions on heavy build-testing and bug reporting. And they do it fast! 
  • Marketing and PR! They will take care of all the important public news stuff, outside of what we share here on Kickstarter and our dev blog/Twitter account. This will help boost Cryamore's visibility, give the title access to more featured news portals and sites, and give us more time to focus on development! 
  • Distribution! They’re already connected with Steam, GoG, and first-parties (Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony), which alleviates a major burden from us!

It has been a blast working with them so far, and we look forward to wrapping this up with them! And now, let's try to deal with any concerns you might have:

  • “Oh no, does this mean that the game is getting gutted/losing original vision/will be taken over now!?” Not at all! We retain full control of our IP and the development process. The entire reason Atlus reached out to us in the first place was because they liked the property, not because they wanted to overhaul it! Rest assured, this is purely a publishing deal. 
  • Platforms Will Change Though! Because we are now releasing in 2016, it was mutually agreed upon that we need to rethink our release platforms. As such, Cryamore will be released on PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox One, PS4, and the Wii U. You will be free to switch your initial platform preference to whichever choice you like. Also, we are finding that the title is a bit too complex for touch devices, so the iOS and Android versions are likely to be cut from the initial release, so we can focus on the primary platforms. 
  •  "What is going to change about the project here on Kickstarter?" Nothing at all. We’re going to do our best to keep up and give you information involving the game’s development right here, as always. 
  • “What about my rewards?” Everyone who backed the game for a specific reward (for example, the game itself) is still going to receive their reward! You will not have to pay again (unless you want to pay for another copy, which we wouldn’t mind). This also does not change anything regarding physical rewards, such as the art book, figurines, etc. DRM-free will still be an option, as well.

Why did we choose Atlus?

Well, we collectively feel that Cryamore fits right at home with Atlus’ core demographic, and Atlus felt this way too. As hinted previously, we have been fans of their catalog of games for decades, so it seems only natural to choose them. We’ve been contacted by many other publishers during the past 2 and a half years, but their enthusiasm and mutual respect made them feel like the right fit for our team.

Are we still considered “Indie"?

Very much so! They are not giving us an extra army of staff and a corporate-friendly coffee machine for our office break room (though a coffee machine would be nice… even a break room would be nice!). We are still working the same as we were; just back to full-time and without the headache of worrying about those publishing pitfalls that Atlus is better suited to handling for us! This benefits us just as much as it does you guys! Cryamore will, indeed, see the light of day!

In short, this has been and continues to be a thrilling experience, ups and downs included, with you guys here on Kickstarter, and we will continue to do our best to make the final version of Cryamore as good as it is in our heads and in your expectations. We thank you all so much for your continued support, your patience, and your faith in us. We promise that when the dust settles, it will all have been well worth the journey! And we want to thank Atlus for throwing in an extra helping hand!

(Also, Atlus will put up their own official statement at some point... We just couldn't resist sharing our excitement with our fans! Expect to hear a lot more about this partnership, from both parties!)

So That Demo…

We are going to polish the playable demo up further and release it in October. We’re sorry for continuing to push it back! We just want to make sure when you finish it, you’ll crave more of it.

And on that note, we shall get back to work. Until next time! 

-NostalgiCO Crew

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    1. Victor A Burgos on

      So late to the game for this...but you are not considered Indie, in any meaning of the word, at all when you use a publisher.

    2. Lance Devon on

      I understand the special bits for PC retail being all for the backers (as I am one, too). Think you can convince Atlus to get a physical release out for console for you guys? =P

    3. KiteMan on

      Congrats, Atlus seems like a natural fit for the game :)

    4. Missing avatar

      Tina Nguyen on

      This game would seem great on vita ;____; but congrats!

    5. stizzo on

      Cool beans. I'm gonna have to change the platform I get this game on now, though. Hopefully too many people don't get pissed off about that.

    6. sahroo on

      Cryamore's now an Atlus indie game? I like it. Always liked Atlus. Congratulations on finding a publisher in them! Looking forward to next summer <3

    7. Matt Lee on

      Pretty happy to hear this. It seemed like you needed some help to get across the finish line, and I can't think of a better backer than Atlus for a project like Cryamore. Personally, I'm quite pleased with the news and I think we'll get a better product, and sooner, because of it.

    8. joshua vyrostek on

      The game keeps looking better and better, well done. Congrats on hooking up with Atlus, they are my fav publisher and just being associated with them should give u some RPG credit.

    9. Robert Moy on

      Picking up Atlus as a publisher blew my mind - congrats guys! The game's looking awesome and super professional. Looking forward to its release!

    10. Raiiban on

      Normally I'm against publishers coming on board a KS game after it's been funded, but Atlus are good people. Best of luck with the rest of development.

    11. Jayvir on

      Well, I don't think I own or have played a bad Atlus game so this is nothing but good news for us. They must have seen what I saw backed when I backed the project.

      While I still have some disdain that the game is taking a long while to complete, I'm still excited every time that I see an update and see how much you guys are trying to stick to your original vision instead of taking the easy way out and cutting corners to complete it.

    12. Missing avatar

      Jeff Dishman on

      Congrats, team! Very excited for you that you're able to partner with such a great publisher.

    13. Missing avatar

      Steffen on

      The partnership with Atlus is great for backers from the US and Japan. As a European, my experience with Atlus is though, that we have to wait 1-2 extra years, until we get the same English-only game, that has been released in the US years before. Unless of course the game won't get a European release at all, which happened often enough in the past.

    14. Missing avatar

      Richard Wojtaszak on

      I kinda feel sorry for ya that its not going to have a retail box copy or xbox copy or psp or whatever copy retail. I am on steam but I think people still being console versions of games will make this visible to the rest of the market.

      So because there's still yet to be an announcement of release date that will give you more time to do more copies for various machines.

      I would have hoped you gave out a demo or a pre game that allows us to play more and more of the game as the game it self gets developed. But giving us a soul demo will mean you will get crap tons of info back on what we think of the demo and that will be that, and the game will continue to be made with out user feedback.

      You have said Atlus does some testing and feed back is quick. I do wonder who and what age group they are testing when you say that ?.Does anyone know ?

      The other thing that worries me a tiny bit is that i know other versions of the game like xbox and linux and ps4 so forth will take a lot more work to get complete before the game is able to be released on that platform since it was being developed for the pc first i believe ?.

      So whats the extra time spent sine it sounds like the game is very much still a work in progress and the end result is not going to come from just one person saying right lets press button and woopie do DA you have console market covered...

      Thanks for the news though much welcomed after so much silence.

    15. Doc O'Malley on

      Once again, sorry for sounding so harsh. Cryamore is the team that you dont give up on i suppose lol. No matter how aggravated i may seem, I still come back and read the updates, and get upset over how much i want it. Hold strong guys, take our criticism with a grain of salt and shove the most amazing game down our throats to shut us up ;P

    16. NostalgiCO Creator on

      @Doc: Cryamore will be distributed solely digitally under Atlus! There are no plans to release physical copies via retail. For the KS edition physical PC copies, that's a special thing for Kickstarter backers only, and will not be sold retail.

      @Cerzel: Voice acting/directing remains under our control! All the actors we've highlighted thus far are retaining their roles, and Chris Niosi will still be directing them for the game. If anything, Atlus' only job is to help make sure the quality of the audio is top-notch.

      @Daniel: Mayyyybe... :)

      @Everyone else: Thanks so much! We're happy that you're just as excited about this as we are! It's happening!

    17. Doc O'Malley on

      First things first, "You will be free to switch your initial platform preference to whichever choice you like" This is implying it was already chosen.... Where would I have chosen this?

      My one concern: Atlus likes to release everything in physical form. Do you have any plans for this to be in stores? If so, you might want to rethink your physicalist pledge. Though Ive waited long and patiently for the game, I'll be honest; I think this would be a waste of 120 bucks if all i get is the same thing I will probably be able to buy for half the price.

      If you have plans to release a physical copy under Atlus, please start issuing refunds or let us reselect our pledge... 120 bucks to wait for a game that will be 2 years late and ultimately have the same content and benefits as a current atlus game (normally for 40 bucks) that i could pick up at any time.

      I apologize for sounding harsh. I'm truly not trying to be mean. I just paid a good chunk of money 3 years ago with hopes for this game. I still want it. But If i see this hit a shelf, I will feel so screwed over.

    18. Cerzel on

      I'm okay with this just so long as you don't let Atlus have anything to do with the voice acting or voice directing.

    19. Missing avatar

      Brent Augustine on

      A partnership with Atlus is a perfectly beautiful thing!

    20. Marsgreekgod on

      This is way better then I expected. I like atlas and was worried about you streching to far. Glad you can go on! Best of luck and I totally understand. I know how scary game devs can be

    21. Lignum on

      Ooo. I love Atlus. I mean, I'm garbage at most of the games they bring to us, but I still love them.

    22. Matthew W on

      That's awesome, Atlus is a cool company.

    23. Trong on

      Nice, I love Atlus! Would be cool to see some Atlus easter eggs in the arcade. There may be some backlash from changing the game platforms without polling backers, but I much rather have it on current gen consoles myself.

    24. Atarun

      Of all the publishers to partner with, Atlus definitely sounds like THE one for Cryamore. :D

    25. Missing avatar

      Daniel Emmons on

      Any chance of seeing a Jack Frost cameo?

    26. closedsocket on

      Wow! Great update guys! Can't wait to play the game on Xbox one!!!

    27. Cerxi on

      Amazing news, guys! You really deserve it, Cryamore's been dripping with your love and passion for the project since day one, and I'm so glad to know you can safely bring it home, with all the polish it deserves.

    28. Peter Kaszynski on

      This is unexpected. And yet i am not that surprised. Atlus is a very appropriate publisher considering their games and previous titles they have published.

    29. SrBilyon Harris

      Wow, congrats guys! I'm really looking forward to the demo next month!

    30. Lumiere on

      I don't know how I feel about this yet. It was definitely unexpected. Though I've been a long time fan of Atlus.

    31. Vince Vazquez

      Whoa! Great partner there! I like the idea of Atlus picking up some indie efforts every now and then - I like it A LOT. Compared to Citizens of Earth last year, this is an even better choice too :D

      Congratulations on finding such a great partner for this type of game!