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Scavenge. Build. Fight. Survive. Introducing ROAM, an online co-op action game set in a procedurally generated world.
Scavenge. Build. Fight. Survive. Introducing ROAM, an online co-op action game set in a procedurally generated world.
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Past prototype videos

Posted by ROAM (Creator)

--Quick Update--

YouTube and the prototype:

Do not be alarmed at the lack of videos on YouTube channel. As we move forward in development we are removing all "prototype" videos from this page and will update it in the near future with work on the final project.

The prototype video and the videos along with it existed to display ideas and have been referred to as "moving concept art". The idea behind ROAM and the vision of the game posted on Kickstarter was and is the most important.

"Legal" issue:

The legal matter we addressed in the last update is very close to being resolved and has in no way damaged the future of ROAM. All of the Kickstarter raised money has been used in the creation of ROAM and ROAM alone. Funds were never used at all in the relation to the legal matter.

A decision was made to remove a member of the team. It wasn't an easy decision but it had to be made for ROAM's sake. All of the previous work from that member has been removed from the game. This is just a minor speed bump in the development of ROAM. As far as the replacement of work goes: it has been already taken care of. We have moved forward from this matter and it is behind us. Any other complications regarding it are residual, but we still will not let it affect ROAM's development. 

In the future some time I hope to be able to shed more light on the situation. Even as an "informative lesson" or a "behind the scenes" as to what happens in indie game development aside from the actual development of the game. For now I suggest watching Indie Game: The Movie. It's on Netflix!

We are still confident in releasing a playable beta by January, 2014

I know you all want to see game play footage, but I am just asking that you bear with us. We are living and breathing ROAM in every aspect of our lives. I fall asleep dreaming about ROAM. As we get closer to January you will start to hear from us a lot more.

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    1. gadam07 on

      Ahh, I think I know what happened, then. We had to deal with this at work in the past and I'm currently dealing with it now, myself. Often when working a primary job and helping with a startup project like ROAM, one's primary job may try to lay claim to the employee's work on the startup. My work is being pretty cool about it and letting it go, but we've had employees get in trouble for using knowledge from their previous job and had pretty serious legal troubles with it. I'm glad you guys were able to work it out amicably by simply removing the one team member, though I'm sorry they had to go. That is a pretty clean way to deal with such trouble, though.

    2. ROAM Creator on

      Theres no comparison to Phil Fish happening. I was merely pointing out an interesting documentary about things that can go on while creating an indie game. There are a lot of things happening that arent necessarily tied to the actual development of ROAM, but they have to get done.

    3. ThomasN on

      Chad: I don't think you have to sign a contract for that, working at a company (with contract) means it's self-evident the work you do belongs to the company. I think the FEZ thing was about Phil's partner just couldn't stand working for this IMHO unreliable airhead, and quitting the business relationship to him plus fetching his missing payment via lawyer.

    4. Missing avatar

      Steve M. on

      " For now I suggest watching Indie Game: The Movie. It's on Netflix!"

      I really hope you aren't saying the ROAM team is the Phil Fish in this legal situation. I would avoid comparisons to Phil Fish at all costs.

      Thank you for keeping everyone informed on the project and being progressive with addressing these issues before they get blown out of control.

    5. Kyle on

      @chin up team!

    6. KuroSaru on

      glad things are getting resolved, looking forward to January :) keep up the good work. P.S by the drastic change to the website layout and removal of the videos etc.. i assume part of the legal aspects was to remove all content made by member X. Thus why not simply hold a competition with the community to design some stuff for you :) at least we'll feel like yourselfs and ourselfs are engaging with each other.

    7. Neutronis on

      I thank you for the update and look forward to seeing what you guys can develop.
      Just one thing I'd like to know, is if the concept and graphical feel has deviated in any way from what we originally have seen.
      I for one was impressed by the video's that you had posted, and backed mainly for that reason, as well as the initial concept.
      Is this going to be like another kickstarter game "Forsaken Fortress", which I also backed, which has totally changed direction from what the backers originally were shown?
      Either way I'm still supporting you guys, but I would like to know if there is any major changes to what you initially promoted.
      Thanks, best of luck

    8. Silver on

      Thanks for the additional information about the issue you've been dealing with, this should go a long way towards reassuring your backers that everything is in order.

      I look forward to seeing new gameplay updates.

    9. Missing avatar

      Mehmet Krljic on

      Anyway, beta access in january sounds actually awesome. Best of luck, people.

    10. Chad on

      @shane zehnder Some games release flawlessly with no speed bumps or issues at all like say Planetary annihilation and some have no issues like Takedown but are still delayed a little. There is also the bad luck, bad planning and everything that can go wrong does projects like Code Hero.

      I think so far these guys have learned that you MUST sign contracts with every single person who touches a game stating that all content created for the game becomes property of the game and company it belongs to. They made the same mistake that Phil Fish had and I am not sure if they did not watch the documentary they referred to before hand or stupidly ignored it but it happened.

    11. Shane Zehnder on

      I am SOOOO done backing games on Kickstarter. It must be me, because every game I touch turns to stone. I wish you guys luck.

    12. Gabriel De Santiago Lima on

      Thanks for the update. I hope everything is okay with the team, and good luck :D

    13. Missing avatar

      Lokai on

      Thanks for doing an update at all. I've seen so many other Kickstarter's just kind of stop updating and go for a whole month without saying anything, so thanks for not only doing an update but addressing some real concerns that people may be having.

    14. Jalister on

      Thanks for the insight into the legal issues. What you were able to provide in this update should be enough to satisfy curiosity for most of us, and alleviate any fears that the project is in trouble. Since you had to remove all the related work, it would seem it was visual, which would make sense about not being able to show any updates.

      I would be curious to know more if you decide to shed more light on it, but I'm totally OK if you decide not too. All that matters now is the future of Roam.

    15. euansmith

      All the best.

    16. Felipe Cartin on

      Well, good to know you guys are getting back on track. Sucks to know that you had to kick a member of the team due to legal issues!

    17. Missing avatar

      Boomix on

      Plad Speed ahead! :) Looking forward to future updates and thank you for keeping us in the loop and more to the point working hard on delivering the game!!!

    18. Zyggy on

      We only got tetchy because we love you guys! Honest!

      Anyway, good to hear things are going better!

    19. BruceP - Chameleon Prime

      Thanks for the update, we appreciate it!

    20. Missing avatar

      Max Aller on

      Sucks that you guys already have to deal with issues, but we're crossing our fingers that you'll get through it relatively unscathed (and it seems that way so far). Looking forward to hearing more information about it -- you've been dangling this secret in front of us for a while now ;) Probably not that exciting, but...not knowing anything about it makes it fun to speculate.

    21. Missing avatar

      Michael Rushing on

      I have faith you guys have a good idea here. Good luck

    22. Jordan Zammit on

      Nicely done guys, keep it up! :D