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Whaddaya get when you blend obsolete Steampunk with Zelda, Secret of Mana, & Megaman?
An Action-RPG focused on exploration, deep puzzles, and a mystical story.
An Action-RPG focused on exploration, deep puzzles, and a mystical story.
5,909 backers pledged $242,309 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Steven Remington on December 14

      I started backing kickstarter projects 5-6 years ago. Currently 64 projects, and this one was number 4. It is my oldest supported project that has yet to be fulfilled. I'm usually understanding of a project going past delivery date as that has become the norm, but this is really getting ridiculous. We need a hard completion date; at least year and month.

    2. Khrizart on December 5

      Is there any ETA for this game?

    3. tenpoundpixel Collaborator on December 4

      @Greg DevRies: I've given links to previous playable builds in the Discord server. As for an updated one, we'll be providing a demo soon that should cover the the polished opening segment of the game that's more indicative of the final product. I'm currently finishing up environment painting and the other necessary animation polish while Rob makes sure the gameplay itself is according to how it should be.

      Again, being a backer you should have access to the backer-only posts with the Discord server link. Do join if you can to get more updates as they come.

    4. Missing avatar

      Greg DeVries on December 4

      Is there at least a demo yet?

    5. tenpoundpixel Collaborator on November 14

      @Shazbot: With it currently being a two-person dev team, you'll have to excuse the delays. The tinkering we're doing is to ensure the game looks and plays good than not being playable at all or looking far and worse than what we promised. You should see from the updates also that the asset creation process for the animations alone is pretty taxing.

      You're free to join the Discord server for backers if you want to get more frequent updates as they come instead of the consolidated updates I put together for Kickstarter.

    6. Missing avatar

      Shazbot on November 14

      Three and a half years late. Are you all going to release this anytime soon? Or keep tinkering on it forever?

    7. tenpoundpixel Collaborator on October 12

      New update incoming. Please stay tuned for more Q&A and a development round up real soon!

    8. Steven Boothe on September 26

      Are there any production updates that you could share? Thanks!

    9. Tory Republic
      on September 25

      I wonder if I'll ever get this game before I die of old age...

    10. tenpoundpixel Collaborator on September 15


      I'm sure I've stated in multiple recent posts that the console platforms are now PS4 and Xbox One and the current Nintendo console is still the Wii-U but we're looking into a Switch port as many have been asking about it. It does also mean that we'd need to secure a devkit for it.

      As for production, given that you're a backer, you should be aware that there's a Discord server that I now keep updated as best I can with any bits of progress, this includes the recent environment polishes and animation polishes. Backers in the Discord server that were interested in testing some previous builds have also had the chance to do so and I'll be sharing their input soon.

    11. Missing avatar

      bucen on September 15

      I can't believe it has been over 4½ years now. Now I know how it feels to wait for Half Life 3 ;P

    12. Missing avatar

      bucen on September 15

      Just to throw it out there, I don't think anyone cares for a Wii U port anymore, or PS3, or 360.
      If the project actually ever sees the light of day. I'd currently like a Switch version. But, by the time the game is finished, we might be already at the next generation of console gaming.

      The game is still in production, right?

    13. tenpoundpixel Collaborator on August 27

      @Nicholas Oullette

      I'll have an update compiled soon. Most of the happenings have been going on in the Discord server, showing how environment polish is going along with tests of builds we have available to gather backer input. I'll be sharing those and a few other things in the coming update!

    14. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Ouellette on August 21

      Been a couple of months since the last update. Any word on what's going on?

    15. Missing avatar

      Dyson Jonasson on August 10

      Nothing like a couple year wait for a prob dud.

    16. Charles Matthew Escobar on August 5

      I'm guessing mid to late 2018. We still haven't heard anything about physical items.

    17. Missing avatar

      Stephane Pare on June 14, 2017

      This has taken so long, I've actually had time to get tired of the whole action rpg genre

    18. tenpoundpixel Collaborator on June 11, 2017

      @Darrel Hutchins

      I'm currently working on the Q&A and dev update roundup right now and will try to get it posted soon!

    19. Darrel Hutchins
      on June 11, 2017

      Any update please?

    20. Zach Cammarata on April 12, 2017

      I hope we actually get this game. I've backed too many games on this website and have gotten nothing from most of them.

    21. Cerzel on April 7, 2017

      It's been just under 1 year and 7 months since the post announcing Atlus would be your publisher, and in that time frame there's been 10 updates. The time between when the project launched and the last update before the one announcing the Atlus partnership was 2 years and 7 months, and in that time frame there were 59 updates.

      To quote the original September 16 2015 update:
      "What is going to change about the project here on Kickstarter?" Nothing at all. We’re going to do our best to keep up and give you information involving the game’s development right here, as always.

      And to quote the October 14 2016 update:
      Not at all! ATLUS is well aware of the Kickstarter backers and pushed us to maintain constant PR especially the closer we get to release as it'll go well for marketing to get the ball of interest going all the way.

      Doesn't really take a genius to figure out that this Atlus partnership has resulted in leaving the backers behind.

    22. Gareck on April 6, 2017

      Soo, about an update at all? I know I only pledged $15 however many years ago now, but something would be appreciated, seems like there's a lot going on and I used to look forward to seeing what was being done, now it's just silence but from what I'm reading there's a lot of cookin going on for the project. Hoping things are still staying mostly in control at least!

    23. Missing avatar

      Matt on April 6, 2017

      Yo, tenpoundpixel. You wanna explain this to me.
      This is a tweet from Rob:

      ' Unity 4 > 5 update is absolutely wrecking the project. Love getting this "The file "none" is corrupted!" error. '

      I thought you guys weren't going to upgrade because it would break a lot of stuff. Also a later tweet suggests re importing and starting from scratch in Unity 5 as a plan.
      What the heck, man?

    24. Missing avatar

      Matt on March 31, 2017

      @tenpoundpixel You should Just post the update. Don't bother with getting Rob to check it. He's probably playing video games anyway and people have been waiting long enough already.

    25. Ryan K on March 30, 2017

      @tenpoundpixel : Thanks for the response.

      I must have missed that update. I've just maintained a certain level of excitement for this game and the idea of it not coming through has been increased by the extended silence. I'm very happy things are still moving forward. :)

    26. tenpoundpixel Collaborator on March 30, 2017

      Previous comment was supposed to be from me. I'm hoping the upcoming update I'm cooking up should help put to light what's been going on and also provide some good news for everyone.

      Again, we aren't backing down from making this game yet and I wholeheartedly apologize for the recent silence as things have gotten really hectic on many ends.

    27. NostalgiCO Creator on March 30, 2017

      @Matt: You're right in that upgrading to a new version of an engine is absolutely not a good idea. We've got third party tools that may not have proper Unity 5 support yet, and the code may not translate too well also and we'd rather not add more bugs to the game.

      @Cyanide: I've had the update typed up in a Word Document for the past week now but haven't gotten the chance to put it up on Kickstarter until now which Rob will have to look through to make sure everything is good for posting. I'll try to have it up by next week and keep the ball rolling once more, along with the introduction of a more personal means for backers to check on things.

      @Ryan K: I believe one of my recent updates has detailed Atlus' involvement in the project along with the reason why they haven't gone public with Cryamore yet.

    28. Missing avatar

      Matt on March 29, 2017

      Looks like NostalgiCO is flirting with changing to unity 5.

      My understanding is that upgrading to a new version of an engine during development is not a good idea.

    29. Cyanide on March 28, 2017

      Heya NostalgiCO, it's your favorite, rambling backer once again!

      I came on to check, since it has been a little under a month when I was last here, and I was deeply saddened that not only was this lacking an update but no word in general from the team. Going through periods of no communication are certainly not unnatural, and have even been openly acknowledged by the team in the past before as well ( but I genuinely don't get what the hold up is with this. I can understand that Alan might still be out of the country, but is Rob completely unable to update this project?

      I bring this up because of other small dev teams working on projects that still constantly update. Yandere Dev is constantly making videos that cover his progress as he goes along. But let's focus on very small teams that were backed on Kickstarter, Soul Saga and Cosmic Star Heroine have both suffered numerous delays due to issues and are both composed of very small teams. Yet both Kickstarters show good activity with their backers.

      I don't think it's terribly selfish, or unrealistic, of us to ask about where things are going. We're now in Q2 of 2017 and there's no word from Atlus and there's no word from you. We have begun to literally repeat last year. All we need is to not hear anything up until the estimated time of release that the game has been pushed back again. Delays are understandable, and explainable. We can relate to them and be more than supportive of making the best game you possibly can or any issues that might be behind them. What we can't relate to is continuous negligence, and to be honest that’s basically what’s happening with this.

      I've been stopping by every now and again to not be a thorn in your side, or to annoy other backers or say I’m speaking for anyone but myself, but to be a concerned backer who wants this project to succeed and tries to constructively offer any advice. Frustrated backers looking for answers dates all the way back to August of 2014. That's almost three years of concerned and frustrated backers who want to be positive, want to believe, but find it challenging to do so not because of unrealistic expectations or ignorance, but because they're constantly being given reasons not to. That update I linked earlier? The one that mentions about going five months without an update and that’s something the team wouldn’t let happen again? July 2014. And we’ve seen this project fluctuate frequently since then with little insight on why.

      At this point, I can only assume that the reason we haven’t gotten an update isn’t because there isn’t time to. It isn’t about being too busy, or life happening. But rather there’s no desire to do one. Life certainly does happen, but we’ve had a little over four months, roughly 125 days, since the last time an update was made. We all have lives, and we all know that a small team is working on a large project. A project that is incredibly demanding and challenging when you're juggling multiple hats for a game, as well as satisfying a publisher along with your personal life. Yet despite all this I'm starting to get the impression that NostalgiCO isn't so much too busy to update but rather just avoiding it. I say this as someone who’s spearing a small team for a fan translation project in my spare time over the past two months, and spent an hour during last weekend, Saturday, making a quick Word Press page for the project. Including a 5 paragraph post quickly talking about it, along with the progress so far and some other outlines, before taking a family member that was visiting out to eat. If I can do that in an hour, on the spot, then I would imagine even with the formatting nightmare of posting on Kickstarter it would be possible to make an update. Even with the issues, I bet one could slowly be produced over the course of these past 125~ days.

      I can only imagine how NostalgiCO must feel with everything going on in both this, as well as their personal lives. But can’t we at least get a word on what is happening? Is there any news on an updating coming within the next month?

    30. Ryan K on March 26, 2017

      I want to know more about the Atlus aspect of this. Has anyone received confirmation from them that they are actually involved in this project now? Funding, publishing or otherwise?

      I'm trying to not be all "here's another failed backing" about this. I understand that development can be a lengthy and time consuming process. However, the silence from the devs on all fronts and no real confirmation from Atlus has me a bit concerned and even a bit irritated.

    31. Missing avatar

      Matt on March 20, 2017

      Maybe it's actually already finished and they're just holding back on any info to avoid being overshadowed by recent game releases.


    32. Alan Morgan
      on March 20, 2017

      Anybody still alive out there? This game still being made?

    33. Missing avatar

      bucen on March 16, 2017

      Just wondering, if the game is still in development. But at this point I would like to consider a PC version, as I don't care about a Wii U version anymore.

    34. Doc O'Malley on March 14, 2017

      I wanted to go on a rant like I do every few months about the same subjects Cyanide often delves into. But there is nothing new I could really say. So let's all celebrate the month a game, that we were all very excited for, was supposed to be shipped to our households. 3 years late, and I feel like I could have lit that couple hundred bucks on fire and had better entertainment out of watching the flames turn to ash.

      The waiting is just unbearable, especially being the first projected I've ever kickstarted. I've backed so many projects on so many different sites and this is the only one that has never shown any real promise of coming to fruition. Hell even that Rad Rodgers game gave me a beta key the second it was funded. I guess I'll keep checking the page every few months to check out what Cyanide has to say.... It's normally a good read, and it's not like there will be any updates to skim.

    35. Christopher Campbell on March 13, 2017

      Reading below, things sound a bit grim. Hopefully they provide an update soon.

    36. Missing avatar

      John Adams on March 12, 2017

      I was so excited for this game at one point, and defensive of the creators at others. Now I'm just saddened and lost my faith in good human nature. I don't like the attitude from some of the creators about "Can't do this and nothing but this, have to have time for other things". Totally understandable, but after 4 years you have to realize that people who gave money to you feel cheated. If many of us gave our bosses or investors a timeline and then missed it by this much regardless of the reason we would be sued or fired. I don't know who would give you a job in the games industry after this level of poor budgeting and planning. As adults we make sacrifices in order to get our jobs done on time and within reasonable limits of expected results. This could have been a very different and happy story if the team had even come distantly close to their timeline and reigned in the project to be what it was supposed to be, I'm not expecting Breath of the Wild, just a great indie game with its own flare. I think Rob might want to rethink his profession and just work at an office where you punch in and punch out and have all the time in the world for gaming sessions after you get home around 5, don't be a creator if you don't have the passion to love your project more than your fans and dedication to finish it in a reasonable amount of time. I've given a lot of projects money in different platforms and this is the only one that I honestly regret, and that's sad cause it was one that I was most excited for.

    37. RykerrK on March 11, 2017

      I don't have a lot of sympathy for the guy honestly. If there was a community manager making REGULAR updates, like literally ANYTHING, doesn't have to be 90 paragraphs with pictures detailing every point, I imagine less people would be hanging on every word he says. Of course they're anxious, you're not telling them anything, so when they read "I'm doing normal stuff everyone does because you can't do this all day every day" what they THINK is "He's not talking about the game, and hasn't updated the Kickstarter page since November. Maybe he gave up."

      And then there's just jerks, but let's be honest; if you're behind your already-behind schedule and aren't talking with the community and are just making normal posts on Twitter like everything's cool, when there's the perception that everything's NOT cool, maybe you MIGHT want to stay off casual public social networking anyways...

    38. Cyanide on March 4, 2017

      So I came online today to notice that Rob tweeted out that,

      "I think I'm done with social media. Tired of people making assumptions about what I do or don't do based on what I post."

      and I wanted to take a bit of time to elaborate on my post, since I'm afraid I might of fallen into that category that resulted in such a post on Twitter. I also wanted to address a few other things as well, so I do hope you don't mind my tangents once again.

      I want to fully state that I am not expecting anything, but what I was rather trying to point out is that there has been a three month lull in information posting. For all intensive purposes, we know that the game is suppose to come out in Q2 of 2017 and us backers have yet to hear anything from Cryamore since late November of 2016.

      This is incredibly worrisome for us, as NostalgiCO has shown before that they have been known to go very large periods of time with little information. I must openly state that this does not mean we do not assume you are not hard at work on the game or anything of the sort. Far from it, and we know that you are human beings that have lives, along with your physical and mental health to worry about, and require downtime to recuperate and to just be you. That is so very important to just make time for you, and I would encourage you all to do it in any profession you may work in.

      The issue that could result in people taking up umbrage, is when there's been a large quantity of silence for us backers and one of the mains behind Cryamore is instead tweeting about playing through Breath of the Wild. This is by no means a bad thing, and I'm actually really glad that Rob has been enjoying it so much. I definitely plan on getting it for Wii U when I have more free time, so I'm glad to know it works well on it, but the thing is that for us we only can see this. and this sends a very mixed message to the backers of Cryamore.

      As backers, we can only know what we see and what we're told. Which is that Cryamore has gone several months without an update, and we're quickly approaching Q2, which was when the game was re-scheduled to be released. We still have yet to hear any news about how the year has been progressing so far and the status of any kind of a build, something that has been told we'd get dating as far back as 2015. We know that an update is suppose to be coming soon, but no general idea of when that will be and there's been no news on any builds since first mentioned in September 20th 2016. So, we turn to other avenues to try and get an understanding of what is going on. Rob's tweet is pinned on the Cryamore Twitter, and the biggest thing we see on that page is that Rob, one of the incredibly talented men behind the creation of NostalgiCO, has been spending a large quantity of time playing a video game and tweeting about it.

      There's nothing inherently wrong with it, but look at it like this. Say you've got a school project to take care and you're working with a partner. You do your half of the assignment and send it on to them, and they say their going to work hard on it soon. However, you see a day later that they're tweeting on twitter how they're really enjoying this new game that they've been playing extensively. Now, they could of made massive headway in the project, or even finished it. However, if they haven't let you know you're going to question it, and even question them. That's because you can only work with what you know, and what you know is that they haven't gotten back to you about where they're at with the assignment and have just largely ignored you but instead have been active in other avenues that are visible.

      That's the problem we face right now. We have absolutely no idea what is going on, and we're only able to assume what we can work with. Which is that Cryamore hasn't been updating us on what is suppose to be a really big year for the game, and for the team and the backers, and instead of new information we're only hearing about one of the co-founders tweeting about being absorbed in a game.

      We don't need to be privy to everything, but at the same time not knowing anything will lead to assumptions and that's just not good for anyone involved.

      I hope that better explains my post and what I was trying to get at yesterday. Rob should never feel like he needs to restrict his life because of it, but it would be really great if we could get some news about what's going on here. Can we get a rough estimate on an update? What about with a build? How about maybe some that's new with the game that you've been working on, or how things are going with Atlus? We've stated that we are perfectly fine not having massive updates, so even a small update that could take 15 or so minutes to write would be massively appreciated.

    39. Cyanide on March 4, 2017

      While I strongly think that both physical and mental health are important to be maintained, and while we certainly don't know the extent behind the down time allowed for such a meaty binge I have to agree with Matt in that it unfortunately does not look good to see constant tweets about it when there's concerned backers on Kickstarter. Adding in the fact that we're growing ever closer to release date, and someone could really take this in a negative way.

      Perhaps if Rob is on a short vacation or happens to have a significant amount of down time currently he could help out Alan with the updates, as it sounds like Alan is rather taxed right now with what is on his plate.

      I gather that Alan has been slowly working on the update with his poor connection and combined with some very big life changes, both that have happened and that are coming, he could certainly use the assistance. This is if Rob is in good health, of course.

      I personally think that this would be a prime time, as Rob could use it as an opportunity to let us know how the build is coming along since Alan had informed us that he was working on it during the September 20th 2016 update. I would assume that if such a quantity of free time is available to binge in such a manner that the build must be making significant process that is nearly completion or has been completed. This is under the basis that most developers don't generally go on breaks during the crunch period of a product.

      Or does this mean that a crunch period is coming up, and we can expect big news on Cryamore? This would be really wonderful if that was the case, as tensions are starting to heighten on here again and I would rather not see the genuine effort that Alan put forth last year to go to waste.

    40. Missing avatar

      Matt on March 4, 2017

      Backers are still waiting on updates meanwhile Rob is tweeting about sinking 15 hours into Breath of the Wild.

      Nice to see you've got your priorities straight guys.

    41. Philip on March 2, 2017

      4 years

      4 years and I'm still waiting.

      Is there a playable build yet?

    42. Missing avatar

      Matt on March 2, 2017

      I wonder when backers will get that beta build to play? This month? next month?

    43. Cyanide on March 2, 2017

      I don't mean to retread the same ground that I did last year, but I am rather saddened that we've fallen back into the previous lull of information flow about the development. Especially since, as mentioned in September 20th, 2016 update, "Atlus has pushed for us to aim for 2017's first quarter or the second quarter at the latest", which means that if everything sticks to this schedule we'll be seeing the game within the next half year. This is, unfortunately, quite alarming that we've gone several months without any new information and especially since we still have yet to tinker around with any builds of the game to see where the game has gone in the past few years. Yes, we've seen images and gifs, but how a game controls, feels and so forth is an entirely different story. While the previous updates were a very welcomed addition, and I sincerely appreciate a greater effort to maintain communication, my main issue was the fact that NostalgiCO has a big problem with being active for a brief period of time before months of silence with little to no new information and sadly that's happening again. With being so much closer to the release date and no real estimation of when playable builds will be available or what the plans are for this year/how they're progressing so far I'm starting to get deja vu.

      This is also starting to lead me to believe that, once a playable build is made available, backers won't have much of a say, or any at all, in regards to the directional progression or visual of Cryamore. I question this because if we haven't seen anything by now I would imagine that we're only going to see something that is far closer to the actual release that will more likely function as a demo as oppose to a beta build for us to mess around with and offer feedback. Soul Saga has been doing that, and it's been a great way for the community to interact with the developer and they've used it as a great opportunity to improve the game in strides. Further, it's kept up the hype within the community by fans producing videos on how things work for other people to see and to help drum up further support. It's really a sight to behold, and Disastercake has made numerous builds available. They're in a rather similar state to Cryamore as well, with having delayed their initial release of last year to later on this year and yet fans are still very supportive and active in the community. Sadly, things are largely dead here (Tumblr and Twitter activity seems to be largely dead too), with the most active members seeing to be the ones more questioning or critical. I really dislike seeing that, and I think it's a shame.

      If it ends up being more so just us playing around with it and having no impact, this is rather concerning for me. NostalgiCO expressed an interest in community interaction with the development of Cryamore during the early part of this Kickstarter, and if that ends up being the case then unfortunately things have veered significantly off course.

      I hope I'm entirely off about this, but this is the general impression I'm being lead to believe by how things have progressed to this point.

    44. Missing avatar

      Sharan Chandran on February 28, 2017

      Crossed the 4 year mark since my pledge a couple weeks ago. Glad to see the extensive progress you all have made and rooting for you to finish this year. The silence from Atlus is worrisome though.

      Also would like to see update part 2 at some point covering how the funds were used.

    45. Trese Brothers Games on February 24, 2017

      Is this project still going forward? Months without update.

    46. Missing avatar

      Matt on February 18, 2017

      @tenpoundpixel I'm Glad to hear your not changing to the Nintendo Switch. I was worried you'd push the release date even further into the future.

      I'm just waiting for NostalgiCO to finish this thing so I can finally get my refund.

    47. tenpoundpixel Collaborator on February 18, 2017

      @Cyanide: We've been fleshing out the rest of the overworld and rolling out the cleaning up of maps to cover up the greybox levels but yes, I'll be working on the second part of the update soon.

      @Matt: If devkits came free (which they don't, and each devkit is rented out to studios and companies unless you pay a hefty sum to own one) and compiling a build was as easy as pressing a button and it coming out and playing the same was as it does in the editor, we'd be gunning for both the Wii U and the Switch but that isn't the case. We're still sticking to the Wii U.

    48. Missing avatar

      Matt on February 18, 2017

      @Cyanide I won't be surprised if they make an update in March and announce they're dropping the Wii U for the Nintendo Switch.

    49. Cyanide on February 17, 2017

      Heya guys, it's been several months since the last update and things have been very quiet on the news front. Can we expect a big update from the NostalgiCO front that covers the second part soon?

    50. Kickstarter Account on February 3, 2017

      Still excited for this game, Hopefully it will release in 2017. Just make sure it's fun!

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