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Quad Lock - Smartphone mounting for an active lifstyle
Quad Lock - Smartphone mounting for an active lifstyle
666 backers pledged $41,209 to help bring this project to life.

The Quad Locks™ have shipped!

Posted by Rob Ward & Chris Peters (Creator)

It's been a long time coming but we are happy to say the Quad Locks™ have shipped!!! A big thank you to the guys at Shipwire and the Annex Products Team for getting the Quad Locks™, processed, packed and sent out to all our awesome backers. 

Let us know what you think
We're already been receiving notes from people that have received their rewards which is awesome, and from what we can tell everyone is wrapped with the quality and design of the products. We love getting feedback and we're super excited to see where you're putting the Quad Lock™ mounts so it would be great if you could take the time to post an image on our facebook page ( our if you're on the twitters...tweet about your Quad Lock™ using @quadlockcase and hash tag #quadlock. For the instragramers tag your photos as #quadlock.

Quad Lock Accessories

For those of you interested in the Poncho, Tripod Mount and Universal Mount (for the non iPhone owners out there.) these three Quad Lock™ accessories are nearly ready for production! We hope to have them available next month and we'll be offering them to our kickstarter backers at a very special price as you guys made this all possible! Once they are ready to order we will send out a Kickstarter update with a promotional code so keep an eye in your inbox.

If you plan on grabbing one of these accessories lets us know what your interested in by adding a comments below. Also if you have any other ideas for Quad Lock™ accessories speak up and let us know what you want in the comments below. You'll need to view this update on the Quad Lock Kickstarter project page to comment.

Thanks again for your support and keep on Quadlock'n!


Chris and Rob


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    1. Missing avatar

      Piero BJ on

      Hi! I haven't received mine yet! What's going on? Thanks!

    2. Missing avatar

      Paul Mulner on

      Love my quad lock and am eager to get the iPad version.

    3. Pantea Motearefi on

      Hi I was late to respond to the updates regarding mailing address for the quad lock. I just submitted my mailing information. When do you think I might receive the quad lock?

    4. Reuben Simpson on

      Got mine too, thanks so much!! Looks awesome!

    5. Douglas R Mauro on

      Love my Quad lock! Many thanks for a great idea --> product. Can't wait to test it on my bike. Feedback from wife (who wants one) is diff colors please.

    6. Missing avatar

      Marcin on

      Waiting for poncho!

    7. Aaron Leroi on

      Thanks a lot! Been using my quad lock a lot and it's by far the best mount I've owned. Can't wait for the iPad case so I can get rid of the other bulky mounts I have. Great job guys and thanks for getting back to me. Best.

    8. Rob Ward & Chris Peters 2-time creator on

      Loving all the feedback guys. Been some great photos posted on our facebook page too!

    9. James Williams on

      My QuadLock is very cool and getting lots of comments from bikers interested in getting their own. I'm interested in the Poncho accessory. Thanks!

    10. Rob Ward & Chris Peters 2-time creator on

      Hi Aaron, your mounts are on the way!

    11. Ahsan Khan on

      Really could use the poncho. Great product.

    12. Aaron Leroi on

      Would like the universal mount and the poncho. Would also love if you finish the iPad case. Btw you think you could help me figure out when I'm getting the extra mounts I ordered? I love the suff just been bummed I can't use it everywhere I wanted to.

    13. Jo Cleykens on

      I got mine 2 days ago (in Belgium).
      I would like to buy the poncho ASAP. The Belgian weather isn't to be trusted so much. Since i am planning on using the bike attachment the most, the poncho would be very much welcomed.

    14. Missing avatar

      Ivan Leung on

      Really want the poncho! Good work guys.

    15. Missing avatar

      Rick Bainter on

      Love the Quad Lock guys. Nice job! Yes, I'd like to have the Poncho and possibly the tripod. Let me know how I can purchase those items.
      Rick Bainter

    16. Missing avatar

      Michael Timmers on

      I'm interested in the ipad 2 back with wall mount and also the poncho for the iphone.

      An idea for the iphone could be that you work in a battery in the cover.
      This is ideal for long bike trip as the iphone drains the battery because of the gps usage.

    17. Missing avatar

      Russell Paulin on

      I am very interested in the poncho and will be looking at my inbox waiting for the email to come through.

    18. Stijn de Graaff on

      I am also interested in the poncho! Are the iPad 2 cases also ready for production? Looking for a combined shipping of these two items to the Netherlands! I hope my early bird backer set arrives this week!


    19. Missing avatar

      mick rielly on

      I'd be very keen to have a look at the poncho. I have my green cover and have attached the lock to my pushy as well as stuck one in my car to make a hands free kit. I've checked with a police friend of mine and he says it's all legal. Woo hoo

    20. Missing avatar

      mick rielly on

      I'd be very keen to have a look at the poncho. I have my green cover and have attached the lock to my pushy as well as stuck one in my car to make a hands free kit. I've checked with a police friend of mine and he says it's all legal. Woo hoo

    21. Missing avatar

      Cisca van der Leij on

      I am interested in the poncho!!

    22. Kirdan Squires on

      I will be buying the poncho the instant it is available. I also will be keeping my fingers crossed in the hopes that your pro-lock arm band will soon make it to production; I will not hesitate to buy one of those as well!

    23. Missing avatar

      Carl Bik on

      I live in the Netherlands and would really need a poncho to use the quad lock all year round! Also an iPsd 2/3 case for using Tom Tom in the car

    24. Rob Ward & Chris Peters 2-time creator on

      Oh yeah and the iPad 2/3 case should be out within the next 2 months too!

    25. Missing avatar

      Ken Hillblom on

      Interested in the poncho, tripod, and iPad 2 !!!

    26. Rob Ward & Chris Peters 2-time creator on

      Hey Tim, the universal mount is awesome for organising around the house. I'm currently using the universal mount on the back of our heater remote. I'll post a picture on the Quad Lock Facebook page on the weekend!

    27. Grove Media Studios on

      Also in for the poncho!

    28. Missing avatar

      Lisa James on

      Definitely interested in a poncho!

    29. Missing avatar

      Tim Klapdor on

      Definitely interested in the tripod adapter. Curious about the universal adapter too - maybe a few more things I can mount around the house :)

    30. Missing avatar

      Ling Lau on

      Will definitely get a poncho.