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Scavenge. Build. Fight. Survive. Introducing ROAM, an online co-op action game set in a procedurally generated world.
Scavenge. Build. Fight. Survive. Introducing ROAM, an online co-op action game set in a procedurally generated world.
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Alpha Delay

Posted by ROAM (Creator)

Hey everyone. Unfortunately we have missed our January goal for alpha. It sucks but the sad truth is we aren't ready to release the game yet. That being said we are working extremely hard to get something playable into your hands very shortly.

As it stands now, technically we could give you access to what we have, but I really dont want to release a half finished game with missing features. Its one thing to have SOME features missing, but the core mechanics of the game should be in place.

The base building mechanics are nearly plugged in since the last video and Phil is working on the AI system right now. Once we have those two things in place and we get the tile system sitting nicely with everything else, there should be something playable.

Our goal is to get the game on Steam Greenlight within the next couple of weeks with a video demonstrating Roam. By doing this its giving us a good shot at getting Greenlit and a way to distribute the game. The back up plan, if Greenlight fails, is to distribute the alpha to you all ourselves by setting up a login system and a server you can download from. 

As I said above, the base building mechanics are nearly plugged in and ready. You can expect another video update really soon covering them.

We appreciate your support and patience. You wont have to wait much longer :)

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    1. Conor Pollom on

      Let us know when it's ready to be voted for on steam!

    2. Barl0we on

      I'd much rather have a game that's not broken, but a bit later, than one that's put out before it's ready :)

      As long as you keep us in the know about where you are progress-wise, I'm happy :)

    3. Roman Duenas on

      Thanks for keeping us posted, and no worries here, we've come this far to see it come out as a game we always wanted, and a delay is not troublesome, just a fact that you can put something even better :) KEEP IT UP!!! XD

    4. Missing avatar

      Andrew Frazier on

      I'm fine with you guys doing what needs to be done. I'm just happy to at least be in the loop. Still very much looking forward to it whenever that may be.

    5. Andrew Phillips on

      Thanks for keeping us all in the loop with the progress of the game.
      Delays are inevitable (all of the major publishers delay their products so it's even more understandable if a smaller indie developer is having to spend more time on a project).

      I think we'd all prefer to have a game that works as intended, rather than having a game put into our hands that we can't use.

      On the subject of putting the game onto Greenlight; you may want to rethink that as Valve are currently looking to ditch the Greenlight system in favour of a new system for supporting indie developers.

    6. Jordan Zammit on

      Loving the idea of owning ROAM on steam. Don't rush anything on our account, we've waited long enough already. :)

    7. Leviani on

      Thanks for the update! And keep on to YOUR schedule!
      This is kickstarter, there are no big investors pushing any unfinished work over the cliff just to have something on the market.

    8. FrontlinerDelta on

      Thanks for the update, and don't worry about us getting impatient! It's clear from your video updates you won't be one of those "Forever Early Access" games and that you've made a ton of progress already.

      I find a more feature complete alpha more enjoyable anyways and can't wait to try it!

    9. Blue-demon on

      “A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever.”

      ― Shigeru Miyamoto

    10. Mistersam on

      This game will be awesome! Take your time guys!

    11. Austin Typeone Brewer on

      Thanks for the update I think that's all any of us wanted....can't wait for the release whether couple weeks or months just keep us updated and the videos are awesome keep it up guys!!!

    12. Missing avatar

      TerryBD on

      Take your time, you've been doing great at the updates and like the others here I'm willing to wait for a great game.

    13. Missing avatar

      Peter Farrelly on

      Sounds great, I can't speak for everybody else, but take your time, what I've seen so far looks good, no need to go too fast

    14. Owen Turk on

      Oliver mills, I would disagree. Although a vocal minority likes to complain about early access, they are consistently in the top ten all the time. Steam users like that system and are voting with their wallets. Rust and Day Z, both early access, both have been at the top 2 spots of best sellers for weeks.

    15. Spencer Gerowe on

      Take as much time as you need I'm sure we can all wait. Remember though that it IS an alpha and so a totally finished product is not expected or really beneficial. Most people expect things to change between an alpha and a release after all. But don't sweat it I'm sure whatever you get to us (and whenever) will have been well worth the wait.

    16. Kyle on

      No worries! Keep at it guys, game is looking great - take your time and do it right the first time! This will be your company's first launch - give the world a great first impression!

      /slap on the butt

    17. Josiah Colborn on

      This is your studio's first project and you're doing things more ambitious than many other games with bigger budgets, longer deadlines, and bigger teams. I am content to wait until you are happy with it. It will only satisfy a few in the very short term if you release before you are ready, but a bad first impression could kill a shortsighted audience.

    18. euansmith

      Keep plugging away like a shambling horde of zombies; eventually you will win through. Many thanks for all the hard work and commitment you have put into getting the game this far. Bravo!

    19. Tom Page on

      Hey dudes! Totally don't worry about it! This isn't some multi million pound game launch with a team of engineers that has promised the world. This is a cool looking indie game coded by a couple of people. The most important thing is that the game is released at a level you guys are happy with, and will win you more backers. Keep up the great work!

    20. Marcus on

      just dont put it on early access, it does more damage to games than good. you only get one chance at a first impression, and unfortunately the majority of steams community (NOT all) is turning into the call of duty community, thus leaving users buying early access games not knowing what they are buying into and doing nothing but generating flame wars and pointless misdirected rage.

      take you time, and dont rush to steam just for the sake of been on steam.

    21. Missing avatar

      Lokai on

      I appreciate you doing an update about this after so many people asked about it. It's all sounding pretty good!

    22. Ricard Lalander on

      Well, you know what they say: ROAM wasn't built in a day... ;)

    23. Kristian

      Take the time that is needed, just keep up with the fantastic updates! Communication is of the utmost importance.

    24. Missing avatar

      Procedurally Generated European Name on

      You have my support to do it the right way, not the expedient way. I love what we've seen so far, look forward tovoting you up on Greenlight. ROAM has a truly unique combination of features desperate the superficial similarities to some other properties out there.

      I can't wait to be surprised by endless randomized zombie islands!

    25. Missing avatar

      Marshall on

      I know how that goes. I'd rather the game be better than it being something you settled on due to deadlines. Keep up the good work man.

    26. Missing avatar

      nin on

      Take your time. First impressions are important, especially for people outside the KS, who aren't familiar with it.

    27. ostrich160 on

      You guys take as much time as you need, its always better to release an awesome product late than a good product early