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This book shows how to build a rocket mass heater, so you can enjoy overnight comfort from a brief evening fire.
This book shows how to build a rocket mass heater, so you can enjoy overnight comfort from a brief evening fire.
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Ready, set... gone! One day left.

Posted by Erica Wisner (Creator)


We have one full day to pack for Montana ... and you have one full day left to sign up for the Kickstarter that gives you access to the courses we're doing there.


The most popular tier seems to be the $120 "Tiny Download" option.

With this option you get:

"...All of the video collected during the Permaculture Design Course and the Appropriate Technology Course as a "tiny download". This will be about 220 hours of video as small mp4 files. Probably 360p. It will probably be about 100 gigs."

Plus these "candy" and "thanks" items
- Online course "Are Bees For Me?"
-ebook about raising chickens
-streaming version of the fire science dvd
-rocket mass heater for a greenhouse plans
-PDC and ATC instructor's notes
-access to the secret inner circle forum on

-the hugelkultur micro documentary
-the care and feeding of a rocket mass heater micro documentary
-the pdf version of the permaculture playing cards
-rocket cooker/canner/forge plans
-Natural Beekeeping presentation
-the 21 podcast review of sepp holzer's book
-Public thanks 

...Heck, I want the instructors' notes.  (Is it against the rules for me to pledge after contributing 'candy' for a collaborative Kickstarter?) 

This is going to be an exciting set of courses, and even with both me and Ernie attending and giving some of the presentations, I don't know if we will be able to take it all in at one gulp.

We do get a small kickback if you sign up at any level, using our link:

Radio Silence Warning: 

We will both be in Montana and Idaho for the next few weeks, with somewhat limited internet access.  (The Montana crew is setting up a dedicated pipeline for the video feeds, which leaves 40 or so participants sharing the regular Internet.... not so great for big file uploads). 

Also, these courses tend to be FULL of face-time, and project-time, and high-altitude sunshine, and the natural high of getting muddy with new friends. 

Sometimes by the time I sit down to check my email, I can't see straight. 

Your bonus items are still coming along (good progress this week on the Beautiful Rocket Kitchens draft, and several prototypes are waiting for me in Montana that I'm itching to dig back into).  However, realistically, I don't expect to be able to send them your way until we get back and catch our breath.

So if you're itching for more E&E time this spring, sign up for the video thingy.
(Click HERE to be redirected to the Live Stream Permaculture Design Course & Appropriate Tech Kickstarter)

Or just go to our blog,, where I've pre-loaded a couple of posts and some terribly cute gosling pictures that Ernie has been taking this week.


Scubbly Last Call I Mean It!

Thank you to everyone who responded promptly to our Scubbly Last Call notices.  (Please forgive me if I missed your first message).

If you are missing any files from us that you originally downloaded through, please tell me ASAP.  I can still re-activate your download link for about one more month, but their server shutdown is coming up quick.

Email me, and copy

Super Secret 

(well, not so much now that this header is in bold)

We have been approached about consulting on a project to get rocket mass heaters into code in the state of Washington. 

(Our state at some point added a clause to the masonry heater code that makes it extra difficult compared with many other states... requiring a form of certification that is physically incompatible with many types of masonry heaters and impractical for all of them ... Sigh.  
I hear that the Scandinavians just have the local chimney sweep check their stove, and if he likes it, you're good to go.  But then, they also seem to have put together a health care system that doesn't depend on for-profit funding schemes...) 

Since Washington has one of the most stringent wood heat codes in the country, a successful test case here would satisfy virtually every other state.  We have respected experts, certified testing labs, and now a possible anchor point for fund-raising and test case exhibition.

Might not hurt to have a few extra legal eagles, stove geeks, mechanical engineers, HVAC experts, or public advocates on the team... are you one of those odd folks who gets excited about technical or political projects?

Thank You

to everyone who has chimed in, sent us project photos and links, offered to help edit the bonus eBooks, and otherwise brightened our days.  The chance to work with you excellent people is one of the best rewards of this job. 

Please keep it coming.


Ernie and Erica

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    1. Erica Wisner Creator on

      Update from Paul regarding that Live Streaming Kickstarter:

      I think the true goal of the kickstarter has now shifted. It was just
      to make video. But now it is something more of a "do a PDC at home,
      including getting your designs critiqued." Pay special attention to
      the $250 and higher reward levels.

      $75,000 stretch goal

      make a drone video of basecamp before the pdc starts. This will be an
      edited video and made available to all supporters at $75 and higher.
      But since all designs will be about basecamp, this will help with
      people trying to understand how to make a design as well as people
      trying to understand the designs they see. This will be of especially
      great value to the people that will be doing designs online after the
      PDC ($250 reward level)

      $80,000 stretch goal

      For the people that support at the $250 and higher reward levels, they
      make a design and it gets reviewed in a conference call with me (paul
      wheaton, the obnoxious giant) and other students. If we reach this
      stretch goal, I will arrange for two additional permaculture
      instructors to be part of those conference calls.

    2. Erica Wisner Creator on

      Hi there - Please do feel free to email ME first about missing downloads.
      Or if you found your original download-link email, try your link to see if it's already activated.

      Apparently we startled Ian over at Scubbly with a bunch of requests all at once!

      Our email is: