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The latest entry in the "Key" series, Keyper is a worker placement game with a medieval setting for 2-4 players.
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Available for the first time in the US, Keyper is the first new medieval game in the "Key" series since the award-winning Keyflower. Keyper features special folding game boards, new mechanics, and hundreds of beautiful components.

Keyper has already been printed, and is ready to be delivered to backers in December! We're pleased to offer free shipping to US backers.

Due to distribution rights this campaign will only ship to backers in North, Central, and South America, Australia/NZ, Asia, and Africa. We are not offering shipping to Europe.


  • 4 folding country boards
  • 4 player boards
  • 132 tiles
  • 4 keypers 
  • 32 keyples (note: these are not the Character keyples from the Character Edition)
  • 116 wooden pieces/tokens
  • 96 animeeples
  • 8 wooden scoring markers
  • 64 gems
  • 1 cloth bag

"I preferred Keyper to Keyflower as Keyper is inclusive, not confrontational, you can use what other players do." — Alan How, co-founder of Counter Magazine

Keyper is a worker placement game — Keydom (1998), an early game in the ‘"Key’" series, is widely recognized as the very first worker placement game. Each player starts with their own village board, a small keyp board, and will also claim a country board during each season.

The village board comprises of a farm, village, fair ground, storage area, dock, and keyp. The country boards are special folding boards which enable gamers to choose from four different options at the beginning of the spring, summer, autumn, and winter seasons. 

Folding country boards
Folding country boards

There is a high degree of player interaction. If a player uses a country board then another player can join that player on the first player’s turn to both players' benefit. It’s not a cooperative game in the true sense, but cooperative play can be beneficial.

As mentioned, the game is played over four seasons. Some fields on the country boards are only available in certain seasons. For example: raw materials can only be upgraded to finished goods using fields on the country boards in spring and summer. Gem mining only occurs in autumn and winter.

Player board
Player board

A player’s strategy is likely to be influenced by the spring country tiles they acquire and by the particular colored keyples they recruit for summer. Different combinations will encourage a player to develop their farm and/or village, help with their shipping or mining activities, and prepare for the seasonal fairs. Players will constantly need to evaluate whether to join other players, when to claim a board, whether to play on their own or another player’s country board, when to use their own village, and whether to recruit a large or small team for the following season. The winner is the player to gain the most points, usually through pursuing at least a couple of the different strategies.


We will be running a pledge manager after this campaign where you can add-on additional copies of Keyper, or other games in the "Key" series! The pledge manager will open shortly after this campaign ends.


Risks and challenges

The team at Game Salute has delivered hundreds of successful Kickstarter campaigns including our own published titles and those we've helped independent publishers run and fulfill.

While printing, shipping, and processing delays are always a possibility, we have set a reasonable delivery date based on our experience.

We're so confident that you'll enjoy Keyper that we're backing it up with our Game Salute Guarantee. If you don't enjoy the game after you've received and played it—just send it back to our headquarters and we'll issue you a full refund, no questions asked.

Sometimes people may want to cancel their pledge after the campaign has ended, and that’s fine too. We can handle this for you – all we need is for you to email with your Kickstarter username and full real name. Please note: when we receive your funds, we only receive around 90% of what you paid thanks to various fees and charges, so whatever your pledge was you’ll get it back less 10% to cover those charges.

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