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Scavenge. Build. Fight. Survive. Introducing ROAM, an online co-op action game set in a procedurally generated world.
Scavenge. Build. Fight. Survive. Introducing ROAM, an online co-op action game set in a procedurally generated world.
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Video update: Map system complete, Hunting implementation, Base building update

Posted by ROAM (Creator)

Hey again!

Map System

One of the biggest things I have been worried about is the map system being able to procedurally generate a world while working in a multiplayer environment. I am happy to say everything is working as planned. The map system is working better than I thought it would. A seed is created at the start of every world generation that can be passed to players over the network or used to save a world. The world is pretty massive.

With the way we are handling things internally, each client will only be loading 9 tiles around their player at any given time. This means, aside from longer load times, that the world could be even bigger than it is now. I am also stress testing the map system by placing thousands of spawnpoints around the world and seeing how the game holds up.


In the video I go over the hunting implementation. Right now there are two "classes" of animal, Small and Large.

Small animals(rabbits, squirrels, etc) will be harder to directly hunt and will require traps. Rabbits will only surface from their chosen hole at certain periods of the day. If it is raining or night, the rabbits will hide. I consider small animals "passive hunting" as it is much more efficient to place traps to catch them.

Larger animals will leave tracks and signs that they are in the area. Larger animals also have hit detection so you should aim for the heart and lungs, just like in real hunting. An animal that is bleeding will leave a blood track as well. I consider large animals "active hunting" as you will need to track them and they will be much more scarce/skiddish, so bagging a large animal will prove worth while and fill your belly.

Both types of animal will decay over time if they are not harvested after they have been killed. Eating rotten meat is a quick way to get ill.

Base Building

I wasnt very happy with the base building mechanics as they stood. The individual structures(generators, rain collector, firepit, etc) are fine, but I wasnt happy with the way walls were placed. I wanted a way to give players the freedom and creativity of creating base layouts. That is why I created the modular wall/platform system.

There are two kinds of walls. 

Structure frame - Used to create the foundation of your base. Raised platforms, ramps, gates, windows, etc.

Wall frame - Used to defend your structure frame elements. The wall frame is much more resilient to enemy damage than the structure frame. The wall frame does not have a vertical element, but can be upgraded just like the structure frame to take more damage.

After creating and implementing the system, it makes me wonder what kinds of layouts everyone will be making. I want to add as much creative freedom to base layout as I can while still keeping a survival experience.


A lot of these changes and additions to the game are rising because of the push for alpha. I am going through each system one by one and cleaning them up, preparing them for networked gameplay. Things need to be structured in a way that allows for multiplayer as well as saving. As I go along, sometimes I find something to improve on. Like the base building update. 

Current work

-Finalizing the first stage of modular base building.

-Placing spawn points all over multiple tiles for items and enemies.

-Finishing the AI. Modifying the "AI director" to the new modular base building system.

-Plugging in the city and residential tiles into the map cluster system.

We are getting closer!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Eric M on

      Hey budd,

      Looks great and always appreciate the update. As long as you update me with your progress, I don't mind the late release.

      Good luck and cheers!

    2. Missing avatar

      J on

      No rush on release, thanks for the regular updates, videos, and explanations of what you're currently working on.


    3. Kyle on

      You guys have been doing a great job keeping us updated, thanks so much!

    4. Missing avatar

      Murray Cheng on

      The most heartening part is that the constant video updates show real, quantifiable progress. Animations smooth out, layers of detail are added, systems are changed, and then changed again, and it's visible.

      This kind of accountable behaviour is greatly appreciated. Having seen more than a few high-profile kickstarters die, this is one that, for the relatively humble amount of money you received, looks to be going amazingly well.

      Don't worry about participants like terry there. Your reply to him is courteous, shows good grammar and attention to possible counter-arguments. True, you're like a year behind, but a title winning champion a year late is vastly better than a half-dead horse 5 days early.

      While not the original goal, it's an opportunity to learn (another) lesson in patience. :)

    5. Gauvain on

      Nice update, it looks really great.
      I have a question: given enough time, can zombies destroy every kind of walls? Or is there some brick and mortar walls that can't be destroyed (except maybe by other enemy survivors with the right weapons).
      The hunting part made me think that a scoped weapon would be nice, one that allow to focus the point of view a screen away to make a long range shot. Binoculars working the same way could be useful too.

    6. ROAM Creator on

      @ terry - If theres one thing I have learned in the process of this project, its that I severely underestimated the amount of work. It feels like there arent enough hours in the day. Believe me, I want you all to have the game asap. I'm not holding back, I'm working 12-14 hours a day every day. This doesnt mean I'm going to give up. The game will be released.

      I want to fulfill my end of the deal here on Kickstarter by including all aspects of promised gameplay. I want to give you all your moneys worth, but if I release the game any sooner than its ready, you would most likely be disappointed.

    7. terry on

      your website is still down
      the link to your Facebook page is broken
      is there a release date yet ? this year maybe

    8. Chris Bla Keks on

      Thank you, you made really good progress!