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Whaddaya get when you blend obsolete Steampunk with Zelda, Secret of Mana, & Megaman?
An Action-RPG focused on exploration, deep puzzles, and a mystical story.
An Action-RPG focused on exploration, deep puzzles, and a mystical story.
5,909 backers pledged $242,309 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Steven Remington on

      At least we get semi-regular updates to show they are still working on this, albeit slowly. I'm just hoping for a PS4 download code so I can actually play this one day...

    2. RykerrK on

      WOOOOO, this one's been in the oven for a while, huh. I keep forgetting I backed this.

    3. Missing avatar

      megamanxjac on

      where is the backer discord?

    4. PersonaSpace on

      I apologize for my negativity. But every time I come to check one of my other backed Kickstarters I’m reminded of this and how much I used to support this project.

    5. PersonaSpace on

      Honestly I also regret backing at the level I did. I highly doubt Altus is going to help fund getting the art book and soundtrack CD out to backers, and if there isn’t even enough money to pay the team that the project started with I don’t see any of those rewards ever going out.

    6. Missing avatar

      Shazbot on

      4 YEARS LATE, and they get tired of the negativity? 4 years, and nothing to show?


    7. Doc O'Malley on

      @Bobzargon I doubt youll get any flak mate. You are just helping. Thank you for posting that here. I can respect their dedication to the discord. But on here, Im sure many were just as confused as I was. The frustration stems from the lack of communication with the group that originally funded the project.

      I dont think anyone here complains out of hatred. Just out of confusion and concern I suppose. Such is life though.

    8. Bobzargon on

      Just an update for everyone here who doesn't go to Discord, here's something posted by Rob yesterday meant to assuage your fears about Atlus:

      "@everyone I'm posting this because I'm frankly getting tired of the negative people on our KS continuing to spread negativity as we continue to work on the game. I can't show anything but I honestly don't know what to say. YES, we are still working on the game. YES, Atlus is still our publisher and we communicate with them on a regular basis.

      Look up Bill Alexander if you're aren't aware who that is."

      They are much more active on Discord than here. Not saying if I agree or disagree with this move, so please don't flame me, but the reality of the situation is, if you want more frequent news about what's going on with development, that's the place to go.

    9. Doc O'Malley on

      My deepest apologies to Rob for the assumptions with Atlus. I still hold my opinion but I regret my wording and I understand there really isnt a way to take that back. Especially here. I understand that the development team has been reduced to you and Pixel. But every time I see that this is the only KS that hasnt been fulfilled and it was the first I ever support just digs deep.

      Again, My apologies I will keep my opinion to myself. It was selfish of me to rant as such.

    10. Doc O'Malley on

      Justs curious. Was there ever any proof that the project was adopted by Atlus? Because not only does it not seem up their alley, it seems to be an often dodged question. Never mind the fact that the Discord is basically dead.

      I honestly dont even want my physical edition of this game anymore. I just have the feeling that being over 4 years past schedule, anything physical is going to be half assed. Which also makes me realize that I paid 50 bucks extra to get an artbook with it that will also probably be half assed. I mean, I doubt being this far along that they have any of this money left. So im expecting a generic game case with a poorly printed cover, an instruction booklet that probably has no real informative value and they might even Mighty no 9 it and have the booklet too big for the case.

      Sorry for being cynical but at this point, that 120 bucks was a huge mistake. I shouldve just got the standard but I was too excited about this game, I wanted it too much.... Its a shame really.

    11. Missing avatar

      Greg DeVries on

      Kinda curious how Atlus feels about having their name associated with this mess. Of course, apart from here, there's no other actual information backing up the claim that Atlus has anything to do with Cryamore. So maybe it fell through? Maybe it was fake to begin with?

      Also, when the PS5 and Xbox 720-Two come out and this game still isn't finished, will you say you're porting to those consoles? But still plan on the Wii U?

    12. David González Polán on

      Estimated release: Mar 2014

    13. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Ouellette on

      So the last big update was 6 months ago. and a month and a half ago we were told that an update was being worked one. So what is going on? It will be really nice to see you guys give a dedicated road-map with realistic goals at this point, not just empty promises.

    14. Gareck on

      Greg DeVries Links/downloads to Playable versions have been available for testing from their Discord for backers from what I understand (though 'd rather just play a completed version or not at all), if I don't have some faith that they will work on completing it then what else do I have, what would be the point in being pessimistic about all of this? I'm just along for the ride and at least we DO get updates, so it's something (more-so than other projects that have been on this platform), when things started turning, they could have just given up, and walked away. But from appearances, they seem to be keeping at it, with whoever they have left. So I place my faith in them so they have some positivity to work from instead of just people clamoring for refunds, and any little bit can help someone see something through to the end. I myself would like to see this completed, and for my $15 dollars, whether I ever get anything out of it or not, I've spent much more on far worse risks in the past and gotten nothing from it, and that's enough justification for me to just ride it out and see what becomes of it at this point. The other half is simple Nostalgia keeping me going along for however it turns out.

    15. Missing avatar

      Greg DeVries on

      @gareck I'm genuinely curious what would give you faith in the project at this point? 4 years after the projected release date and we've not even seen a demo. Updates are few and far inbetween and vague at best. No communication, nothing to show for the time and money spent. I would very much like to know where this 'faith' you have in this team still comes from.

    16. Gareck on

      I've still got faith in you guys, keep pluggin away at it as best ya can. I hope to see this come to fruition soon, my pledge and faith is still with you. And getting updates back on here/email again is much appreciated, just keep up the good work!

    17. Michael Wang on

      Hi, I'd like to receive a refund as well.

    18. tenpoundpixel Collaborator on

      @King Jon: Sorry I wasn't able to get back to you at that time, your messages didn't seem to be marked as unread, but after having looked at your pledge level, I should be able to refund you out of my own pocket. Expect a message soon to confirm details on where to send your refund.

      @Gene Lee: At your pledge level I sadly can't refund you myself until the game's release. If you still feel like claiming a refund then, then we'll gladly give you your money back. With regards to the comparison to Duke Nukem, we're at least not passing development off to developer after developer and though the team has got cut down to just the two people working on development, we're still working on it, I hope you can at least understand that we're still trying despite the scope of the game being quite an undertaking.

      Regarding the update, I'm in the middle of wrapping it up, sorry about the slight delay as I've been hit by a bacterial infection for a few weeks that's affected my health and productivity a bit. I'm getting better though so I should have a new update scheme ready to roll in a few days.

    19. King Jon on

      I've asked for a refund twice through message and both times never got a reply. The first time was well over a year ago and the last time was in December. I don't think we are getting refunds.

    20. Missing avatar

      Gene Lee on

      Is refund still an available option to take on release? At half a decade of development, it's going to be another Duke Nukem.

    21. tenpoundpixel Collaborator on

      Greetings everyone and thanks for the comments. I'll be working up a new update soon along with making a revised update plan as clearly having the Discord wasn't a full solution to things. Given that I've been doing weekly updates (as often as I can) to our publisher for a couple of months now, I realize it's only fair I mirror the same over here, Facebook and the devblog.

      Stay tuned. Updates will be shared, questions here will be answered, questions and answers from Facebook and Discord will be mirrored, and I'll make sure to work in a revised update schedule.

    22. Cyanide on

      Heya NostalgiCO. I thought I'd just pop in and offer some two cents in my usual absurdly large posts. I hope you don't mind!

      I understand that you're hard at work, and don't always have the time for updates but it has been quite a few months now. Not everyone knows about/is going to join up with the Discord server, and to be honest that's entirely fine. It’s great that you’re able to provide updates on there, but perhaps it would be worth considering compiling that information to release small updates on here. As mentioned previously, you don’t have to go all out with images, gifs, and various sections. Just simply letting us know what’s new or what’s what.

      I also have to question why the backer build is only available via the Discord server as oppose to being available via an update or an email sent out to us backers. Soul Saga developer Disastercake made his beta builds available via Humble Bundle, so all I have to do is go back to my email that I got when I donated and simply check the link to see what build is currently available and when it was last updated. It is incredibly handy and extremely accessible as well.

      I bring this up because the problem I'm noticing is a good portion of people, at least based upon the comments I've seen on here, don't know that a build is even available and it seems a bit limiting to only make it accessible via Discord. I can understand the idea behind it, but especially in a case where people have been wondering about builds for a few years I would personally suggest making that as public as possible for backers to have. The more people that have access to the builds, or know that they’re now available, the more likely it’ll also sedate some of the frustration.

      Secondly, is there any time table or window we can get access to in order to know what exactly is going on? We understand that with two developers, there's a lot to be done. Further, with the scale and scope of the project that's not something you can simply just plow away or rush into and it'll take time. However, it seems that since the Discord server was created it might be seen as an excuse for NostalgiCO to focus more on there and not here. That might not be the case, but I wouldn't be surprised if other backers are getting that impression. At the very least, unrest is starting to generate on here once again and I can entirely understand why. I was rather surprised to check in on the project this year to find that there is no information divulged on what the plan is going forward with 2018. Mainly because we're in our fifth anniversary since Cryamore was funded and this is a rather big milestone.

      Overall, it'd be really nice to get an update knowing a few things. I hope you don't mind me suggesting. Do we have an idea or estimation on the completion date for Cryamore? What does the project look like currently and are there any complications or are things progressing smoothly? What can we expect from NostalgiCO for 2018? I don’t doubt these questions are being answered on Discord, but that really shouldn’t be pardoning Kickstarter from being updated.

      It seems that in recent years we've been going through this cycle of where there's updated information and a calm sweeps the community, but this is always temporary before things go dark again and get back to a more negative point. The last two years I've been more active, this tends to only increase so I'm hopeful to see this cut off before it gets worse than what it is right now and I think some of these concerns I brought up might help within that area.

      Thank you for your time!

    23. Missing avatar

      Greg DeVries on

      I shouldn't have to check dischord. Here's where I donated, here is were the updates should be. If it's dead just admit it and admit you ripped everyone off. At this point it'd have to be the best game ever to make up for all the shit. Something I don't have any faith in actually happening. Was a good idea, but predators prey upon nostalgia. Scammers gonna scam.

    24. Jonah Tandilashvili on

      How can we change the platform we selected? I believe at the time I picked the Wii U version but would rather a PS4 copy or a Nintendo Switch copy if thats in the cards. I sent a message asking for a switch a while back but it probably got lost in your inbox.

      Will you have physical copies of the console versions? Initially the physical was only PC/Mac/Linux and console digital but if that has changed I would like a physical PS4 or Switch version.
      Also Im having trouble finding out how to join this private backer discord server. can you point me in the right direction.

    25. Charles Matthew Escobar on

      5 years.
      I don't think I even want to play this game anymore.

    26. Tan Yan Zhi on

      I'm with @Steven Remington, the game has been in production so long. It was one of my earliest backed projects and I was initially hyped to get to play it soon after backing. I must say that the speed of production for this game has been a complete let down. Regardless of the quality of the game after production, I have lost interest in it and hence, will probably not enjoy it.

      Realistically, when you're late for a month or two for polishing purposes or to spice up the graphics, we're all fine because nobody wants a Mass Effect: Andromeda, but this... Being late for YEARS, not a year, not 2, but over 5 years. Absolutely unacceptable. If there was a refund option, most of the backers would've probably taken it.

      I'm sorry to say that CRYAMORE! has been the worst project I've backed.

    27. Steven Remington on

      I started backing kickstarter projects 5-6 years ago. Currently 64 projects, and this one was number 4. It is my oldest supported project that has yet to be fulfilled. I'm usually understanding of a project going past delivery date as that has become the norm, but this is really getting ridiculous. We need a hard completion date; at least year and month.

    28. Khrizart on

      Is there any ETA for this game?

    29. tenpoundpixel Collaborator on

      @Greg DevRies: I've given links to previous playable builds in the Discord server. As for an updated one, we'll be providing a demo soon that should cover the the polished opening segment of the game that's more indicative of the final product. I'm currently finishing up environment painting and the other necessary animation polish while Rob makes sure the gameplay itself is according to how it should be.

      Again, being a backer you should have access to the backer-only posts with the Discord server link. Do join if you can to get more updates as they come.

    30. Missing avatar

      Greg DeVries on

      Is there at least a demo yet?

    31. tenpoundpixel Collaborator on

      @Shazbot: With it currently being a two-person dev team, you'll have to excuse the delays. The tinkering we're doing is to ensure the game looks and plays good than not being playable at all or looking far and worse than what we promised. You should see from the updates also that the asset creation process for the animations alone is pretty taxing.

      You're free to join the Discord server for backers if you want to get more frequent updates as they come instead of the consolidated updates I put together for Kickstarter.

    32. Missing avatar

      Shazbot on

      Three and a half years late. Are you all going to release this anytime soon? Or keep tinkering on it forever?

    33. tenpoundpixel Collaborator on

      New update incoming. Please stay tuned for more Q&A and a development round up real soon!

    34. Steven Boothe on

      Are there any production updates that you could share? Thanks!

    35. Tory Republic

      I wonder if I'll ever get this game before I die of old age...

    36. tenpoundpixel Collaborator on


      I'm sure I've stated in multiple recent posts that the console platforms are now PS4 and Xbox One and the current Nintendo console is still the Wii-U but we're looking into a Switch port as many have been asking about it. It does also mean that we'd need to secure a devkit for it.

      As for production, given that you're a backer, you should be aware that there's a Discord server that I now keep updated as best I can with any bits of progress, this includes the recent environment polishes and animation polishes. Backers in the Discord server that were interested in testing some previous builds have also had the chance to do so and I'll be sharing their input soon.

    37. Missing avatar

      bucen on

      I can't believe it has been over 4½ years now. Now I know how it feels to wait for Half Life 3 ;P

    38. Missing avatar

      bucen on

      Just to throw it out there, I don't think anyone cares for a Wii U port anymore, or PS3, or 360.
      If the project actually ever sees the light of day. I'd currently like a Switch version. But, by the time the game is finished, we might be already at the next generation of console gaming.

      The game is still in production, right?

    39. tenpoundpixel Collaborator on

      @Nicholas Oullette

      I'll have an update compiled soon. Most of the happenings have been going on in the Discord server, showing how environment polish is going along with tests of builds we have available to gather backer input. I'll be sharing those and a few other things in the coming update!

    40. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Ouellette on

      Been a couple of months since the last update. Any word on what's going on?

    41. Missing avatar

      Dyson Jonasson on

      Nothing like a couple year wait for a prob dud.

    42. Charles Matthew Escobar on

      I'm guessing mid to late 2018. We still haven't heard anything about physical items.

    43. Missing avatar

      Stephane Pare on

      This has taken so long, I've actually had time to get tired of the whole action rpg genre

    44. tenpoundpixel Collaborator on

      @Darrel Hutchins

      I'm currently working on the Q&A and dev update roundup right now and will try to get it posted soon!

    45. Darrel Hutchins

      Any update please?

    46. Zach Cammarata on

      I hope we actually get this game. I've backed too many games on this website and have gotten nothing from most of them.

    47. Cerzel on

      It's been just under 1 year and 7 months since the post announcing Atlus would be your publisher, and in that time frame there's been 10 updates. The time between when the project launched and the last update before the one announcing the Atlus partnership was 2 years and 7 months, and in that time frame there were 59 updates.

      To quote the original September 16 2015 update:
      "What is going to change about the project here on Kickstarter?" Nothing at all. We’re going to do our best to keep up and give you information involving the game’s development right here, as always.

      And to quote the October 14 2016 update:
      Not at all! ATLUS is well aware of the Kickstarter backers and pushed us to maintain constant PR especially the closer we get to release as it'll go well for marketing to get the ball of interest going all the way.

      Doesn't really take a genius to figure out that this Atlus partnership has resulted in leaving the backers behind.

    48. Gareck on

      Soo, about an update at all? I know I only pledged $15 however many years ago now, but something would be appreciated, seems like there's a lot going on and I used to look forward to seeing what was being done, now it's just silence but from what I'm reading there's a lot of cookin going on for the project. Hoping things are still staying mostly in control at least!

    49. Missing avatar

      Matt on

      Yo, tenpoundpixel. You wanna explain this to me.
      This is a tweet from Rob:

      ' Unity 4 > 5 update is absolutely wrecking the project. Love getting this "The file "none" is corrupted!" error. '

      I thought you guys weren't going to upgrade because it would break a lot of stuff. Also a later tweet suggests re importing and starting from scratch in Unity 5 as a plan.
      What the heck, man?

    50. Missing avatar

      Matt on

      @tenpoundpixel You should Just post the update. Don't bother with getting Rob to check it. He's probably playing video games anyway and people have been waiting long enough already.

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