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Opena - iPhone Bottle Opener Case's video poster

The Opena is an iPhone4 case with a slide out bottle opener. The idea is that you’ll always have it when you need it. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on July 8, 2011.

The Opena is an iPhone4 case with a slide out bottle opener. The idea is that you’ll always have it when you need it.

About this project

Hey Kickstarters! Welcome to our funding page! We have a great idea but we need your help to turn it into a real product.  The Opena will have a RRP of around $39.95 but you can now get one for just $30. Awesome!!

The Opena is a protective iPhone4 case with an integrated slide out bottle opener. 

If you're anything like us you like to travel light. The one thing we always have on us is our phones. The one thing we always seem to be looking for is a bottle opener. Some of our friends carry bottle openers on their keys but there are times when you don't always have your keys with you. If you're drinking should you really be driving anyway?

After consuming a few ales one sunny afternoon we came up with a solution. Why not put a bottle opener into an iPhone case...? Brilliant!

We've spent a considerable amount of time designing, prototyping and testing our ideas to create a super smooth, clean crisp product which we've called the Opena.

So why do we need YOUR help? Simply put, manufacturing is expensive. We need to use a process called 'injection molding' to create the iPhone case and the metal blade needs to be stamped from large sheets of stainless steel. Both these processes provide very high quality parts but they also have very expensive tooling and set up costs.

By pledging at least fifteen dollars (if your quick), you will be essentially pre-ordering your very own Opena, and helping turn our project into a reality.

When we started on this project we had three clear design goals we absolutely had to meet:

1) The case had to be as slim as possible, no one likes a fat phone in their pocket.

2) The case had to protect iPhone and there had to be no chance of the bottle opener scratching the iPhone.

3) The opener had to open bottles with out putting any force on the iPhone. 

The Opena has been designed and engineered using the latest in 3D CAD technology. We've had numerous prototypes machined from solid blocks of ABS plastic (the same material we'll use for the production parts) so we could test the strength and durability of the design. The bottle opener blade was laser cut from stainless steel in various thicknesses ranging from 1mm - 2.5mm so we could decide on the best strength without adding too much bulk to the case. 

We have tested prototypes of the final design non-stop over the last month and we're proud to say the Opena meets all our design goals. 100's of beers have been opened and the Opena is showing no sign of wear or fatigue.

The Opena case will be manufactured from ABS plastic with a fine textured surface finish. This material feels great to the touch, and holds the phone securely. The bottle opener blade will be punched from food grade stainless steel. Both of these materials are recyclable.

The Opena was conceived, designed and developed by Robert Ward and Chris Peters. We've put a lot of thought and energy into this project. Everyone we have shown the prototypes to loves it and wants one of their own. We hope you'll like using it as much as we do.

Additional information can be found at

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Kickstarter Limited Edition Opena, laser etched with a unique backer number. Only 200 available. Also you will get an invite to our funding party which will be held in the Opena head quarters in Melbourne, Australia. Details will be provided to Limited edition backers once/if we are funded so tell all your friends to become Limited edition funders so they can join in on the fun!


  • As soon as we reach our funding goal we are going to order the tooling and get production happening. Kickstarter tells us it takes up to 3 weeks for funds to clear once a project is over. So based on that it will take a few weeks after the project is finished before we can ship units to all our amazing backers.

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  • No way! We wouldn't do something silly like that. The sliding stainless steel blade is fully contained inside the plastic case and never, ever comes in contact with any part of the iPhone, so there is no way it can scratch your phone. Come on guys, we've put some serious thought behind this thing.

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  • At the moment the Opena is designed for the iPhone4 only. Depending on how well received the Opena is, we may consider releasing an iPhone 3G version and maybe some other phones in the future as well.

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  • In short.... Pretty darn strong. We've done a lot of product testing... and when we say a lot, we mean it. We've tested it on 47 different beers from all over the world and there has not been a single beer that we couldn't open. The Opena has been analyzed by an ex-Boeing Aerospace Engineer using the latest FEA computer software and was given two thumbs up. The design allows the load from the blade to be transferred to the sides of the case so no direct loads are ever transferred to the iPhone.

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  • The case fully protects the back and sides of the iPhone. The front edges sit a little higher than the screen so if you put your phone face down on a flat surface its protected. We've also done several drop tests and the iPhone has survived with out a mark every time.

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  • Yes, definitely! What kind of lady wouldn't want her beverage opened by a nice fella with an iPhone bottle opener in his pocket. "Is that an Opena in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?"

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  • You can have it in any color you want as long as its black.... Unless you select the KickStarter limited edition which has an option for Chronic Green! Only available on Kickstarter.

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  • Well it's not intended to but we're pretty sure it would work. If you try it, make sure you send us a video!

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  • Sure can! We made sure the case didn't infringe on any of the iPhone ports so the charger, head phones and everything else can plug in with out any problems.

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  • Yep sure does!

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  • Sure can. Head on over to and you can pre-order. We plan to be shipping in August.

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  • Um, if you need a tool to help you open a can, you may want to think about taking your pledge money and spending it on a gym membership instead!

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  • Is your apartment lined with many leather bound books and smell of rich mahogany? If so then shoot us an email at But really yes we are interested in talking to people that would like to distribute this product.

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