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    1. Michael Campbell on

      Looks pretty cool to me.

    2. Dean on

      Does it make a difference in the light range if the torch is placed on the outside of the wall so that it isnt shining through and creating a shadow in the area you want to see?

      Other than that I really like the look of it

    3. Nathan Shugart on

      And can I find car batteries and hook them up to spot lights?

    4. Brandon Nobbs on

      You might want to adjust the night a bit add more blue and lighten it up by 10% (Like a 3/4 moon) then use HDR to lower that lights intensity when near a local light source. So the image above wouldn't change but when your without a light source you can still see a bit.

    5. ROAM Creator on

      @Dean - You'll be able to place lights anywhere you want. I had the torches there testing some things. To answer your question: yes, having the torches outside the base would make more sense if you wanted to see whats out there.

      @Nathan- Working on that at the moment actually

      @Brandon- I agree, I am working on a solution so that over time your "eyes" will adjust and night vision will increase slightly over time after you leave a lit area.

    6. Connor Jameson Brummett on

      Looks great! I am having trouble waiting for it! Any updates on the playable demo release date?

    7. Alan Chang on

      This is looking very promising by the minute!

    8. Peter Jacob on

      Damn, all those miserable torches seem to do is remind you how dark it is out there; which could be a good thing depending on how terrified you want the player to be.

    9. euansmith

      This is looking pretty darn cool.

    10. Jason Miller

      Is it January yet? *drool*

    11. Missing avatar

      Johannes Ersly on

      Yes yes yes. Most nights should be dark, not a tinted slightly dimmed version of daylight like too many games do.

    12. Missing avatar

      blakestevenson on

      I think this is an awesome amount of darkness you guys are working with... you gotta keep it creepy and unknown cause thats what the night is all about.

    13. Missing avatar

      ddbelyea on

      Looks amazing, especially the shadows through the fence.

    14. Ebdac on

      I'm asking everywhere, will ROAM be on steam? :D

    15. Missing avatar

      John on

      I dig this, I like how creepy it feels even just from a screenshot.

    16. Missing avatar

      Goatee on

      looks great. Any chance on some nights being brighter/darker from the moon? :)

    17. Missing avatar

      Godewijn on

      I especially like how you took the time to react to comments here with an update post-kickstarter, thanks!

    18. Tiago de Souza Leite on

      I'm glad to be part of it, your ideas and concepts for the game reach all of my spectations, thanks!

    19. Kahuna Kevin on

      Needs creepy fog rolling over the ground.

    20. Aysir on

      Looking good. Nice to see some more regular updates :)

    21. Kender on

      Looks like the night is dark and full of terrors.
      I like it.

    22. Miles Fitzpatrick

      Wow, looks like a different game. Keep it up.

    23. Silver on

      Nice, I like it. Dark should mean dark in a zombie game.