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Update #39

Another Development Update!


Greetings to all you would-be cryatists out there! It is time for yet another progress report on how Cryamore is coming along.


It’s been tricky to find much to show lately as a lot of the work done recently has been put towards laying out more of the maps for the Overworld and the “dungeon” areas.

As we may have mentioned in the previous updates, we’re making sure everything is clear and concise with the maps, so that the cleanup process is as smooth as possible once everything is laid out.  In retrospect, it took quite a while, but we noticeably figured that usually there are whole teams devoted to map planning & puzzle design in a comparable game. But we're definitely making it work! Every now and then, we have to go back to some of the maps we’ve completed to make sure everything looks right and sometimes add or take away from them, tweaking things until we feel it’s solid. 

We did just that recently in a Cryamore team meeting where we decided to run through some of the map layouts we’ve made so far. We’re happy to say it’s really going to be a lot to explore as it took us about 15-20 minutes to explain all the rooms and puzzles of just one of the maps. Translated into game-time with the player not knowing the puzzle solutions, exploring each area, running around and fighting mobs, each dungeon could take quite some time to finish. And as we've stated with previous updates, the way to explore will not be strict at all. This will be a rather lengthy game. With the speedy and adaptive abilities we've designed (like the ability above which has not been revealed yet), we're also making sure levels and areas are tweaked as well for speed-running too, at the best we can. 

While we ran through the areas, we made sure each puzzle wasn’t too hard or too easy, as well as scaling the difficulty appropriately. We tried to make some of the obstacles the player face accept multiple solutions so just like Esmy, you’ll have to use your head a little and experiment between different abilities or gameplay methods.


Before we got started on fleshing out the backgrounds though, we were working on designs and animations for some of the baddies that Esmy will encounter throughout her adventures. Here are few work-in-progress silhouettes of a few:


We’re going to be reworking how the Butcherknife (sword) attacks work. Its swings were inconsistent since North & South are a sweeping slash while East & West has Esmy slashing downward instead.

The guide above should help provide a better idea of how the swings will work. The green arcs give an estimate of how wide the sword’s hitbox should be. We really want Cryamore’s combat to be as enjoyable as the other aspects of the game so we feel reworking the current sword attacks is important.

We’ve also decided to make the weapon you choose visible at all times. Shown above are the first batch of weapons, the Butcherknife (sword), Pizzaxe (axe), Javelink (spear) and Megadart (crossbow). This should help you feel a bit more of an attachment to your weapon of choice as you go through your adventure with it.

Another tweak to gameplay we’re working to implement is being able to cast certain abilities while running. Not all of your abilities will work with this as some require channeling like Rock Drill and Cubic Ice but other abilities like Spitfyre should now be more useful as you can run and gun to your hearts content (or until your EP runs out…) While running, with some abilities, you sacrifice precision even though casting is instantaneous, compared to neutral/idle casting, which takes about 3 frames to initiate.


No, we're not having a breakdown! It's just a breakdown of where we're currently at! Overall, Cryamore is still far from finished but we’re constantly making progress in all the fields.


Most of the programming for the game’s core has been set a long while back by Ryan and Brandon. We can easily add new things as we see fit, monster sprites, assign a behavior to them, their drops & attacks, event-threading, and cutscene creation. What remains of the programming is working on some core combat tweaking, special AI for bosses, shops, map checking, and playtesting (a LOT of playtesting, which will lead to fishing for bugs… but we're sure you all will help us out in that regard when that time comes).


Music and sound are worked on as we go along. Aivi bases the music she makes on what the environments look like so as to make sure everything fits the feel of the area nicely, the same goes with sound as Surasshu bases the SFX on what the character looks like and how they’re animated, as well as how each ability effect is designed and animated.


Rob, Alan, Judy and JC have the designs halfway done as all the major characters are fleshed out already. The other half consists of certain NPCs designs ranging from people, critters and bosses along with gathering all the backer NPC designs and making sure they’re all set with what they want before we make concepts of them as denizens of Noka Island and then Rob and Alan can convert them to pixel sprites. 


Rob and Alan have the backgrounds nearing about 75% completion also as the laying out of the various dungeons and Overworld are coming to a close. There are still interiors of buildings in Ghilcrest and the Settlements but the only concern with those are making them pretty. After that it’s all cleanup, color and slicing of elements to layer them in the game, which is a rather brisk process in itself. For example, a whole area/dungeon can take about a little over a week to draw, color, and add into the game itself.


The animations may not look like they’ve had much progress yet but once the backgrounds are ready for cleaning, Rob, Alan and Chris will get back to animating the many creatures and effects in the game.


While the story and plot of Cryamore is set already, the script still needs a lot of work. If you’ve played an RPG before, you should know the amount of dialogue present in them. Rob and Chris head the script with the rest of the team around to help brainstorm when needed. As we add the character sprites into the game we can further work on the extra bits of the supporting dialogue (which includes backer NPCs).


There may not be much dialogue recorded yet for the game but the progress shown indicates the voice talents that have been set already. As the script is finalized, we can begin voice acting (which will be directed by Chris) and then apply the recordings into the game easily.


We've been feeling a bit down on ourselves while working that we have not been able to reach our original goal, but we've come to admit to ourselves that our original goal was quite optimistic with a game of this caliber and depth. With that said, we have to change the original March release date to TBD, but we're still making substantial progress to the game each day. Apologies are in order, but we will continue to do our best to keep you all updated as usual!

Also, we're finalizing the revamped site with the new preorder system/widget from Humble Store, and we will definitely have an update when that goes live!

Also, you know we can't let you read an update without leaving you with a bit of musical love! Here's the groovy and moody theme to the Phantom Marshes at night, when all the big baddies come out and jam to beating poor Esmy up! Enjoy! (Don't worry about us spoiling you too much with music, we have so much more where this is coming from.)

 Until next time! 

-NostalgiCO Team

Update #38

New Year For You All, Same Kinda Day For Us!

Guest Illustration preview by Alex Ahad
Guest Illustration preview by Alex Ahad

WOOOO! It is 2014!!! We wish that everyone had a hyper-safe holiday season these past few weeks! We don't have a lot to share on today's update, but we'll give you a general rundown as to how things are progressing. A lot of text coming up!


Terrestrial Woods Layout
Terrestrial Woods Layout

We haven't made much progress since our last informational update in terms of content creation. Alan and Rob are still tweaking things in the game's design before moving on to creating art assets again. Design should never be taken lightly; the outcome of it can either make or break the game; it also leaves us mentally exhausted every day, although its very fun! (Though we'd prefer just making sprites and backgrounds in a perfect world.) We feel before we move on to getting back to creating animations and environmental assets, we want to make sure that everything is 100% solid so we're not forced to make changes later down the road. 

The issue here is that we can't just design one area, finish it and then move on to designing a new area, finish that, and rinse and repeat, as much as we'd like to. Since this kind of game has no "stages", we have to design on a broader scale and all elements of the world need to rely properly on each other. One error in design and it can break the whole flow of the game. The other issue is that we want to show stuff but can't relatively show much without spoiling it, since Cryamore is pretty story-driven. 

We're close to finishing and laying out each area, however. Once everything is throughly checked, we can get back to work and making the gameplay solid and visuals pretty. We're finally zeroing in on this, and we reckon that in about another week, we'll be finished with this phase of development and can finally start showcasing more actual fun things to whet your appetite again.

Programming Side of Things

The greatest news here is that we've figured a lot of the more complex problems out, and since Cryamore is a relatively huge game, that is what has taken up most of our time; figuring out the most proficient method(s) to making the rest of the game. A lot of what you've played in that GDC demo has been scrapped and reworked from the ground up, to be better. 

Cryamore utilizes what we call a "World Object Hierarchy", where each object in the game has its own unique ID. Our system can call to each of these IDs and can be manipulated via our other systems. It gives us a way to maintain the state of our scenes (rooms/areas in the game) and the world objects within them (What doors have been opened? How many monsters and what variations of them have been killed? What shop is open at this or that time? What switches have been pressed? What puzzles have been solved? etc.). We don't have to manage and keep track of an index of system checks ourselves for each different scenario, puzzle, item, and cutscene. Each object has its own ID we can just reference through any other system. If this is confusing, we apologize, but basically this just means that level, event, and content creation will be a breeze from here on out.

We also pulled an additional programmer, Felipe Ramos, to help out on the more lighter systems we still need to code in, like shops and AI (of which AI is his forte!) Welcome, Felipe! But as a whole, things are going smoothly in this area. We also can't champion Unity enough, as it has made a lot of things easy thus far and we're not looking anywhere else when it comes to game development. 

Gameplay Queries

We also want to get some input from our backers and our audience as a whole. If you can answer or give your thoughts to the following questions, we'd greatly appreciate it. It'll help give us further thought as we're finalizing this aspect of the game's development. 

  • Do you prefer to have a bit of control when it comes to directing your narrative or do you not care? How much do you weigh "choice"?
  • We're following a puzzle system to where a puzzle progresses the game indirectly (in the later parts of the game, as the second half of the game is completely non-linear). If you're stuck on a puzzle, you can leave and go to a different area, and come back and try again later. With that said, how frustrating do you find difficult puzzles? Does it turn you off from a game? Do you like the challenge? 
  • How meticulous are you when it comes to management? For example, we have our Fatigue system, Cryamore Currency Exchange system, and Ability (Learning and Organizing) system to manage, all at once. Do you find this overwhelming, or do you welcome it?

Please note that we do not cater to a general populous as we've set out to do what we've already lined out, but we do take these kinda viewpoints into account, and will help us make necessary changes to our game if the need arises! 

What's This?


Certainly something we can't say much on! We've posted this little tiny snippet on our dev blog a bit back, and we'll let you guys speculate as to what it could be. =)

With all that's said in this post, we're coming up close to a full year since we've launched our Kickstarter, and we're no where near to where we thought we'd be at this time. We call it ignorance, as we've never made a game of this scale before and our estimates were off. But alas, Ignorance is Bliss! We're not too worried about it since we still have a firm hold on everything! Things are finally going to pick up a constant speed, and as much as we'd like to hit the end of March for near-completion, it's probably not going to happen. We apologize in advance for those who were looking forward to the game's completion closing in around that time. However, as we move further along, you will continue to be in the know as always, and a lot more often than it has been now that things are speeding up!

We end this update with a new piece of music from Aivi!

Remember to follow our dev blog for more content and our Facebook, and continue to share the word! 

Another thing: we've been getting a literal storm of emails and messages from those who have found our Kickstarter late and would like to show their support for the game. Please know that we definitely would appreciate that you want to help out any way you can, but we're focused on the game and haven't found time to set up a method for you to contribute yet. But it will be up soon and we will definitely announce when you're able to preorder the game!

Again, here's to a great 2014! We're personally pretty excited ourselves over here. =)

-NostalgiCO Team

Update #37

Cryamore World Design, Part 1


As many of you may have seen from the recent update, progress involving hammering out the entirety of Noka Island along with its various interiors have been underway.

The Little Bit We’re Showing You Of The Overworld, Noka Island
The Little Bit We’re Showing You Of The Overworld, Noka Island

So what exactly goes into our process of designing the world of Cryamore?

Well, the first step we took from the very beginning was to assign the various elements to a “dungeon”. Then we decided on the placement in Noka Island along with the location the town of Ghilcrest would be in.

We then made a list of all the important collectibles (Ingredients, Cryamore Catalysts, HP/EP upgrades, etc.) and mini-bosses. From there we distributed the collectibles and minibosses to specific dungeons or the overworld.

List of Every Cryamore Catalyst in the Game to learn Abilities
List of Every Cryamore Catalyst in the Game to learn Abilities
Ingredient List
Ingredient List

Then begins the tricky part of the process for us. We had to decide on what abilities will be readily available to the player during certain parts of the game. We split the abilities into multiple sections like attack types, shield types or context types and made sure there was one group of abilities that would be the core set you’d need to finish the game as quick as possible (though you won’t see everything this way and would be far from 100% completion).

After that process, we then have to plot out various puzzles for each dungeon that lead to the various collectibles or minibosses we’ve assigned which we dubbed as “SUB” puzzles for collectibles that are more for 100% completion, “SIDE” puzzles to for collectibles that help you get the “SUB” collectibles and the “MAIN” path of puzzles that just get you through the area and advance the story.

Yes. This is the full progression of the game right above. It’s lengthy.
Yes. This is the full progression of the game right above. It’s lengthy.

All that was just on documentation though. After that lengthy process, we then moved onto laying it out in design. Ghilcrest’s exterior is nearly complete as many of you may have pieced together from previous screenshots, it just needs a good bit of detailing for that extra polish.

Northern Section of the Overworld, Again.
Northern Section of the Overworld, Again.

The Overworld is split up into blocks of areas just to give us a better measurement of scale. Each block is about 3.5 in-game screens in size, which averages to about 4000x4000 sections of area to traverse. That’s actually really expansive than the norm for a game like Cryamore. The blocks also help us divide parts of the world into sections that can fit a more area-based approach with the map (i.e. A Link to the Past) but also having the option to accommodate a more seamless style of world via asynchronous loading.

Along the way we place collectibles in the overworld and think of various obstacles the player must overcome to get them, whether it be using an ability, just exploring the area, fighting a miniboss or a combination of all three.

Rime Rapids Map
Rime Rapids Map

Dungeons as mentioned above have a guide we can follow already since we documented puzzles for each one.

The dungeon design process involves us laying out a grid of blocks and then outlining the main path the player must take to reach the end of the dungeon where they’ll fight a boss. We then start placing the puzzles we documented in various sections of the main path and create side-paths along the way that lead to other obstacles and collectibles. Sometimes we may add or subtract a few more obstacles along the way, making sure to always question ourselves whether something is pointlessly difficult or ridiculously easy which can be hard when you have the visible solution in front of you always.

Sometimes we even get confused with our own puzzles, but it is the most satisfying element of game design.

Throughout this all, we also have to be aware of the lore we’ve set up for Cryamore. We can’t have that many manmade obstacles or treasure chests as the humans who settled into Noka Island haven’t been there that long to create such things. What’s more, many of our dungeons are more part of the environment than a built structure like temples or actual “dungeons”.

The limitations definitely make designing a puzzle and the world quite challenging.

On the next part, we’ll give a bit more in-depth look into how we’ve drawn and illustrated the backgrounds and assets and put them in the game, which should be an informational post regarding how we use Unity for our development.

-NostalgiCO Team

Update #36

Voice Actors - Site and Store - Esmy Figure - World Map and Locations


Hey, fellow Cryatists! It's time for a new update!

First off, we feel that you guys are really anxious about this game! We wanted to let you know that we are too! We're working tirelessly at creating Cryamore, making sure it's everything we (and hopefully you) want it to be. With that said, we're so happy and thankful that you guys are continuing to be very supportive of our work on this game, and please know that it doesn't go unnoticed by us here at NostalgiCO. With that said, this general update is sorta meaty, and is also being given amidst a lot of big development updates, so we'll break this in pieces!

By the way, that above image is a cropped peek at a guest gallery image for the artbook by Caleb Thomas! Check his other work out! Yup, the artbook is still going to be a thing! 

Acting with Voices!

We have the first set of voice actors ready for the main cast of the game!

We're very excited to be working with an incredible cast of actors on Cryamore. You've heard a bit of our heroes in the Kickstarter video and if you've played the old demo, but now we're ready to reveal a bigger chunk of the main cast!

Esmyrelda Maximus - Erica Mendez (Pac-Man & the Ghostly Adventures, Heroes of Newerth, Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic)

Braxton Barson - Marianne Miller (Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Snow Queen, Avalon Code)

Bliss Barson - Kimlinh Tran (Skullgirls, Dust: An Elysian Tail, Stick it to the Man)

Déséret Amoir - Eileen Montgomery (A Hat in Time, Dust: An Elysian Tail, Apotheon)

Sorbet La Carelle - Miranda Gauvin (Blackwell Deception, Primordia, The Journey Down: Over the Edge)

Bagel Ameli - Micah Solusod (Wolf Children, Jisei, Soul Eater)

Chief Geophilus Silvershark - Mick Lauer (Yu-Gi-Oh! ZeXal, Dust: An Elysian Tail, Not the Robots!)

Engracia Maximus - Laura Post (League of Legends, World of Warcraft, Pokemon Origins)

Easton Maximus - Joshua Tomar (Skullgirls, League of Legends, Sword Art Online)

Riot - Daman Mills (Castle Dracula, Super Ubie Land)

Fité zo Rala - Kyle Hebert (Street Fighter 4, Dragonball Z, Gurren Lagann)

Look forward to hearing this amazing group of talent in Cryamore; there are many more characters to be announced, too!

This also means that we're going to begin on dialogue/event writing really soon, which is pretty important stuff, yeah? Can't have an action RPG with lousy story/events! Don't forget that you can catch up on all the character backstory on our Facebook page currently!

Site Update …Update.

As we said in our last update, our main Official Cryamore site is being reworked and will be live really soon, where it will be the definitive place to get the skinny on current news and preorder the game with help from our friends over at Humble Store! 

We're also prepping our pitch to finally throw on Steam Greenlight so we can rally support for Cryamore on Steam soon!


Our Official Cryamore store is live! Though there's not much there right now, there will definitely be more merchandise in the upcoming future! When visiting that link, you also might notice that there are just figures for now. Speaking of figures…


9.5" 1/7 Scale Esmy Vinyl Statue
9.5" 1/7 Scale Esmy Vinyl Statue

That's right, she's complete and is jumping into full production, along with her little sister Bliss! These are actual photos of the master figure.

With that said, for those who missed the figures during our campaign, we have a few left for grabs! Very small few, in fact. With that said, this is the only time this run is being made for these figures. So if you so desire one of these ladies (or both of them if you're a big Cryamore collector), now would be the chance!

Now, moving on to some of the stuff involving the actual game:


Let's see, we don't want to spoil much in this area… So here's a bit of inside info. 

We're currently finalizing the Overworld Map!

Northern Section of the Overworld
Northern Section of the Overworld

That tiny orange dot surrounded by the red box right at the bottom is our ginger-haired hero! And this is only the directly North section of the map! So we think it's safe to say that this game is going to be absolutely huge, from an independent standpoint.

Ghilcrest is also nearly complete. These are in-game screenshots. The world of Cryamore is finally becoming more lively! What, you thought Esmy was going to be trudging through dark caves the whole game? Finally, a tease of the town lift, which takes you to the eastern section of the island/overworld:

Here are a few more environment layouts, specifically the Terrestrial Woods

We tend to think our method of showcasing our layouts is pretty boring though, so we hope you've got a pretty good idea out of this location stuff!

New Music Time!

Speaking of the woods, you can relax while listening to the night time theme for it, by Aivi! 

She and Surasshu have been absolutely slamming the music! There's so much we want to share that we can't even do so (you obviously have to wait for the game release for most of the really good stuff)! Also, they've been recently working on the new show Steven Universe! So you can listen to more of their music there in the meantime!

We should probably stop things here; there is definitely a lot left to show and tell about. Our next update will include a new webplayer build, allowing you to walk around Ghilcrest, and probably a few areas in the Overworld! As well as an update on some enemy designs! In addition, Alan and Rob want to get back to making more informational posts regarding how the game is being created and developed, so be on the lookout for that!

Don't forget to keep sharing Cryamore with others and liking us on Facebook and staying in tune with our official Tumblr!

Until the next update! <3

In other news, Zelda: A Link Between Worlds is absolutely amazing, don't you agree? :)

-NostalgiCO Crew

Update #35

General Dev Update - Refining Combat - First Look at Bliss' Prototype - New Music!

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It's been a couple of months since the last update, so we want to say a few things to get you caught up on things!


Development has slowed down a tad bit over the past month or so as a few team members had to take on some work on the side, move, etc., but now we're back at it full force! During that time, we ended up taking a step back and looking at how we can improve the game and a few of its main elements... most specifically, combat. We have gotten quite a lot of feedback from the community regarding it, and combat continues to be the number one concern.

So this was our dilemma: How can we make what we already have more punchier and immersive while keeping the same mechanics (Seiken Densetsu 2/Secret of Evermore-style) into the base system? This is what we've done:

Esmy's Movement and Overall Feel: Esmy is a lot more snappier than what you've witnessed beforehand. She strikes a bit faster, and covers a bit more ground on her run. It's a fine balance, she's not too fast in that some mobs can still gain the upper hand, but she's not too slow in that you'd get bored trudging through environments. Some mobs will still require buffs through abilities or items to gain the upper hand on, even with this new movement fluidity.

This obviously makes the game more fun to control and move around. It's much more fast paced, beginning to feel like its own game instead of mimicking another fully.

But we didn't stop there.

Meet the Drive Gauge.

 A lot of you requested some kinda combo system, and we really were considering it, but just didn't know how to execute it. We wanted to keep things strategic enough, but not make the game mash-friendly. But we figured it out and we're proud to announce that Cryamore will have a gauge to make combat a bit more interesting than what you've expected before! Here's how it works: 

To initiate the Drive Gauge (which isn't always visible onscreen), a couple of requirements must be met. First, you have to have 100% of Stamina ready (which if you can remember, is the gauge right below Esmy's status picture), meaning a full gauge. You also can't be fatigued (for instance, Esmy needs to get regular sleep. If she gets tired throughout a day, she becomes fatigued, limiting how much damage her attacks can take and stamina to fill up). Also, the Drive Gauge isn't available in the beginning of the game. It's unlocked after you initialize your chosen weapon to Lvl. 1.

When you hold the Drive button down, you initiate a charge up sequence on your stamina bar. You are able to move while charging, albeit slower. Once you ready your position and release the button and connect the first hit, up comes the gauge.

Afterwards, the meter will begin to fill and you will have to time each hit right where the "MAX" symbol is in order to keep the combo going. With each successful hit, the meter's refill speed increases, making it increasingly difficult to keep the combo going. The actual moves for each hit will look something akin to this:

...and we have all kinda attacks in store. Higher levels will allow you to be able to attack enemies around you instead of the ones directly in front of you on certain hits. And the attacks will be different based on the weapon you use. For instance, we can make Brass Knuckles do more hits per timing, or the Axe go alternate directions and hit enemies coming up from behind you, etc., all having different timing patterns on the Drive Gauge. 

A few things to note about this mechanic: 

  • Again, combos are not available right at the beginning of the game, and the amount of hits that are able to be done will be limited and be progressively unlocked as the game moves along. When you activate levels on your weapon, (Weapon on Lvl. 1), then combos will be available. For instance, a Lvl. 1 sword will only be able to do up to 4 hits, and that ends the combo. Sword Lvl. 2 can do up to 10 hits, Lvl. 3 up to 20 hits, 4, 30; and Max Lvl, an infinite number of hits. But having your weapon on a higher level does not at all make it easier to do combos, it makes it tougher. Why?
  • Each Lvl. will add a 25% "margin" to the meter. For instance, initiating the combo meter with a Lvl. 2 Weapon will start the meter at the 25 mark each refill on hit. Lvl. 3, 50 mark, etc. Essentially making it harder to keep the combo going because you'll have to time better. Of course, a Maxed-out weapon will allow you to do combos more easily, getting right into it. But it won't be a cakewalk to Max out your weapon anyway. A nice reward for those who do stick with it. 
  • Esmy will not have any invincible frames during a combo, so she can get knocked out of it easily. You also can't cancel a combo swing out by moving or doing an ability. The specific strike animation must finish.
  • Combos act out either East or West (left-to-right or right-to-left), meaning you have to position yourself properly to have a good effect. As stated earlier, some hits can hit in other directions depending on the level/weapon.
  • If you get the mark on the red area before the "MAX" line (OK!), your hit will still connect, but with very little damage, allowing you to keep the string going. If hitting the red area after the "MAX" line (MEH!), you will completely whiff the attack, but you will still have a chance at keeping the combo going. If you stop the mark in the black before that area or the dark red after the area, you will "Bail" the attack (OOPS!), leaving Esmy vulnerable for about 2 seconds. Obviously, hitting the nail right on the head will land you a "PERFECT!" with top damage. 
  • If you see an enemy coming and need to exit out the Drive Sequence, just miss the timing completely. That will safely get you back to moving.
  • The Total Damage count specifies how much DPH (damage per hit) you're doing on each connect, and that includes multiple enemies. Mob count will get progressively higher as the game moves along, but you're not locked into doing a combo on only one enemy. You can hit multiple enemies in a combo (though it doesn't affect your actual hit count).

We're pretty excited for this mechanic, and we're sure you all will love it. And the beauty of it is that it's not mandatory, letting you choose to play the game how you want to play it. 


Here, have a look at them! These are not finals, and some tweaks still need to be made, but the world of Cryamore has gotten a bit more colorful already since their inclusion!


Yes, her Prototype's complete and... well, just check her out for yourself:

These are not 3D images, these are actual photos. Esmy's being finished up currently and is right around the corner! 

And for those who missed out before but wanted to jump in on the figure bandwagon, please, don't worry! We will make an update when they're ready for preordering.

That's about it! 

Our next update will consist of some new abilities to showcase that you haven't yet seen, as well a few other things! We want to get back to having regular updates with our community, and we will! Also, all the surveys that we need now for production have already been sent out, and most of you have filled them out! Thanks so much for being quick on that! As for the rest of ya, get to it! We need that info! >:O

We leave tonight's update with a few pieces of music to ease the mood! Until next update! <3

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    PIANIST'S PLEDGE: You get all previous Rewards, PLUS a Limited Kickstarter Exclusive Physical Copy of the Game's 40+ song 2-Disc Soundtrack-- booklet and all, signed by Aivi herself! (Signatures only on this pledge offer.)

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    Add $12 USD to ship outside the US
  • Pledge $70 or more
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    272 backers Limited (196 left of 468)

    STEAM PUNK'S PLEDGE: You get all previous Rewards, PLUS KICKSTARTER-ONLY Physical Version of the game, including a special Cryamore-Yellow case and 20-page full color instruction booklet (with a special message in each one)! (Physical Version on this pledge only!!!)

    Estimated delivery:
    Add $15 USD to ship outside the US
  • Pledge $100 or more
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    202 backers Limited (98 left of 300)

    CRYATIST'S PLEDGE: You get all previous Rewards, PLUS a copy of a Limited Kickstarter Exclusive Hardcover Art Book published by UDON Entertainment! It will feature exclusive guest art from top-tier illustrators, TONS of concept & game art, and assets from the game; signed by Rob and Alan! (Signatures only on this pledge offer.)

    Estimated delivery:
    Add $15 USD to ship outside the US
  • Pledge $115 or more
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    34 backers Limited (16 left of 50)

    PROTAGONIST'S PLEDGE: Digital Copy of Game + Limited Kickstarter Exclusive 9-inch, Resin-casted figurine of the intellectual Esmy, manufactured by the fine folks at Gensen Figure! (Add-On Pledge; doesn't include previous rewards.)

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    Add $20 USD to ship outside the US
  • Pledge $115 or more
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    14 backers Limited (36 left of 50)

    FASHIONISTA'S PLEDGE: Limited Kickstarter Exclusive 9-inch, Resin-casted figurine of the darling Bliss, manufactured by the fine folks at Gensen Figure! (Add-On Pledge; doesn't include previous rewards.)

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    Add $20 USD to ship outside the US
  • Pledge $120 or more
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    161 backers Limited (89 left of 250)

    PHYSICALIST'S PLEDGE: You get all previous Rewards, PLUS KICKSTARTER-ONLY Physical Version of the game, including a special Cryamore-Yellow case and 20-page full color instruction booklet! (Physical Version on this pledge only!!!)

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    Add $18 USD to ship outside the US
  • Pledge $150 or more
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    25 backers All gone!

    TAILOR'S PLEDGE: You get all previous Rewards (not including Protagonist/Fashionista Pledges), PLUS an Original 11x17 in. Marker Illustration of Esmyrelda or Bliss in ANY requested outfit of your choice, signed by Rob himself! (No NSFW requests, please.)

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    Add $17 USD to ship outside the US
  • Pledge $250 or more
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    45 backers Limited (55 left of 100)

    MASTER CRYATIST'S PLEDGE: You get all previous Rewards (not including Tailor's Pledge), PLUS BOTH Limited Kickstarter Exclusive 9-inch, Resin-casted figurines of Esmy and Bliss, sculpted by the fine folks at Gensen Figure! BEST-valued pledge offer!

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  • Pledge $270 or more
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    103 backers Limited (147 left of 250)

    LEGENDARY CRYATIST'S PLEDGE: You get all previous Rewards (not including Tailor's Pledge), PLUS KICKSTARTER-ONLY Physical Version of the game, including a special Cryamore-Yellow case and 20-page full color instruction booklet! (Physical Version on this pledge only!!!)

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    Add $40 USD to ship outside the US
  • Pledge $600 or more
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    4 backers Limited (1 left of 5)

    CREEPER'S PLEDGE: You get ALL previous Rewards, PLUS Design your own rare elemental monster with a basic attack, and we'll add it in game! Also, bragging rights in the credits.

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    Add $40 USD to ship outside the US
  • Pledge $750 or more
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    7 backers Limited (3 left of 10)

    EGOTIST'S PLEDGE: You get ALL previous Rewards (not including Creeper's Pledge), PLUS yourself or original character as an NPC that actually lives in Ghilcrest, you self-obsessed person, you! Also, bragging rights in the credits.

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    Add $40 USD to ship outside the US
  • Pledge $1,200 or more
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    6 backers Limited (6 left of 12)

    FUNDAMENTALIST'S PLEDGE: You get EVERYTHING above (excluding CREEPER, EGOTIST, & QUESTER pledges) PLUS an inclusion of yourself or an original character in the game as a randomly selected Main Shop NPC that Esmy is REQUIRED to work with throughout the course of the game! (The NPC list is Elementalist, Smith, Inventory Clerk, Innkeeper, Information Broker, Linguist, Nutritionist, Cafe Chef, Seamstress, Midway Owner, Contractor, and Instructor!)

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    Add $40 USD to ship outside the US
  • Pledge $1,500 or more
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    4 backers Limited (1 left of 5)

    MASTER QUESTER'S PLEDGE: You get ALL previous Rewards (not including Creeper/Egotist Pledges), PLUS create a small side-quest story, working discreetly with Alan and Rob to make it happen! Also, bragging rights in the credits. (US Only)

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