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Scavenge. Build. Fight. Survive. Introducing ROAM, an online co-op action game set in a procedurally generated world.
Scavenge. Build. Fight. Survive. Introducing ROAM, an online co-op action game set in a procedurally generated world.
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Video update coming shortly

Posted by ROAM (Creator)

Just wanted to give you guys a heads up.

The video update is coming here very shortly. While we have been sorting out the issues with the world generator we have also made a lot of progress on multiplayer networking. The basic framework of setting up and joining LAN and online games is established. 

I've redesigned the base building mechanics to what I think will be much more streamlined and fun. It also ties in heavily to the skill system. This means depending on what route you take with your character you will have access to different structures/bonuses that benefit the entire party. Below is a brief "tech tree". This is not final but it may give you all a look into what we are aiming for.

*Above is a concept of the tech tree and will probably change a bit, but the idea remains the same

Assemble, disassemble, and crates

The blueprint system wasnt working like I imagined so I went with another approach.

The "workbench" structure opens up most of the structures in the game. Choosing a structure at the work bench and crafting it (with required resources) will create a crate. These crates are the start of your new structure. Imagine your survivor has sorted out all the bits and pieces of what is required to build the structure and has temporarily stored them in this crate. You are able to pick up the crate, move it to a new location and unpack it. The placement of the building remains the same with a ghost image appearing where your new structure will be placed.

*Workbench UI concept

If you noticed above, there are blank tool slots. The tools have been moved off the characters and on to the workbench. Each workbench will need its own set of tools in order to unlock more structures. Once a tool is placed into a slot, all players who interact with that workbench have access to those new unlocked structures. Players who have reached a certain tier in specific skill trees will not need the required tool to craft structures related to their class.

You are also able to disassemble structures into crates and move them. This replaces the need to learn new blueprints in order to build them. A couple examples:

  • You need a wall built so you interact with the workbench, choose the wall structure, and a crate appears. Pick the crate up, place it somewhere, disassemble and place.
  • You found a structure you would like to take back to your base. Disassemble it, pick up the crate, load it into your vehicle, and take it back to your base.

Of course, if you would just like the resources from the built structure you will be able to destroy and gather its resources though you will not get back the full amount used to build the structure.

The reason for this change is, simplicity. It is easy to understand and pretty easy to implement.

We are also a few days away from launching the new website. A temp website is up for now and you can subscribe to be notified when it goes live. I will also post an update here.

Everything mentioned above has been implemented and I will go over them in the upcoming video update.


As far as I can see and if all goes according to planned we are getting closer to an alpha release. Keep in mind that in this release you should not expect to find every feature in the game. By this I mostly mean things that create "variety" (an example could be many different vehicles or many visual character creation options). These will be added with time.Everything mentioned above has been implemented and I will go over them in the upcoming video update.

I'll do my best to keep everyone informed on the progress of the combat system and world generation and will post a video here shortly. Thanks!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Ben on

      Great job! I am really looking forward to trying out the early alpha! Thank you again for all of your hard work.

    2. Adam Hardy on

      Oh! regarding the mechanic I described below, would be cool if the skill of the creator (+ buff from the workbench) would effect the quality of the built item. Maybe giving a buff to durabiltiy or something.

    3. Adam Hardy on

      Hey Ryan, love where your going with the Tech tree and workbench. Just wanted to suggest a slightly different mechanic. A workbench has a complexity\quality setting related to the skill of the character that created it at the time. This complexity\quality gives a buff on skills required to create items thus allowing players with no skill to create simple items, but still requiring skill to create more complex items. IMHO I don't like the mechanic of not needing tools to make items as it's a bit unrealistic, everything else is cool, love the crate mechanic.

    4. Missing avatar

      Kai Eichinger on

      When is the new video update coming? :) I'm eagerly waiting for it since there has been no new update for the last 2 months.

      Can't wait to see it in action or get my hands on it!

    5. ROAM Creator on

      @ Larry - Everyone who backed $15+ is getting alpha. If your backed tier has multiple beta keys you will get the same amount of alpha keys, I need testers!

    6. Larry Barriere on

      Just a quick question. There's no Alpha reward listed on the side, so when Alpha is ready, is that something that you're giving out to everybody that backed? or is it for a specific tier and up (since all tiers have beta listed).

    7. Missing avatar

      Goatee on

      Sounding great can't wait to try it out!