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Minimal dock for Lightning cable. Sticks to any flat surface with Mikro-suction adhesive backing. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on March 1, 2014.

Minimal dock for Lightning cable. Sticks to any flat surface with Mikro-suction adhesive backing.

About this project

Minimal Design, Premium Materials, & Precision Manufacturing. These core principles are the backbone of MikroDok. 

MikroDok is a minimal charging dock designed to hold Apple's 8-pin Lightning Cable. The underside features a Mikro-suction adhesive backing that allows the dock to be securely positioned and moved over and over again. When adhered to a flat surface such as a desk or wall, MikroDok perfectly aligns the male end of the cable with the port on the iPhone. This makes docking and undocking a breeze.

Mikro-suction Backing

The adhesive backing contains an array of microscopic craters that act like suction cups. This advanced material provides maximum adhesion strength while maintaining the ability to be moved hundreds of times without damaging the surface it's stuck to. After several uses the backing will become dirty and gradually lose suction. Just rinse with water, air dry, and it will stick like new!

A more permanent adhesive, 3M VHB, will also be offered. Read below for more details.

Use anywhere you charge your iPhone

MikroDok can be used on any flat surface or wall. This includes plastics, metals, ceramics, wood, and glass. It's great for your work space, by your nightstand, or in your favorite charging spot.

Will it work with my case? How about other lightning cable devices such as the iPad & iPad mini?

A laser cut acrylic spacer will boost the height of the MikroDok to allow it to work with several different size cases and other devices. We are exploring the perfect dimensions of the spacer for the iPad & iPad mini. There is an adhesive layer on the spacer that keeps the MikroDok connected.

Development Process

The idea behind the MikroDok was to shrink the traditional iPhone dock down to it's minimum size, while maintaining flawless docking. Focusing on functionality and minimalism as the key design principles, the MikroDok naturally took shape. Several rounds of concept sketching and prototyping were completed and soon after the first Aluminum samples were machined. The final form not only looks great, but performs exceptionally well. 


Each MikroDok is precision machined from a solid block of Aluminum. It is then finished with an abrasive bead blasting and anodizing process. This finishing process gives the MikroDok the high end, premium finish.

We have been working with a machining supplier to manufacture the first three rounds of Aluminum prototypes, and intend to use this supplier for production runs. 

The Mikro-suction adhesive backing is purchased in large rolls and cut into it's final shape using a laser cutter. This process provides high dimensional accuracy and clean edges.


Stretch Goals

How will the money be used?

Selling the MikroDok at a reasonable price means manufacturing needs to take place in higher volumes. A goal of $3,000 was set to meet the minimum order quantity requirements. The funds raised by the Kickstarter campaign will be used to complete the following:

  • Purchasing Raw Materials
  • Machining Aluminum Parts
  • Laser Cutting Mikro-suction Backing
  • Packing & Shipping of Rewards
  • Kickstarter & Amazon Fees

Project Timeline


Who is RNDM Design?

RNDM Design is a startup design firm founded by Chris Blackburn. Our vision is to create useful products that look great doing their thing. Premium materials and precision manufacturing are a must. Our first product, the LEDGE, was successfully funded on July 28th, 2013. Visit our website for more information!

Press on MikroDok

We would like to give a huge shout out to Matt Stambaugh from Matt Stambaugh Media for helping with the photography and videography. He absolutely nailed it! Be sure to check out his website or Facebook page.

"iPhone" and "Lightning Cable" are registered trademarks of Apple, Inc. 

Risks and challenges

Potential areas of risk in any development project include the manufacturing and fulfillment processes. RNDM Design is partnered with a machining supplier, and has been using their services for 10 months. All raw materials that need to be purchased have been lined up.

Since our first Kickstarter campaign, many lessons have been learned. For the LEDGE project, packing and shipping was done in house, and proved tedious. We have linked up with a third party order fulfillment company to ensure that all rewards will be shipped correctly and in a timely manner.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


  • Pledge $9 for each additional MikroDok you would like to add to your order!

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  • MicroDok is designed for use with Apple's 8-pin lightning charging cable. The MikroDok will currently work with the iPhone 5 / 5S. Other Lightning Cable devices such as the iPad are being tested, but currently not supported.

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  • We are evaluating the idea of an insert or shim to allow the MicroDok to work with a variety of case models. More on this to come!

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  • Short answer: Yes, but we do not recommend this.

    We've tested a MikroDok stuck to painted drywall and it held an iPhone overnight. However, the Mikro-suction will gradually lose it's grip and your iPhone could possibly be damaged during the fall.

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