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    1. IronSpike on

      Make that stretch dog reskinnable like the pet in Fable, maybe?

    2. Ethan on

      Awesome! Thanks :)

    3. Esoba on

      Freaking sweet

    4. Jalister on

      Those are some bonuses, and I think they fit the stretch goal ideas that have been mentioned on the comments page. However, I'm not sure if it's better to give all three at $100K, or to spread them out at intervals (80K, 90K, 100K).

    5. Victor A Burgos on

      Please have EACH bonus in different stretch goals like the guy under me said...makes it easier for people to see a goal and go for it...

    6. Jalister on

      If the goals are stretched out, the German Shepherd should be at $100K. That might be the bonus that is wanted most, so it will hopefully entice everyone to push harder.

    7. ROAM Creator on

      Thanks for the input! Why 100k? So far our stretch goals have been pretty conservative. To be honest, they were created when we weren't entirely sure about the outcome of the campaign. Due to the overwhelming positive feedback from our supporters, that situation has changed. We would like to be more aggressive with our very last stretch goal – that is, to truly make it a “stretch,” given the growth and current state of the campaign.

      Even if we fail to meet this final goal, keep in mind that ROAM is already extremely feature-packed. Any additional funding will help us improve the quality of our finished product and perhaps even accelerate development. Thank you everyone for your continued support!

    8. waddlesticks on

      This must be done! Everybody throw more money at them!

    9. Outer Grid Games on

      I'm hoping for multiple dog mesh choices on the same dog rig. You know you want to RYAN!!!

    10. Jalister on

      The reason I suggested splitting the stretch goal up is that I have seen much excitement as each stretch goal was reached on other projects. Project Eternity was masterful at that. My opinion is that $100K might be easier to reach if there were closer targets on the way. Some may feel $100K is out of reach. I'm just glad you have an additional stretch goal, which is something I believe lowered the final total that Castle Story received by not having any stretch goals. Castle Story received a lot, but the excitement really died down during the final weeks with no stretch goals in sight. 11 days, almost 75% to the stretch goal, final 48 hour rush at the end. We should make it.

    11. Missing avatar

      Kurt on

      With rewards such as the german shepherd, will it be applied to all keys a backer is elligible for, or only one? For instance, if I have pledged at the $55 level, do all four keys get access to the shepherd reward?

    12. ROAM Creator on

      Every key obtained through this Kickstarter campaign will receive the Kickstarter rewards (Paypal is included)

    13. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    14. Ben Ford on

      Serious Kudos to you guys, you bring a very promising and well flesh out alpha to the table along with a solid plan and clear goals. This is everything crowd funding should be. Thank you.

    15. Missing avatar

      SeriousMike on

      Maybe you should open up the $55-Pledge-Limit again. It seems to be the most attractive higher choice.

      I would rise my pledge from 40$ up to 55$ when available.

    16. Missing avatar

      SeriousMike on

      Yeah, just updated my 40$ pledge up to the 65$ pledge.

      Thank you!

    17. Are Nybakk on

      A companion huh. I'm intrigued.

    18. Kyle John Wheeler-Adams on

      Hurry up and add to greenlight on Steam.

      Will get passed EASY and I really want to play this, only reason I brought was the Steam :D
      You did say it was going there and that is what I want :D

      So excited to play this game it's all I can think about lately :D

    19. saiqlo on

      Thank you for the bonuses!

    20. Missing avatar

      Kaeroku on

      If everyone currently pledged is at 30$, we almost make the 100k stretch goal. I'm at $55, so I count for almost 2 people. I suspect the next few days we'll see a leap of about 20-30% more backers, which should get us closer... c'mon guys, hook up the supply drop!

    21. Missing avatar

      nathan helmick on

      Come on guys just a little more

    22. Connor Jameson Brummett on

      I only pledged $25. Sorry that's all I can spare right now. Super excited for this game!

    23. captain_weegee on

      I wish I was rich so I could donate 500

    24. Bryan Chan on

      I only recently got a new part-time job and with university I was scrambling to get whatever money I could to get something decent. $40 is as high as I go I'm afraid.

    25. Jibé on

      Et voilà... 100k reached ! Can't wait the beta...
      La bise !