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Whaddaya get when you blend obsolete Steampunk with Zelda, Secret of Mana, & Megaman?
An Action-RPG focused on exploration, deep puzzles, and a mystical story.
An Action-RPG focused on exploration, deep puzzles, and a mystical story.
5,909 backers pledged $242,309 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

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      Matt 6 days ago

      @tenpoundpixel I'm Glad to hear your not changing to the Nintendo Switch. I was worried you'd push the release date even further into the future.

      I'm just waiting for NostalgiCO to finish this thing so I can finally get my refund.

    2. tenpoundpixel Collaborator 6 days ago

      @Cyanide: We've been fleshing out the rest of the overworld and rolling out the cleaning up of maps to cover up the greybox levels but yes, I'll be working on the second part of the update soon.

      @Matt: If devkits came free (which they don't, and each devkit is rented out to studios and companies unless you pay a hefty sum to own one) and compiling a build was as easy as pressing a button and it coming out and playing the same was as it does in the editor, we'd be gunning for both the Wii U and the Switch but that isn't the case. We're still sticking to the Wii U.

    3. Missing avatar

      Matt 6 days ago

      @Cyanide I won't be surprised if they make an update in March and announce they're dropping the Wii U for the Nintendo Switch.

    4. Cyanide on February 17

      Heya guys, it's been several months since the last update and things have been very quiet on the news front. Can we expect a big update from the NostalgiCO front that covers the second part soon?

    5. Grant (WZX) on February 3

      Still excited for this game, Hopefully it will release in 2017. Just make sure it's fun!

    6. Shazam on January 2

      hopefully in the next update they give us some delivery estimates on some of the extras. are they releasing the game on all platforms simultaneously? what platform is the physical copy of the game for?

    7. tenpoundpixel Collaborator on December 29

      Khrizart: From the discussions with Atlus, we're aiming for a Q2 release this 2017. We mostly have to apply visual polish to all the greyboxes, a lot of optimization and balancing and making sure the fun factor of the game is nailed down (that one being very important).

      Adam: The master print of the statues are ready but the manufacturer we got initially couldn't handle the amount of prints we needed so we'll be looking for someone to do a mass production of the Esmy and Bliss statues later on.

    8. Missing avatar

      Adam on December 29

      I'd like to know what's going on with any statues preorded on the Cryastore.

    9. Khrizart on December 27

      is there any ETA for this... i rly want to play it..

    10. John McNally Jr on November 17

      I just heard back from the developer. They're still kickn'. According to the message I received they're working on smoothing rough objects and 'level design polishing' as they put it

      Also mentioned an update will be re leased soon.

    11. Cyanide on October 25

      Far be it from me to criticize not having confidence in the team. Especially since I've been probably the most visibly vocal about my frustrating with the handling of the project.

      Despite all this, I've felt in the past few months that there is a genuine effort to try and start rebuilding bridges. There's actually been a receptive effort to be more responsive to feedback, to reach out to frustrated backers (or at least they did with me), and to be vocal in general and it feels earnest. While it certainly doesn't make up for some of the other aspects that have been neglected or not covered, the builds being one of the big things, there is at least a greater attempt for transparency than the previous effort and an attempt to right some wrongs. Although I wish they hadn't waited to this point, since you can't turn back bad PR or the past few years of this Kickstarter, but I can appreciate an effort going forward to rectify and to learn from mistakes.

      Here's hoping that this will continue, and that more will trickle out from this. It certainly is a bit of a confidence booster, and it could be a good sign of things to come. Unless if we'll see a repeat of the two drop off situations that happened prior. I hate to be negative but I've got a strong feeling that if this happens a third time, even more people will be requesting refunds.

    12. Missing avatar

      Matt on October 25

      @Sharan Chandran Personally I don't think refunds were offered with the intention of actually fulfilling them. I get the impression it was meant to squash complaints until the game is finished with the hope that by that time anybody asking for refunds will no longer want one.

      I have been reassured that I will be getting a refund once Cryamore is finished but I'm not holding my breath. I don't have your optimism.

    13. Missing avatar

      Sharan Chandran on October 25

      @Matt, Yeah I think their reply on refunds is weird too, especially if they are being funded by Atlus to complete the game. I asked how it's possible a KS backed project has not used the funds to develop the game. Seems like a complete disgregard of the KS model. The Community Manager said that would be addressed in the update but I didn't see anything in there about it.

      At any rate, I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and see where things stand in the new year. They are running out of justifications.

    14. Missing avatar

      Matt on October 16

      Yes, refunds were covered in a recent update. However I disagree with their decision to only give refunds when the game is finished. This date has been constantly moving and it's possible it will shift again depending on whether NostalgiCO thinks the game is perfect enough come Q2 of 2017.

      There would be no difference between providing refunds now and when the game has been finished in terms of access to backer exclusive content - although I also find it difficult to believe that Kickstarter cannot remove access for a backer if necessary. In addition I don't have a lot of faith in the game's project lead. I don't wan't to request a refund once the project has been finished only to be told that my perk has already shipped or some such thing and that I therefore cannot have a refund.

    15. Cyanide on October 16

      Weren't refunds covered in the September 20th update?

      I believe that no refunds can be issued because of the backer still having access to everything despite being refunded, but when development is completed and a refund is still desired they'd be willing to offer it.

      Unless anything has changed on that front, that is.

    16. Missing avatar

      Matt on October 16

      I have sent a few private messages about refunds. I'd appreciate a response.

    17. Nathan Lindley on October 15

      Hey folks! The new (am I still new when I've been here for a year?) programmer, Nathan here! Just poppin' in to introduce myself now that I've been given comment access. I'll probably be neck deep in C#, level editors, and scripting interfaces most days, but I might pop in from time to time if I can. Lookin' forward to gettin' this game to you all!

    18. tenpoundpixel Collaborator on October 13

      The backer exclusive featurette update should go live today, everyone. I just need the greenlight from the PR manager at Atlus USA that we're good to go.

    19. Aerouge
      on October 13

      Still no news ....

    20. Missing avatar

      Sharan Chandran on September 14

      @PersonaSpace If it's to improve the game I wholly support it. If it's because they can't devote the time to completing this then there's a serious issue.

      I just want to hear from someone at Atlus that they are supporting this team. Their silence is deafening.

    21. Kyle Welton on September 14

      I'll echo everyone else and ask for an update. It gets a little worrisome when the project lead decides to stop using social media. (Not to mention not delivering his other project to a good number of people...)

    22. Matt on September 13

      Hey, I have been eagerly awaiting this game for years now lol. I really would like to know when the game is coming. Also what platforms other than PC would this still be available on? Its already or almost half-way through the console generation and I doubt you are still going to offer the game on ps3 or xbox 360. The NX is supposedly coming out soon will it be on there? My main thing is when? When will we get a definite release date? or another update for that matter....

    23. FairysHuff on September 12

      It's now September, last update was in May... Either the project is dead and your not willing to tell us or your desperately trying to find a way to salvage it before anyone finds out.
      .... Or your doing a runner.

    24. NightWolf21k on September 10

      Looks like Cryamore! goes the same way like most of these projects :-(
      Why arent the creators able just to admit when they miscalculated and are now not able to finish what they begun.

    25. AKASlaphappy
      on September 6

      It would be nice to hear from you guys about the state of the game.

    26. Missing avatar

      DM on August 30

      Hey, what's up guys? Just wanted to say can't wait for the next update, looking forward to the game when it's done, and keep up the good work!

      There that might help to lighten this comment section the fuck up.

    27. Philip on August 27, 2016

      It's dead, isn't it?

    28. Cyanide on August 24, 2016

      Heya NostalgiCO, the long winded repetitive guy here again.

      I’ve got a suggestion, and I certainly hope you don’t mind. With the end of the Q3 a month away and still no news, I think a lot of us would appreciate some kind of update on the status of Cryamore and some other information. This is just a suggestion that might help ease some of the general unrest, or so I think would go a long way in helping.

      1. Share why you’ve been neglecting updates. There’s a general lack of communication that has been addressed for the better part of this year and thought out this Kickstarter in general. I understand that you all have lives, and that toxicity should be avoided, but this is starting to create what I had mentioned before. Unrest. Small updates would go a long way in helping to ease some of the doubt and tension built by this strong lack of communication. Being busy isn’t a good reason, I’m sorry to say, as we’re all busy and have our own lives. By just taking a small portion of time here and there, this could be managed to make brief updates and keep in touch with your backers. A little bit, I think, would certainly go a long way.

      2. What’s going on with the demo? While I’d imagine you're hard at work, since it is now close to a year since you were originally supposed to have a playable demo available for backers I believe it would be incredibly insightful to understand what’s been causing the major hold up. Issues and things happen, but it would be nice to know why things have taken such a major setback. We don’t know what the problems are if you don’t say anything to us.

      3. What’s up with Atlus. I’ve actually reached out to them several times to ask about the partnership or a potential release date in regards to Cryamore, and they’ve ignored every single inquiry. As of August 22nd, they still have no information available on their website in regards to Cyramore and I must confess I find it quite odd. Were there any complications with the partnership? I can understand if this information can’t be discussed, but anything you could disclose on this could help us understand. Especially since, to the best of my knowledge, there has been no other information professionally released minus your Kickstarter update. There has been news articles, but they only reference the update and no actual sources.

      4. Why is Cryamore having so many issues? There have been a lot of changes to Cyramore since you first amazed us. However, I believe there’s something more important that should be noted. What’s been causing the complications and hold ups for things like the demo? I’d imagine these things getting pushed back has less to do with staff, since you’ve grown in size since your initial start. I understand the pledge goals drastically increased the size of the game, and refining it hasn’t been easy either, but the general impression I get is that this is going along way too slowly in comparison to your staff and budget size. Things happen, and that’s certainly a part of life everyone understands. However, it would be nice to know what’s been causing so many setbacks for the project. If you don't want to, you don't have to get personal or detailed. but any information would be nice to know at this point.

      I sincerely believe this would go a long way in easing the tension and frustration being felt by both the verbal and nonverbal backers right now. You’ve been a ghost since your last update, and you were a ghost before that. I know that life can get hectic, but that should never be a good reason to avoid communication. The key to any successful relationship is strong communication, so anything you can do to help improve that would go a long way.

      Good luck!

    29. Grant (WZX) on August 24, 2016

      I hope this project hasn't been abandoned. Good luck

    30. Missing avatar

      Greg DeVries on August 17, 2016

      Making a note of the names on this project, so I never make the mistake of giving them any money again. They've scammed us by preying on our nostalgia. A late, but communicated game is one thing. An abandoned game with no update is simply a scam. Never again will I support the people behind this disaster.

    31. Missing avatar

      Sharan Chandran on August 3, 2016

      Found this on Twitter from Alan Wansom (co-founder) when asked if the game was dead:

      Not dead at all @Woshigigan! I wouldn't be animating more of these weapons, and we wouldn't have another dungeon ready for polish if it was.

      That makes me feel better but wish it was communicated on here and some confirmation on a delivery date.

    32. Dani on August 2, 2016

      An update is warranted...

    33. Ryan K on July 30, 2016

      Hey! Just checking in to see if there have been any more updates. :/

      Please? I'm not even looking for any major news. Just a little "peep" from the devs so we know how things are going.

    34. Cyanide on July 30, 2016


      According to the update they made on Sept 15th, 2015

      "Platforms Will Change Though! Because we are now releasing in 2016, it was mutually agreed upon that we need to rethink our release platforms. As such, Cryamore will be released on PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox One, PS4, and the Wii U. You will be free to switch your initial platform preference to whichever choice you like. Also, we are finding that the title is a bit too complex for touch devices, so the iOS and Android versions are likely to be cut from the initial release, so we can focus on the primary platforms."

      Nothing has been said regarding Ouya, although I'm sure we can guess at the answer.

      Addressing overall, I'm genuinely surprised that Atlus has not made a single announcement or acknowledgement about the partnership with NostalgiCO for releasing Cryamore. I would of thought they would be proud to promote this or raise awareness by providing an official release date or an estimated projected time.

      I hate to assume this, but does this mean we can except that Cryamore will be pushed back for an undetermined length? Any news you can provide us backers with would be wonderful.

    35. Missing avatar

      JoshB on July 29, 2016

      Hi NostalgiCO,

      I have a few questions as this project is falling behind (perhaps they can be addressed in the next update):

      1) This project raised $242,309. How much is left and what has the money been spent on so far? Considering this project was funded three years ago and is two years behind schedule, we need an update on how the project stands financially.

      2) Atlus still haven't announced anything regarding to them publishing Cryamore. Is there a reason behind this?

      3) Will the game come out for Ouya, Xbox 360 and PS3 still? Considering the Ouya and Xbox 360 have now been discontinued (the PS3 could be discontinued by the time this comes out), are there plans for these releases to go ahead?


    36. Doc O'Malley on July 29, 2016

      *twidling thumbs* soooooooo again with the lack of updates?

    37. Missing avatar

      Kytes on July 27, 2016


      Well considering that Atlus has yet to make an official announce about this I'd venture to say not well.

    38. Missing avatar

      Erosquare on July 25, 2016

      More than two years after the supposed delivery date. I backed this project 3 years and a half ago and still nothing. They don't give any ETA, seems more and more like a scam to me... Another Kickstarter to add on my scam list. I'm done funding projects on Kickstarter.

    39. Chris Kennedy on July 13, 2016

      Just saying HI. As with others I am not sure if I have commented 'how's it going; update please' on this [as with other projects I have supported] & seeing if it is still an active/viable project. Hope this are still going forward, even at a snails pace. 8-bit-ish games are still popular, so this could still succeed. Cheers.

    40. Missing avatar

      Sharan Chandran on July 8, 2016

      Hi, what's going on with the game? I know you're now of the stance that you don't have to provide a target release date due to being contractually unable to by a publisher... but then I simply ask that you get a rep from the publisher to provide a formal response to our inquiries.

      Keeping us in the dark like this is incredibly counterproductive. You and your publisher must realize that. I'm shocked they haven't mentioned anything on their site or even at E3 about the partnership.

      Please just talk to us. We're worried about the state of the game.

    41. Jon Shelky
      on July 7, 2016

      Falling behind on updates again

    42. Missing avatar

      John Adams on June 11, 2016

      Have they sent out any of the digital pledge stuff like the high res wallpapers? I haven't ever gotten it so I didn't know if I just missed the email or never got it

    43. Missing avatar

      Kytes on June 8, 2016

      Are you guys ever going to update your website? I feel like this is a good central location to place all of your updates, so people would not ask questions you've already answered...

    44. Charles Figel on May 28, 2016

      What will come out - first this or Mighty No. 9?

    45. Missing avatar

      Daniel Bentley on April 28, 2016

      "The creator is solely responsible for fulfilling the promises made in their project. If they’re unable to satisfy the terms of this agreement, they may be subject to legal action by backers."

    46. Missing avatar

      Daniel Bentley on April 28, 2016

      @Cyanide actually, per KickStarter's terms of use, it IS a promise to actually finish a funded project.

      "When a project is successfully funded, the creator must complete the project and fulfill each reward. "

    47. PersonaSpace on April 27, 2016

      Social media update: Rob making some good points about artists work and the Cryamore Twitter saying they'll make an update when they have time,

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