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Scavenge. Build. Fight. Survive. Introducing ROAM, an online co-op action game set in a procedurally generated world.
Scavenge. Build. Fight. Survive. Introducing ROAM, an online co-op action game set in a procedurally generated world.
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Whats going on ROAM?

Posted by ROAM (Creator)

Hey everyone! It is a really hectic time around here as we create a design plan for ROAM, finish up legal matters involving the LLC and contracts, hire people involved in the website (dev blog, wiki page, etc) as well as animation. Real life also has come in to play with the lack of updates recently. We both are in the process of moving and settling in so we can comfortably work on the game. In between all of that, we try to find as much time to put into the development of the game as possible.

Work on the game so far: Aside from everything that surrounds the game, we have started coding what we think is the most important part of ROAM, networking. We want to have multiplayer up and running from the start so that everything we add to the game from the very beginning of the dev process will be designed around playing with  multiple people.

We have also started grey-boxing (primitive 3d modeling) the most important features we want to implement first. Looting, crafting, and customizing equipment are some examples of what we have planned at this first pass.

Questions regarding the prototype: The prototype for ROAM was just that, a prototype. While the game may look playable in the videos, theres still a lot of work needed before we are comfortable releasing it to the public.

And while we may not respond to every form of communication, we do read everyones questions and concerns. Please understand we are a two man team and we are working to get more help. Responding to everyones questions really eats up a lot of our time at the moment. Time that we could spend working on the game. We have people lined up to fill various roles for the team and this includes a PR role. 

We appreciate everyone's patience and want to reassure you all that we have not forgot about you. It is quite the opposite actually. Without all of you this wouldnt be possible. That's why we are trying to set up the best system to update everyone on our progress. There have not been many updates recently but as we "get the ball rolling" you all can expect to have regular updates. We have a lot of work ahead of us.

Again, thank you for understanding.


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    1. Ryan Burke on

      I'm gonna have to agree with one of the previous posters, I'd at least like to see a very small thing. Details aren't necessary, just as your going to bed. "Hey we did this thing. It was cool. Goodnight" I know it would just give me a bit more confidence personally.

    2. Missing avatar

      Mr3Machine on

      I think most of the backers realise because it is a small enough operation that frequent updates are pointless; the effort should just go into creating the best end product possible. Great to hear from you guys and keep up the good work!

    3. Alan May on

      I personally don't care how frequently I get updates. However I do wish to see you guys successful in your endeavor. I don't know how much experience you have in forming a company and creating/finishing a product. Yes you have the technical no-how to actually do the work, but do you have the know how to run a successful business? I believe you do (I wouldn't have invested otherwise) I also believe you have the capability to complete this project. However I hope there are people you know within the industry that are willing (and capable) of helping you out in areas that you may need help in. I want you to see you guys succeed. (Not just because I'm interested in the final project either)

    4. Missing avatar

      ddbelyea on

      Meh. It's fine with me if I don't get another update until "Here's a link to beta downloads". I personally wouldn't waste money on a PR guy. If people really have that many questions then just a Q&A thing monthly. Anything above and beyond that is unnecessary for such a small team. Both devs and backers have the same goal, which is to get a working copy of the game into our hands. You trusted us enough to do our part (give you money). I would hope that we would be able to trust you enough to do your part (everything else).

    5. gadam07 on

      Good to hear from you guys. Don't stress yourselves over communication; quick monthly updates are fine for a two-man team. And don't squander all your money on professional bloggers XD

    6. Nathan Shugart on

      Any update is better than no update. They don't have to be novels.

      Send us a billeted list if what's been done since the last update. It can be simple even trivial.


      - we made hats for your character in 10 colors
      - dog collars
      - shotgun ballistics

      Etc, you get the idea.

      I thought I saw in the beginning of the project you guys said updates were coming every two weeks. I may be mistaken. When that type of promise isn't followed through with I think backers get worried. Of course I think we all would rather you guys focus on the game instead of updates, just let us know that with an update.

      Thanks for your hard work and keep it up!

    7. Silver on

      Thanks for getting the update done - as a backer I have to agree with Shane and Kristian though, regular updates are important to me, even if they don't always offer new content etc. 15-20 minutes a month spent on posting a short update even when there's nothing really going on will keep most backers happy. Communication really does matter, because otherwise it just seems that nothing is happening.

    8. Steve van Weelij on

      Oh I am definitely alright with this XD Gives me time to create my logo which will be implemented into the game :D Working hard on it guys! Like you! (only a much smaller workload xD)

    9. Missing avatar

      Kaeroku on

      Just echoing that I understand you guys are busy and periodic updates are fine - but also, important.

    10. Aimee Cairns on

      Thanks for the update :) you guys are the bees knees!

    11. Kristian

      Thanks for the update! I think most of our backers intellectually understands the two of you have a lot on your plate to deliver the product we're all excited for, and so it's not feasible for us to expect daily updates or to have you respond to each of 3.5k backers emails/comments. However. it would be really nice to hear something from you guys on a regular basis (monthly would be great for me) where we can look forward to hearing about what has been happening and what the next steps are. I know less than nothing about video game design/creation I just enjoy the finished product, but one thing that is compelling about Kickstarter for me is to be able to get a glimpse (not that I could go out and do it on my own) of how these projects come to fruition by backing and watching a project take shape. So for me, those 4 sentences about "Work on the game so far" is really interesting. An update doesn't need to be awesome new game play videos or huge announcements of any kind, (these at the appropriate time would certainly be fun to salivate over) an update like today really goes a long way to assuaging concerns, and keeping us all engaged. Thanks!

    12. Shane Zehnder on

      I have to admit, the silence was beginning to concern me. I'll try and remain patient with consistent updates. I can't tell you guys how important communication is. You need to try and OVER communicate, silence will lose your backers.

    13. Jalister on

      Glad to hear about what's going. As far as I'm concerned, take your time and get it right. This is one of the games that I want to play the most, which also makes it one of the games I want to be the best.

    14. Tiago de Souza Leite on

      It's always great to know how the game is going, a monthly update will be appreciated. Thanks for all.

    15. Missing avatar

      thewaxmaker on

      You're doing a good job, keep at it!

    16. Gazido Gaming LLC on

      Even a small update like this goes a long way, thanks guys! :)

    17. BruceP - Chameleon Prime

      Thanks for the update, guys!