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The king is dead! Deploy your servants to collect treasure in this fast-paced grave robbing game.
The king is dead! Deploy your servants to collect treasure in this fast-paced grave robbing game.
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Shipping FAQ

Posted by Road To Infamy (Creator)

Shipping is now underway for all regions! If you have questions about your order, please check the FAQ below.

Common Shipping Questions

I haven't received tracking info or a game. Should I have received it by now?

The distributors are working as fast as they can, delivering over 1,000 orders a day! Due to the high volume of orders and the vast number of destinations, not everyone's games are in transit or delivered yet. So, if you still do not having a tracking info email, rest assured that this is normal and expected. It's not lost or stuck. It's just in queue to be delivered and will be on it's way soon.

The tracking website returns an error or is not updating the status of my package. Is something wrong?

Some of the tracking websites have been displaying funky error messages. To be honest, we have no clue what they mean either, but so far, it seems that any issues with the tracking numbers are resolving themselves. The games are still being shipped and arriving at people's homes without any hitches. So, if you see a confusing message when you enter your tracking info, no action is required. We recommend just ignoring it.

My package arrived, but there is an issue. How do I get my order fixed?

Send an photo of your order to We'll reship your order as soon as possible.

I live in Canada. Will my order be delayed?

Tracking numbers for Canadian backers just recently started going out on Dec 13. Due to the Canada Post strikes they're likely playing a bit of catch up, so it may take a couple extra weeks for everyone to get their tracking info and games.

The Cursed Treasure

I made another quick video about one of the Crypt variants, The Cursed Treasure. You can find the full rules in The Book of Variants PDF (English) (French).

In this game mode the recently deceased king curses players who take his most valuable treasures. The most cursed player at the end of the game suffers a penalty, so you'll have to watch other players and be careful about how many valuable cards you're taking!

Fulfillment has begun

Posted by Road To Infamy (Creator)

Fulfillment Progress

US Backers, the games have arrived at the distribution center. They are beginning to pick and pack all the orders. ShipNaked should begin sending tracking information emails next week. 

Non-US Backers, most of you should have received your tracking information from Asia VFI and some of you have already received your games. Shipping is still in progress.

NOTE: If you don't have tracking info or a game yet, please be patient. Due to the large quantity of games and the variety of destinations it may take a few extra days for some folks to get their game. This is normal. Don't panic. We promise it's coming very soon.

Damaged Games & Reshipments

If your game arrives damaged or if your order is incorrect, we will happily reship your game for free. All you need to do is email a photo of your damaged or incorrect order to and we'll have replacement items sent to you right away.

6 & 8 Player Tutorial

For those curious how the 6 & 8 player mode works, I made a little how-to-play video for Crypt's "Clash of Houses" variant. This is one of the three alternate game modes included in the Book of Variants rulebook. The rules are also available as a downloadable PDF. Note that you'll need two copies of Crypt in order to play with extra players.


That's all for now! Much love,

- Jeff & Andrew

Crypt is heading your way!

Posted by Road To Infamy (Creator)

Crypt Shipping Update

US backers, your games arrived to port this morning! They were placed on the One Minato, which has docked and begun the customs process. Afterwards, they will be on their way to the distributor, packaged, and then sent off to your lovely abodes. We expect that the shipping, tracking, and confirmation email will be sent out from Ship Naked in mid-December.

*Canadian Backers, as you may have heard, the Canada Post has not been able to resolve negotiations with its union workers, which has resulted in rotating strikes and service disruptions, expected to continue into January 2019. Jeff and I will work to make sure you receive your game, but please expect some delays.

Non US backers, your games are ahead of schedule! Asia VFI, the distribution center handling all non-US orders, received the games about a week ago (since it's located much closer to the manufacturer) and is about to start sending games out. The shipping, tracking, and confirmation email from Asia VFI should be going out next week.

Asia VFI Packing Progress
Asia VFI Packing Progress

What's R2i Games up to?

We've had the opportunity to demo at a number of events to show off not only Crypt, but some brand new game ideas as well! We took part in International Game Day at the Harold Washington Chicago Public Library, and we attended the Stonemaier Games Design Day competition where our newest game prototype (untitled, but we codenamed it "Kingdom Pond") ranked in the 10-Highest Rated Games!

We also joined up with Cards Against Humanity and other game publishers to demo new games at a pop-up bar in Chicago. Here's a few clips of some Crypt gameplay that night to get you hyped for your own Crypt game nights!


We'll also be demoing Crypt at Midwinter Gaming Convention in Milwaukee in January. If you're in the area, sign up for one of our Crypt events or just stop by and say hello!

Crypt Translations

Crypt's rulebook is now available in French, Spanish, Italian, and Polish! You can download these PDFs on BoardGameGeek. German translation is still in the works but is coming soon!

We have partnered with publishers GateOnGames (Italian), Oz Editions (French), and All In Games (Polish) to make fully translated versions of the Crypt game. We are very excited for the game to be made available in these languages. While we had an arrangement with Oz Editions to make the French language game available to French backers, the Italian and Polish versions will only be sold through their respective publishers.

That's all for now. Much love,

- Jeff & Andrew

Freight Shipping Progress

Posted by Road To Infamy (Creator)

Crypt is at sea!

Crypt has left port and is now floating somewhere in the ocean. We don't know exactly how far along the ship is, but we made this handy map to give you an idea of the ship's progress.

Next up, the games will be dropped off at port and shipped by truck to the distribution centers. We tried to cut out the middle man and see if the boat could deliver directly to your house, but it turns out most mailboxes aren't ocean-facing :(

The games should arrive at port mid-November and then at the distribution centers late-November, so that's when you can expect to start hearing about tracking information. The games should arrive on your door step the first week of December.

House Rules ep. 3

Not sure if you all remember, but waaay back in the day (update #11 to be exact), the Crypt campaign had a social goal where if our YouTube channel got enough followers we would create a spooky ambient track for Crypt and also create more content for our House Rules series. We heard from our audio engineer that the track should be ready in December. So while we anxiously await the final track, we created another episode of House Rules, this time showing off some Sushi Go variants!

 That's all for now! Much Love,

Jeff & Andrew

BackerKit Surveys Due. Manufacturing Complete.

Posted by Road To Infamy (Creator)

BackerKit Surveys Due October 1

Last call for surveys! You have one week to complete your shipping information. On October 1st you can no longer make changes to your shipping address and items ordered.

There are still 286 people that either haven't responded or have partially complete surveys. Please double check your BackerKit survey that your address and credit card are up to date or else we won't be able to send you your game.

How do I check my shipping info?

If you've already setup your BackerKit account, log into BackerKit. Under "Shipping Info" click the "Edit Address" button. 

If you haven't been to BackerKit yet, get your survey by entering the email affiliated with your Kickstarter account.

Manufacturing is Complete! On to Shipping!

All copies of Crypt have been printed and assembled. We are extremely pleased with how quickly this has all come together as the original schedule showed that the games would be finished in October. The shipping plan is all in order and in a few days time they will be leaving the warehouse and on their way to the distribution centers.

 That's all for now! Much love,

Jeff & Andrew