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Whaddaya get when you blend obsolete Steampunk with Zelda, Secret of Mana, & Megaman?
An Action-RPG focused on exploration, deep puzzles, and a mystical story.
An Action-RPG focused on exploration, deep puzzles, and a mystical story.
5,909 backers pledged $242,309 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Chris Kennedy on July 13

      Just saying HI. As with others I am not sure if I have commented 'how's it going; update please' on this [as with other projects I have supported] & seeing if it is still an active/viable project. Hope this are still going forward, even at a snails pace. 8-bit-ish games are still popular, so this could still succeed. Cheers.

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      Sharan Chandran on July 8

      Hi, what's going on with the game? I know you're now of the stance that you don't have to provide a target release date due to being contractually unable to by a publisher... but then I simply ask that you get a rep from the publisher to provide a formal response to our inquiries.

      Keeping us in the dark like this is incredibly counterproductive. You and your publisher must realize that. I'm shocked they haven't mentioned anything on their site or even at E3 about the partnership.

      Please just talk to us. We're worried about the state of the game.

    3. Jon Shelky
      on July 7

      Falling behind on updates again

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      John Adams on June 11

      Have they sent out any of the digital pledge stuff like the high res wallpapers? I haven't ever gotten it so I didn't know if I just missed the email or never got it

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      Kytes on June 8

      Are you guys ever going to update your website? I feel like this is a good central location to place all of your updates, so people would not ask questions you've already answered...

    6. Charles Figel on May 28

      What will come out - first this or Mighty No. 9?

    7. Missing avatar

      Daniel Bentley on April 28

      "The creator is solely responsible for fulfilling the promises made in their project. If they’re unable to satisfy the terms of this agreement, they may be subject to legal action by backers."

    8. Missing avatar

      Daniel Bentley on April 28

      @Cyanide actually, per KickStarter's terms of use, it IS a promise to actually finish a funded project.

      "When a project is successfully funded, the creator must complete the project and fulfill each reward. "

    9. PersonaSpace on April 27

      Social media update: Rob making some good points about artists work and the Cryamore Twitter saying they'll make an update when they have time,

    10. Missing avatar

      Kytes on April 12

      There is not, and nary a word from them in over a month.

    11. Michael J Pierce @ Isometric Robot on April 9

      Hey checking in! Is there a playable demo for backers?

    12. Cyanide on April 5

      and yes, I know that Kickstarter is not a job, nor is it a promise to actually finish a funded product or mean that a funded product needs to be completed as there is no contractual obligation.

      However, in Cryamore's case they are now being published by a company and therefore I look at this Kickstarter differently than others.

    13. Cyanide on April 5

      I don't know if NostaligCo, or Rob, reads this but I'm gonna put this out there and then I'll stop flooding this section with negativity.

      You know, we're not complaining because we're trying to be jerks about this whole thing. Especially myself, I'm complaining because I genuinely have a problem with the fact that you've chosen to not be vocal when you've said, numerous times, that you want to and that you plan on it. It's not about over-anticipating or expecting you to fully keep your word. Changes happen, real life happens, but it becomes suspect when you change things without notifying people and continuously go back on your word. I enjoyed some of Peter Molyneux's games, but I don't believe a single thing he says before they come out. People, generally, aren't stupid. We understand sacrifices must be made, and creating something isn't an easy process. There will always be issues, complications, and so forth.

      What we do have a problem with is when things are handled like how Cryamore has been. Last minute changes to something without any prior notification or explanation. Claiming that you plan on doing something and then not doing it. Disappearing for large periods of time and ignoring questions posed by your backers. Not understanding why a project estimated at the release time it was, at the build it was at, is running into so many complications. We don't know because we don't have access to this information. If we actually were better informed, we'd be a lot more understanding, compassionate and willing to cheer you on. Silence isn't something that can be enjoyed in cases like this.

      It's fine to be ambitious, it's why we supported this project! However, this is a project you were paid to complete. No matter how you felt about this project it is a job and will be treated by people surrounding you as such. You will be held to a higher standard, especially when you received over 400% of your budgeted expenses, and expected to be either on time or at least give us some understanding as to what's going on. Ifvyou fail to meet your own standards you will be called out on it. We know full well Kickstarter policy and we know that you are doing this in your spare time. However, YOU gave us information that YOU have failed to meet and as such we are responding to it. You made these choices, not us.

      All you need to do is look at my own post history. I was highly encouraging of Cryamore during the first several years, and was more than understanding and supportive of any delays and issues. However, when they kept happening and little to no information was divulged I got tired of it because it was the same thing, over and over. Your backers didn't choose to get impatient, or act entitled, they reached a limit of where they got fed up with how things were being handled.

      I put down a lot of money on this project because I believed in the idea, the ambition and wanted to see if it went somewhere. I don't care about getting my money back, nor do I regret it. I'm glad I was able to support this. However, it doesn't change that I also have the right to call you guys out on how poorly this Kickstarter has been handled. We expected you to be far more professional, and we were more than understanding through months of silence and promises made to be more active and to keep us informed only to go back on them again and again.

      I'd like nothing more than to eat my own words and be proven how wrong I was. I'm really hoping I can do just that later on this year.

    14. PersonaSpace on April 5

      So I looked at Rob's Twitter account and recently he retweeted a bunch of tweets complaining about the pressures of open game development. I just find it amusing given the current state of things.

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      Richard Wojtaszak on April 4

      trong, I do not think that the partnership that these two company's have is anything to worry about as far as we all know.

      Is there any new news on the front of the game ?. Its been over 4 months :P

    16. Trong on April 2

      Does the Sega-Atlus relationship affect Cryamore in any way?

    17. Doc O'Malley on March 26

      Yknow how easy it would be to hire someone to keep in contact with backers? Pretty damn easy.
      Quarter of a million dollars (180 thousand more than requested) and for some ungodly reason they cant make any notable progress or keep in contact with the people who coughed up that money.
      Sadly I will keep coming back to check how much longer ill be disappointed. Not everyday you get robbed like this yknow? It's almost laughable how we can hand over so much of our hard earned money to a "company" that cant even produce a demo of their "Game" even 2 years after its original release date.

      Im willing to bet that the money is all gone if anything.

    18. Cyanide on March 24

      @John Adams They've been saying it should be released Q3 2016. However, I'd be surprised if we even get any access to a demo or any real heads up on major changes or cuts that will most likely happen to this game to hit that projected release date based upon how progress has been in the past three years.

      It's kind of pathetic when a Kickstarter developer from another project comes on here and is more active than they are. That's not even mentioning that this other Kickstater has more progress reports, an actual game to play around with and are completely transparent with the community. and it appears to be just one person.

      I'd be genuinely shocked if NostalgiCO stays in the gaming business after this, as they have atrocious scope creep for managing their product and horrendous communication with their consumers.

      I feel bad for being harsh about it, but I also can't feel remorse because they've continuously show that they have no regard for their backers or no desire to inquire from us before making major changes that we funded their development based on. So, why should I be supportive of them when there is no reciprocation?

    19. Missing avatar

      ragter on March 24

      @John Adams to be fair, it's almost certainly going to be released sometime now that they've partnered up with Atlus. It's only a matter of time at this point.

    20. Missing avatar

      John Adams on March 24

      lol I forgot I had backed this game OVER 3 YEARS AGO! and came to check on the status and then laughed when I looked at my pledge and it said estimated delivery march 2014

    21. Missing avatar

      Greg DeVries on March 23

      Holy lack of updates, Batman!

    22. Trong on March 20

      Once a backer pledges a tier, the creator is unable to modify the tier's text.

      If I remembered correctly, the $120 should be getting the artbook, it's listed as "You get all previous rewards". The exception being the add-on tiers (the figures) don't count as a previous reward.

    23. Cyanide on March 20

      It looks like the art book pledge is still listed on there @ 100, so I'm assuming that will be combined with and they just simply took it out to avoid redundancy. Or so I'd wager to guess.

    24. Cyanide on March 20

      The Pledge tiers on the right hand side of the main page no longer have any art books listed, and as of September 2015 they said that they were still doing art books with no other updates or noted tweets that would mention else wise. Not that I could find, anyways.

      This is a bit confusing. The detailed rewards show the Limited Edition art book still being featured, so I don't know why the list on the right would be changed to what was already suppose to be included with the physical release copy yet the detailed descriptions and as of Sept 2015 still mention it. Was this always this way, or has this been a more recent change?

      Either way, I made a physical note for the gathered information here (

      It'd also be nice if we could get some information on what's going on with the demo and where Cryamore is at too.

    25. Fredrick R. Davidson III on March 20

      I notice there has been a change in the Physicalist's Pledge. It now only shows a 20 page instruction booklet when the pledge originally included an Art Book. Has the Art book been discontinued ? :( ($120 just for the game with no art book ?). Sorry if I missed something that was reported before.

    26. Austin Smith on March 13

      @ragter I believe surveys will be sent closer to it's release. That's normally how kickstarters go.

    27. Missing avatar

      ragter on March 11

      Not sure if this will be seen by you guys, given how infrequently you update (even on the Twitter someone linked), but it's been years now and I can't remember, what's the situation with the physical objects for some of the tiers? Are we going to be individually asked, when the game is closer to release, for our addresses and such, since a survey was never sent out initially?

    28. Doc O'Malley on March 4

      We now celebrate the 2 year anniversary of this game not being out yet. Oh joy. Too bad I cant change my order to the figure, cause after 4 years I couldn't care less about getting the physical version... This is assuming that I'll be able to play this game before I croak.

    29. Charles Figel on February 19

      I might have missed this in some long ago update, but is this still being developed for the WiiU as well? Wife got the family one for Christmas and I think if this game ever comes out, it would be a blast to play on that. Not sure my 5 year old integrated graphics laptop can handle much anymore.

    30. Disastercake on February 15

      Thank you so much, Cyanide! That really means the world to me to hear such kind words. I promise to do my best! =D

    31. Cyanide on February 5

      @Disastercake : I sincerely appreciate your professionalism and how quickly you responded to me as well. Perhaps NostalgiCO should consider hiring you for PR, as you've done a fantastic job on your own Kickstarter and should be looked at as a model example of how to be professional and active amongst your backers. It's not only inspiring, but it makes me want to support you as well.

      I wish you the best in your own project!

    32. Disastercake on January 22, 2016

      Makes sense, Cyanide! As a disclaimer, the only person on the Cryamore team i really talked to much was Aivi, and that was because she was making music for Soul Saga (my game) at the time. For Cryamore, I'm just as much of a backer as you are. My comment was merely speaking from experience as an indie developer. =)

      I have faith once things settle down for them, Rob and Alan will take your comments into serious consideration.

      On a side note, I respect that your criticism is well composed and constructive. That's the way good criticism should be made! ^_^

    33. Cyanide on January 19, 2016

      > It can be overwhelming to maintain updates and keep development up simultaneously. They have a lot of really cool stuff on their Twitter if you want to take a look a that!

      I don't mean to sound rude, or to come across as negative as I am very much still excited for this game to be released, but I find things like this to be excuses more than anything else. This may be passable amongst friends, or maybe a project you are doing for fun (like fan translations) but when you've actually been paid to deliver a product in a professional environment this becomes a incredibly poor excuse to justify simply not being able to properly balance priorities.

      Updates were even delegated to a gentleman named Jim ( for an August 4th update, which leads me to believe that if the core updater is too busy to update the duty can be delegated. Like you said, even smaller updates would be appreciated. We shouldn't have to follow Cryamore on every social media platform just to find out what's going on with the game.

      I also have to lament that I personally wish Cryamore would of expressed more personal interest in their backers for aspects like the console changes. Giving us an option to take a survey if we wanted to have the consoles bumped would of been ideal (not for them, but since we, the backers, funded the project and some personally did so simply to play on a specific console it would of been a nice consideration) or at least let us voice our concerns before doing so. After all, NostalgiCO was backed by us years prior to them making a deal with Atlus and us simply being delegated to the background in that situation gives the impression that our opinion or feelings in regard isn't terribly important. Which is really how it feels with these general lack of updates.

      I also wish we had some kind of idea about the playable demo. I completely agree polishing up the game before releasing the demo is the best option, but if the game is actually going to be released Q3 of 2016 then I'd imagine they're going to want to release it in the next few months so they can get some feedback before going gold. Otherwise, I doubt any concerns we have about it will be addressed before the actual game releases and only enters a possibility of being patched down the road. This is all just based upon personal experience and could be completely different in this case.

      Overall though I just feel this level of communication and not discussion with the backers about certain things being changed is not a terribly professional way to be handling things, especially when they were incredibly diligent about handling things before. I'm still rooting for the team and I have no doubt they are working hard to bring us the first game I've been hyped for since Star Ocean Till the End of Time came out (which immediately dashed my hype from there on). However, while I may come across as brash or rude, I have to be frank in my concerns because I care immensely about this project and these are things that need to be said in a constructive manner.

    34. Disastercake on January 18, 2016

      Don't worry, guys! I'm positive the Cryamore team is crunching away hard to bring you the best they can. It can be overwhelming to maintain updates and keep development up simultaneously. They have a lot of really cool stuff on their Twitter if you want to take a look a that!

      To the Cryamore team: maybe regular monthly updates on Kickstarter where you just condense all your tweets together and give us all an e-highfive would be enough for us fans?

    35. Trong on January 17, 2016

      @Alyssa Cardoso -
      In the Atlus announcement they said it will be on XBox One and PS4 instead of XBox 360 and PS3.

    36. Cyanide on January 14, 2016

      >did the poor sob;s who backed over 1000 even get their stuff. and whats going to happen to the poor sob's who backed wanting a ouya version.

      As of right now, there has been no additional contact or reaching out done by NostalgiCO's part, minus from the initial information we submitted via Kickstarter. Given the most recent update, I assume there is not going to be any since I have not heard back in regards to the situation since December 30th, 2015.

      Which is going to be interesting, since there was never any information disclosed how much of a change any characters in the FUNDAMENTALIST'S PLEDGE region will undergo and if there will be any contact with the pledgers to confirm potential changes and so forth to the characters.

      I do not regret the idea of supporting a dream or ambition, but I must confess I am incredibly saddened on the numerous occasions NostalgiCO has expressed a desire to keep us updated with information and has failed to do so. At least through Facebook, Kickstarter and the Backer Forums. The lack of professionalism in this aspect is rather alarming. I'm also struggling to see how a game that was originally budgeted at 60k is creating such complications with a team that is suppose to be relatively experienced. If there are more issues I do believe that we, the backers, would be more than understanding and supportive. Instead of simply having these blanketed sessions where no information is passed except for small updates where numerous things are changed without any advanced warning.

    37. Alyssa Cardoso on January 6, 2016

      So I may have missed this skimming through an update but will this be available on next gen platforms or will it still be on the ones listed?

      Yikes the drama going on... No one likes to be burned when it comes to money. We don't know if we've been burned yet. I'm sure the "snarky/sarcastic" comments from NostalgiCO is due to hearing the same thing over and over. Imagine pouring your heart and soul into something to have people walk all over it. Now imagine that happening for years. I'm sure they are tired of it. Also no I'm not being "overly defensive" it's called being empathetic. I can also empathize with wanting to know about the game development, which we get. Some campaigns you're lucky if you get 2 updates a year, we've gotten more than that and continue to do so. While it may not be the exact thing you want to know, you also don't know why they can or cannot say something. Be it ruining the plot, potentially ruining a contractural agreement, etc. I don't think tempers need to flare quite yet. Then again, maybe I'm just more patient than some... I'm not sure. I do think everyone needs to take a break, eat a cookie and relax a bit though. :)

      I hope everyone had a safe and lovely Holiday season. :)

    38. RocK_M on December 29, 2015


      "I feel that the points of my comments have been completely missed. I am skeptical; I believe, I have the right to be. I have read the singular update about atlus, and I am left wanting. I have seen your reasons for delay and I am left wanting."

      If you find there response wanting then why not take the next logical step and dig up evidence to the contrary to prove/disprove your skepticism... especially the Atlus one?

      You could always contact Atlus and inform them about the anouncement? Had it been a fraud Atlus would be down on this project like a ton of bricks. Companies do not like their names being used spuriously especially if it damages their brand name

      What is the point of "continually asking for answers?" if you're not inclined to believe any answers given? Again if you are completely certain that something is amiss here then go dig up the dirt and let everyone know and decide on it... scam KS's don't get caught out w/ just one person daring to question the project. It's followed up w/ some action to at least show cause of doubt.

      Anything else is frankly hot air.

    39. David González Polán on December 28, 2015

      This is simply not serious. I work with deadlines everyday but for you this is a kind of hobby...

    40. Doc O'Malley on December 27, 2015

      Another 2 months pass without an update that went from never to weekly to monthly and back to never. 2016 is the year right? For a game I kick-started back when I was graduating High School I'm still excited to see if the wait was worth it. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season, and I shall continue to wait for further word on the game.

    41. Fredrick R. Davidson III on December 27, 2015

      Hope you guys and gals had a wonderful Christmas and wishing you all a happy 2016 New Year.
      Yeah, it seems tempers are flaring as I catch up and read some of the comments hahaha.
      I'm just naturally patient because I purchase a lot of art commissions over the years. I give the artist all the time they need because I don't want a rushed project. I also give them lots of creative freedom to add their own spice into a commissioned piece. Cryamore is no different. I'll wait 5 years if I have to. (I'll have gray hair but I can still play !!!) XD Hang in there guy/gals. Have a stiff drink, some salsa and chips, we'll see you in 2016.

    42. garkham on December 24, 2015

      @NostalgiCO : Thanks for the recent news about the state of development. I'm not one of those waiting for the demo since I only play finished games, so, so far you continue giving some news here or in updates at least once a trimester, I'm OK with that.
      I'm also really pleased to hear you get a producer / publisher. I'm only wondering then if you'll be able to fulfill the 'KICKSTARTER-ONLY' part of the physical tier. Can you please reassure us, if Atlus ever decide to distribute the game physically (I mean, when it's done), that us backers will still have a special 'kickstarter-only' box and message ? I would be sad to find the exact same physical box at half the price on Amazon if I cannot have something backer specific by my side.

    43. Missing avatar

      Jeremy on December 23, 2015


      I notice that while you couldn't resist taking holier-than-thou jabs at people ["‘Where the demo?’ ‘What going on we haven’t heard from you for a while?’ yes!, whining ‘Where’s my money!’ ’It been 3 years why can’t I play this yet!’ no. "], in the second part of your lecture, you admitted to having the same concerns, and would like to see more updates.

      So which is it? Make up your mind.

    44. Eebster90 on December 22, 2015

      As an investor who is aware and has accepted the potential loss:

      @all complaining people:
      (Before everybody get all internet crazy being critical is ok, I explain what I mean in this paragraph)
      What everybody needs to learn is that Kickstarter is an investment platform, in some ways similar to stock or equity, not a shop.
      We are all ‘Dragons’ from the Dragons’Den on this site and it is up to us to use our wisdom, as investors, to decide whether or not to invest our money in people. This means sometimes money invested is not returned upon, this is something that can happen even with the best meant intentions of all parties involved.
      So far the guys at NostagiCO seam to still be there and still working hard to not have our money disappear. The thing you can blame them for, if you must, is being blissfully, optimistic about the time and effort required to finish this game. Though to be fair this was their first time making this type of game at this scale by themselves, which they were honest about during their campaign. So really, as a critical investors it was our job to either not invest and take our money else were, or accept the risk we took with the situation and behave like grownup people instead of crying little kids complaining that our ‘gamble’ didn’t work out the way they hoped. So asking questions like ‘Where the demo?’ ‘What going on we haven’t heard from you for a while?’ yes!, whining ‘Where’s my money!’ ’It been 3 years why can’t I play this yet!’ no.
      We knew the guys at NostagiCO were setting up to do something awesome and big and obviously both us and them did not fully see/understand what it meant to do this, however they seemingly are still committed to completing the task, the communication could have been better yes, obviously, but the intention seem to be there.
      What we, the wise investors, should do is be adults about this, try to understand the situation, support them where possible, be critical where necessary and not be little kids whining about things not going their way.

      Then as a gamer who really hopes that the cynical investor in him has no need to worry:

      @NostagiCO: There is one core of truth here though we, your backers, haven’t heard anything much from you for a few months now. The whole reason I’m here is that I was curious and decided to have a look at the page. I am glad to see there is still life at your end in the form of replies on this comment board.
      I would however also like to see some more formal updates. There don’t have to be many, they don’t even have to be long, but once a month an update would be nice just to know you guys are still out there and haven’t forgotten about the game and us. (it might also help to calm many of the nerves people are having jitters, about having potentially miss invested their money a few year ago, away)
      Also a page with some condensed information and resources would be nice, there have been 62 updated so far and finding the one with the current release date, schedule and other information can be quite a chore. Or at least a confirmation of this info in an update since this in now half year old intel and we haven’t heard how you doing on this since.
      (@backers: release is scheduled for June 2016 with beta in Febuari 2016 as read in update #57 on July 7th 2015)
      There was also talk of a demo release in October that was never head from again. This would be nice to hear about, even news like ‘We’re having trouble and cant make it’ is better that this nervous making silence. Most of us still here are quite invested in this game and ‘love’ easily turns turns to ‘hate’ when people care, please be aware of this.
      Since Atlus backing is apparently a thing, could you ask them to show the world that they are backing you? The only news I can find is web reports of information from you mail. On the Atlus site here is nothing and the internet is also unhelpful on with facts from Atlus’s end of the story. This would help us all be less skeptical.
      People make mistakes and you have made yours, this is ok and we can move on. Just try to, continually, help us keep our nerves in check by letting us know your paying attention, are still developing and will still be delivering this awesome game we, and as I am sure many others would, all want and love to play.

      Keep up the good work and let us know how your doing!

      A gamer hoping to have not misinvested in this awesome idea.

    45. Missing avatar

      megamanxjac on December 22, 2015

      @NostalgiCo I feel that the points of my comments have been completely missed. I am skeptical; I believe, I have the right to be. I have read the singular update about atlus, and I am left wanting. I have seen your reasons for delay and I am left wanting. I have seen your remarks on this comment board and I am left wanting. I have seen your interactions with the backers that are particularly peeved with you, and I am left wanting.
      When it comes to kickstarter campaigns bigger companies typically don't care. I've seen kickstarters break all kinds of copyright law, and I'm pretty sure you've seen copyrighted anime characters appear in games on the android market. These are allowed to continue because they are small. and it would take more money to prosecute than it is worth. The idea of "atlus would have taken action by now", does nothing to prove your statements.
      However I am glad you have responded with the full picture. I am mournful in your prideful comment of "we have a game that needs to get made." why do you think you have to room to be any measure of catty? We have seen the rise and the fall of a console while you were simply in development, yet you here being snide to your backers.

    46. NostalgiCO Creator on December 22, 2015

      @megamanxjac: This is quite a wall of text and it's very difficult to read.

      Nonetheless, you've failed to stay updated on everything we already mentioned numerous times in multiple updates. We stated that we're not finishing production on any of the major physical items until near release, because that is not our principal focus; the game's development is. You mention about being late, yet we already announced our new release schedule and the public apologies and reasons why we're so "overdue for years".

      As far as Atlus is concerned, we were simply told that we can announce our relationship on our end, as it is very exciting and we thought the backers would love to hear it from us firsthand, not lambaste us about it. They told us that they will announce this relationship on their end later on through their PR and official channels. We here at NostalgiCO do not know exactly when. We would provide the contractual agreement to "prove" that we have their backing, but obviously, that is under a non-disclosure agreement; meaning simply that we are under a business arrangement and we don't have the right to disclose any of that information to you. You're asking further questions about the specificity of this relationship, when, again, we already stated what their role is in the specific update regarding it. Exercise your due diligence and read the update. We are not hiding any information beyond what we are allowed to share.

      Also, if we were not "official" with Atlus as you think we are, don't you think they would've took action against us by now? Be logical. And there's no need to type a wall of text to try and prove a point or theory that can already be answered, more or less. Again, read the updates, please.

      Or continue to be skeptical. However, we're not focused on the skepticism and sarcasm of you and a few backers; we have a game that needs to get made.

    47. Missing avatar

      megamanxjac on December 22, 2015

      @Rock_M. Your previous “outspokenness” of other game companies does not mean you are incapable of being overly defensive of this one. My statement of "Poor sobs" wasn’t supposed to be denigrating, where I am from the expression "poor sobs" can mean many things. In this case it is the insinuation of a person who was expectant of something yet did not receive it. (This can be used to describe everybody here). When I refer to "poor sob;s who backed over 1000 even get their stuff", I admit I should have been clearer. What I meant to say “was did any backer even get their figurines?” while it is obvious any digital rewards aren’t going to be released yet, the physical items that don’t depend on the game could have been released. This is a question of pure curiosity, it in no way is it intended to drum up some sort of "drama" it was a question to the backers as much as it was to nostalco. If a backer got his figurines then he/she would respond and I’d have my answer, same if nostalco were to respond. I believe I don’t use any language to give an impression of ill will, but if you see something there, I can’t argue with perception.
      What baseless accusation have I made? I’ve stated there is no proof of atlus involvement other than the word of Nostalco, is this false? if so ill gladly redact my claim. The point is I dont take a kickstarter campains word for it. I always look for verification, and when I find it, that's that. As I said, I have seen many kickstarters outright lie to their backers. I don’t like to be burned, so I verify. Most kickstarter campains I back have no problem with providing me the information I crave. And sometimes other backers are able to fill me in. Once again my question was as much to the rest of the backers as it was to nostalco. If a backer knew of such a third party that didn’t depend on nostalco’s word, I’d have my answer, same if nostalco were to respond. I would go away with a satisfied smile. But so far all I have run into is you and nostalco’s prideful comments. Which brings me back to my fully quoted words:
      "game enthusiasts defending a game company (...) from a line of questioning that any sane donor should be asking." you owe them nothing yet your being overly defensive of them… why? Do you know me to be wrong? If so, provide me with the proof I ask and I will be on my way. You may even describe me with a derogatory epithet while you prove me wrong. I will still walk away with a smile on my face. Just because you like the look and idea of the game, doesn't mean the company is without reproach. If you believe me to be a troll, how would that even affect your life? nostalco has been overdue for years now, with no end in sight. Proper response to any announcement they make would be to verify, yet here I attempting to explain to another backer (not the company but someone in the same boat as I) that my line of inquiry is sound. Why? Do you work for them? Did one of them save your cat from a tree? Is it that you suspect me of heinous intentions? Do you suspect me a troll who has backed a kickstarter on the off chance that it would go years off deadline, just so I could be justified in starting "internet drama"? If you believe the last one, then I must say you give me way too much credit. But then again this isn’t about me and you. It’s about a simple answer to a simple question...
      @nostalco Is there any verification on Atlus's site of affairs that verifies the information that you have presented? If they gave you the greenlight to announce it then why wouldn’t they have announced it on their twitter or news letter to fans at least? Is there a twitter announcement I don’t know of? Is there something that makes me believe this to be legit other than your word? And is Atlus involved in any other capacity than publisher? For example. Will they be providing you with extra artists and programmers so that you can complete this game? If not, call me a Debbie downer, but I don’t see how them publishing helps you finish, or even assure quality.

    48. RocK_M on December 21, 2015

      @megamanxjajac: If I was being defensive then I would draw that to the very spurious assumptions you've made on your reply...

      I can take people criticising any company or any campaign. Goddess knows how much crap I've spoken on about EA, Capcom, Konami and so forth But your initial post of basically denigrating everyone who posted on a higher tier as a "poor sob" combined w/ wild speculation utterly rubs me the wrong way. You implied the fact that for some reason the game was released and that higher tiers were being shafted when everyone knows nothing has come out.

      There is a fine line between being forward w/ questioning and flat out baseless accusations to cause some sort of drama (ie. trolling). You are more than welcome to ask the process, whats going on, etc. But don't start jumping the gun and painting a story of your own making

      But hey i'm a "game enthusiast defending a game company" in your words... so what does my opinion matter?

    49. Missing avatar

      megamanxjac on December 19, 2015

      @NostalgiCo... there has been a phrase that has helped me through out my professional career, its a popular phrase that I'm sure that you've heard yourself at some point in your own professional careers. The phrase is "check your pride at the door".
      I am not here to uncover anything. Im not a troll attempting to burn down your reputation. I am not a "hater" attempting to rain down on your parade. Im a backer who's seen kickstarters outright lie to their backers and then go belly up without so much as a how do you do. I like this game, i want to see the game be made. and I dont want to be burned, i dont like to be burned, as such i cant just take your word for it.
      if my line of inquiry seems to be forward, thats because I dont like to beat around the bush, Nor do i like the Idea of game enthusiasts defending a game company (albeit a small game company) from a line of questioning that any sane donor should be asking.
      if you feel that me asking these questions in public to be some sort of attempt on my part to "get cha" then we can do this through private messaging. but the point of the matter is you are the only ones who have stated that atlus is now helping you out. all other video game news outlets use you as a source yet nothing from atlus. i see nothing to confirm this other than your word.

    50. NostalgiCO Creator on December 18, 2015

      @megamanxjac We're not sure why you doubt the authenticity of Atlus USA being our publisher just because they haven't officially announced a game that's still midway through development on their site. We were given the greenlight to announce our partnership with them by an executive and a project coordinator there (we're not going to drop any names here). If you're sleuthing to try and find some corruption or shenanigans going on to put to light that we're just one of the handful of videogame Kickstarter projects that'll run off with the money, you'll have to try elsewhere since this small company is still doing all they can to get this game done good and well.

      @Nicholas Ouellette @Dani We're typing up and gathering materials for a pretty chunky content update coming this month to ring in the new year.

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