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Scavenge. Build. Fight. Survive. Introducing ROAM, an online co-op action game set in a procedurally generated world.
Scavenge. Build. Fight. Survive. Introducing ROAM, an online co-op action game set in a procedurally generated world.
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ROAM - Video update

Posted by ROAM (Creator)

Hey everyone! As we get closer to the end of January and have started to get more systems in place we are going to start releasing video updates as well as our game plan for alpha. The latest and up to date information will be posted here, stay tuned and enjoy the first video update. 

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    1. Jani on

      When I first heard about the game I was not sure should I support it or not, but fortunately I did. This looks even better than I was expecting! The door breaking looks awesome, but as some people stated already, UI still needs some work to do.

    2. Orly on

      Looks awesome! I can't wait to play it; but of course, don't rush. =)
      Some things I'd like to see: inventory, equipment setup, fighting, teamwork; would that be possible in the next few updates?

    3. Drmrfreckles on

      Looking good guys, can't wait to dig in.

    4. unihumi on

      I third that ;)
      Don't rush the game! Take your time. The movement mechanics look very sleek already. Great job, guys!

    5. Missing avatar

      Christoph on

      I second this! Please don't rush the release.

      The video looks exciting.

    6. Piouhgd on

      Please don't rush this! You said that this game was very important for you guys so I hope you don't listen to all that bitching and whining on the forums. Don't sacrifice the quality of the game because some brats want it released soon. Great work so far, loved the door breaking.

    7. Aysir on

      It's looking really good - and importantly, very solid.
      I'm glad to see the female character model in action too :)

    8. Nelson Carter, Negotiator on

      This is looking really really awesome..

    9. nutcrackr on

      animations look good, are those procedural? Key frame I assume?

    10. Werner Schneider on

      Looks great. Its really coming together. Can´t wait for the next video. Keep up to good work.

    11. Missing avatar

      Procedurally Generated European Name on

      Outstanding work guys, this is really coming together. I know these videos are going to silence the doubters! Would love to hear more about how the procedural generation is going to work.

    12. Missing avatar

      Lokai on

      Hey, I know you are going to hate this question, but I noticed beta access was originally planned for January 2014. I know that isn't the case anymore just by the fact that it hasn't been talked about, but I was wondering if you have any idea of when that might be coming now? No negativity here, just a question. Can't wait to see more videos by the way. Love the animations and environments.

    13. Edwin F. Lionheart on

      That looks AWESOM!

      i love how much effort you made to the movements.

      and that breaking of the door is pretty orgasmic.

      is the UI going to be like that in the final version, i think the UI can be much better than shown.

      i mean, instead of putting it whole into the bottom left side, you can put it around the screen, with grayer more less opaque bars. IMO only, so yeah.

    14. Missing avatar

      Tim Julkowski on

      Looking and sounding fantastic! Thanks for showing us some the animations of the stances/actions. The door busting was a neat surprise. Now that I can see it in motion, I think the focal/depth blur is a good addition. It seems to be coming together nicely.

    15. Jhonrock on

      Man! It's surprising amazing how far and deep your project is getting. I have to admit, in the beginning of this campaign, i didn't imagined that your game could be so deep in the gameplay aspect. I'm really happy for being a backer of this project.

    16. Dean on

      This is looking Amazing! Keep it up :D

    17. Chris Wood on

      Looking really good!

    18. Larry Barriere on

      Looks great. My only suggestion, would be to offest the animation (or delay movement) of the second character so they aren't 100% mirroring each other.

    19. Greg "Scorpio" Myers

      Looking great guys! I'm really excited for this game, keep up the good work!

    20. Jalister on

      I was hoping this game would make it to my top 5 kickstarters games list. So far, I see that happening. Keep it up.

    21. Missing avatar

      Rhuan Gabriel Coraiola De Lima on

      Very nice, can't wait for the beta! [2]

    22. Lars H on

      Great look. I like it. But I agree with Josiah that the background of the UI seems a little out of place. Maybe something like a part of an old newspaper or some scrap metal would support the look even more.

    23. Martin Ostrem on

      Looks great cannot wait!

    24. Missing avatar

      Mattias on

      Looks amazing! Can't wait to actually play it!

    25. Josiah Colborn on

      Excellent work! I recommend using something other than parchment for your UI background - feels out of place compared to the modern run-down look you have established for the game. That is the only nitpick I have, everything else looks absolutely amazing.

    26. Jordan York on

      The more I see, the more I'm impressed. Keep up the good work guys!

    27. Luis on

      Very nice, can't wait for the beta!

    28. Missing avatar

      Stephen Bradley on

      Wow, for a pre-alpha, the game looks extremely polished! I can't wait to get my hands on this game

    29. Missing avatar

      Max Coelho on

      I want it noooowwww!!!!! please! haha

      Congrats on the amazing work...
      I've been waiting for a video update for a long time!

      It was worth the wait!

      : )

    30. Jonathan Caputo on

      this game just looks so great! I can't wait to get my hands on it :) Keep up the good work!