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Roadie Tuner: the ultimate guitarist tool's video poster

Tune your guitar quickly and accurately, and keep your strings fit with the built in health check. Roadie is the ultimate guitar tool. Read more

San Francisco, CA Sound
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This project was successfully funded on January 4, 2014.

Tune your guitar quickly and accurately, and keep your strings fit with the built in health check. Roadie is the ultimate guitar tool.

San Francisco, CA Sound
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Roadie tunes your guitar quickly and accurately. It informs you of the quality of your strings and recommends restringing as soon as the tone quality deteriorates.

While beginner guitarists need a simple way to overcome the frustration of making their instrument sound good, more advanced players value the precision, speed, and ability to quickly switch between customizable alternate tunings.

We incorporated all these features and many more into Roadie. Your guitar will now have a fuller sound than ever before and you can spend more time learning, playing, and composing your own music.

How does Roadie work?

Roadie Tuner pairs with a FREE app on your smartphone, iPod or tablet through Bluetooth 4.0 smart (check FAQ section below for a list of supported devices).

All the audio processing happens on the smartphone which sends tuning commands to Roadie. With Roadie, tuning your instrument becomes easier than ever, less error prone, and far more accurate than manual tuning.

Roadie can fine tune your guitar in a few seconds or completely change tunings in less than a minute. The tuning process on Roadie Tuner is three times more accurate than the average human ear. Musical instruments are living things that change with age, moisture, temperature, rust, etc. Roadie adapts to all these changes to make your instrument deliver its best musical experience.

Roadie Features

You don't need to bring multiple guitars with different tunings to your jam sessions anymore. Just use Roadie Tuner and enjoy switching seamlessly between alternate tunings with the same guitar.

The more you tune using Roadie Tuner, the more it learns about your instrument and the more accurate the predictions. This will keep you better informed about the health of your strings.

Roadie specs

Electric Guitar players can directly plug in their guitar to the mobile device using our Electric Guitar Adapter. This eliminates all external noise.

Roadie is a tool for the musician's journey.

While designing and building Roadie, we put it in countless musicians' hands and received feedback from teachers, professionals and amateur players. This feedback greatly impacted the tuner's shape, ergonomics, responsiveness, interface, usability and the overall feature set.


ANNOUNCEMENT: Roadie stretch goals

If we reach $120K - we will add wind / unwind buttons on Roadie hence allowing users to restring with a press of a button.

If we reach $180K - Each Roadie will ship with a nice leather bag to keep it safe from scratches, dust and moisture. This will add elegance to your favorite gear.


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What is the technology behind Roadie?

Roadie is the culmination of two years of research and development, the result of many iterations, trials, prototypes and lots of 3D printed models.

coming up with different pre-concept designs for Roadie
coming up with different pre-concept designs for Roadie

We have tested Roadie with musicians of all ages, music teachers, artists, and experts in producing quality products. We have thought of every single detail and consulted with experts in order to deliver great value to our backers in return for their trust and support.

Here is an overview of how the Roadie system works:

  • While tuning an instrument, the mobile app listens to your guitar, cancels out any noises from the surrounding environment, and sends commands to Roadie.
  • Noises like people chatting around or any other ambient noises are suppressed using state of the art algorithms. Furthermore pitch detection is so accurate that it surpasses the human ear perception limits between any two sounds (called JND or just noticeable difference), by 300%.
  • Based on the detected pitch, the mobile app sends commands to Roadie to turn the pegs and tune the string to the right tension.
  • Roadie is designed in a way to learn about your instrument and adapt to it in order to make the tuning process quicker and more precise with time. After 3-5 uses, you will see a clear improvement in performance thanks to Roadie's learning capabilities.
  • Every time you tune a string, the mobile app records and keeps track of its elasticity, which is internally measured using a frequency to elongation ratio. The more the string wears out, the less elastic it gets and becomes more prone to snapping. By tracking this elasticity, Roadie's Instrument Doctor feature shows you the quality of each string so you get insight on when to restring.
  • Finally, Roadie protects your strings: even if rotated your hand or plucked the wrong string while tuning, the system is smart enough to detect such anomalies, work around them when possible and warn you whenever a specific action is to be taken. The electronics under the hood consume very low energy, allowing the rechargeable battery to last up to 6000 string tunings on a single charge.

For iOS users you can already download our free chromatic tuner.

Where is Roadie now?

We have spent over two years in R&D developing the best tuner that works on any guitar. We developed a sophisticated audio processing algorithm with built-in noise cancellation, and used advanced adaptive control to robustly tune any instrument quickly and accurately.

We have spent the last four months in Shenzhen, China, sourcing factories and prototyping as part of HAXLR8R, a hardware startup accelerator. Our prototype has gone through tons of iterations in order to ensure that we deliver the best quality product. It has been quite an adventure! We are working with an amazing manufacturing team in Shenzhen who helped us take Roadie Tuner from a prototype to a finished product. All the Roadies you see in the photos and video are fully functional models.

What is the plan?

We need you to get Roadie on the Road

We have figured out our manufacturing and supply chain, we now need your help to add fuel to our rocket. The funds will go into:

  • Setting up tooling for production
  • Ordering components while meeting minimum order quantities
  • Building testing jigs
  • First production run costs
  • CE and FCC certification costs
  • Android app development and testing

We are committed to providing the best tool for musicians, and we are already looking ahead into ways to improve the music experience. By backing us, you give us the push to make Roadie happen and receive the first Roadie Tuner on the market, months before anyone else.

What is the story behind Roadie Tuner?

Bassam Jalgha and Hassane Slaibi met through a music band in college and little did they know that they would eventually team up in building Roadie Tuner.

Bassam learned to play the Oud, a 12 string instrument, ever since he was a kid, but struggled to tune it at first and found himself practicing on an un-tuned instrument! Being the geek he is, Bassam decided to invent a technological solution to this problem.

In 2009, Bassam participated in “Stars of Science” Season 1, a Pan-Arab reality show innovation contest. His project “Dozan”, was a precursor of Roadie. During the three-month long competition, he was able to build the device and pass all the stages from engineering to product design, business and marketing. Finally, Bassam won first prize and this seeded Roadie's development.

In 2012, Hassane and Bassam decided to start Band Industries and develop Roadie Tuner.

Meet the Band

The core team is composed of:

Hassane Slaibi (in black): Software engineer and signal processing expert, Hassane is a flutist and has an innate absolute pitch talent - make any sound and he will tell you the note without any reference. He designed Roadie's audio processing to mimic and surpass his talent!

Bassam Jalgha (in red): Hardware guru and designer of Roadie's control system. Bassam is into music, electronics and robotics. He is handling manufacturing of Roadie.

And a long list of talented international collaborators including: Marco Nenzi mobile app UI/UX, Raafat Hamze design consultant, Pacifica branding, Bluelarix industrial design and William Farah adviser.

Thanks to our supporters

Roadie would not be possible without the support of our extended family of mentors, advisers, contributors and friends. They are awesome people and we're indefinitely grateful for their help. Thank you Cyril Ebersweiler, Zach Hoeken Smith, Sarjoun Skaff, Sean O'Sullivan, Alan Clayton, Idan Beck, Nadim Halabi, Walid Hanna, Rajen & Katherine from Shoplocket, Noah Chen, Noel Joyce, Tala Mortada, PCD productions, Rong Rong, Vanessa Wu, Qiyu Wu, Atomman (Li Long), Bilal Ghalib, Majd Olleik, Abir Ghattas, our friends at Lamba Labs Beirut Hackerspace, our beloved families & friends, Rapscallions our favorite hangout in Shenzhen, Rue & the great crew from Shenzhen Local Music, Sam & Noah from Wearpoint, Kenny Gibbs from Helios, Dan & Liz from Everpurse, Connie & Joe from Arcbotics, Spark and the awesome Haxlr8r teams Babybe, Curio, Dustcloud, Notch, Palette, Petcube and Vigo.

Risks and challenges

Hardware development is risky and there are always important challenges in delivering a hardware product.

We've been polishing up Roadie in China for the past three months, and we were lucky enough to partner with highly experienced manufacturers that will help us reduce risks to a bare minimum.
Our supply chain and manufacturing process is already in place, and we have already developed our final, production-ready product.

Some risks remain with the production of Roadie: unforeseen changes in component and production lead times, availability and cost of components. Those could affect our delivery time. Then there are the risks of shipping, but we plan to work with highly tested, proven and established shippers to ensure successful and timely delivery of your Roadie tuner.

Count on us being transparent with you until your Roadie reaches your doorstep.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter



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