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This book shows how to build a rocket mass heater, so you can enjoy overnight comfort from a brief evening fire.
This book shows how to build a rocket mass heater, so you can enjoy overnight comfort from a brief evening fire.
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Rocket Kitchens

Posted by Erica Wisner (Creator)

Hey folks!

Outdoor kitchen and earth-sheltered log home
Outdoor kitchen and earth-sheltered log home

I'm back at Wheaton Labs in Montana, cooking and baking for a month-long course.  We are using two different off-grid rocket kitchens. One is a permanent rocket masonry cookstove in a log cabin, the other is a skiddable indoor-outdoor kitchen for courses, canning, and general entertaining.

Frankly, really delicious bread, pizza and flatbread feasts, and baked treats are a lot more motivating for me than computer work.  (Although I'm still collecting the inside scoop from other builders for you on the Beautiful Rocket Kitchens bonus materials.)

Flatbread Pizza Night
Flatbread Pizza Night

Would you be interested in hearing about highly efficient Rocket Ovens, even if they're a little on the homely side?

Preference for video, plans, photos, or all of the above?


Erica W

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    1. Erica Wisner Creator on

      Here is a quick video explanation from Paul Wheaton.…
      You're right Lesley and Julie, he's getting ready to put out some of the innovator videos about the making of these ovens. We may have some video from our backer Tyler who's been doing some beautiful work on these oven designs too, in collaboration with Tim Barker.
      Tim's detailed plans are here:
      I will post some follow-up photos shortly, and let you know as more short videos come out with more action/how-to shots.
      We're also baking in one of Lasse Holmes' rocket masonry cookstoves, the "Sidewinder," which is similar to a batch rocket or to Matt Walker and Max Edleson's cooking masonry stoves. We are having promising results using the firebox as an oven (it's narrow, so we are mostly using 1 loaf pan as a narrow casserole dish or bread or cake pan). Takes a bit of skill and/or experience to use it this way, but it's been working great for me.
      Are others interested in masonry/cooking combos for colder climates?

    2. Missing avatar

      Lisa Chumley on

      Yes, please! All teaching modes gratefully and eagerly anticipated. I love the research y’all commit yourselves to, and I yearn for the day that these sorts of innovative alternatives, by force of sheer sensibility alone, crowd out mainstream juggernauts. Wishing you all success!

    3. Missing avatar

      Lesley VERBRUGGE on

      yes please! All of the above!! Thank you for all you're doing, both of you, to make excellent resources available. I love our RMH and we now want to build an oven. Hoping Paul's Kickstarter will help with that too.
      Lesley in France

    4. Max Kennedy on

      Plans and Photo's at least but all of the above would be nice.

    5. Katherine Cunningham on

      YES please! All of the above.

    6. Shannon Holman on

      Plans and photos, please!

    7. Missing avatar

      Mark Mawson on

      Yes please! I would love to make a rocket oven that is efficient and that has multi-purposes. Plans and videos would be awesome. Thank you Erica and Ernie for all that you are doing to teach us about Rocket Mass appliations!

    8. Missing avatar

      Care on

      To be honest my first intro to mass heaters was an article on masonry stoves with a picture of a Tulikivi, and if I win the lotto I'd still pay to have one of those gorgeous units with the stove, bake oven and cook top combined. That soap stone is sooooooo gorgeous! But alas I'd given up on ever being able to afford having a mass heater of any kind until I started learning about rocket mass heaters. I LOVED that they could be (relatively) easy to build by any ambitious DIYer for under 500 bucks. But I still didn't want to give up on my bake oven and cook top. So YESSSSS! Any and all info you'd be willing to share about how to create RM ovens and/or cook tops, especially integrated units would be deeply appreciated!

    9. Santiago Doglio on

      Yesssss! That would be awesome and entertaining!

      Thanks for all you fabulous work!

    10. Missing avatar

      Julia Mason on

      Hey, I think you're doing more than cooking and baking for a month long course. You are TEACHING the month long course!! Don't undersell yourself!
      Information about rocket based kitchen stuff is very welcome. I think Paul is going to do a Kickstarter for a DVD that explains the rocket oven, not sure when that's happening.

    11. Missing avatar

      Jami Gaither on

      This is from both Dan and Jami.
      Highly efficient Rocket Ovens sounds awesome. Photos, plans, and video all sound great. But simple-and-distributed beats waiting for anything-too-complicated-or-time-consuming-to-create.

    12. Missing avatar

      David Bacon on

      Photos, plans, descriptions.

      A short video is nice, but not essential.

      Thanks Erica!

    13. Missing avatar

      Timothy Ettridge on

      Definitely interested. In all of the above. I've chosen to install no propane oven in the tiny house I'm building. Just two small propane burners. My plan had been to build some cob oven outside in each of the two long-term locations where I plan to spend 99% of my time with this tiny house, but a rocket oven would be much better. The smaller the better, for me. All I'll ever back is a loaf of bread, some mac and cheese, or a single pizza.