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The Opena is an iPhone4 case with a slide out bottle opener.  The idea is that you’ll always have it when you need it.
The Opena is an iPhone4 case with a slide out bottle opener. The idea is that you’ll always have it when you need it.
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Check out the Talon

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Hey folks

A lot of good things come out of Melbourne, and the Talon is definitely one of them. Our good mates at Tactica who also make a very slick bottle opener, have just launched an awesome multi tool called the Talon and they are smashing it on Kickstarter. Check them out and pledge away as they will be shipping before the holidays and will make great Christmas presents!! 

Talon by Tactica
Talon by Tactica


Chris & Rob

Should we make an iPhone 6 Opena Case?

Hello Backers! 

It's been a while since our last update as we've been super busy developing some awesome new products under the Quad Lock brand. 

Since the launch of the iPhone 6 we've been getting a lot of emails asking if we will make an Opena case for it. To be honest we're not sure if we should make it or not. But instead of us making the call we're going to leave it up to you guys to decide. If you want an Opena Case for iPhone 6 then you need to let us know by signing up at the list below:  

If we get enough people signing up we'll drop everything and get working on an iPhone 6 Opena Case, but only if enough people sign up. 

PS: This is only for the 4.7" iPhone 6, not the iPhone 6 Plus. Seriously if you want a bottle opener on a phone that big you need to go take a good hard look at yourself! 


Chris & Rob

Pre-order your Opena Case for iPhone 5

G'day Backers!

We've just finished the first production run of Opena Cases for iPhone 5 and we're happy to say they are FRIGGEN AWESOME! 

As you guys made all this possible in the first place we wanted to offer you an extra special 25% pre-order discount. Just enter the discount code OPENA5KS during the check out process @ and it will save you $10 off the retail price. Don't forget to hit apply!  

The discount code is valid until the end of November and the cases will be shipping in the first week of December... just in time for Christmas! They make awesome Christmas presents for that guy or girl that has everything! 

The new Opena Case for iPhone 5 is the best Opena we have ever made. It's thinner, lighter, much easier to put on and take off the phone and oozing with awesomeness. We've even gone the extra mile and black oxide coated the bottler opener to match the Black/Slate version of the iPhone 5 (Black Opena Only). It's very Special Ops... We heard a rumor that the Navy Seals are running it as standard issue.The White and Brushed Stainless Opena looks equally as good on the white iPhone 5.

So what are you still reading this for? head on over to now!!


Chris and Rob (The Opena Guys!)

PS: If you're in Melbourne we're putting on an informal Kickstarter Q&A night on the 29th of November at the newest co-working space in Prahran - Depo8. If you want to ask anything about crowd funding, product design, manufacturing offshore, order fullfillment or just want to drink our free beer then come along for a chat!  More details here -


iPhone 5 Opena case?

With the launch of the iPhone 5 last week we've had a heap of people asking if we are going to be making an Opena case for it.... well...

Damn straight we are!

We wouldn't want you to go thirsty.... Not wanting to waste any time we've just finished the production tooling and with the help of our production partners we hope to have them available next month (assuming everything goes to plan). The first off tool parts have been shot and are looking good (see images below).

If you would like to be the first to know when the Opena for iPhone 5 is available register your interest here.

We will be offering the iPhone 5 Opena in Black and White as per the iPhone 4/4S version, however, we are contemplating coating the bottle opener with a black finish to match the black iPhone 5. To do this we use a process called PVD which provides a very tough matt black finish. It's an expensive process but it looks AWESOME and is very tough wearing. If you think its a good idea and you would buy one then let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook Page.

A lot of people have requested different color Openas so we are also considering producing a limited edition color as we know black and white can be a little boring. If you want to see the Opena in a limited color then let us know your preference on our Annex Products Facebook Page

Oh and while your there don't forget to like the page too!


Chris and Rob
Annex Products

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We Just Launched A New Project!

Hey Opena Backers,

We've just launched a brand new Kickstarter project for a product that we've been working on for a while now called the Quad Lock. Visit our new project here: Quad Lock Kickstarter Project 

The Quad Lock is a case based mounting system for your iPhone4/S. With the Quad Lock you'll be able to securely mount your iPhone on your bike, car, wall or wherever with just a simple twist.

Early Bird Backer Reward - first 200 are only $40

We want to let all our original backers know that we have an awesome Early Bird Backer Reward and there's 200 up for grabs. The Early Bird Backer Reward gets you the Deluxe package for just $40 which we estimate will retail for $74.95, or $60 once the first 200 are gone on Kickstarter.

Kickstarter Limited Edition Set

For all the Kickstarter fans we also have a limited edition set which gives you a Deluxe Quad Lock set in an awesome limited edition Kickstarter Green color. Only 200 available, so get in quick! 

Thanks for all your support so far and please share this project with any of your friend that you think will like it.


Rob and Chris