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Scavenge. Build. Fight. Survive. Introducing ROAM, an online co-op action game set in a procedurally generated world.
Scavenge. Build. Fight. Survive. Introducing ROAM, an online co-op action game set in a procedurally generated world.
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Posted by ROAM (Creator)

Hey everyone,

This is just going to be a standard update this time. Sorry, no video in this one! Some things we have been doing since the last update:

Reworking the UI, polishing, fixing bugs.

As mentioned in previous videos, we are aiming to keep the UI simple but informative. We will go over some of the changes in an upcoming video.


Somehow this slipped by, Oops! We had implemented drinking already, now players can collect and eat food to restore hunger.

Character creation "Backgrounds" and "Negative Traits" implemented.

A background will influence your characters stats right from the start as well as their stat gain throughout the game. A negative trait is something every character must choose that acts as a "debuff" to that character. Examples of each:

Nursing student (Background)- "You were studying to become a Registered Nurse before the apocalypse started. Your knowledge in medicine is limited but that's better than nothing."

Nursing student attributes:

  • +1 skill points in First Aid
  • Small boost in First Aid skill gain
  • Skills other than First Aid are slightly harder for you to learn.

Weak Immune System(Negative Trait)- "Even as a kid you were constantly getting sick. You are surprised you have not caught whatever caused the apocalypse."

Weak Immune System attributes:

  • Higher chance to get sick.
  • Takes longer to overcome illness.

Expanded upon the existing stat/skill system.

The skill system has been fully implemented.The stat/skill system is tied in to the character creation menu. Choices you make at character creation have an impact on your stats as well as minor game play elements.

Every day that passes in the world of ROAM, the player will earn a stat point as a reward. There are 6 skills with 4 milestones each that the player may choose to put a stat point in. I will briefly go over the reason why we chose to do it this way:

In most RPG games that I can think of, the player is limited in the number of stat points they have access to. ROAM is no different in that regard, but different for other reasons.

  • In a traditional STR, DEX, INT model the player ends up creating their own class.
  • In higher end MMOs, you are given "talent points" every so often that give you a chance to customize your class. 

In ROAM, we wanted the player to take sort of a backwards approach to a "class" system. Like an artist starts with a blob of clay and sculpts it into a piece of art, we want to do that except kind of backwards, if that makes sense.

Players will come into the character creation screen and have an idea of what role they will be playing. Maybe you are playing with friends and you are going to be the scavenger while your friend will focus on construction. At the very start of the game you will specialize in your role. As the game goes on, however, you will start having access to all of the other roles.

Doing it this way it gives players more of an incentive to work together. As the game progresses it gives individual players the chance to expand their skills and maybe discover another way to play the game. It also does not limit the player into a specific role, you are free to expand however you want.

Implemented different kinds of illnesses.


  • Staying in the rain for too long with wet clothes gives you a chance to catch a cold.
  • Eating contaminated foods/drinking contaminated water will give you a chance to catch other illnesses.

We are staying away from the standard "You are sick, lose hp over time" mechanic and instead focusing on a different approach. Catching a cold from the rain will reduce your maximum stamina until it is cured, becoming ill from uncooked/contaminated foods will reduce your maximum hunger meter by a certain amount simulating a reduced appetite, etc.

Non- player character group system

This has been implemented and is close to being completed. Currently, each player will be able to party up with 3 randomly generated non-player characters that are under that player's control. The way you interact with NPCs and the UI is still being worked on.

Loot tables and Item database

There have been many different loot tables generated and each item is tied to atleast one loot table, sometimes many. The purpose of this is to control where loot will spawn and where the player would expect to find loot.

The item database has been tweaked a bit as well to improve the overall inventory management system.

World Generation and Tile system

We ran into a bug with the navmesh generation that we are working out. (For anyone who is curious what exactly a navmesh is : It is data that the AI uses to know where it can and cant walk.)

This issue will be fixed shortly and is the main reason for a no-video update today. Once this issue is resolved a video update will be released.

Thank you for your patience. 

We are doing everything we can to get the game into your hands as fast as possible while also not sacrificing quality. And again, we plan to have a video update out very shortly.

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    1. Jason Miller

      No Beta key here as of yet

    2. Missing avatar

      Goatee on

      Take that refund whiners.

    3. Are Nybakk on

      Judging by what I've seen so far, I'm really impressed and convinced you're on a good track. Looking forward to seeing more. Good job :)

    4. Aysir on

      Looks like it's coming along well. Take your time, get it right. We all look forward for the time when its in a presentable state :)

    5. Missing avatar

      Daniel Smith on

      Take as long as ya need mate, every time ya post a update i get more excited at all the interesting things we will be able to do when we do eventually get our hands on it, keep up the good work

    6. Kahuna Kevin on

      Keep adding awesome stuff like this and you just earned all the time you need.

    7. Valentin Wake on

      Sounds awesome ! Is there any estimation of when the beta will come out yet ?

    8. Neutronis on

      @Roam Thanks for the reply.
      I really think that this should of funded much higher than it did.
      Some of the projects i've seen in the last 6 months don't really have half of the depth of what you are doing in ROAM, yet i've seen them fund up & over $300,000, I'm guessing at the time people must have either been sick of zombie games or people just were'nt aware of it, but you doing a fine job with what you have.

    9. ROAM Creator on

      @Neutronis - Thanks for the concern! We have been extremely strict on our budget and are doing OK. We are planning on posting to Greenlight and will release more info when this happens.

    10. Neutronis on

      Great to see another update,. I love the direction this game is taking. I am curious though as to how the financial situation is for you guys, as this is taking a lot longer then you anticipated. Ive seen a few projects fail because they over extended and ran out of funds, and ended up releasing nothing like what they promised (Forsken Fortress anyone!!)
      Not sure if you have tried this or would considerit, but you could try and get greenlit on Steam, and offer an early access when beta comes out.
      It's worked for many other titles on steam, although not everyone like it, but it could continue your funding if things get tight.

    11. Dan Evans on

      Thanks for not using this game, you seem to be creating a very impressive design and i for one would rather wait for you to feel it's as perfect as you can create.

      Can't wait for beta!!

      Keep up the great work and please continue to go at your pace building a great game!!

    12. Boehrsi on

      Sounds like nice updates and well thought changes and ideas. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to a playable version.

    13. Missing avatar

      John on

      Thanks for the update, excited for the next video.