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Scavenge. Build. Fight. Survive. Introducing ROAM, an online co-op action game set in a procedurally generated world.
Scavenge. Build. Fight. Survive. Introducing ROAM, an online co-op action game set in a procedurally generated world.
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Screenshots 12/28/1013

Posted by ROAM (Creator)

Here are a few more screenshots. Everything is still being worked on, but we are making some progress. Below you can see an interior of a home, the exterior of a home in a residential neighborhood, and the exterior of a city block showing off an alley.

We are still working extremely hard and putting in long hours. We are also still aiming to have something playable for our backers in January. Hopefully everyones holidays went well. Thanks!

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    1. sandwiches on

      ostrich160, it's not necessarily an excuse. Sorry but you don't need high polygon counts, crazy effects, high-res textures to have a good-looking game.

    2. Silver on

      Keep up the good work! :)

    3. Shannon Barrett on

      Looks fantastic guys! We can tell you guys are working hard.

      Sure hope you guys had a bit of rest for the holidays!

    4. ostrich160 on

      Glad to see you havent gone with any of this 'Unique art style' excuse that so many indies use today, and have actually put effort into the graphics

    5. Missing avatar

      Barnabas Kadlecsik on

      Thanks for the update, it looks really, really good! Do you have an estimated release date (for example Q2 next year, etc) for game? I mean the final version, not like a playable build.

    6. FrontlinerDelta on

      Just want to say this looks very nice, keep up the high quality visuals! It sets you apart from other indie titles that are similar and makes your game vastly more appealing imo.

    7. Missing avatar

      Procedurally Generated European Name on

      Outstanding! Would love to see the character animate or at least in a different standing position! ;-) January would be a real treat.

    8. rancor1223 on

      This looks so amazing! Can't wait to play it!

    9. ROAM Creator on

      @Tim Julkowski - Thanks, yes the camera is set up to rotate as well as zoom in/out

    10. John Bernhard Horn on

      Looking beautiful! :D Can't wait to try it.

    11. Missing avatar

      Tim Julkowski on

      The art's looking great, Ryan! I love the colors, the gritty debris and vegi overgrowth. Is this still going to be viewable in rotating 3D iso?

    12. Missing avatar

      John on

      Looking good, thanks for the update. Can't wait to see it in action.

    13. Jeff

      Pictures look great. Would have a better holiday if I had something to ROAM around in!!

    14. Neutronis on

      I'm loving the detail, I hope you guys had a good xmas and didn't work too hard.
      Keep up the good work and I look forward to testing it out soon.

    15. Martin van Vuuren on

      This looks very cool! Happy holidays guys! Cant wait to play this.

    16. Missing avatar

      nathan waters on

      looking very nice, extremely excited for this

    17. ROAM Creator on

      Mac will be able to play at the same time as PC

    18. Nathan Shugart on

      But will I be able to play on my Mac in January?