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Scavenge. Build. Fight. Survive. Introducing ROAM, an online co-op action game set in a procedurally generated world.
Scavenge. Build. Fight. Survive. Introducing ROAM, an online co-op action game set in a procedurally generated world.
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Roam is not dead.

Posted by ROAM (Creator)

Development has been slowed down a little, but we have plans to get back on track and speed it up again. I would like to take the time to go over what has been happening and address some important issues.

First, I would like to apologize for the silence. There are a lot of things on our plate, but even so, it isn't acceptable to leave everyone in the dark for so long. During this time of silence we have been working on internal systems and networking with the world generation, networking for AI, and finishing up systems that were at around 80% completion including the inventory and item system, base building, and internal tools that allow us to speed up the creation process. We have hired freelance programmers and artists to assist us in speeding up the workflow.

Along with hiring general labor we have plans to bring on a dedicated public relations representative to assist in communicating with you all while being able to devote as much time as we can to the development. With that being said, we have also hired outside help to assist with the website. This should be going up soon. 

As far as game content showcases go, we are going to make an extra effort to keep everyone informed on progress from here on. I hope to have something to show everyone once we get the last final files plugged in from a freelance contractor.

As I have said in the past, the game will be released. We wont give up on it until we fulfill our end of the Kickstarter agreement that we and our backers have. It is taking a lot longer than originally expected to provide everyone who supported the project what we think they deserve.

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    1. Jonathan Rudd on

      That title didn't age well. RIP.

    2. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Steinert on

      Now that we have celebrated the one year anniversary since the last update...any news?

    3. Gonzalo Guerendiain on

      Sure it's not dead? Or it's in Zombie status? WTF?!? Give some info!!

    4. Jonathan Rudd on

      So this was almost a year ago and we can only assume that the PR person was not taken on.

      It's a shame about whatever issues there have been but that leaves a lot of backers in a situation where we doubt we're gonna get what we backed.

      That said, best of luck to the dev(s) if they're still fighting to get ROAM done - point is that we don't know if that's the case or not.

    5. Ilya Abinov on

      WTF where is the GAME?

    6. vautravers on

      "Roam is not dead."

      And then Roam was dead.

    7. Alex Woodcroft on

      Christ KIKE starter is awful never using this piece of shit website again thanks to developers like this.

    8. Marcos Bolton on

      Guys I know you're going through a rough time, however as a backer and true believer I'd like to offer my services as a professional localizer, free of charge, in order to have the game fully translated to Brazilian Portuguese by the time the game is released.

    9. Ricard Lalander on

      Roam is undead... I must say I am happy to hear this.

    10. Connor Jameson Brummett on

      Great to hear back from you! Right as I lost hope too.

    11. Missing avatar

      Brandon Hight on

      I'm so glad to hear it's not dead and is still in development. Very much looking forward to someday playing ROAM. Though I'm sorry to hear of the troubles you've encountered along the way. Thank you for the update and yes please provide us updates more frequently from the dev team or the new community manager.

    12. Matthew Rollins on

      Until I have some legitimate proof that this game is still under development, I going to still say this game is dead. I'm extremely disappointed in the lack of communication. This lack of communication is just like every other failed project I've seen. There is a large amount of quiet time from the developer, a "don't worry we're still here" with no proof of life and then it just dies.

    13. terry on

      Communication Communication Communication
      1st im glad you are back :-)
      2st a small ( we are alive) in the update section for the last 6 months would have made me feel a lot better
      3st shit will happen ...Communication is key for any online project
      i wish you the best and hope you can give us a plan on where you are with this game Alpha, Beta and so on ,,,,You must have some idea when it will be released ?
      and i would sack your attorney the minute this lawshit is over ,,sounds like a spanner
      hope the next update is in 4 weeks not 6 months

    14. Kyle John Wheeler-Adams on

      Amazing the game is still going.

      I was very worried that it was dead and I really wanted to play. Good to see it is not just moving slowly.

      Can we look to see any new updates or Steam page etc etc?

      I am still in support of this project. I also hope the personal matters get solved soon.

    15. BoardGameGuy on

      Good to hear. Some regular updates would be good along the way. A basic version in our hands that lets us just walk around would be excellent way to show this is still alive.

    16. Missing avatar

      SeriousMike on

      Very nice to hear from you again :)

      Please stay like this and report as often as you can.

      Looking forward to a great alpha soon.

    17. JackoBongo on

      Would it be possible to give us a rough estimate of a new expected delivery date (worst case scenario) ? 6 months? 1 year? 2 years?